What is truth to some its about being honest to others its a virtue and to me its what keeps me pushing on is to learn what is out there in todays world. This page is about truths that i have learned or experienced based on my adventures. Maybe some will take it as a learning experience and maybe some will disagree but regardless its the TRUTH.

1. In order for you and a spirit to coincide at peace together you must respect each other. A spirit has a conscious and yes they do have feelings. Talking to them and treating them as you would a person will help build a relationship with the ghost itself.

2. You must never show fear there are things out there that can feed off peoples fear. I had a investigator run because something chased him if he stood is ground and faced it then it probably would not have happened.

3. Never take any possessions from a site doing so may cause curses, hexes and might even bring that spirit home to you.

4. Its ok to take things but always ask permission without it your chancing it.

5. Being a paranormal investigator at times is very adventurous and can be alot of fun but there is many many dangers involved in it. Some of them might be poor floors, being pushed, scratched, followed home, abducted, chased through the woods, government stalking etc etc.

6. If you have faith in something it will work.

7. Based on my adventures i am 150 percent certain UFOS are real being that i seen one over my house for 3 hours hovering that's all the proof i need. The sighting that occurred was from 11 till 2-3am it was extremely high and did move at times. Anybody could have easily mistaken for a star or plane but I did look in my Binoculars and the lights swirled around. When I say over my house what I mean is that it was visible from my porch in the sky roughly over 5-6 miles in the sky. 

8. Being a paranormal investigator its very important to take many photos but i learned that not everybody has the special skill of filming ghost its something that takes alot of time and work.

9. After most investigations myself and team members are very tired not from the walking around but the places we go have such spiritual energy that it drains you. When a spirit is able to drain your energy its able to apply that energy in the form of a face, ectoplasm, doors slamming moaning etc.

10. Never go anywhere by yourself in case you get hurt and you need help such as a broken ankle. Although as the owner I have done solo investigations depending on the circumstances bad bad me lol. Granted ghost feel more comfortable to your energies when you are alone rather then with a large group of people please take some caution when venturing out and make sure that if you do go alone you have a cell phone or you know what you are doing.. 

11. Cemeteries that are vandalized or have unmarked graves are the most haunted you must take these places with alot of i should say compassion or tenderness. The ghost in these places are angry and probably the most activity will occur in a cemetery such as this.

12. People may spend there life arguing over what orbs are whether there balls of energy, spirits, alien devices who knows the fact remains is that i have filmed orbs with or without a flash, i have never filmed in them in certain places only haunted places they show up for me, if its dust or energy why is there only one or 2 speckles when moisture comes in bigger amounts. Orbs are real though that i will say.

13. Paranoia will consume you and some places will consume you to. I learn from these places to stay calm not every noise is a ghost or the devil lurking around and not every where you go will the cops arrest you. Often people become delusional and that is what some places want.

14. Just because you do not see it does not mean its not there you do not have to always see something to believe it ghost validate they are there in many ways. Many folks think to much with the eyes but there is things like smells, sounds, things of that sort as well.

15. The truth is you will make sacrifices being into the paranormal field is like having a job your always working at it your on vacation you see a old abandoned house you want to go look inside. This is how it is if you cannot devote your time into the paranormal you will not find the answers you seek.

16. If you are over skeptical and do not open up your heart and mind you will never see a thing. Ghost and other mysteries only show themselves to people who believe. Skepticism is fine but none of my skeptics ever seen a thing over the summer i have seen ufos, heard bigfoot, seen a demon, ghost and many more things you got to open up the mind.

17. Ghost can follow you home and this can be prevented but this is a fact one night something walked up my porch and it stopped only being a half hour home from the cemetery. You must protect yourself if you do not want this. It does not bother me so much because i know how to get rid of them or have it so they cannot enter my house.

18. Ghost can talk yes i have heard screams and voices this is a fact.

19. Bigfoot prints are not much different then human prints except in size ratio plus bigfoot does not have an arch just a very wide and long foot.

20. If you are not experienced in the paranormal field who ya gonna call?:)

21. Certain ghost are only attracted to certain people some are like beacons in the night. Not all people will attract ghost i think most ghost find my tattoos interesting since some are symbols that are of religion origins. The native Americans believed that everything had a spirit and you would do things for the spirits such as light a fire, rain dance, and other cultural things such as tattoos. Remember ghost are curious just like people are certain things attract them certain things do not. Some people who are negative, yelling, acting disrespectful are least likely to make the entity angry or to make it uncooperative therefore your photography of a ghostly presence will be lessoned greatly.

22. Exorcisms can make you sick i have done one and probably will do more if asked to do so but putting good energy into something means letting bad energy in which can make you ill or whatever.

23. Orbs do got faces not all but some if you look carefully dust particles do not do that once again theory proven that orbs are spiritual.

24. Most demons give off a very rotting smell.

25. Moving cold spots are the best thing you can photograph guarantee you if you are quick with the camera you will get something.

26. Even if you think there is no ghost in some silly place you may be wrong i get ghost shots in the craziest areas in small spaces, up ladders, you name it. They will hide from you but you must seek to find.

27. Sasquatch is a real creature based on some of the findings in PA there is no other creature that could make sounds at night like that, leave tracks such as that and be that elusive not to be seen by any of us investigating at night.

28. It is true that ghost travel in masses most photos I take has multiple apparitions it seems this is how they are able to manifest easier by putting there energy together as a whole. 

24. I learned that no matter how large your group is or how well you take safety measures people can hurt other people its not the ghost or the green men from mars. It is not always about ghost and beasties in the woods out to hurt you there is many other dangers. There are drunk drivers out there, people that hide and cause problems, and many other things so please always be careful on investigations stay alert of your surroundings.


MORE TO COME............
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