Battling demons and ghost is not about physical strength always its about mind over matter, the heart, herbs, magick, fighting the forces of evil using good. I will tell you some of the herbs, spells, and methods we use for exorcisms and getting rid of the evil. You can use these methods if we cannot assist you at the present time. They will not work for all since there are certain people who have strengths and weakness. I will list incense, herbs, spells and some folklore you can use to get rid of demons and annoyances. Even though they are listed does not mean they will work heed my warning sometimes you can make something even more angry using these that is why we are here to do it in a professional and proper measure to prevent this. Check our new age store below towards the bottom.

Herbs We Use To Protect Us
Herbs are very powerful they heal us they are used in our foods they even serve a greater purpose. To ward off evils. Maybe its the scent they give off maybe because certain ones symbolize different things the point is that they been around and used by the Celtics, Wiccans for 100s of years to fight the forces of darkness. If you are allergic to these and you are a client just let me know and i will not bring them.
Aloe spp - guards against evil and accidents
Angelica - Protection from evil spirits, exorcism
Boneset - ward of evil spirits
Caraway - protect against evil spirits, attract a mate, bag of caraway seeds in Childs bed to protect from disease
Fennel - protection, ward of evil spirits, purification and healing
Foxglove - grow in garden to protect home
Garlic - protection, exorcism, healing
Hazel-Protection against the dark side
Majoriam-Used in straka an herb that protects the home and chases evil spirits away when sprinkled
Nettle - removes curses, protects from evil, use in purification baths (cook first to remove sting)
Pure Salt-Very powerful in protecting the home and against demons.
Vervain - protection, exorcism very sacred herb of the Romans
Violet - carry the flowers to protect against evil and bring good luck
Willow - its wood makes excellent wands, branches make excellent besoms, carry leaves to guard from evil, moon magick. I sometimes drink willow tea to purify my body.
Wintergreen - Used to protect children against evil put under there pillows at night.
Protection Stones and Necklaces
Wearing something you have faith in is very important. Faith takes you far but having faith in something takes you farther. Evil approaching will see certain symbols and back away pretty quickly here is a few gemstones you can wear around your neck. Some of these are holy symbols but they do the trick if you again have faith in them.
Celtic Cross- The knots on certain crosses have a inner meaning.
Ankh- The egyption cross standing for eternal life an a very powerful symbol that turns away even the most ancient demons.
Star Of David- Jewish symbol but very powerful and old.
Christian Cross- Christ is known any part of the world Christian symbol or not its one of the first symbols during the biblical times. Most Vampyres and demons know do not mess with Jesus Christ.
Pentacle/Pentagram - Most people think these are evil symbols but its simply the symbol of magick or Wicca. Wearing one of these is a powerful symbol since each corner stands for something different. Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Spirit. Anything evil will stay away or at bay since elements of the earth are quite powerful.
You may also wear the gemstones around your neck some protect against evil others are for communicating with positive spirit guides.
Lapis Lazuli,Malachite, Moss Agate or Tree Agate, Onyx, Sapphire, Silver
Native American Charm
Wearing a mirror around your neck or sewing a piece of mirror into your clothing will ward off evil spirits. The Indians believe in this and it will work. What happens is the spirit sees its true form and shy away. Its folklore but i have tried using this method twice and it seems to work well.
Formulas We Use
For some of my clients i may use holy water and bless the home. I am not a priest but holy water is very powerful no matter who is using it. As well as other mixtures i can put together for you. 
Holy Water- At times we will use holy water and of course you can make your own but its better to find it in a place where its been blessed. Why demons do not like this i have no idea but demons are ancient and so is the god behind holy waters purpose.
Salt Water- Salter Water Is Pure and by using your aura and salt water combined you are almost unstoppable against evil.
Ammonia/Salt Mixture - This has to be done a certain way but it will work 95 percent of the time.
Oils- Many oils can be made that you can rub on you or burn in an oil lamp some oils i have heard of are St Jude, St Michael etc
Incense We Use Commenly
Although the smell is strong incense will calm the beast allowing us to conduct our work. There is a few here i listed that serve certain purposes. Most times its easier to help a spirit cross over by lighting some as well. Most of these are burned for protection against evil.
Carnation - protection, strength
Coconut - protection, purification
Dragons Blood - protection, potency
Fern-exorcism of negative forces
Frankincense - protection, astral strength
Juniper-exorcism protection
Lilac- Soothing, Warding Off, Exorcism
Mint- exorcism of evil spirits
Myrrh - protection, spirituality
Patchouli- Growth, Love, Mastery, Warm & Sensual use in your children's bedroom to ward the boogie man off.
Rosemary-protection exorcism
Sage--  Exorcism
Sandalwood - protection, healing
Other Protection Items
Carrying a bell around is said to chase away evil spirits. Some reason the tingling of the bell scares them off or keeps them at a fair distance. There are other things you can do if you are into meditation you can apply the white or gold shield to yourself by imagining a wall of energy around you. Protection is very important it keeps evil things from following you home and it keeps evil at a distance. 
I will eventually require my investigators to carry at least one of each item with them. The reason behind this is you can bring all the weapons in the world but if you are not strong mentally or spiritually you will not win. There is many evils in the world out there you got demons, evil or violent spirits. I cannot guarantee you these all will work but this is what i use and i know how to make them work so if you are a client who is against certain herbs do to allergic reactions then i can substitute it with something else.


There is many stores online you can buy herbs and protective amulets from. But honestly finding a store who ships out quickly and is reliable is hard to find. Welcome to the new age store some of the products i listed to the left of this page you will find here. Such as amulets, stones, spell kits for protection, herbs and incense packages. If any of these interest you click a photo and you can then view some of the products that are carried. I highly recommend my investigators to be spiritually inclined with the use of herbs, holy symbols and such and they do work i am still alive and breathing. Blessed Be!


Below you will find some samples of some items which will prove benefiting to you i am sure. If an item interest you click the picture and then go to the catalog section. Most items are very cheap like some of there candles they sell burn 120 hours, some of the talisman and amulets are great against evil demons. There selection is average but they are a reliable service.

Precious gems can be bought from here or even one of your local discovery stores at the mall. They do have some energy especially if you wear a stone around your neck.


The angelic candles and crucifix candle  our my favorite and it will definitely help when used in the home.


I own both of these cds and gaia the earth goddess and Chants from Isis are sweet sounding calm and when i dealt with a demon one time both cds seemed to calm its actions.

Talisman mean many different things some ward off evil, some have inscriptions that keep evil at bay. Although there is many types these ones really are eye-catching.


Spell work is not for everybody but there simple spell kits will get you started. Sachets, incense, stones, little spells for protection all are helpful.


Incense we use commonly on investigations especially places with tormented souls. You can purchase them by different packs and types different incense have different effects.


Click here to visit this fabulous site.

Even though i am not affiliated with the company below they have some Christian items that are very cheap and effective against demons such as crucifixes, Irish crosses, holy water from the fatima, etc. I do not know what it is about demons but the 3 things they do not like are holy water, holy symbols, and versus from the bible. Click the banner below to check them out.


Spells And Charms

Occasionally we will use charms, incantations and some of these in your home. There is many ways to get rid of evil these are some.

Do expect if you are a client for us to use various methods everything from holy cleansing, to spells and charms, to herbs and oils.

Our methods are very pure and will work. You can even try them for yourself.


Make a magickal tea from any of the following herbs and then sprinkle some of it in the corners and doorways of you home to purify, defeat all wicked conjuring, 

and prevent evil forces from entering.

Angelica rootBroom topsCurry powderHoly thistlePoke rootTormentil

Take an iron nail - rusty and old. On a dark night - moonless and cloudy, set upon a smallish flat stone. 

With an iron hammer strike it thrice. 

At each stroke say:Clavus Ferreu Malleus Ferreus 

Ferrum RefilumFerrum NobilisScore the stone three times across with the nail's point, then take the stone and bury it far from the house. 

Carry the nail with you always as a charm.

Shout this Mantra "Angels of Protection, Angels who clear Remove all spirits Who don't belong here!"

 Call upon your highest teacher, angel, or God to clear the spirit. 

To increase the potency of this spell, burn sage incense and white candles. 

Use a glass of water to collect negativity, then flush the water. Also, wear any jewelry that is sacred to you. 

Express power and strength, show no fear.

While you meditate after the chant, know that the atmosphere around you has been cleared of all evil spirits.

Cloves, garlic, basil mixed with base oil. 

To Banish Unwanted Spirits

You Need: Sea salt

Surround yourself with a white light to protect you while you work

"With this salt I sprinkle about

I banish all negative spirits out

within these walls you may not stay

I ask you now go on your way

with harm to none

it shall be done."

Sprinkle the salt around 


To clean this house with love & light...
Is what I shall do this night!
Lord & Lady I ask of thee...
To bless thy home and hearth times three!
Here all negative must be gone...
I send you away with thy simple song!
Love be free within this place...
Negative I banish from this space!!!

Click This For A Peaceful Way To Send A Spirit On its Way

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