Although we are a mainly a nonprofit organization donations play a critical part in the group since that is where most of our funding comes from. When I became involved into the paranormal i knew it was not about the money that mattered but about helping others with there paranormal experiences. However for our organization to be able to take road trips, develop film, buy better cameras, neat little gadgets used in detecting ghost it takes some amount of funds. The only time we will charge for an investigation would be for you to cover travel cost or special conditions such as something major like a team of our investigators being hired to check into something extreme otherwise most of our funding comes from good folk who take the time out to donate for our hard work in the field.
We do not require donations but we ask that you voluntarily donate something even if its a dollar or 100 dollars we are appreciative in anyway you can help our organization. There is many other organizations out there who make it mandatory to pay them we do not but we do work very hard at what we do and we are successful so i hope with all our hard work you will consider making one. Money is not the only thing you can donate there are books, equipment, videos, and other paranormal equipment you can donate to us even used items.  You can mail your donations to Richard Rowe or used gear to:

Paranormal & Ghost Society
PO Box 6175
Gardnerville, NV 89460-7564
We all work towards the same goal to achieve something greater. We need donations to keep the site up and running yearly as it grows it does cost more. Considering most funding has came out of pocket the donations really mean allot to us. Thank you to all who have made one and continue too its so important to keep this site running, php boards, and services.
Methods Of Donation
Cashiers Checks, Money Order, Paypal-Credit Card or E-Checking
Please Click Your Form Of Payment and make your donation today
Mail Your Donations To
Note: Money Orders-Cashier Checks Only If mailed!
All Checks and Money Orders Sent Must Say CONTRIBUTION OR GIFT on it as well as making it out to Paranormal & Ghost Society. You can donate anything you want even 5 dollars helps & goes a long ways.

Thank You!
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