This section will updated  periodically. Below you can find members advertising with us for example say you live in Florida which we are based in and you are looking for someone to investigate with you or  for you I will post a classified ad so anybody who browses can contact you. I also will be posting positions that you can apply for if you decide to join the team. So check back often. There also may be other classified ads such as other organizations looking to fill certain positions like helping other organizations that I made an alliance with. In return all I ask is that put one of my banners on there paranormal site.


Investigator Positions

PGS is now looking for the following positions apply within.

A. Second photographer-you will help take photographs on investigations

B. Clairvoyant investigator- someone who can actually see spirits regularly.

C. An investigator who is clairaudient someone that actually can hear spirits.

D. We will be looking for a new gear man someone who likes to bring cool gadgets on investigations like rope, grappling hooks, sound recorders, video cameras, spotlights etc..

E. We will also need a group psychic someone who gets vibes like a red light someone metaphysical like don't go here or be careful there things of that sort.

F. Also would like to have a medic come along on investigations someone who is in charge of ointments, herbs, bandages occasionally someone falls or gets cut on a fence like when i fell and busted my knee.

G. I am looking for a person with a pistol permit someone who can help me be the muscle in the group. This is necessary since some of the areas in the city we investigate are high in crime remember safety is our top priority.

E. We need a investigator who can make business cards, advertise and promote the site, get businesses and others to sponsor our organization you would be in charge of this.

F. A witch someone who can do protection spells, carry herbs, sachets, charms, make little things like that for us to carry on investigations and of course you must come along to protect us some battles are spiritual and some things we deal with are evil and can hurt you therefore someone with herbal knowledge can prevent this.

G. We will be looking for a journalist to post our stories in magazines, newsletters it helps us expand. As well as a editor or writer because i am interested in writing a book and if you help me then the profits will be shared.

H. We need a researcher someone who can get historical documents on places whether it would be Dudley town or some old building. You will come along and focus pretty much on history old tools we find, machines, things we find inside a place such as the Aquarama ship has alot of antiques on board.

I. We need a Ufologist, Cryptozoologist, and parapsychologist its always nice to have an expert opinion on things.

J. We need a investigator who is totally skeptical this helps with theories etc sometimes doing this for awhile you tend to see and hear things we need a person who can verify such things.


If you want to fill any of these positions you must contact me and when the position is filled i will put a (Position Filled) in red like that next to it.




Message Board Help

PGS will be looking for 2 more moderators to help with the group. You will be responsible for banning and removing noncompliant members, sending out articles, welcoming new members and helping anybody who has questions. If you are interested in becoming a moderator please get in touch with me personally.



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