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This is our graffiti wall its a place where complaints go public a place where i can bitch and moan and I will keep them on here and if someone makes a good point I will add it here as well. Making logic and valid points may better help others to understand what I have to go through or others who help run this organization. There is many hardships and work that comes with running a group and many folks that seem to ruin the fun for others so if you have something to bitch about or gripe it goes here. I will also be doing some griping hope it makes a long lasting impression lol but it allows me to get my views out more.

1. Why are people such stand ups thats the question??? Our first year in this organization and i have had people say they will show they do not. Then some people i think of as a friend will do a few investigations then start to become laxed and they just do not call or show. If people want to learn about the strange and unusual then how will they go about it if they do not show. Some expect me to go places by myself some very intimidating and if something happened to me because you stood me up then that's not a very good team member.

2. Why is it that people sign up for the message board then they leave a day or month later. I run one of the top groups you can join its friendly, fun, exciting, and realistic yet i work so hard to advertise and people come to look at the photos then they are gone that's not loyalty that's called being selfish and not wanting to actually be a part of something.

3. It gets me that people bust my balls on a daily basis months ago for a cemetery investigation there was a lady who said Rick i will meet at your house but you will not get my phone number. Then it changed and she wanted to hide in the cemetery and wait for all of us to show up. Talk about laughs what did the lady think we were going on a blind date?

4. Ya know what gets me the most is when a person cannot read rules bluntly speaking we make rules in society so that things run smoothly the same goes for any organization or member board. Why is it so hard to respect one another and its rules I tell my investigators its fine if you want a beer or glass of wine or a joint before you go but i don't have respect for the ones that show to my house hammered.

5. Sometimes honestly i wonder what goes threw peoples heads when i get hate mail on how they will turn me in because of the places i investigate. How about the folks that say remove me from this list especially when they sign up. Or the ones that complain that there is to much email when all they have to do is leave quietly or change there preference now that's a joke.

6. Sometimes i wonder why so many will not come along on investigations i mean this is how i look at it if you decide you do not want to go on a investigation whatever reason it is then contribute in some way there is many ways post to the message board, share a story, make a donation etc. But when someone absolutely is lazy hides behind the computer screen when we all have the same common go its makes me feel disheartening.

7. Whets so hard about respecting your leader i often notice that people walk all over me and its ashamed and i guess what you can say that more trust needs to be put in me. If i say this is the way out of the cemetery then i am probably right but i work very hard when i plan out investigations and often ill get a investigator who orders me around like they know it all when regardless i am the leader and always will be.

8. What's the deal with most people never bringing cameras or any kind of equipment for example alot of folks i have met show for one investigation they bring no flashlight no pictures in case we see something amazing the organization is a team effort and its important to help one another grow its ashamed that some bitch and moan because its to dark or its to cold because they do not dress for the occasion.

9. Why do most people out there reject the truth an orb is a orb ectoplasm is ectoplasm a scream is a scream face it for what it is. No matter where you go in this day and age there is ufos in the skies, ghost roaming houses its all around us believe it see it and know its there but also respect it because the more you do this more you will learn about it.

10. I notice that i got more men that are afraid of adventure and ghost then i do ladies hmmm that does not sound right since when are men afraid of a little ghostly adventure or camping in the woods looking for Sasquatch i just do not get it sighs.

11. Why is it i get stuck doing alot of work on my  own the ones who have helped this group are god sends but it seems for many of the investigations i am either alone or looking around by myself team means a group of people with common goals working together. In order to run a organization it cannot be run just by one or 2 people it takes people of a variety of skills and specialties to make great things happen.

12. Its so important that people work together i have had a few previous folks try an send me in a place or room alone like they are scared. I am not a guinea pig used for testing as a group we are in this together. Some people see something strange and will not tell me what they see i cannot take a photo if a person does not say anything to me like Rick i seen something peaking out from that room.

13. Most people tell me they will not go on a investigation or get into this field because of the law. Since when does the government or any state town or city tell you where you can go and cannot go. The way i see it if you are going into a place to learn about it without doing vandalism then should you not have that freedom to be in a cemetery anytime of night? We all have to make sacrifices in the paranormal field if you want to see the truth learn the truth of what's out there you will not do it by sitting behind a computer screen. I don't know how many times i got to reiterate to folks on this its a lazy excuse. You have a better chance of receiving a court summons for a parking ticket, speeding ticket or something of that sort then you do being caught in a building or cemetery late at night. If you were even caught most officers would laugh and say hey its the ghost busters and would let it go you obviously can not go to jail for trespassing on public or private property you may be stuck paying a 25-50 dollar fine or none at all but if you sit on your ass and do nothing at all then the hopes of you ever seeing a ghost, UFO are very slim. Most people make me wonder if they got criminal records and are afraid to come out of there houses lol.

14. One of the best investigations we did was at the mansions in the beginning of 2003 however why did nobody come along I alone have caught over 15 different ghost and apparitions up there. Yet people write me saying how they want to take more then just orb photos yet nobody came along and volunteered to take photos. That night we had ghost all around us just about anybody even a child could have taken a ghost photo. Can we say there loss?

15. In the week of January 18-25th I lost 25 members on the message board. Do I do that bad of a job that nobody can stick around. I spend money to fund this site, I work hard each day on the message board, if you want to see a ghost or UFO I go out there and I find it yet people quit on me when I am outdoors in the middle of winter seeking the truth for you. Its almost like being a rude guest.

16. Still no people are showing for investigations so what do I do I offer rides even am throwing a party yet hardly nobody has even volunteered. Spending 200 hours making our domain I think I deserve a few people to step it up before I turn completely gray.

17. I threw a anniversary party hardly nobody showed I spent alot of money on beer, pizza, meats, cheese, snacks all for what. Do I have to write a book and be on the history channel just to earn an ounce of respect sighs.

18. Why is it so hard to make a commitment once a week to this organization why join the team then months later weasel your way out of it. What is it to take a few hours and investigate each week. I should not have to achieve this alone. By the time I am on the air and have a show maybe then everybody will join me for an investigation but until then it seems I am alone which is just not right plain and simple. If you want to achieve a common goal all must work together and play some part. I don't tolerant laziness or quitters that's not what we stand for at the Paranormal & Ghost Society. I make this group fun and a learning experience.

19. Why do people tell me how to run my paranormal organization? That's what a leader is for to make the rules and protocols then when someone does not get their way I am the bad guy. 

20. I have came to the conclusion a long time ago that some people are just jealous because they do not have the things you do that is why they try and impersonate me, mock out my photography, start trouble on the boards. But we all know that there can only be one AngelOfThyNight:)

21. Why are the owners of Dudleytown, The town of Cornwall and certain individuals trying to keep me out of Dudleytown. What is it that they are hiding? I am going this is for the world to know the vortex I shall close and I will purify the evil lands as I walk upon them. The spirits there deserve to be put to rest so hey if i get a $77 fine so what it will be one of the nicest things you can do for the deceased.

22. This message is for Beau, Jeff and the folks that backstabbed me. What goes around comes around. My energy is far beyond yours do not forget real strength and courage come from the heart karma has a way of coming back on you that I vow on. People who backstab me should be ashamed of themselves after all the hard work, research, and help I have given you. I will never forget how I was persecuted or mistreated even though others do not know what has happened they know and so do I. Who are they that is for you to find out for yourself.

23. Why is it that people I long trusted turn around and end a good friendship based on what someone else says. Either you support me in my adventures or not there is no 2 sided coins about it. Guess what I don't like bush so if you don't want to be friends because of that then your nuts.

24. I always win there is 2 teams one is the losing one and the one is the winning one. Which one will you chose? I succeed in everything I do and if I do not then I work harder to achieve even the most impossible goals. You want to know the truth walk with me and I will show you that there is a afterlife.   

25. Why is it that this person named Beau harassing our organization is it jealousy? is it because he was banned for not following rules? You decide the person is obviously lacking an IQ they rejoin under multiple names like IP numbers are hard to trace sheesh. Then they go all over the web writing other owners i know to other organizations. They go on forums post how bad our group is this and that. This person needs to get a life any group that investigations over 65 places over 75 investigations in less then a year, has over 700 members, and parties for there members must be a very good organization.

26. I at times feel so hurt with what happened to Rob it makes me so angry that a person could drink and drive hit someone and keep going. Getting behind a machine in that condition. It is not easy being an owner and being on and investigation and watching one of your friends get hurt. I just want to take this person who did this put them in a rocket and send them to Mars.

27, Why is it nobody hardly shows to my parties since I don't offer adult entertainment nobody apparently wants to show. I am through throwing get togethers in the Buffalo area to many people say they will show then they do not. How hard is it to show up and show some member support bring a dish, drink a beer, hang out? Some people make me wonder what is wrong with them. They got more excuses then issues of playboy I swear.

28. People seem to want alot of favors but yet nobody donates. Donations allows us to develop more film, go to more places, bring better story's. We all have families to feed, bills to pay and if members do not post to the board, show to the parties, donate, help investigate Ect then why should we continue PGS??? It really is sad because 1000s browse this site to see the photos yet nobody partakes in what the society is about.

29. We were on TV twice in the month of October 2003 but why is it the TV stations turn everything around. You get told your doing a taping on this and that then you get there and it is on something else. Or you do a half hour of interviewing Ect and you get 2 minutes of airtime and all the important things you say and do get cut out. There is so much I want to say to the world about what we do and experience just need that chance to do it.

30. Why do people lie for example Christy from Pensacola said she would send a donation and something for our Halloween Party come 2 days before she quit the message board and does not interact with the group. If you can not donate or you say you will do something keep your word do not leave like a coward and hide behind the keyboard. We do not hide behind ours our group visits everywhere and meets with many members and people.

31. What really pisses me off is when I work so hard to research a place that nobody knows about. Then our team goes we investigate it get real great pictures. Then we get some copy cat after we did all the work try and go up there and treat the ghost like its a tourist site. My advice is find your own places. The whole point of us showing off our photos is so others can view them without having to go to a place and desecrate it. These places we go are dangerous there are demons, ghost, bad terrain, cults Ect Ect at some of them and honestly for people to just go to them because they are bored or because our group took good ghostly photos there does not guarantee you will.

32. What really pisses me off is that 2 of the most haunted houses in the Western NY area I investigated have suffered great vandalism this just is not fair to the ghost or to our group. We will not be held liable because of a few punks. I heard word that a group of people were going up to one of the houses to have a Halloween party that is dangerous for one and disrespectful towards the spirits. The person who was warned kept going up there to vandalize and yes the ghost did hurt him he needed stitches. Again what we do is dangerous imagine someone without any experience going in these places?

33.People lately have a hard time dealing with that I am moving they are like why should I join the group if you are moving bla bla  our organization is international it does not matter where I go there always will be investigations. If people do not like it they should just keep a lid on it. I have children and a destiny to create life goes on and I must move on people ordering me not to move is childish. They don't miss me they just want me to keep helping them find haunted locations around here that is all it is.

34. People need to read our disclaimers threats to sue us or whatever are against PGS policy. If you do not like the site content do not browse it. But one lady this week said I am going to be sued because a friend of hers husband died on the track tracks we investigated and she did not like my report. It is childish that people want pity, someone to blame or they think because we are a large paranormal group they can suck money out of us. I got news for you your wasting your breath our organization has not even made a 100 dollars this year lol.

35. This is a good one some punk writes me that I trespassed and been turned into the authorities and the owners were contacted. Grow up and get real the only way trespassing can be charged to a person is if they are caught by the cops or with some physical evidence such as a security camera Ect so think twice before you threaten me with this its a waste of my time and the authorities The cops do not care about a bunch of ghost busters visiting some abandoned house in the middle of nowhere they have better things to do why waste tax money and there time.

36. I like these folks who think they are to good to join our team. I do not want to hear that you copy cat and visit the places I already been if you cannot join our team do not bother. At times we need people who can give us commitment, trust, honesty and some loyalty. If your an ungrateful member I do not want to hear it. I will not be held accountable because you and your friends visit some haunted place if something gets you from the unknown, you get caught for trespassing or whatever I do not want to know about it after all my site does put a disclaimer and warning about this.

37. If your a nut case go away and save us both the time. I get enough people who are a few noodles short of the chicken soup emailing me lately who things just do not add up with. If you do not treat the group with respect or me do not bother. No I will not tell you how to get in this place or that, no I will not tell you haunted locations, and no I do not owe anybody an explanation.

38. It has come to my attention that the Cross that we put up for Robert Carr was removed sometime over the summer. I waited a few months to see if anybody would fess up such as a group of punks who did it, or the people who live on the road Ect. But the only email that I got was someone said that a lawn trimmer was working on the road and the person thinks that the person who was trimming the brush along the road removed it. Let this be a warning loud and clear if I find the person who did this including a lawn trimmer who is blind I will personally kick your ass. Trust me I will become your living nightmare and I will find you. That cross was special made and also symbolizes to others who drive on that road not to drive drunk since he was killed near where we placed it. I do not tolerate desecration!

39. Why do people continue to abuse protocols. They either lie, do not show, stand me up. Rules are important without them there would be chaos which could lead to someone getting hurt or an accident.

40. I was left by one of my investigators 38 miles from home I had no jacket, had to hike in the woods, had no money did not even have a way for me to call my house. My investigator left me because he was upset that he could not get up a hill and over a fence so he took it out on me and left me there after I got over the fence. 

41. The site dues are coming up Jan. 28th 2004 unfortunately very few people have donated and all I asked for 2 months is a quarter from every member. It is so sad to see that all the money I put into these trips, investigations the site and yet very few are willing to show there support. So many times last year we froze, spent the night somewhere away from home, spent alot of money, took alot of photos, did alot of research and even came close to death. Yet people still do not appreciate the amount of free things we do for the public such as we do not charge you to browse our site. But yet people still take advantage of the situation.

42. I am canceling my going away party as mid Feb of 2004 I am moving to Florida. No sense in throwing a party when nobody is going to show anyways. People do not care if I leave or this group leaves they only contact me when they need a favor that's about it.

43. My van broke down because of all the trips I took to bring members ghost stories. Now nobody is willing to drive or help me out here to visit some other haunts in WNY just goes to show you how selfish people are getting with the group. Everything comes with a sacrifice but it has its rewards.

44. Its been awhile since I bitched and moaned but its May 11 2005 almost a year later and I been in Florida for over a year now. Why is it that with all I have done for so many people that very few want to come to my Birthday Party? Doesn't anybody want to be my friend? I guess being a founder is one of the most lonely positions. Its been a rough month my girlfriend left me she joined the team quit a week later. Energies influence so many people and very few are aware of it.

45. My birthday party was May 28th although the investigators showed not one member from the 100s locally attended. I felt pretty sad deep down inside. As I have helped so many and so very few took the time to care about me for once. But its like people just do not care they constantly want yet they are not willing to give. 

46. I lost my whole paranormal team all 5 investigators were let go or so they claim hey quit on me in the beginning of June 2005. Why is it that investigators lie, don't follow the rules, or they have one mishap on an investigation then they are done for life end up blaming everything on me. Its so much easier to blame the founder on your own irresponsibility's rather then to look at yourself as the problem. I mean why join a team if your not willing to take risk. If your car breaks down that is not my fault if you don't bring your own bug spray on an investigation that is not my problem. What is with these investigators coming unprepared? What is worst is what is with all these investigators who use me they love the parties, the meet ups, going places but yet they buy no shirts, never give me gas money, and they don't even do anything but whine on investigations. 

47. My current team quit the one claims he quit all because his jeep broke down and he feels its my fault cause of it. The other one was on probation and lied to me he ended up breaking about 8 protocols on an investigation. The other one went Awol and then told me I am nothing but a Yankee what a poor excuse. Finally the last one missed the last three weeks of investigations so he could sit home smoke weed and not live up to his promises to rotate on driving during investigations yet his excuse was we do not provide him with high tech equipment to use. Its ashamed that investigators do not show any passion in what we do. Doing 500 investigations in a couple years should tell others that this is where its at this is one of the greatest groups considering all our achievements made.

48. 4th Of July Party is coming up guess what? NOBODY is showing. I get almost 1000 hits on this site in a day yet you mean to tell me nobody is willing to show to a fun bbq with fireworks? I just do not get it nobody donates, nobody post on my boards, nobody shows to our events. We are such a fun group with so much to offer yet people just want to hide behind there computers day in and day out letting me do it all.

49. I am pretty disheartened with how Florida is treating me. In the last few months 5 paranormal articles came out for my local newspaper. I wrote them a few times on famous investigations we did out here and they always tell me that they will give me a story bla bla bla I get the run around. How can a newspaper do a story on a paranormal group that's done 1 investigation a year yet we go out there risk our lives in the woods, haunted houses, buildings, forts, plantations etc? I give the Volusia Review Journal a big ZERO on a scale of 1-10. Do not give them any busy if you are in the area they are a very dishonest newspaper especially considering 3 editors from there so far have lied to me. We really do not get enough recognition for all are hard work its ashamed.

50. I had went to the Blue Martini meet up by myself it felt odd cause I sat alone planning out my investigations. Eventually after I got home someone wrote me and told me that they came to the meeting with there friend and watched me from the bar. They were to scared to approach me to sit down at the table. Why show to a meeting if you are not going to introduce yourself? What is it with people lately being scared to be my friend. Sure I own the Paranormal & Ghost Society but I am as cool as they get and even I need friends too. 

51. It is official cape Canaveral NASA have banned us from going near the place. Do you know why? Cause the woods surrounding the space shuttle and islands have a creature called the Skunk Ape which is more or less a cousin of bigfoot. I was told this by a law enforcement official. It is also obvious they are covering up UFO activity in some of the more secluded areas. 

52. I had a guy write a rude guest book message saying he does not like our menu system. What the hell does that have to do with content or all the knowledge we give to the public seriously? The person put yourmom as his email address and gave me some paranormal site with a menu system he told me to use. When I got to that site they had like 100 website hits and the owner closed the site down. I guess that a menu system is not everything and it tells me some people really need to go to a stem cell research facility and ask to be given some brains. 

53. The Blue Martini shut down great place guess they moved but never said a word to anybody great huh considering we use to have our meet ups their. Problem is you go to attend the door is locked and then people think are the meet ups real. We changed them since then but talk about lousy treatment towards long-term customers at least let the public know your moving or going out of business.

54. Why do people commit illegal activity do they not realize that IP false or not can be traced. The stupidest thing I ever seen is someone send porn to the guestbook using a service called ninja its dumb cause once reported they are the ones who will report you to your IP they log EVERYTHING to cover their own keesters.

55.So what if people call me a fake and? I realize that being a public figure people are always going to be jealous. I can see calling a millionaire a fake but a father of 3 kids who makes no money doing this come on now who the hell cares. People need to grow up and realize that our organization is mainly volunteer we are not TAPS we are not getting paid to bring you ghost photos we go out cause we chose to.

56. Sure their is alot of hate sites about us did you know that hate sites can be turned into your ISP and hosts which in turn they can be deleted. Lets do things the legal way hate only leads to more hate. What is with some of these people are they just stupid or something?

57. So what if we visited the Akron Caves that does not mean that we investigated them all it means is we were toying with others who think its okay to hide in places too infringe upon our investigations. We love to have fun and if you sat out their hiding in a cave looking for us chances are you were set up for a big disappointment lol like we would actually give you the real locations we been to.

58. Some people are never happy till they put others down if  you have to put down my son, deceased friend, group it just means your trying to make up for what you lack at it means you have insecurities cause your either computer geek.

59. I learned that  no matter where you go people always are going to create their own teams or groups because they have a problem with discipline or how things are done. For example I move to FL in a small ass hick town no groups now their is like 3 all in the same town its copy cats and makes you look dumb. But it also takes away from my parties and events its not right to do join a group and stick to it that is my theory.

 60. Why do people spy on us or visit the site. If you do not like either its kind of a waste of energy don't you think? What is their to spy on think about it our forums are mainly articles I do not waste my time flaming others. Our site is what it is updates from our journeys and a way for us to sell our merchandise. Nothing more really to it if you browse here then critique me its cause you are a fan people who are not fans do not browse sites believe me when I say this if I hate a site or forum I wont visit it unless of course my sons photo is stolen and put on it like UER.

61.What is with the deal these days don't people want to drink, party, smoke etc? one thing I notice is we can get a party of 40 people or sometimes one person. Consistence is important and people lack that even when it comes to exploring haunted locations.

62.Ya know what is funnier then Shi$ is when someone blurs out their face, uses a false proxy etc then you find out what they look like and who they are and you realize what the hell are they thinking. If you cannot compare to me in size, strength, courage or reality then lets not go there cause I will laugh at you.

63. When are people going to realize that I play both sides of the coin good/evil dark/light love/hate etc I work with demons for a living demons can make you sick, torment a family, cause even death. Do people think that negativity is going to hurt me I feed off it and it gives me more power then they could ever imagine. Its like drive!! People who try to hurt my feelings are only making me more well known that is all they are doing.

64. Threats sheesh lets see I go out in the swamps deal with wild boars bigger then me. Climb mountains get stranded on dark roads. People that threaten waste there time I am not afraid to die come and kill me go ahead take my life Ill hand you the weapon to do it does that make you man enough now?

65.So what you hate the website design who cares???? and? I pay for the site I can easily put a password on it and your point? See people are just burning themselves out all this is irrelevant.

66. First impressions are everything if you tell me you want to be on the team make sure you show for your interview none of this standing up crap. Sorry but its all about how you present yourself you have to trust me and I have to trust you.

67. Nobody is perfect so what if their is a historical mistake on a given place. I get information from all types of people that does not mean I believe in it. I put it out their and let others make their own decisions.

68. Why is it that people think they are better then others take a look at yourself your group you think it does not have quirks. No group no person is perfect its all about the respect that is given.

69. Its funny how things work people go on the net and they ask for proof they say hey dude show me that this place is haunted or show me your serious. We show it every week we give you good stories, good material, and we even get media attention. Then people persecute you for doing so you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

70. Why is it people think PGS is rich some months we get no donations its all we could get more but were not in this for money its nice just to get out and do some hardcore investigating. Its all about glory nothing less nothing more.

71. PGS has been getting harassed by UER an urban exploring group. What is more sad is no matter the type of explorer you are we are all the same breed. They have done alot of dishonorable things all because we joined in the summer of 2006 to post a tour of some caves. But after porn in our guestbook, threats, hot linking to our photos, over 500 messages libeling me on there forum, and harassment I think there comes a time for the founder of that site to be a man and remove them. That perhaps is what upsets me the most is that he should uphold his disclaimer and be fair afterall he would not want libeling remarks across the net about him. 

72. What is with all the hookers lately that want to join my team??? You will not be paid for the paranormal were not about the money its about friendship, learning things, taking photos and sharing with others. 

73. Nobody has showed to a meet up in months unfortunately why do people join groups especially locals if they will not get involved that is one of the benefits of being in our group where we are based at...you get to attend events make likeminded friends.

74. Why do investigators piss and moan if you know were a hardcore adventure group do not whine about things. Either your in or out for the good or bad. If you show up to an investigation forget your water, supplies, etc how is that my fault?? We went to the Pine Barrens both guys were not prepared for it I felt the one lacked equipment the other did not bring warm enough clothing.



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