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Advantages Of Having Your
Own Chapter
A. Your haunted site gets advertised and will receive alot more hits.
B. Your can earn a certification card this is the only way an out of state member can get one.
C. You get to share what you want with our group so if you got a photo your proud of lets say of a ghost or UFO you have the chance to create your own page and become a chapter with us and show it off.
D. Being a part of something. We are a big organization and you have a opportunity to be a part of it and interact.
E. You are helping us an organization is not just based on the owner its based on its members. By you investigating for us in other areas it allows members to see what's happening all over the globe. Chapters are not limited to areas you can start one in Japan if you want.
F. You can earn a certified card from myself by starting a chapter but your chapter must be open for awhile not just a few days for me to certify you or grant you a card.
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