Welcome to our chapters APPLICATION page. Since i cannot cover the whole world i am allowing members of our organization to form a chapter of there own. Really not much is involved you just go out and investigate something in your area and in a way you are doing something for our organization by increasing our range. To form a chapter you must make a donation first off for the member card which is 25$. Next off you must have a site of your own I know some free ones that give unlimited space that you can use for example Crosswinds.net or Fortunecity etc. Then i will put your site on this page or banner and the banner name will have your chapter. Lets say you live in St Louis then the banner would be called the Paranormal & Ghost Society St Louis Chapter. 
Rules & Stipulations
The stipulations of owning your own chapter are simple you must use our logo which is on the top of every page each year it will probably vary. I will probably design one for you that you can use and you must use it since you are a chapter.
You can put whatever you want on your page your Pics, reports whatever you find in your area interesting. This allows my out of state members to get involved and is something nice I am allowing. 
Misuse of my logo or your chapter I will remove the banner I  made for you on this page and you will be held liable and have to remove my logo which I do not want to see happen! 
The other stipulation is your chapter cannot charge or be set up to take donations unless its to cover your travel cost. Why? Because we are a registered business and all donations/payments must go here not the out of state chapters so I can fund this domain, the advertising, and such. I know some will think its greedy but chapters are like satellites or sub contracts as to where I am still the owner but you are using our organization to increase our range or should I say knowledge. That way other people can click chapter banners and find out what's going on in other areas. 
If you create a successful chapter meaning you work hard on investigations of your own, you got a site up and running even if  its a geocities page or whatever then I will make a banner for you to go on this page then people can click it and visit your chapter to see all your hard work. 
All chapters must have a return link back to our site  that way people browsing your page will see what our organization is all about. I would say this is reasonable. If you have a successful chapter meaning I see some really great pictures, reports, stories, and some of the requirements you must meet which are on my certification page then I will issue you a certification certificate which you can show off to clients that way you can get into more haunted locations those can take a few weeks to arrive if you are given one.
You Must purchase a membership card before I allow you to have a chapter. The member cards are $27.40. By clicking below you can do this. Just make sure you note to me your interesting in starting a chapter cause some only want a membership card and no chapter which is fine also.
You cannot hold us liable. Meaning you cannot sue us if you damage some property or you are caught for any illegal activities while conducting an investigation you are strictly volunteering for us however we will not be responsible for your actions. To sum it up we are allowing you a chance to get a certified card out of state and allowing you to use our logo on your site. You get a chance to flash off all your wonderful photos, anybody who visits here will generate traffic for your site. Alot of folks ask me to post there photography I just do not have the room so now members get to see your work as a member of our society. It allows  other people who are members to see what is happening in your area and perhaps you will find likeminded people to investigate with you. 
Last rule is you must print or copy this form, have it notarized, and send it to the following address for me to consider your application. You must sign it below. Also you must put your initials to the right on each small line.
Start Copying Here
Paranormal & Ghost Society
Po Box 3008
Deland, FL 32720
I agree not to hold Paranormal & Ghost Society Liable or Accountable For any damages. ___
I also agree that I am volunteering my time and I am not an employee of PGS nor will I be paid any wages. ___
I will use the  PGS logo at the top of all my WebPages given to me as long as I chose to remain a chapter of your organization. ___
I have purchased a membership card. ___
I will not charge nor accept any payments while volunteering as a chapter of the Paranormal & Ghost Society. ___
I agree to have a return link back to paranormalghostsociety.org upon opening my chapter on my site. ___
I understand the owner of PGS can discontinue my chapter anytime which in definition means I will remove the PGS logo from my site. ___
I cannot misuse or abuse the Paranormal & Ghost Society name. I understand it is Copy written & owned by Richard R. Rowe the owner of PGS ___
I understand I am responsible for my own website when I create a chapter and the owner can remove my chapter banner anytime.___
I understand that creating a chapter does NOT guarantee me a  certification card.___
I understand that any Radio Shows, Television Programs, Interviews I am offered I will not exclude the Founder Of The Paranormal & Ghost Society___
If i open a domain or website up I must create a name such as the Paranormal & Ghost Society of ...... For example Cleveland or your City___
I state under  that I am 18 or older____
                I _________________________ agree to these terms. 
Print Name
Signature: ______________________________
Date: _______
My Current Address Below
Any other Comments
Stop Copying Here
Advantages Of Having Your
Own Chapter
A. Your haunted site gets advertised and will receive alot more hits.
B. Your can earn a certification card this is the only way an out of state member can get one.
C. You get to share what you want with our group so if you got a photo your proud of lets say of a ghost or UFO you have the chance to create your own page and become a chapter with us and show it off.
D. Being a part of something. We are a big organization and you have a opportunity to be a part of it and interact.
E. You are helping us an organization is not just based on the owner its based on its members. By you investigating for us in other areas it allows members to see what's happening all over the globe. Chapters are not limited to areas you can start one in Japan if you want.
F. You can earn a certified card from myself by starting a chapter but your chapter must be open for awhile not just a few days for me to certify you or grant you a card.
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