Each Year I will Pick 2-6 Members of the year. It could be somebody who is a member of the organization and message board, or one of my investigators. This is made to show my appreciation towards the people who have helped me and helped this organization. If you think I miss a beat your wrong I know who has there hearts in the right places in this field and I know when I see potential. 

Anyway congratulations folks with your hard work and perseverance you will go a long ways in this field. My reward to you is sharing the achievements you accomplished with others. This list will change in 2006 but for now lets admire there hard work. 

Each year I will give out different prizes this year might be a coffee mug and bumper sticker, or Paranormal & Ghost Society Back Pack Or Shirt we have not decided just yet.. Next year will be something else maybe dinner on me or something. 

**If you want your photo on here send it to me and I will post it**


(Not Decided Yet)


Member Of The Year #1



Anna you have always been a good friend to the group and I. You give me so many words of encouragement that probably without members like YOU I would not continue my works. You have donated a few times and you post when you can to the group. In return for being a member of the year you have a lifetime subscription to our investigative archives hopefully in a few months I can get a gift out to you from our Logo Wear Shop. Enjoy Honey! 


Member Of The Year #2



Dear Carol I am sorry for all your hardships recently. I think your the type of member any group owner would love to have. You post words of encouragement, reply to important post, you sent me cards, and quite a couple large donations especially during my trip up to NY and PA. Without your help it would not have been possible to in return Id like to give you a lifetime subscription to our Paranormal archives and of course something from our Logo Wear shop eventually this year for you to enjoy. Thanks for all you do!

Member Of The Year #3



You know Jill this is long overdue you have been on the paranormal for years now. You have always been more then a member to me but a supportive friend who understands the hardships I face to make this all possible. I am glad after all these years we got to meet it was nice of you to drive out from Bradford to show to the group dinner in Warren PA. You also donated quite a few times which helped and enabled me to visit NY to do the caves and the Kinzua PA area back in 2006. You will get a gift from our Logo Wear shop stay patient also a lifetime membership to our paranormal archives.


Their are a few other members but I have to keep things reasonable now lol but if you have gotten a free subscription through us it means I appreciate you as a member and all you have done for PGS.

Lord Rick



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