This memorial page goes out to the innocent lives that were lost in the 9-11 Tragedy. To all the children left without a parent, to the spouses who lost there soulmates, to the heroes that went in to try and save lives and to the people whose lives were changed forever. I feel your pain i feel your sorrow I have cried many times but not one of us can change the world it takes many of us as a whole. One thing we must never forget is the ones we lose. Often we take things for granted and do not realize how quickly our lives can change.
 Life is not about how much money you  make, what care you drive, whether your a paranormal investigator or a doctor its about helping one another out towards the same common goals and achievement. Its not spirits, bigfoot, haunted houses that we must fear but it is ourselves. True inspiration comes from the heart to love the departed even after they are gone so that someday you can join them in the afterlife because there is one that i can tell you. True freedom is not given by the government or the United State Of America. 
True freedom must be fought by us we the people. Vengeous, pointing fingers, wars, hate will only make it worse. But lending a hand, an ear, and always remembering the ones that were there is true freedom. Although we may never forget this tragedy as so many lives were lost we have learned something from this incident and we must not let the innocent lives go forgotten. Therefore I will try and plan to make a  few trips up to ground zero to try and put some of the spirits at peace. Even if i must climb down a rope, slide down a pole, climb a fence I strongly encourage each and everyone of you who reads this to visit there and never forget them.
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One day we will truly be free!



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