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The pages below  are pure speculation, theory, gathered detail from various sources. I designed these pages as a teaching tool since so many email me asking questions now most of the answers lay within all you have to do is click a button that interest you and it will take you to that category.  I am not to be held liable as to  what you do with the information, photos, articles.
 The information that has Been gathered are from a variety of public sources, members of our organization, collected, borrowed for EDUCATIONAL use only. 
Some of the sources are unknown and if you have something you wrote or own that you do not want published contact me and I will 
remove or give the proper credit with proof from you of course. Since some internet people do claim something is there's and its not
so if you claim its yours show me the proof or I will not remove it. Just as you will take precautions so will high but lets be reasonable here we are all here to learn off one another.  The following pages below are merely to help you understand a variety of phenomena our organization talks about, what we  investigate, etc
It is to help others further better there knowledge on all things paranormal so that when we do investigate your house or an area you have some prior knowledge to
what we are talking about. Under the freedom of information act and speech of the US constitution I have a right to share theories and opinions as long as proper 
credit is due and if it is unknown then to give proper credit when the owner is found.. Members can submit articles anytime but theory articles only or something that really is a shocker pertaining to these topics. WARNING before you
move onto these pages realize 

1. Some of the information is shocking 

  2. You agree NOT to hold me liable or Sue (consider this if I do not like my own governments laws do you
actually think you would get money out of me seriously? I do not work I am a stay at home dad nor does my organization generate a residual income that is worth even claiming in the 
books I am also considered disabled.)

3. You must keep an openmind. 

4. Written articles by me will have Rick-AngelOfThyNight 

5. The only use of the pages will be used as reference only to help better your knowledge dealing with this subject matter.

 I have spent over 60 man hours working on these pages and I hope you get hours of enjoyment out of them and even though each page takes awhile to load including this one I vow what you will read will be most useful, informative and interesting. 














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