The study of Armageddon basically goes back to before the biblical times. The Mayans predicted it around this time, Nostradamus seen it, even Jesus Christ knew when it would occur. The pope even knows truly what will happen but its not his right to tell us when since it probably will be something that occurs naturally.

 For example an asteroid or comet could hit and even one not great instead could throw up billions of dust particles enough to create a nuclear winter, or if it hit water the tidal waves would be 3 miles high crossing continents in its path. How about a super volcano going off only a few have ever occurred but millions would die if the ash continued to stay in the atmosphere. Then we got the worry of new viruses due to government experiments which could be unleashed and new strands of HIV and Cancer all the time. 

We also got the threat of a country misusing weapons of mass destruction some countries got enough nerve gas to kill everybody on earth. Take these thoughts seriously most laugh and say i do not worry about the end but both you and I know that's not true it is a worry. Because having life means being alive. Although not paranormal related any way you look at it its a mysterious occurrence and if we all perish moments before hand think about it are we seriously the only race in the universe I DOUBT IT if one planet can be destroyed by disaster then imagine how many other planets have gone threw the same occurrence. 

Mars has there is nothing but rust remaining, shallow lakes and wear and tear like an asteroid hit there and killed off early civilizations hence the fact that on Cydonia Mars you got the Pyramids, a few faces, and buildings that are crumbled. Will we ever learn that is the question maybe Armageddon needs to occur to create new life on earth we will never know all the answers. Here i will post countdown clocks to dangerous asteroids and some Armageddon links and the countdown to planet X occurrence which might be disastrous if its true.

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My Views On Armageddon & Why It Can Occur

The apocalypse is not just meant for man I think every planet, every life form faces its survival. I mean when I try to explain things to people they often think this is nonsense and its not. Where is a future without a planet? Either 2 things will happen man will end up triggering the apocalypse or some inevitable disaster will occur.

 The evils of man are far greater then what most realize how many military labs produce Bio-weapons, viruses, produce super nuclear bombs? Anything can go wrong it only takes one person to make a mistake. The other thing I tend to look for our natural disasters like the poles melting, starvation, earth changes, asteroid impacts etc which we always miss asteroids that are close by so one may hit earth and we will not even know its about to. This is something you cannot avoid you cant prevent it but even if we do our sun will burn out in so many years a few million I believe then 2 million after that the red giant will consume earth anyhow. So either way one day there will be no earth. Many species become extinct for example dinosaurs they no longer roam. 

Even if mankind were to die off eventually some life would be formed on our planet whether it was a new species of fish etc. I try to educate people about this I think its very important. Some people like myself are believers in fate and prophecies how can you not be. Cayce and Nostradamus predicting many disasters some caused by man itself. So its just a matter of time before major changes happen the date I do not know. Anything is possible though an alien invasion, a virus without a cure etc. 

Our paranormal organization is very interested in psychic predictions we want to know what makes the mind so powerful is it because some people have special gifts or were they told this from a higher form such as the zetas or an angel. Either way this will happen it is scary I have dreamed of it I have seen many disasters whether I live to see them or not i will never know. So each day you live hug your children and live your life freely. I do not know if other paranormal investigators notice this or not lately. But the paranormal activity is increasing so much maybe the reason behind this is what's on its way,


Theories on Disasters and Armageddon

1. Asteroid Impact - An asteroid roughly 2 miles in size would be possibly equivalent to 30,000 atom bombs. What's this mean? Well if it hit land an area the size of the state of Texas would be wiped off the map and the earth would go threw major changes such as earthquakes. Changes that could cause dust, particles, rocks, to be thrown into the air causing a nuclear winter which generally crops would die and eventually most if not all humans. The other theory is that if it hit the ocean there would be tidal wave 5000 feet high and everything on land would be washed away as the first one would hit traveling 3000 mph it would be followed by many smaller waves and tsunamis destroying all coastal cities and probably sweep over most countries such as Europe.

2. Virus & Deadly Diseases - New strings of bacteria always arise and so do viruses that did not exist years ago. Medical science may not be able to cure these in time and we can be wiped out in a matter of days if one arose. They could be man made and happen to spread, alien virus from other worlds, a meteor could have bacteria. The plague killed 1000s before we were able to find a cure and the same with dozens of other diseases that exist today. But what if we could not stop a virus then what would we do?

3. Super Volcanoes - Only a few volcanoes like this have ever erupted scientist say and its possible this contributed to the extinction of most of the dinosaurs. Some volcanoes can erupt for months if not years but imagine having a few of these happen at the same time. One volcano that went off covered almost half of the world with ash and smoke if for months a series of these occurred yes nuclear winter would happen we would starve, freeze and most would perish.

4.Pole Shift - This is a simple concept the earths axis get thrown off. If this would occur oceans would shift, tremors would happen, land would move, rise up. The north pole could end up being the equator. This is said to happen every so many 1000 or million years and it has been proven it could occur. What can cause it? The planets aligning or something in earths orbit like our moon, a disaster that cause the earths weight to shift perhaps a asteroid impact. Many planets shift poles it could be a slow change or sudden there is many earth changes to show that this may be already happening. 

5. Solar Flare -  We are talking about a mega flare one that could swallow earth in heat and fire beyond living temperatures. Back in august 2001 we had a large explosion or flare occur although it did not turn out to be as extreme as scientist thought this flare would be but some minor changes did occur and the effects that occurred on closer planets to the sun did face some disaster on the surface.

6. Large Scale War - What I mean by this is man destroying himself by simply misusing weapons in war such as a nuclear war which if misused could radiate our water supply, eliminate cities, cause nuclear storms traveling in the atmosphere. Scientist I have read somewhere now have an atom bomb that could possible wipe out a state. Super neutron bombs. Also lets not forget bio weapons. There is enough cyanide and nerve gas to kill the world and all the people in it if it was unleashed.

7. Alien invasion - At anytime far advanced species from other galaxies, worlds, planets could invade earth. Why because they might need nourishment, resources, perhaps that seek power. This is possible with many abductions and UFOS sightings we are not alone out there and we must wonder if ever an invasion will take place to wipe mankind off the earth. 

8. Death Of The Sun - Even though we got millions of years before this occurs our sun is more then halfway through its life span. Before it burns out though it will become a red giant this definitely would consume earth and even mars. All of earth would burn up.

9. Moon Collision - Although signs show the moon is not going anywhere but rather pulling away if the moon were to collide with our planet it probably would cause earth to drift far off into space or even into our sun. The moon is only 239,000 miles away which is equivalent to 80 times the length of the United States.

10. Poles Melting - If all the ice melted in the world more then half of the world would be under water except for the highest mountains. Global warming is starting to be a concern. No ice means rise in oceans and just a little bit of ice can cause water levels to rise 20 feet that's alot considering Florida would be under water.

12. Over population And Use of Resources - If we are over populated we will consume all our natural resources and food quicker then we can produce it eventually this will lead to famine, disease, high crime, death etc.

14. Lost of Atmosphere- If were were to lose our atmosphere that protects us the sun could be deadly and of course it also would not trap the suns heat at night and we would either cook or freeze. The atmosphere is starting to lose its elements this could be caused by all the factories, chemtrails in the skies or use of chemicals over the years.

15.Higher Power - A new and unseen force perhaps and old one such as god that can create and destroy perhaps there is a god that can do this and perhaps one day he shall see fit to end mankind and start anew and this does not have to do with religion or aliens but rather a power we believe or do not believe in without warning.

16. Massive landslides-If a continent were to sink it would cause tidal waves that could be 100s if not 1000s of feet in height. Something that large scale would kill anything in its path.

17.New Species Take Over- Not aliens but perhaps beings that live underground might be preparing to wage war and take back there planet or the planet. If a race has high technology they can do almost anything invade, take, enslave or kill us.

18.Time Travel - If we were to learn the ability of time travel which has been done only a few cases but if one thing were changed we say this could cause mankind to be wiped off. Such as lets say Joe goes back in time to kill a scientist that has the cure for a disease. So the scientist dies which is a setback to finding the cure by then its to late many die and therefore you or I do not exist.

19, Gas  Explosions - Under the earths crust there is gas the pressure builds up and it could ignite possibly and if lets say all if it ignited at once earth would be a ball of fire. Its believed the incident in Russia with Tesla that this is what occurred some said it was a meteor impact others say there are signs that the explosion seemed to come from the ground and up.

20. Evil Rayne's On Earth - There are demons good versus evil what if evil won what if demons were unleashed on earth, great evils do you think they would let us live and be merry? The earth could plunge into darkness anytime if the balance of good is off. 

21. Mega Nova - Lets say a star explodes close by for what reason perhaps its about to super nova what would be the effects here on earth. Would it block out the suns rays, destroy our atmosphere, etc?


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