Welcome to our Investigative Teams Page. This page will have a gate to all our current investigators who members team and help our organization out . To be listed on this page you must be a consistent 
investigator and be a member of  our various functions. If you are on the team please submit your bio's and a photo of you for me to post or I can take one of you on investigation. 
This page basically is to tell you about who we are so if you are a client you will know what we look like when you meet us that way your not scared out of your wits ha ha. We want you to feel comfortable with
us and we also want you to know our skills and what we are about as a person. You can join the team if you wish to apply and you reside near the Carson City - Reno - Lake Tahoe & Surrounding areas! 
Any volunteer help you provide is appreciated and remember we appreciate you! Thank you for showing interest in our team further below are all our various positions and team member bios for that position.

Owner-Founder-Paranormal Investigator-Author-Producer-Talk Show Host

Lord Rick


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At the present moment we are short on investigators, researchers and adventurers. So feel free to apply from within by emailing or messaging me on ICQ or Yahoo with the above pagers. 
These are the positions you can apply for below some have already been filled. Click each button to receive a description of each position we are offering.
If you are from the Lake Tahoe, Carson Valley or Reno  areas we would like to hear from you and get you on board with our team. Usually what will happen is you will apply for a position 
we can sit down and talk on the phone or sit down have a cup of coffee and Ill explain to you some things and see if this is something you want to do. We do not require any experience we just ask that your
loyal, honest, adventurous, kind, open-minded, and are willing to commit to the group such as showing to our meets, parties, and weekly investigations. You will find out we are very laid back and this is a very
fun experience that can and will be shared amongst good friends.

40 Benefits Of Joining Our Team

1. Make New Friends 2. Learn All Aspects Of The Paranormal 3. You Get To Attend Our Parties & Meets 4. Ghost Tours Anytime Are Free 5. You Will Have An Opportunity To Be On Television
You Will Learn Spiritualism & Many Other Attributes 7. You Get To See Many Historical Sites Some Which Very Few Have Visited 8. You Get To Travel 9. Attain Possible Certification From Us 10. You Do Not Need A College Degree
11. Were Laid Back & Fun 12. Great Exercise 13.Over given time You Will See Things Like Ghost, Bigfoot, UFOs Etc 14. Others Will Look Up To You Across The Country 
15 .
Its Adventurous Everything From Midnight Hikes To Campouts Under The Stars 16. You Will Learn Survival 17. We Always Have New Places 18. You Get To Suggest Eerie Locations
Your Photos & Reports Go On Our Site So Others Can See Your Hard Work 20. Safety Is Our Priority 21. Were Well Known Across The Country 22. There Is No Costs 23.We Are Very Flexible
We Do Most Investigations On Saturdays 25. We Have Done 100s of Investigations With 1000s Of Photos So We Are Serious 26. We Are Growing Daily
Unlike Other Groups Our Team Does Not Follow Alot Of Strict Rules 28. You Get To Wear A Santa's Hat In December On Our Investigations 29. We Will Treat You Like Family
You Can Set Your Own Personal Goals For Yourself  31. The Knowledge Could Help You Later Even In The Afterlife 32. You Get Haunted Locations 33. You Get To Be On The Team With One Of The Best Ghost Busters In The Country
You Will Make History With Us 35. Occasionally You Will Receive A Free Gift From Our Organization As A Way To Say Thank You 36. You Will Develop Some Psychic Abilities
You Can Show Off Your Talent 38.We Share Equipment 39. It Is Long-term 40. Guaranteed chills & Thrills Of Some Of The Most Scariest Locations Ever


Click each position button below

To learn about the each title and bio of each investigator/explorer within our group. 


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Accepting Volunteers From The Following Areas:

Out Of State Visitors, Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada's, Carson City, Minden, Gardnerville, Markleeville, Woodfords, Carson City, Carson Valley, Indian Hills, Sparks, Reno, Fernley, Dayton, Truckee, Fredericksberg, Ranchos,  Genoa, Kingsbury,  Fallon, Washoe,  Pleasant Valley,  Silver Springs, Silver City, Gold Hill, Virginia City, Moundhouse, Empire,  Dresslerville, Smith Valley, Yerington, Wellington, Sacramento, Stockton, Sonora, Angels Camp, Placerville, Folsom Lake, Topaz Lake, Forest Hill, Alpine, Douglas County, Philips, Nebelhorn, Wadsworth, Patrick, Meyers, Columbia, Jamestown, Churchhill, Lyon County, El Dorado County, Amador County, Placer County and Storey County




In Memory Of An Upstanding Adventurer and Member Of Our Team


On June 21st 2003 11:15 PM Rob was killed by a drunk driver while on the way to Goodleburg Cemetery walking next to our PGS team; he will always be a member of our team and a great investigator to us. I remember how excited he was when I told him he was on our teams page. I remember sharing peach rings as we walked down the road. I remember the laughs we shared on our investigation at Central Terminal Station like when the ceiling came down on top of me and I was covered in white dust. I hope that his spirit will find rest and that he knows how well thought of he is by his GF, Family and Friends. My friend and adventurer we will never forget what you have done for us.  Rob was 19 years old worked with kids at daycare they are going to dedicate there new playground to him. We will be placing flowers, a cross where he perished in memory of Rob. Embrace the journey and we shall never forget.


robmem.jpg (99842 bytes)robmem1.jpg (103630 bytes)

We placed this road memorial cross with his name its very pretty all edged, glossed, and its a special material so it will never rot or mildew. I would like to thank Jim Stechenfinger for his nice craftsmanship on it and Christi for the calligraphy on the cross itself. When we put up the memorial we could feel him with us in spirit and the cross was glowing in some photos. We even went for a stroll through Goodleburg cemetery which was his favorite place to visit. I want to thank the members who did donate for the flower arrangement such as the lilies, vase, flag, memorial piece which went around the cross. We gave Rob a membership card on the cross as well as a reminder that he was a great friend of our group and a true adventurer. I do hope that many other members will stop by and place some flowers and pay there respects I am sure in spirit he would appreciate this as well as the family of Rob. 

Want to join our team or send us a letter? Here is our business address!

Paranormal & Ghost Society
P.o. Box 6175

Gardnerville NV 89460
























































































































































































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