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I am the founder of our legacy some call me Lord Rick others call me Angel, Bad Santa, and a few other names I will not mention here lol. I reside in the Carson City/Lake Tahoe area since Feb. 2011 prior to that I lived in Las Vegas, Central Ca, Central FL and Buffalo NY where I am originally from.. I consider myself to be a crusader of the truth and my objective is to teach and learn about what exist in today's world that remains unknown. I guess you can say my I do everything I can to promote what it is we do around here and we are very dedicated full time at what we do here. I operate our organization, website, message boards, forums, answer paranormal questions, speak at conventions, conduct the ghost tours, train our investigators and many other public services.

I grew up in Buffalo NY most of my life as a kid a horse threw me once off his back at a horse show and I had a serious back injury. My first paranormal movie my father took me to when I was around 6 or 7 was the movie ghostbusters which also intrigued me as a child. Of course real paranormal investigations are nothing like the movie.

I am an author of many writings online as well as my book called "The Underworld Amongst Us" and have been on a variety of shows on TV and the air. I hold many positions in my society such as lead photography, EVP tech, gear tech, security, cryptozoologist, demonoligist, metaphysics, parapsychologist and ufologist. I am our organizations independent producer and I handle all case files and do most of the leg work here. I been a talk show host for over 4 years of AngelOfThyNight Radio our comedy and paranormal show. Many of the programs you see were created by me to help make a difference in our world.

I would like to think I am in good shape but over the years a series of surgeries, injuries and ailments have haunted me. I enjoy the great outdoors rock climbing, hiking, camping, fishing, boating, spelunking, crawling and snorkeling. I have had my share fair share of risk everything from being chased in the woods to falling off a rock wall. Adventuring is an adrenaline rush but it is something I was born to do. I live for paranormal investigations it never gets tiresome their is always something to learn or see.

I plan our local investigations as well as out of town trips and research this is to ensure safety. I throw parties for my most loyal members and I create most of the groups logos/graphics and come up with new fun ideas. I tend to bare my ass allot on investigations and have a real big sense of humor. I have a serious side but I enjoy making others smile and laugh a little its the key to a healthy life. I am a psychic I can usually read when people are going to die, if they are ill, if they are sad etc I am a very big empath so I tend to absorb allot of other peoples emotions.

My interest with the paranormal started at a very young age when I had a run in with these shadow beings that would come visit me in the middle of the night. This only led to me as a child being able to photography spirits and eventually levitating. I have seen my fair share of strange things as the founder for our society before and after now I am able to share those stories with you the viewers.

I tend to be a sad man my life story has quite a few tragic tales some say I carry the burden of the world on my shoulders. Very few people know me as a person they only see what is on the outside and honestly its so hard to make loyal friends. Over the years investigators come and go it saddens me as friendships fade. But very few really are true friends you can count on. It is not easy being the founder cause most people just want to talk to you to gather haunted places, free bbq, or information very few actually say to me lets be friends. Being a Ghostbuster sometimes is a lonely thing I found. It is strange cause as a psychic I deal with allot of entities and I find sometimes ghost to be more pleasant then humans. I usually can touch physically other entities for example a little boy ghost once hugged me so it really is a wonderful experience that has allowed me to continue on with my research.

My goals and agendas go beyond most paranormal founders as I wish to achieve godhood in the afterlife all of us hold secrets. Much of my work that I do is very scientific whether others believe it or not our research is not in vain.. But my death will be my rebirth into something so much more and if you think I am crazy well maybe I am or maybe I just am a very gifted soul who understands how the world works. I think rather then call it godhood let me reword it and say that the journey a soul takes can be one of enlightenment or ignorance.

I I have the ability to sometimes heal others with my hands and have done so in the past. But I think my greatest attribute is my heart which I like to think is in the right place. Some say I come from another time far ahead of most others say that my energy is so different then anybody they have met. There is a feeling of greatness when all entities ghost, demons, and shadow beings bow to you at your grace. There is a feeling of glory to know that although mankind lacks respect for me beings with a higher consciousness confide to me and see me as something so much more then just a man. To the entities I am special and to me they are as well together we coexist as one! I am not a religious person I am not in a cult as many haters out there slander this group and myself. I am just merely enlightened I always want to achieve what others cannot if that makes sense. This is why I chose to work with entities it very intriguing to be able to communicate with higher forces of power and knowledge is power I truly believe this.

I have been operating The Paranormal & Ghost Society for over a decade performing almost 1000 case files. I work hard at what I do which often draws in attention from those who wish to libel or slander my good name. It is disheartening that their are other paranormal groups who are consumed with jealousy or that their are people who demean someone to make themselves feel better. When some of you read the things you read on the Internet you cannot always believe it. Sure I toke but I do not do drugs that is a lie. I do not steal that is a lie. I do not live a shack that is a lie. I am not a fraud that is a lie and so the list goes on. I consider myself a very honorable, sincere and humorous gentlemen. I am a very eye for an eye person if others treat me right they will see my generosity very easily.

I am 36 yrs old, 16 tats, Piercing's, an ex cub scouts coordinator/assistant volunteer of course, lover, friend, companion, healer, daddy, and of course this websites owner. I sometimes get so caught up in my work I forget what its like to catch a little sun or have a little fun why lie lol. I guess you can say I carry a more gothic look nails are black, snake bites, long hair, dark clothes etc if your scared of how I look you probably shouldnt as much think about the paranormal let alone encounter it lol. As I been told by friends I am more paranormal then the paranormal itself ha ha.  I have two dogs and a cat named sneezer. My pets are involved with my radio show often you will see them on camera and one of my dogs assist me in various paranormal investigations he is an American Bulldog/Pit mix named Rascal. 

I am very sad that a friend of mine was killed on one of our paranormal investigations by a drunk driver who hit him while we were walking to research a historic cemetery. Much of the family and others in the paranormal community blame me and it isn't my fault but it is something I have to live with. Some of those who hate on me seem to forget that the drunk driver nearly missed me to and even though it didn't I am alive so I can use my life to perform good things and that is all that matters true or not?

.When I was growing up I had very few friends I was the nice guy that was always getting beat down, robbed, laughed at when I went to school, dumped, used etc and find humans to be more hurtful then any entity I have ever dealt with. That has changed however I do not trust easy and if I come across as arrogant this is the reason cause I am merely on the defense at all times. I am all about the heart and trying to help others grow spiritually as well as in other ways but some try to take advantage of that. I grew up a hard life had a father who didn't want me a mom that was busy bar hopping a stepfather who was a drunk and grandparents who favored my sister. I was a black sheep I lived a hard life and I want to use what I learned to help better other peoples lives.

It is very hard to go on doing what we do afterall you get your skeptics then haters. Then you get your members who never donate, chip in for anything, post to our sites, offer to assist on investigations and slander your hard work. It can be a bit disheartening for someone who has sacrificed so much. I do not regret all my accomplishments we run an understaffed team and we are very productive. When you watch paranormal shows these people have camera crews and many others around. However when we go out and do our research its sometimes just me alone in the middle of the night which takes courage and allot of tenacity to continue on.

We keep going strong and I was the first one to transform paranormal in WNY and that is where this all began. Being a founder or team member has its rewards just not the ones you expect to come with it its a thankless job and the only glory that comes from it all is being around your friends having fun exploring. I have no intent of getting rich from what I do nor am I in any way an unequal compared to our other members or teammates.

I enjoy a good cold beer occasionally and of course a large blunt while looking at the stars!! Some of my side kicks are horror movies, reading, blondes and Asian women, Italian & Chinese cuisine, children, cooking, playing hockey, wild lovemaking, fishing, quiet times at home, definitely video games, Carnivals, Erotic Photography, Long Walks, Cuddling, Camping, Hiking, Quite Times At Home, Colors Red & Black, gothic & new age music, romance, gardening, and of course many other things. I also am real big with music and living the gothic lifestyle. Some days my hair might be blue other days jet black I am quite the stylish guy and a huge marijuana advocate which we use our site for as well.

I am a believer not very skeptical but of course sometimes you have to believe in something even when you do not see it the world is a mystical place which my goal is to bring it to your homes. I want others to sit back relax and enjoy the ride that my society offers you. I offer a radio show which has some of the best stand up comedy your going to here and dark wave music seriously! I am always updating our site although there was a time in 2008-2009 during my divorce that operations in our society ceased. It was a hard time in my life and it has taken a long time to recover from the ordeal.

I have the most adorable little boys hope to one day have a little girl. I live with my sons and my girlfriend Tammy as of 2009 as she aids me in my quest for the truth. I am always looking to make new friends with similar interest. I was and still am to a degree polyamorous so seeking female companionship is very important to me. I like others who are down to earth, openminded, sweet, kind, gentle, spiritual and respectful. It is to bad most are not as easy going as I am but sadly we live in a society full of ignorance and some are just to judgmental to understand the importance of having loyal friends.

I use a variety of equipment right now although not all of it is for the paranormal. I do carry many things with us that help on our quest and I am always one step ahead of everybody. Sometimes you have to be its my job to come prepared and we hope our team members do to. I am required to know all equipment aspects such as how to use or decode EMF/GAUSE Readings, Digital Recorder EVP's, Dissection Of Paranormal Photography, Operating A Gun, Training Our Investigators, Communication With The Deceased and operating Video Equipment. I am experienced with surveillance and hell I can do one hell of a Bigfoot Howl lol.

I added a page so you can see me in action taking photos, climbing, and getting the story just for you understanding a little about me will help you understand how our organization works. I consider myself to be a sensitive since there are times I can sense or communicate with the unknown although my abilities are not as strong as some hence why I'm looking for some clairvoyant investigators. I enjoy taking photos of ghosts, working with the deceased, strange happenings as well as enjoy giving speeches to others about what our group is about and of course teaching others various things. I love ghost and they love me and I try to develop deep connections with everything I come across. I try to accept all entities demon, ghost, etc etc and make friends along my journeys with as many as I can. Just because something looks evil it does not mean it is. Your not going to see me chasing anything with a cross that would be pointless since we are chasing the paranormal to learn about it NOT chasing it away.

I am here for anybody that needs me my assistance and always will give you my hand if you take it. We just want to find the right click of folks and make this organization one of the best on the west coast. When your heart is in the right place you can accomplish the greatest things including putting our minds together to achieve one common goal.

I have created this page as a way for you to get to know a bit about me. I am a very devoted father of three boys so when I am not doing paranormal I am busy with them. You are more then welcome as viewers to add me onto myself at www.myspace.com/AngelOfThyNight or my facebook at www.facebook.com/AngelOfThyNight this is my youtube at www.youtube.com/AngelOfThyNight

I also have ICQ, YAHOO and AIM for your convenience so feel free to get in touch with me at anytime. I do work very hard at what I do and I made the site very simple rather then complicated so that the younger group like teens, kids etc could learn about the paranormal in a fun adventurous manor.

My life is a rather simple one spend my evenings bbqing, playing Xbox, PS3, swimming, sitting on the deck drinking some brews, toking up and chilling out. My goal is to run in politics I did try to get involved in 2012 presidency some critiqued me for it but ehhhh maybe down the road things will change. What's in store for me? Maybe governor or mayor or maybe all together I may apply to be a US Forest Ranger and protect wildlife as well as preserve the great outdoors. The sky is the limit and one day I hope to travel over seas to visit some of the hottest paranormal sites in the world.

Unlike most I really never have gotten the credit for all the work I have done in the paranormal community. I have seen overtime thieves steal from our society, lies spread, television show deals crumble etc. This is my story its not a pretty one but it is me and we only can hope that you accept me for whom I am not what I have to offer. I want to thank you for taking the time to learn about whom I am and feel free anytime to get in contact with me I am always up for meeting new face. You can contact me further below or just feel free to add me as a friend onto your Xbox or PS3!

Lord Rick aka AngelOfThyNight

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