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I want to take the time to thank everyone who is committed to being a part of The Paranormal & Ghost Society.  I know you are wondering what this page is about and generally we operate our society a very easy going atmosphere so that our viewers can explore our site and in the process learn a little bit about the locations we explore and investigation. You can do so in our Investigation Archives which are neatly organized so that you can explore our site as we explore new places and integrate them into our site.

We want you to discover PGS and look at our society as more then just a paranormal group. We are a business that offers many services generally almost if all of them are no cost. Although we do run many services that we hope can generate funding for our expeditions and the cost of this website.  You can donate at anytime to our paypal at pondercorp57@yahoo.com and our Po Box at Paranormal & Ghost Society, PO Box 6175, Gardnerville NV 89460 this includes sending us paranormal evidence as well as a service to accept Cursed Items and Objects Page.

Many ask who is The Paranormal & Ghost Society well were one of the first entertainment para-adventure groups in the country. We are responsible for hundreds of tours, investigations, explorations and many adventures. Sometimes our success rate is high we find Bigfoot Tracks or we get a ghost sighting. It does not happen regularly but it does happen and it happens because we put ourselves in that situation which is a unique one if that.

PGS is over a decade old we started off based in the Buffalo NY area eventually moving our operations to the south in FL then out on the west coast. This puts us in a rather unique position as every state has its own lore and types of paranormal activity. Being a paranormal investigator is not a job to me it is part of who I am. Our services help so many people who look for a glimmer of hope holding onto life after death.  We are now based in the Carson Valley NV area and I must say its been very rewarding as a paranormal investigator. You can check out our Sierra Team Page and our team bios at anytime!

For those that are not aware we have been on television numerous times and done many other public services. I do not have a need to brag were not a group that boast. Nobody pays us to do what we do we do it because we enjoy it. Each year many big name television networks contact us one being the history channel and even the discovery network. I remember back in 2002 in our earlier days we were contacted as runner ups for various shows. Sadly our site and group been neglected as well by these networks who really never grasp the amount of experience and adventuring PGS has contributed to the world. We have offered the One Million Dollar Challenge to perform one of the most dangerous paranormal investigations in the world even and this has nothing to do with money only leaving the question of would you die for a paranormal cause!

Our Radio show has been a big hit for years as we put out entertaimment, comedy, paranormal blotter and dark wave music. AngelOfThyNight & Nightfall Radio have had a foothold for years in internet broadcasting. I have done shows where thousands have tuned in and shows where our viewers ceased to exist. But for the most part we have an amazing group of fans who as soon as its announced were going LIVE they are right there tuning on in. In addition to the show we have a special feature called "Ask Lord Rick" which allows us to take LIVE calls answering paranormal and non paranormal related questions. Over the years we have taken so many calls but now we have a page for our fans so they can view the show from our main hub here and still be able to call in right frou our main page pretty cool if you ask me.

I consider ourselves a big lucky considering how many places we have visited and how many of those places no longer exist. Sometimes I snicker to myself when someone wants us to hand over locations not even knowing if those places stand anymore. I started integrating Urbex into our work as early as 2002 as my interest always has been with abandoned places. We have an Urban Exploration Webring for those interesting in joining and of course UEParadise! Years ago I faced allot of heat people saying trespassing was wrong etc etc however one can look at it from another angle trying to understand that were not thieves we do not vandalize locations and we visit such locations to preserve them. We are an educational team we want others to learn about safety and we will bend over backwards to get that paranormal story.

In addition to all of this we provide many stories which sell posters, paranormal equipment, books & other media and even our own Logo Wear such as Tshirts and hats. These are all found at our retail online shopping mall so make sure you check them out. In addition to this we operate P.I.FH. which is our xfiles branch of our site where we provide services that other paranormal groups do not.  We also have our own personal ads service although this is for others who make a subscription they get to put an add out there. This might be beneficial considering some of our members are on our nonrelated paranormal forums and are looking for new companions.  You are basically buying the ad space which is worthwhile considering the heavy amount of hits we recieve daily on our site.

We also have our own sports and recreational department called the Phantoms! Although we are still trying right now to put together a team and I expect that to be happening here in 2011 now that we are permanently staying for awhile in the Reno-Tahoe-Carson areas. The team will play all year long hockey, mens basketball, soccer, bowling, darts and many other activities. Each month our society meets at Carson Lanes to drink some brews and talk paranormal. We encourage anyone interested in joining our team or meeting up with our group to attend.  

In addition to all of this I operate many more low key projects and studies. For example some of those are Project Mars and Project Katharsis Dark Ethereal! Those are projects we hope to involve the public eventually with since aside from this site we are a fairly scientific group.  You can always find out what is happening by visiting our News Page of the site. I update that once every couple of months so others can see our progress and find out whats been integrated into our site.

If your into youtube videos we have produced many for our viewers to enjoy. I did not work much with production until about 2008 unfortunately. Now we do more production then we almost do photography its crazy. But our world is evolutionizing and so is yours as a viewer.  You can view our youtube by Clicking here: AngelOfThyNight's Productions Not to mention the fact that we offer many opportunities for artist who will let us use their music on our site which includes helping you promote your band and selling your CDs. You can check out our musicians program at anytime if you are one and want to contribute your works to our society.  This service goes hand in hand with our Media Guild as well only that program is for authors and producers.

The Paranormal & Ghost Society has its very own BBS or PHP Forums which allows our viewers to have a cozy environment to post their paranormal opinions and expressive views at.  This also goes with our Wall Of Horror and Theatrical Clowns which are areas of our site to deal with or counter act those who libel, slander and hate on our organization. As some of you know their are allot of hate sites about the founder and PGS. About 99 percent of what you will read online about us is the far fetched truth and its sad we have had to take those measures from the constant attacks. Those attacks have ranged all the way to death threats to rumors being spread that I am a cracker and that my son is retarded. Its sickening and our organization DOES NOT tolerate hate or violence of any means. However that does not mean I will not knock you for a loop if you have done us wrong we have a right to defend our integrity and ourselves.

PGS is meant to be a fun entertaining experience that involves sharing a few laughs and enjoying some good adventures. We have our own Paracomedy Section which boast bloopers from some of our excursions. I think one of the funniest bloopers occurred when a buddy of mine and I were in Central Terminal Railway Station. The entire ceiling came down on top of me covering me in over an inch head to toe with abestos, dust and dirt. We wish to honor our friend Rob as he was killed by a drunk driver in 2003 while showing me Goodleburg Cemetery.  This is why we stand with MADD and report drunk drivers while out investigating at night.

Although their are many other services and branches of PGS none is more rewarding then our Gladiators and Paranormal Investigators page. We want to help save the life of these gladiator dogs which get a bad rep. These dogs since 2011 have been used on our investigations and we want to integrate them more into what we do. So make sure you check it out and if you can rescue one of these dogs that need rescuing. You can read the Founders Biography at anytime as well and were a very friendly paranormal group so do NOT hesitate to email or contact us.  You can also check out our media mentions which I often update time to time not all are listed but you get the idea we have done allot of work with the public.

PGS is a 420 friendly group we use our site to advocate it nothing more and nothing less.  Our work is beyond stellar as we also do cleansings, investigations, exorcisms, documentaries, photography of all kinds and even preservation.  We encourage you to get involved and add us on our Facebook or Myspace at your leisure as we welcome new friendships on this paranormal journey.

Again we want to thank you for choosing The Paranormal & Ghost Society as we offer all this and more so make sure you take the time to discover us. You can do so by joining our forums listed on the main page. We allow anyone to attend our parties and meets. We offer our radio show once a month where everyone comes on out has a good time and gets to interct LIVE with our group. We have so much to be taken advantage of DO NOT MISS out on an adventure of a life time and remember to embrace the journey as we are based on Truth, Adventure and Friendship.  Do not forget to join our google or yahoo paranormal forum its free and takes a couple minutes to sign up for up to date paranormal news. Thank you now go on out there and discover us!
Lord Rick
Founder, Author, Producer and Talk Show Host.


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Although we do not require it we ask that each viewer donates leisurely or subscribes therefore we ask that you take the time to gift us even if its minimal. All proceeds go towards the cost to maintain our site, equipment, gear and other services. For years we have taken our donations and applied them towards many of the trips that you see visible on our site. We know that times are tough so we are not asking you to go broke donating to our cause therefore donate leisurely when you can. On an average PGS spends more then we ever receive from the volunteer work that we do. Our equipment does often break down due to the elements and more then often it needs dire replacement. Please use the donate button to gift The Paranormal & Ghost Society when its at your convenience or if you prefer to gift us yearly you can do so using the subscribe button. As a Gold or Platinum member YOU WILL recieve a copy of AngelOfThyNight Radio on disc which contains hours of stand up comedy, bloopers, entertainment and various paranormal topics. The more seasons we perform the more episodes you will recieve on disc. Since we are a nonprofit group there is no monetary gain even if you donate a dollar a month we thank you for your support and loyalty. I want our viewers to know the hardwork that comes with our explorations which go all the way from dangerous expeditions to being broken down in the desert. We have been a reputable Paranormal Group for over ten years and our work has been legendary. What promise will future years hold for us?  Find out and help support our cause united as one not because we are asking but because we need your friendship and love for what we do within our society to contineously improve our explorations and services. We THANK each and everyone one of you for your membership with us! 

If you have any questions you can email us at AngelOfThyNight@aol.com or if you prefer to donate using via postal mail contact us for our Po Box. If you wish  to donate using paypal you can can do so at  Their are no refunds so we ask that if you are a member of our society or you are gifting The Paranormal & Ghost Society that this is something you are serious about and want to do even if its a one red cent.  Once we recieve donations we apply them immediately towards the website cost, equipment and our budget immediately.  AngelOfThyNight and The Paranormal & Ghost Society is a volunteer service composed of our staff who continues to bring our viewers this free site and its services voluntarily. It is important for our viewers to play some involvement with our funding so that we can continue to do so for many more years to come.

"Over 10 Years Of Upstanding Paranormal Eloquence & Service"



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