The wall of horror and shame is to give our thousands of fans and people who browse our site the more darker side of things. Our organization works very hard to bring you these investigations, photos, reports etc we spend alot of money in doing so and we take very good care of our members with our holiday parties. We want to give you a perspective on the horrors we have to deal with at times.

However over the course of a few years some TV Stations, Authors, Journalist, Newspapers have took it upon themselves to deprive, deceive and even neglect our group. Currently we are one of the top paranormal organizations in the country. Sure we have a simple site because we want it to be that way for the older and younger generations. We want to make the site fun not professional so those can drink a beer and enjoy what we have to offer.

 But when you look at our accomplishments in just a few years like bigfoot evidence, over 40,000 photos taken, and some of the most scariest places in the country investigated that really deserves credit and others to take a look at us. If you are up on this page it is to expose you and trust me once you are exposed you will lose viewers, consumers, and your reputation. PGS always says no pain no game if you plan on wronging, stealing, or deceiving our organization guess again!  You win the battle but I always win the war!

 I am a noble man, a good psychic, an father, a lover, a friend and most of all honest to all my viewers on my site because of that I am often persecuted. Because of businesses and people like these it has really hurt our group so now its time to reveal the true story to  the public. Below is our reviews and we hope to make others more aware of why at times we come across such failures its cause of this. Some of these individuals should be embarrassed for your actions and this is my chance to embarrass YOU so deal with it! 

You told others your side now its time we tell everybody our side of the story! Happy Halloween!

Rick-Lord Of Thy Night 



Mason Winfield is known to write about Haunting's in Western NY. I did meet with him for coffee and we discussed the paranormal for awhile. Little did I know he would be taking that information to put in his latest book. In some forms the last two books he wrote when we started investigating local hotspots in the WNY area and all of sudden some of those were put into his books how strange one of them Central Terminal Railroad station which we were one of the first groups to venture in their and put photos for real up on our site. 

Well upon meeting him he said he would give me a location to a haunted place up near Mt. Morris he did not follow threw. What even disappointed me more is that as soon as I met him he said to me weren't you the man that got your friend killed. He would not stop talking about the death of Robert Carr who was killed by a drunk driver. It hurt me more then anything to see a well known author persist about my friends death just a few months after this happened. 

Well he told me the reason he asked to meet with me is he wanted me for his television show and it would be on certain places I visited. When I arrived on screen for the television show it was on none of the places he mentioned. I felt embarrassed and lied to. Although I have nothing else bad to say this is an author who makes money of haunted locations whether its his books or his ghost tours yet he does not believe in the paranormal. He is very skeptical period! After he got information out of me he blocked me online hell he would not even do a banner exchange with me on the site yet I was advertising for him. 

 I had some friends that took a ghost tour from a flier they got well when they met him the flier did not mention any cost. He refused to even give them the tour he told them pay or leave. They said he was very rude to them. Many complaints come to me about him and if I was still in NY I would pretty much have dominance over the state as far as paranormal groups go but I do not. So my suggestion with this author if your a paranormal group or person interested in taking his tours be careful. Some people out their are not as honest as they seem some only care about one thing whether its money or a way they can make money.  This man is not a paranormal investigator folks just remember this he is an author he takes what you say and puts it right into his book nothing more nothing less.



WESH Channel 2 News is located in Central Florida. This has got to be the rudest news station I have ever dealt with in my entire life. I have met quite a few news stations back up in NY and at least they were friendly to talk to. But Wesh was very rude to our organization.

Below is a story I think everybody needs to know. I moved to Florida in one of the most oldest haunted houses in Central Florida. The house was one of the first built in Deland. But it was a neglected home and the owner moved my children and myself in their illegally. He did not even have a license and it was not up to code.

Over the months we put up with alot animals in the house, raining inside, the house swaying in the wind etc. The entire home was unfit to live in and was considered condemned property. Their was no walls down stairs, the foundation was crumbling, the landlord never fixed it from the hurricanes etc. Eventually he was going to kick us out cause we started to address these issues.

I brought this to the WESH station and a consumer reporter named Michelle Meredith. I had papers from the code boards, neighbors as witnesses, photos and videos. Well she called up the owner and he lied to her told her we damaged the house.  How does one pull the roof off, rot the walls outside, cause a foundation to crumble, and rain inside. Well seeing Michelle is from the Louisiana Bayous I am sure that the owner really coaxed her into believing him with his English accent. I hope she enjoyed talking to a drunk slum lord.

Well she called me up gave me this big lecture pretty much called me a liar if I had the recording still saved I probably could sue Wesh for slander. I wanted her to do the story cause I had no place to go at the time and my children were going to be homeless because of my landlord illegally renting this home out.  I told her maybe with my story with hurricanes coming someone will reach out and let us rent a place. With the storms coming we explained to her that I had kids. 

This has got to be one of the most poor reporters ever telling me she is to busy to investigate a story. I explained to her who we are and that we do care about haunted places. I wrote others to file a complaint and half of the individual replied saying she is a good reporters. Good reporters do not just listen they investigate by checking it out for themselves not just over the phone.

But I am very appalled by Wesh and I noticed recently Michelle Meredith is no longer has a bio on the Wesh Teams Page. So I am hoping with my complaints that she was terminated. Her greatest achievement was when a woman was living in a house full of rats I guess in my house the possums, coons, birds and bats were not good enough for her. 

Here quote is helping people with knowledge cause knowledge is power. Well I offered her to give knowledge to the public about how unsafe this house is and how a kid could drown in the pool out back she refused to do the story and guess what? Someone else is now living in the house illegally so thank you Wesh! Channel 2 news against your side!


The Volusia County Libraries have seemed to block our our paranormal sites on their computers. I knew this when others told me they went to Deland Library and the site was permanently blocked.

When my friend asked the front desk they said our site was to scary for people to be browsing.

We investigated DeLand library because of that they probably now get twice as many visitors yet they block us out. Does the county think that just because we deal with ghost that this is not a science or educational? 

What we do here is real their is alot of historical information, scientific, and metaphysical info. This is a learning organization and it should not be blocked from a public institution plain and simple. If I put up posters or cards lately they pull them down talk about being discriminated on. 


Jeff Belanger with has a great site but the truth is this is just another author and person that thinks they are above everybody else. We do reciprocate a link with them. But the truth of the matter is that why do groups have to take everybody's stories and add them to their site. Shadowlands does it and so does Ghostvillage. Its ashamed that people live their career as a ghostbuster by gathering info by hearsay. See that is what makes us different all the reports and photos you see our are very own. 

But as you know Jeff Belangers new book came out of the Encyclopedia Of Most Haunted places. I gave Jeff 5 places each with a photo original story and historical information for this book. The book was supposed to have places that derived from all the paranormal groups in the country. 

Well as you can guess I was not put into this book. Big names like Troy Taylor was put in this book. See that is the thing everything is all about money. You could be some little group that has proof that ghost are real or proof that the paranormal is real but when it comes down to money that group is excluded and the ones that are listed are not even true investigators.

I do not think the paranormal should be about fame, fortune, or popularity. I think that if your going to write a book you put information in it based on fact and evidence. We were excluded and I sent that ass clown one of the best ghost photos ever taken in this country. But because my name is not famous I was not even considered.

I read a few complaints on the book people said they wanted more scary places in the book. Most of the book is like yellow pages and places that have already been written about. He told me he did not want places in his book that you could find on the internet. So I gave him places that are original like the Brown Home.

When I confronted him about why I was not included in the book or how my places were not good enough he never wrote me back. Again another group owner who thinks he is better then everybody else all cause they make money off the paranormal. Its your book your choice but man give someone a shot thats my opinion too. 


The Daytona Beach News Journal covers all of Volusia and  Flagler county. When I moved here we investigated quite a few places most of them were very well known locations. Some of those locations we got some really nice ghostly photos. I wrote the journal asked them if they would give me an article or interview. I explained that it would help get my foot in the door so others knew about our group. I was told that we would be put on file and that they only do paranormal stories around Halloween.

Well in the last past year the News Journal has done over 8 paranormal stories. Most of them are on a group that has no content on there site and has not had a site update in 3 years. Another one was on some author who wrote about places we visited just another thief trying to make money. Then another one was on a group that did a theatre yet presented no evidence in the paper was shown of ghost.

Now a second Halloween comes and yet I get no story. Do you know how insulting this is that you do over a hundred investigations in this county yet they refuse to every write a story on us. I have written editors and they sugar coat everything saying nice site will do your story sometime. Then you see a group 2 weeks later get an article in the paper. I am so glad the  news journal writes about groups that have done 5 investigations in a few years wow that's real commitment to the paranormal.

I also am upset about this newspaper cause I told them the same thing I told Wesh even sent them evidence and they refused to help me. So as far as I am concerned if you are a paid subscriber to the News Journal I would suggest not buying it anymore cause this newspaper seems to censor out some of the more important things like corrupt slum lords or great paranormal groups.


BUFO UFO AND PARANORMAL RADIO is run by Mary Sutherland. She covers paranormal happenings around Wisconsin. A long time ago if you remember we did a radio show. It was called the AngelOfThyNight Files named after me.

Well it was supposed to be our show and we did a few it seemed a pretty big hit. 

The problem was that Mary was very deceptive with me. She did not have anybody to do a radio show with her so we started one where she would pick a topic then I would discuss it.

Well the show she told me would be a half hour well then she upped it to an hour to an hour and a half.  Then she wanted two programs a week did not even ask just signed me up for it.

We would pick various nights to do a recording well she eventually when she got her foot in the door for a radio tv station she gave someone else the radio show using my name AngelOfThyNight which by the way is copy written so if you use it you can be sued by me.

You do not give someone a show and steal it from under their noses. She did this to me because of no reason whatsoever. I mean she would call my house 2am saying want to record another show. If I made an appointment to do a recording for her show she would be 2 hours late to do the program. Things just got really out of hand then after I seen that she lied to me about a few things I was very hurt and banned her from our group for trying to use my name for her benefit.

This is not the first incident though she did steal from another UFO group cause the owner wrote me about it telling me that this is her game. Steals for her own gain then puts it on her site or uses it.

Mary Sutherland had stolen the poem that was written for Robert Carr who was killed. She just steals it puts it up on her site without even giving some sort of credit.

This person has no clue to what they are talking about or doing. Just another person out for their own gain. She cannot be trusted period take this from a psychic perspective and a real bad experience. 

She was using our name for our radio show yet would not even put a link back to our site or use our PGS logos. 


Abc's family Swap Show

Back in Augustine I was referred a to a producer named Heather Teta on how they were looking for paranormal families and kids involved with the paranormal.

I wrote Heather with great interest explained to her what we do, about my kids in how they partake in paranormal investigations at times. I went into my weird way of living and lifestyles. 

The producer was very nice but she sounded like an 18 year old who really was only sweet talking me like most interns do for any TV network.

Well I passed her interview then was interviewed by a second producer. I went threw the motions sent her photos of where I live, my sons, photos of me doing crazy stuff like me on the roof of a haunted house etc. 

The second interview went well so they asked me to fill out this long application send it in along with emailed photos. Well they also required a camera interview which I completed that. The interview was about almost 2 hours long as it covered where I live, how our daily crazy life is, my sons temper tantrums, and paranormal life.

We sent it in and never heard from them again. I did not even get a reason why we were refused. But like they told me this is ABC so anything freaky or weird they will not air.

Again another producer playing games. If they do not like how you look, that you got tattoos, that you lead an open lifestyle etc then you do not even get a chance. I spent money to get a hold of a camcorder and tapes just to please ABC who rudely never got back to me.

I told them I did not even want the money really I just wanted to get out the paranormal site nationally for a change. But ABC was very rude I mean you should see the personal questions they ask like about your sex life, backgrounds, they talk to your kids on the phone, etc etc

 I gave them everything I had to be on the show and once again another TV network trying to bury us because they do not like who I am. If you get an email that states they want ghost hunting families on TV just be leary cause its a crock of horse dung in my opinion. 


Mysterious Universe Digest

For this one I do not have a logo but I will tell you this. About 2 years ago we had a moderator named Beau who now runs a message board called Mysterious Universe Digest off his webtv.

Well he did not like the rules of the group and the fact remained that some mods that do not like the rule often will steal your members for there own group.

I asked this person to help us investigate when we visited Dudley town and they freaked out. They started bad mouthing about us sneaking on a silly preserve and pretty much left the group. Being a mod for us means helping us even if you do not want to compromise is very important.

This person also got mad because he told me he is gay and thinks that I am attractive. When I told him I was into women only he ended up going around to every yahoo group owner badmouthing me. Then started sending some of my members and me some very sick porn not the hot centerfold type either.

Some of these groups owners I knew as friends and were members long before him left our group all because of what some stranger said. I lost people from other groups I considered allies cause I thought they understood that their is more to the paranormal then just one member who runs a yahoo board.

We are not affiliated with Mysterious Universe Digest they are only a message board they do not do investigations, conventions, write books, or even have website. All they have is a yahoo board.

The reason why I am posting this information is that I was able to trace a IP number on various sites. One of those sites someone posted all this false info and posted on a Satanism site to attack me. I had it traced back to Beau on webtv.

I have found some very awful remarks directed at our group. I have had personal attacks towards talking about my kids, my personal life etc little does he know half of the people confessed to me and told me it was Beau who was responsible. 

Libel folks is against the law if I see it and you happen to do it with one of my allies charges will be pressed. We do not like others to make false statements that hurt this organizations reputation. If you want to make honest statements to the public fine but to lie and accuse us of falsifying our ghostly evidence will get you in alot of trouble.

Still today they steal our articles off our message board. If I send them out he will send the same ones out in the same order at times. How I know this is I put a code in some of my articles sometimes even alter a statement in them if I see it on their board I know it was stolen cause its called laziness.

All the rumors you hear from this person are false. Why join a board like this when you can get so much more out of mine. Out of mine you get parties, meet ups, TV shows, weekly investigations, 30 articles a day and were a reputable organization been around a long time.

Also a few other people involved in this scam are a person who uses the name patchouli troll from the Fortean phenomena group on yahoo and then their is some other girl from the the Carolinas who runs a group. She is a pill popper who bad mouths our group. She is also or use to be a mod On mysterious World Digest.

Point being is that some of these people called them friends of our group but when they give us a bad name then others get false impressions. It is my opinion that these people are just a bunch of jealous people who will never think outside the box.  He can bad mouth me all he wants to this day but the truth is look at the proof 40,000 photos, over 40,000 messages on our boards, we been on television, are in books, received multiple rewards etc so how can anyone complain about that?

Our hard work speaks for itself and we refuse to let anybody discredit us for the wrong reasons. So what if you do not like me does not mean it gives you the right to bash the organization for the hard work others have put into it.





UER.CA is an urban exploration group. PGS has no problem with urban exploration groups as we mix our investigations with UE as well. Back in the summer of 2006 we were referred to join them was told them guys would help me out so that is what I did asked them to help me out it was harmless intent there was no rules saying you could not ask others for donations misunderstood or not its the group owners job to address these issues. Found out real quick that there entire site is built on flaming, threats, flaunting historical sites, and libeling other people as well as websites. The group owner is named Alex Hess who I have been informed by a few investigators that all the money he gets from his members goes towards his smart home project which is very costly. 

The site consists of many underage individuals which is fine accept the fact that the owner of that site does not abide by his disclaimer and allows them to do whatever they want on the board which includes exploiting my children, threats, harassment etc. Many members off that site have bombed our guestbook, sent pornographic material to our site, forums and myself, They have threatened us numerous times and continue to do so. Because of the hate shared on his site it has spawned hate on our forums and caused other hate sites to develop point being what kind of leader sets this example for his people? 

The site seems to only exist because the younger crowd likes the idea of having easy access to abandoned locations to visit. They are advertised therefore who would not want to join problem is that alot of times the site steals photos and the owner refuses to remove them. The site is full of repetition trust me you go in one area its all the same in another flame after flame. 

The owner of the site wears furry costumes at his meets and tried to hide outside a cavern in hopes to stir trouble with our society on one of our expeditions. Do not know about you but who the hell would hide in a cave waiting to jump out at another group? Not a very good example for the Urban Exploration community. 

Currently on his site is over 500 messages on our society and myself. Everything from libeling remarks to discrediting our organization. My personal photos are up on that site along with my sons. Despite the fact the owner says its legal cause they are hotlinked according to my attorney its not because UER owns there own server now and allows the hotlinking to be hosted!!! There are many threats about me dying and even the mocking of my friend who was killed by a drunk driver.

Even though the site might contain abandoned locations Urban Exploration and The Paranormal is about working together not silly internet wars. Since they have no respect for us our millions of viewers will not have the opportunity to see what type of people these area rather then join there forum donate to this guy and end up having themselves eventually threatened or abused. 

When I first joined them I was going to offer them a banner on my site and have them guys come out to our group dinner out of good faith and they chose an act of rudeness towards me and our group. My thoughts are don't get involved with them they laugh at the paranormal they laugh at others if they laugh at my children then it means there hearts are not in the right places. Lastly I do have proof that some of there members have vandalized some of the places up north sad to say they claim that is not what they are about but its happening because of the example they set towards other people such as myself making others think its okay to do what they want.  Any site who flaunts public locations is going to attract vandals all places should always be treated as they are sacred so likeminded people can visit them for years to come. Not all people from there are bad I have met a couple but as far as the rest our society has yet to see otherwise. 

It is what it is a forum with alot of arguing over basically NOTHING!!  Anybody donating to this clown has got to be out of their mind...would you seriously donate to a guy who shows up to a UE party wearing a furry costume!!! There is crazy then there is nuts!!!  There is just something about trusting a guy who wears furry costumes and goes around hiding in caves lol. Advice just show to the damn bar for a beer be a man about things show an example towards the world instead of hosting hate towards your fellow man!!! Something is wrong when a website mentions my name over 100 times link below!! There use to be over 500 the owner has deleted most of them in May of 2007 I will not disclose why he knows why though don't you Mr. Hess. What other communities need to realize is we respect everybody unless you libel our community, stalk, harass, impersonate, and commit treason against my family or deceased friend. We have no problem with any group accept the fact that this one refuses to just go there own way and leave it at that. We are not affiliated with them I joined to see what they were about they were rude and that's the low down.  

Click Here: Flame Post



Road Wolf also and 

Roadwolf is one of the highest members of UER.CA before I write my review on this pig let me make it clear that I have nothing against urban explorers I am friends with many. As a matter in fact I am not attacking UER at all. This man is a coward and has spent 4 years using his friends to attack our group, women I date, members and me. 

He owns many other sites which shed light to the public discrediting me, posting my personal blogs, sex life, and other things. I wonder if big red knows what he is up to. He calls his works gospels and satire.  Would you find it humorous if this man stalked you. This is his only photo which he has had for 6 years up. If you notice he covers his face pretty typical.

Roadwolf goes under hidden names to listen to our radio show, join our forums, and get his story. He waste hundreds of hours of time just to write about Lord Rick. He is hoping to make it known what Lord Eats for dinner and who he dates. 

Four years ago Roadwolf  hid outside a cave in Akron NY in hopes of confronting Lord Rick when that did not happen he accused PGS of chickening out. All Roadwolf had to do was meet for a beer but instead he chose to hide in some sick plot.

One of Road wolfs best friends called in our show below you can play these tapes and I am sure you will find it disturbing to know that UESEXY is involved with this along with illegal pornography of fecal matter sent to our show! This man in my opinion is very SICK! His answer to this is its good satire!

And (If You are using firefox download this plugin to view the sound files) Click Here: WMP Plugin For Firefox

Roadwolf's claim to all of this is that we rubbed off on him wrong when we were on UER in a heated debate in the forums. Road Wolf is very jealous of Lord Rick and his site. If you find the hate sites you will see quite a few jealous remarks posted by him.

He runs one of the worst UE sites on the web even UER is better then his site with a bunch of text and links. This man ridicules another mans hard work yet his site has not changed in years always the same...same photo of him...same gospels about Lord Rick. He is one of the ring leaders involved and currently is registered in Toronto on Crescent Place as one of the hate sites owners.

We could write a deeper review on him but the sound files should tell you about the type of involvements he has. The only difference is that this is not satire this is sick and now thousands will know that uesexy is a cover-up just to be used to attack Lord Rick. Even his friends tell us he is a sloppy UE I'd believe it he thinks he has friends but they all tell me how he pisses and moans how Lord Rick hurt his feelings 4 years ago.

Rumor has it that he queer and is into younger guys while UE not sure how true that is but I have heard this from at least 6 to 7 people. If he spent less time trying to be up Lord Rick's ass and more time UE he might actually have an okay site ha ha.

Road Wolf is involved heavily with the Odd Emperor, Jon, Patrice Richardson and a few others who made a pact to harass Lord Rick...his friends...his children...and cause interruptions in his radio show with lude images.  The odd emperor is right next door to this review! Will be adding more soon! Our society ignores this buffoon cause he has no credibility except a person grudge! He uses blackmail against our society because we legally are advocates of cannabis and even my kids. Join Uesexy and that is what you are going to get!

Our opinion GET OVAH IT you whine like a girl!