Welcome to PGS's 1 Million Dollar Challenge Page here are the rules. If you are a television producer, sponsor, or belong to a television network. What our organization is promoting is a challenge to you!  We are offering to do a live or prerecorded paranormal adventure to one of the most dangerous places on earth. I expect us to outdo the Sci-Fi channel's Ghosthunters in ratings and this will either be an expedition to either the most dangerous location on earth or paranormal hotspot. I cannot disclose the location but this will be something so unique it has never been thought of or seen before. The show will be either aired LIVE on TV or I will be working with a team of producers. The rules are simple if you wish to contact our group.

1.  You must be a television network, sponsor, or producer.  The sponsors are going to get major attention it will be a historic milestone. For example with Redbull the first man that dove to Earth from space occurred it made history. Our project will also make history so yes we need sponsors.

2.  The location or locations picked will either be selected by me founder of The Paranormal & Ghost Society.

3.  I will recruit the team for the expedition which will be individuals who have worked with our society or are members. If you do not wish for me to have a team I will do this solo which will be something nobody has ever done before.

4.  We will be risking our lives if you send us into the Catacombs of Paris for two days or a week underground and lets say I die each team member including my family will continue to receive royalties from the film itself. It is a big if though because I want to be able to share my story the only way to do this is to succeed in what were going to bring publicly. 

5. All stunts will be done by our team members as this will be a real live dangerous paranormal investigation to somewhere remote in the world. I have some areas that cannot be disclosed publicly one of them includes underground alien tunnels and yes they are real but again its dangerous.

6. You will provide us with the proper equipment that our team will need...cameras....climbing gear....tools...travel means etc. These things will provide us with safety depending on the location we film at. If we have to go into a deep crevice we will need the gear to repel down into it. Its very costly for us to pay for airfare, rental cars, safety gear etc so the network doing the film will need to provide me with a little of things. So again we need sponsorship and those who want to invest in the project.

7.  This is a 1 million dollar challenge if we complete the film fully meaning that once the expedition is complete, filmed, aired etc we will be given 1 million dollars plus royalties I will be using some of the money to donate towards charities and good causes. We can discuss this further upon contracts with the producer and network hosting us. A million dollars will be nothing because what I am bringing will be earning YOU millions.  No I am not dong it for the money or to get rich I want to take the money and use it for a better cause its kind of rather like a fund raiser. 

8.  I expect this film....to generate astronomical ratings...no show has ever been done like this. You see ghost hunters on television most of it is very mainstream butwhere is the danger, the excitement, risk, where is the solid paranormal evidence on film? What we will be doing here is real danger...no bleeped out images...edited filming etc real danger real filming to somewhere remote...dangerous...and perhaps one of the hottest paranormal spots in the world. This is more of a reality competition and show so its not just based on the paranormal its based on other afflictions as well. 

9.  We will perform as much as you put out guarantee you that I am original in my work that we do. We are very trained paranormal investigators dealing with the more dangerous things demons, ghost, monsters in the woods, portals, heights, free cliff climbing, mountains, caves etc 

10.  During the expedition and filming I expect to be gone for months so I will ask to be compensated at least mildly since I will not be home to operate my business I own and operate. 

11.  I will take on anything presented volcanoes, tunnels, caves, asylums, castles, temples, outer space, moon, underworld, jungles, deserts, vampires, ghost, demons, gods, dimensions etc point is if we film lets give our fans and the world something they can enjoy for years to come.

12. You must provide us with a camera crew they must not intervene only film us during the expedition. The rest is all us!

13.  This can be a reality show where we stay in a place for days...weeks etc filmed live as well. 

14. Our aim is to have the network sponsor this expedition. Yes we have TV experience and yes this will be a stellar project for the right producers who want to do this. But I warn you its very very risky and any of us can die on the expedition.

15. We would like an interview done before and after the filming just to talk about the projects plans and our finds. Along with some promoting done of our website....and who we are. We want full exposure so our fans can enjoy our work.

16. Evan Jensen of Spring Creek Demon Busters is a fraud who is trying to destroy our project. You can read about this sick stalker at http://www.paranormalghostsociety.org/TheatricalClowns/index.php?board=46.0 and see his very unproffessional site which attacks me as a criminal and a child molester at http://springcreekparanormal.com/

If this interest you contact me at AngelOfThyNight@aol.com and let me know you would be interested in taking me up on my 1 million dollar challenge. Then I can appoint my team, get contracts signed, work on the filming locations, equipment specs that will need etc.  I will also go over the few places we have in mind this has NEVER been done before were already gathering sponsors for it!


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