Welcome to our first ever UE Webring! If you are part of the ring it means you are either a personal friend of mine or you have partnered up with us so that we could share your urban exploration group with the world.

The sole purpose of my ring is to promote UE across the world with some of the greatest groups on the web. By being a part of the ring its going to help each group grow in members, places to explore, and strength.  The groups below are drama free, very ethnical, and respectable that is why they are a part of our webring.

Also make sure you check out our own UE group sponsored by us personally for those who want to talk about abandonment's...and explorations! If a group interest you click the banners to visit their sites! You will probably find that any of these groups below have alot in common with our own in the fact that we all appreciate abandoned places and are not afraid to share that with the community.

If you wish to be a part of our webring contact me at LordOfThyNight@aol.com 

Lord Rick




UE Paradise is owned and ran by The Paranormal & Ghost Society. Its basically a way for our members to learn more about UE safety, exploring, photography and talk about various places. We have a giant arcade where members can compete, member profiles, a shoutbox to chat with and more. Only personal fans and friends will be allowed on board I prefer to keep it a nice tight group and of course have other leaders with experienced in UE on here. 


The MA UE site covers the bay state area. I have known Duff a pretty long time and he is a pretty cool guy. His forum is drama free and  they are growing into a fine group. If you want to be part of the Bay State explorations this would be the group to join. I moderate the paranormal part of his forum. 


Ran by Nomeus this group has a little of everything...abandonment's of the south....humor....and some pretty awesome photography from various locations in FL ones I never even knew existed. Nomeus actually lives fairly close to me in FL and has directed me to a couple places. I hope this page will help his board grow with more Urban Explorers. If you want to connect with someone who is into Urban Exploring this would be the site to do it with if you are in Florida. There are only a few UE groups in Florida Flurbex being the top one afterall they are The Keepers Of The Indistinguishable Fire.


I recommend joining any of the above sites do not visit anything associated with dijital, Turcotte, Mike, D5 etc etc afterall his forum is police watched for one for two, he misuses all your personal information and bans you after you contribute to his community TRUST ME I say it because its the truth. His wife his an attorney and he threatens he can get private information on anybody at anytime do you really want someone like this having that?  But the sites above are very professional and will be adding more.