Disaster Relief Fund

**The Paranormal & Ghost Society is a licensed business and we have the right to refuse service. PIFH is a branch or department within our society that I the founder created to benefit others from our years of knowledge.  Just as any business we legally abide by taxation laws and have opened up PIFH so that we can work with other public agencies together and we do business banking so we are very professional. All our services we provide are to help others where help is not found.  Just as my goal is to eventually become a politician I feel that it is relevant to work with the US Government and including the forestry as well as law enforcement on certain cases if we are needed. We thank each and everyone of you for considering our services and I look forward to meeting some of you so that we can provide you with a very honest, honorable and in depth service.**

Who We Are

P.I.F.H is the abbreviation for Paranormal Investigators For Hire. We opened this special unit to serve the public in 2011. Although The Paranormal & Ghost Society does not recieve any monies from our services PIFH does contract itself as an Independent Civilian/Contractor for Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, News Networks, Authors, Paranormal Orgazations, Television Producers & Private Clientele as well. There are very few limits to the services we can provide and we do specialize in many areas including riskier cases of many different kinds.  We understand confidentiality but we also understand that there is a demand for the services we have to offer based on the years of experience we have dealing with the unknown and many other dangerous cases.

Our clientele will be responsible contracting us for various projects whether its the US Military for example or an individual who desires to bring myself on and possibly our team who are in need of our services. We realize that law enforcement and other agencies deal with things that go beyond the norm but we also can help when nobody else can. 

My reasoning for discovering this service is many years ago some relatives of a missing woman designed a website which stated that she was last seen in an area which had many deep mines where she came up missing at. I believe her car was found in the area but the body was never found. Local law enforcement searched came up empty handed and as a last hope they were asking if someone had the know-how to search the area and its mines since law enforcement came up empty handed.

Our Policies & Guidelines

1. All travel expenses must be covered which includes airline, transportation and supplies.

2. All task must be contracted between the client which is you and PIFH thus they must be valid. Prior to a contract details can be negotiated upon so that there is a happy medium so that we can serve one another for years to come if necessary. 

3. At the end of a contract or job payment must be made in full depending on how risky each service can be will determine salary. Certain contracts will require at least half of our salary up front then the other half upon completion. However not all services cost anything at all this is something you will need to inquire. We also accept donations and this business is owned by The Paranormal & Ghost Society. 

4. Although at times we have no issues partnering up with others we want the clientele to understand that I may bring on board other volunteers and assistants who are or wish to be part of P.I.F.H.!

5. We respect confidentiality and discretion depending on the contract we may with permission use some of our experiences to share with the public by changing the characters, names and even places as a form of protection.

6. We are very flexible and international their is no limits to what we will do or where we will go.

7. We have the right to refuse service based on a wide range of criteria if we feel you are not a reliable source or the client was not fully honest we have the right to disband the contract or refuse service. If you do not check out then we cannot do business which is why we prefer to work with other agencies who are serious about our services however we will not refuse non agencies. 

8.We have the right to bare arms and although we have some gear we ask that for safety purposes you provide us with the necessary tools to complete each contract if it is requested or necessary.

9.We do not promote the harm of civilians or innocents however our team has the right to protect ourselves from people, animals and the unknown.

10.  We deal with criminal to sinister paranormal cases where as in other groups will not thus if you have tried everything and all else has failed you can count on our paranormal response unit depending on your location. If you contract PIFH then we are the ones who will run the show you are the one who will support it.  Safety is always a number one priority and we do not want to risk our clientele depending on the veracity of the situation.

11. PGS is registered which PIFH falls under us although we do much volunteer work P.I.F.H. is our paid servicers section of our site. This is not a get rich scam and their are no shams. I back up my services 110 percent that we will uphold stellar services. We ask that you sponsor us as we are very committed thus if you use our services you will not be disappointed however in return we ask for the same.


Services We Offer & Render

*Treasure Hunts 
*Missing Person Cases *Strange Disappearances *X-Files *Surveillance *Investigations *Scientific Expeditions *Lost Legend Expeditions *Monster Hunting *Alien Abduction Cases *Paranormal Courses *Security *Tour Guides *Survival Training *Professional Photography *Scientific Projects *Guest Speaking *Counceling Services *Extreme Paranormal Missions *Extreme Offroading *Extreme Tours *Body Retrieval *Cases *Experiments & Testing *Data Collecting *Cemetery Restoration and Cleanup *Solving Unsolved Mysteries *Transporting or Dealing With Cursed Artifacts *Community Aid *Search & Rescue  *Peace Keeping *Interviewing *Production *Film *News Reporting *General Research  *General Tech Specs *Freedom Advocating *Anything Paranormal *Civilian Contracts For The US Military 

Our true goal is to help bring satisfaction to our clientele by providing a service like no other. We will do everything to complete our contracts to the highest integrity and understand some training or briefing may take place prior to certain contracts. Please do not confuse The Paranormal & Ghost Society with P.I.F.H. although we are the same each one serves a seperate function and entity.  Not all contracts will require any payment at all depending on the circumstances however all monies recieved will go towards the expansion of our paranormal society. P.I.F.H is global so for example you need our services on the other side of the world we can oblige so please inquire within by contacting us at AngelOfThyNight@aol.com or you can write us a letter or share with us further information at:

Paranormal & Ghost Society
PO Box 6175
Gardnerville, NV 89460-7564

Where We Will Traverse

*Jungles *Rivers 
*Subterrean Tunnels *Caves *Mountains *Abandonments *Historic Sites *Desert *Rainforest *Canyons *Forest *Mines *Ancient Sites *Islands *Underwater *Cemeteries

We want to take the time to thank those willing to consider our services if you wish to inquire within you can contact us at AngelOfThyNight@paranormalghostsociety.org please note that P.I.F.H. is a volunteer project provided for clientele in search of unique services and skills we feel we can contribute. Prior to all contracts you agree not to sue us or hold is liable for any damages this will be in every contract regardless. What it really boils down to is that we have years of experience dealing not only with the unknown but extreme situations. Our experience can be quite the contribution for the right circumstances.  We look forward to working with others and if you decide to choose to work with P.I.F.H. we can promise you an upstanding service in completion of whatever task it is you require. 

We understand that under some circumstances services require special attention. I read a case a year ago that law enforcement were called to a farmstead multiple times as many of the owners cattle were being mutilated while some had surgical wounds. Law enforcement came out to the home multiple times no explanation was found. The owners did everything they possibly could still they could not find the culprate. Law enforcement felt it was even out of their own hands and the case was dismissed. This is where we come in we do the work that nobody else will investigating unsolved mysterious to help service our clients in similar situations.  Unfortunately law enforcement is not always trained to deal with such cases just as our own military deals with many paranormal experiences and might need to hire on experts from the outside. We specialize in many areas and feel we can contribute when all else fails. We can also investigate missing persons and follow up on leads so please make sure when contacting us with a case you provide us with as much details and information so we can better serve you. 


Founder & Lead Investigator

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Payment Options

Although we do not require it we ask that each viewer donates leisurely or subscribes therefore we ask that you take the time to gift us even if its minimal. All proceeds go towards the cost to maintain our site, equipment, gear and other services. For years we have taken our donations and applied them towards many of the trips that you see visible on our site. We know that times are tough so we are not asking you to go broke donating to our cause therefore donate leisurely when you can. On an average PGS spends more then we ever receive from the volunteer work that we do. Our equipment does often break down due to the elements and more then often it needs dire replacement. Please use the donate button to gift The Paranormal & Ghost Society when its at your convenience or if you prefer to gift us yearly you can do so using the subscribe button. As a Gold or Platinum member YOU WILL recieve a copy of AngelOfThyNight Radio on disc which contains hours of stand up comedy, bloopers, entertainment and various paranormal topics. The more seasons we perform the more episodes you will recieve on disc. Since we are a nonprofit group there is no monetary gain even if you donate a dollar a month we thank you for your support and loyalty. I want our viewers to know the hardwork that comes with our explorations which go all the way from dangerous expeditions to being broken down in the desert. We have been a reputable Paranormal Group for over ten years and our work has been legendary. What promise will future years hold for us?  Find out and help support our cause united as one not because we are asking but because we need your friendship and love for what we do within our society to contineously improve our explorations and services. We THANK each and everyone one of you for your membership with us! 

If you have any questions you can email us at AngelOfThyNight@aol.com or if you prefer to donate using via postal mail contact us for our Po Box. If you wish  to donate using paypal you can can do so at  Their are no refunds so we ask that if you are a member of our society or you are gifting The Paranormal & Ghost Society that this is something you are serious about and want to do even if its a one red cent.  Once we recieve donations we apply them immediately towards the website cost, equipment and our budget immediately.  AngelOfThyNight and The Paranormal & Ghost Society is a volunteer service composed of our staff who continues to bring our viewers this free site and its services voluntarily. It is important for our viewers to play some involvement with our funding so that we can continue to do so for many more years to come.

"Over 10 Years Of Upstanding Paranormal Eloquence & Service"



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