The Paranormal & Ghost Society is now proud to present full sponsorship of an Artist or Band across the globe who does the music for our site!!! Were currently looking for gothic, techno, ambient, new wave, metal, hard rock, classical vocal and new age artist. If you wish to contribute some songs to our site you will get maximum promoting and advertising from our site which in turn is going to generate fans of your music.

Let me explain how both of us will benefit from this and how it works!!!

1. You Click Here To Contact Us let us know if you wish to be promoted by PGS & Wish To Work With Us!

2. Share with me your play list since most of the bands we associate with are on myspace you can also send me an Mp3 or Wav file. If I like the song or you wish to let me select one of my choice we will use it on here on our site for life in various parts of the website! We have over 40 pages we want to add music to in our archives!

3. In return for every one of your songs PGS uses we will post a banner further below on this page. We also will put the name of the band, song used, and a link/banner to your personal bands site wherever we use it!

Why Do This?

4. The Paranormal & Ghost Society gets roughly 8 to 10 millions hits a year! Each year it increases and... by promoting are promoting us! This will increase hits to your band site it will also increase profit for your music!! Each song added is totally secure nobody can misuse it as PGS has full website security! This will allow newer bands to get some of there work out there!! We get producers, editors and other big names who browse our site its going to benefit us both! They will either click the banner to your site below or the banner on the page the song is used! Bam we both win!

5. This is a free service of course if your a band that wishes to donate for our services, create a contract with some royalties created, or just drop a few concert tickets for my investigators we would greatly appreciate it!

By getting involved with us you are forming a partnership I look forward to working together!!!



Based Out Of Saint Cloud Florida

Songs Used On Our Site Zombie High & Silver Bullet

Based Out Of Boston MA

Songs Used...Sunset, The Glow,Dig Her Up Her Bones!

Click Here: Musicians Myspace Page


R.H.C. ~Respiration Has Ceased &

Based Out Of Cape Coral Florida (Special Thank You's For Adding Our Organization Inside Your CD)

Want to purchase the CD? From CD Baby or go to there myspace page and download each song for 99 cents!

Songs Used Are Taken, Judge Not & Deceased which are available on our Gators Meetup~Portal 17 ~& Our General Investigators Pages