Interested in finding out how to get your own mailbox? 

Read below and get yours today before they are all taken!!


   Paranormal & Ghost Society Is NOW offering mailboxes for a limited time. They will be taken quickly so please purchase yours today. We offer 2 types of email boxes both will meet up to your excellence. The first type of mailbox we are offering is a standard web mail interface similar to what yahoo, excite and other services would use. Your mailbox is 50 MEGS which is definitely more space then what most services on the web provide you with. You can save mail, delete it, move it to a folder. The second service or mailbox type is a mail forwarding type of system. Which means you would have an email address like any any mail sent to it would be forwarded to lets say Example@Aol.comThe purchase you make for your mailbox will be used to fund our domain so we can keep bringing you terrific paranormal  photography. 


Advantages Of Purchasing A Mailbox

You Get To Have An Email Address With Our Organization Name

They Are Cheaper Then Most Email Services On The Web

You Are Supporting Our Cause

You can use your box instantly.

Mail forwarding Boxes Insure discretion and privacy so you do not have to give out your own personal email address.

The space you get for a web mail box is triple what most services provide you with for the cost.



We offering 2 types of Promotions

(Upon making your purchase please provide the name you address you wish to use, a temporary password, in the optional instructions area where it says BUY NOW this is just for the creation process! Once you log in passwords can be changed at anytime.)

$24.99 Per Year

You get a full year of either a Mail Forwarding email address or a mailbox with 50 megs.

$39.99 For 2 Years 

2 FULL years of Mail Forwarding or a your basic mailbox with 50 megs.

If you prefer not to pay us through Paypal using your credit card or E-check then you can email us an money order at:

Paranormal & Ghost Society

Po Box 482

Orange City, FL 32763

Make sure you enclose the name you want to use, email address, and your password. You can change your password when you log into your account for privacy purposes.






We have a right to refuse service and no refunds will be given once your purchase has been made. We have the right to terminate your mailbox at anytime however the only way this will occur is if you are are performing illegal activities such as spamming or if our site were to close down due to lack of funding. By purchasing a mailbox you agree not to hold us liable for any illegal misuse. We are providing you with a way for you to use our organization name and a reliable service. If you have any questions you can email us at and we will be more then happy to answer your questions. At the time your mailbox is about to expire we will send you a reminder message for you to renew. If you do not renew or respond we will delete the mailbox and assume you no longer want it. In most cases your mail box will be activated at the time we receive payment which usually takes 24-48 hours through Paypal. Due to our lack of staff it may take longer since I could be out of town on an investigation. If this happens you will credit your account for the time loss. 





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