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Above are  photos from all our events, parties and gatherings over the years. Be warned some are pretty extreme do not try this at home lol. Most of our party guest our are investigators, members and people from my various forums I run. We do hope over time members will try and make it out to share some fun with our group!




We No Longer Do Member Bios Since We Opened Up The PGS Personals...This Page Will Be Mainly For Our Party Events By Clicking The Buttons Above

Friendship is a very big part of this organization. We are based on helping one another its not about money its about making friends working together to achieve our common goals and theories. Now and then i like to throw a party for the members or have all of us get together. Without people you have no organization so its important to build friendships that last. We all want to be able to trust each other when we are in the dark in some old house. So for everybody to get to know one another. This page is for our members. The only requirement i ask is that

  #1.  You are a member by joining the message group it means purchasing a member card   #2. You must make a donation of some kind (it does not have to be money it can be a book, equipment, tools, whatever) #3. You have gone on at least 5  investigations.#4 You have submitted at least 5 Haunted locations in the buffalo area and they must be UNIQUE not the ones we already investigated lol Even if you think they are not haunted submit them to me anyways.  5. You must be a member for at least 1 years on the message board and a active one Not much longer to go since the group has been open for over a year now.  

The donations i receive pay for the domain, trips to most scariest places, and of course better equipment. You must meet at least 3 requirements out of the 5 in return i will post your picture along with your bio. I want to make the organization fun but i also want members who are into the paranormal to get acquainted with one another who are serious members. It helps to know who is who. But it also weeds out a lot of people who just want a photo posted for fun and do not participate or are devoted members to our organization. Below you will find questions answer them and send me a photo if you do not have one then send me something that symbolizes you art or whatever. Thank You!!!

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