Labor Day 1st PGS Party

Yeah Yeah this happened in 2002 but I figured since we did not have our site at the time I would list it here. This party turned out to be a ton of fun we had a cookout, had a couple of our investigators that showed, and we even did a investigation afterwards 3am. The party lasted all day and night and we roasted marsh mellows. This is our first one which i will never forget. I did not take any photos I guess i got so excited and busy with the party I forgot to bring out the digital camera.


March 2nd Anniversary Party

Unfortunately I did not take and photos from our first anniversary party. However we had a great time as Pete came over, Jim and Cheryl  I was hoping more would have showed for this one but some people did not like that i required a dish to pass or bring something. It was still nice to sit down discuss future events talk about some old ones and get together with my friends.



March Warren Pizza Party

Well our first Bigfoot Adventure of 2003 kicked off not only did we have 3 solid days of hiking and investigating we got 2 cemeteries and Jim & Cher's house investigated. It was a load of fun went to pizza hut and Cher fed me real good. See here is a photo of us at pizza hut sort of a pizza party and i sure regret not asking that cute waitress on a date maybe next time eh?.


4th Of July PGS Get-together

Our 4th of July party was a lot of fun. We had fun playing chest football lol, had a ton of games, slip and slide for all the kids, volleyball, lots of beer, food and even fireworks. Tommy was launching bottle rockets from his pants me from my hands lol and Mark was tying some together. We had a nice group show but still once again nobody new from our group. We watched a nice firework show at 10pm and it turned out to be a great night. It was nice to see everybody having fun we partied had alot of interesting paranormal talks. The only thing I have to say bad is the lack of people that did show if you cannot make the investigations and you do not donate at least show your support and come to our meetings, gatherings, bring a dish chat the night away and make some new friends. Here are a few of the photos below enjoy!! Notice once again i am not in any photos lol I guess i really am the photographer. Ok I am in one picture to the middle left way off in the distance.

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1st Annual Halloween Party 2003

I wanted to take the time to thank those who decided to join us tonight for our first PGS Halloween Party I got to finally meet Valerie:) and of course Mark was the wolfman and Ryan was there along with Liz and Christi. It was a nice party and we had tons of fun lots of food, snacks, beer and I even went out to the back yard to snap some photos. I like having the parties because i think its a great way for people to get together talk about some places we visited, hang out, joke around Ect. Mark ran out of batteries on his video camera but i am still amazed by the video footage he caught i don't think i have ever seen that many orbs live on camera before totally amazing i wish we could get it up on the site for others to see but someday. Mark is a really good camera man and i even had some footage taken by Kyle from the ransom farmhouse that's pretty good too. We had some nice things though cheesecake, cookie cake, a great macaroni salad. We put mask on and ran out back.  We covered some future trips coming up also pretty exciting. I took some photos ill add them to the site from the party. Mark brought some movies over to watch and all in all it was lots of fun. Liz stayed the latest tonight and we finished off the 12 pack cant waste ice cold Labatt blue lol. The kids had fun and it turned out to be a great party.

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The Transformation of Wolfman lol a Halloween party would not be one if there was not any special effects now if he just had the high school jacket we would have another teen wolf ha!

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November Warren Pizza Party 

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We had a lot of fun and this may be my last visit out here with my friends since I am moving. From the left to the right we have Jim, Cher, Dr Vig, Nikki, Me, and Liz! This is what makes it worthwhile being with your friends.