First Annual Spring BBQ 2004/Founders Birthday Party May 28th

This was our first party of 2004 all my groups were invited since it also was my birthday party including non paranormal ones. I did promise some members that I would still post some photos even if nobody showed. I started the party at 5pm it was a nice evening about 85 degrees. Nobody showed which was a really big let down throwing a BBQ on your birthday for yourself. But I brought out the water melon, cooked on the grill and played with the kids we had a water war, played some football even. I wish others did come to the party my house seemed quite active with paranormal activity and plus there was dozens of Chemtrails in the sky which I did photograph them while sitting in the back yard. After the BBQ I had some brownies, an apple pie and lots of leftovers because nobody showed. I went out downtown for a evening bike ride talked with a couple members out of state and that was about it.

Honestly I am disappointed in the fact that not ONE person could show those that said they would show left our group, lied etc and basically our parties are so that others have a chance to make friends, learn about what we do, who we are as people so they can understand how passionate we are about the paranormal. A lot of people often do not think about the effort that goes into a party the preparations, the money spent on food, time put into these events. Often more complain about when, where, or why there is a celebration rather then just to be glad that good people have a chance at being with other good people. Since we are a serious paranormal group we talk to TV producers, meet with authors, scientist etc etc we do not hide behind our monitors and the parties are a way to get people more involved with the group. Even if your shy or whatever the case is this was a simple family orientated BBQ where you could sit town, talk, relax just have fun that really is not alot to ask.

In closing I would like to say this was our first party since we moved from NY to Florida. It just amazes me that nobody would show they act like the hotdogs are haunted or the macaroni salad is going to get them. Remember this what I am about to say;  life is short as in NY i held many parties and nobody showed. Then when I moved now others write to  me saying Rick I should have came or should have been more involved. Now is the time to show you care not when the organization moves. There is a lot to celebrate about and that is what this party is about; not my birthday or materialistic gifts but having those around you that care. I have a lot to be thankful for moving to Florida and visiting over 30 haunted places some with very good photos. I got the state record in Ectoplasm shots out here already and been here 3 months. I have almost been jumped, robbed, chased and everything else since I been investigating in Florida as well. What not a better way then to spend your Birthday with your friends and members who support your cause? But nobody showed and this saddens me perhaps the next party will be better but now is the time to make a difference just remember this. 

Enjoy the photos from our first PGS Spring BBQ of 2004 below!!!!


Ariel View Of Yard Take On Lower Roof (Low Yeah Right!!)

2004springbbqupperview.jpg (79049 bytes)

Rick BBQing & Preparing a juicy watermelon

2004springbbqricktent.jpg (31218 bytes)  2004springbbqrickcharcoal.jpg (56505 bytes)  2004springbbqrickengulfedflames.jpg (48290 bytes)  2004springbbqrickgrilling.jpg (41020 bytes) 2004springbbqrickwatermelonknife.jpg (26236 bytes)  2004springbbqrickonfire.jpg (40549 bytes)

When I said there would be food and spirits I was not kidding!

 2004springbbqrickwatermelon.jpg (30205 bytes)  2004springbbqtreeecto.jpg (31540 bytes)  2004rickbypool.jpg (38099 bytes)  2004springbbqtreeface.jpg (48654 bytes)  2004springbbqjameswatermelon.jpg (38802 bytes)

Our Football festivities and water wars have carried on through the years.

2004springbbqrickhose.jpg (36849 bytes)  2004springbbqjameswet.jpg (57312 bytes)  2044springbbqpissingflower.jpg (48369 bytes)  2004springbbqjamesrunning.jpg (40196 bytes)  2004springbbqrickfootball.jpg (37083 bytes)  

You cannot forget that Birthday Dessert after all this play and hard work.

2004springbbqbdaybrownie.jpg (25626 bytes)

2004  4th Of July Group Gathering

Well since last year we had a large turn out for our 4th of July party we wanted to throw a second one and of course the first of its kind in the Daytona Deland area. The party started about 4 P.M. and lasted till whenever. We had two stereos of music playing, a long fireworks display at night, lots of food, snacks, Smirnoff and games. Unfortunately nobody showed to the party despite all the advertising, 100s of members and people I would like to think of as friends. The one person that did show was my date for the day and she turned out not to be so nice perhaps she was more paranormal then the ghost at my house lol. Ehh maybe next time I will have better luck I tell you these Florida women are heartless.

I took around 150 photos from the party but wanted to share at least the main ones or at least the funniest ones. I had so many funny things happen to me this party while cooking out on the grill I was attacked by 1000s of ants and trust me my ankles are red and blistered. James was hosing me down while flipping burgers. But I took out my revenge started the grass on fire which caught onto the tree lol. Then I brought out the poison and really pissed them off. But I won the battle and the burgers and hot dogs were saved ha.

At night we had a nice fireworks display which lasted about 45 minutes. We had rockets, giant fountains, bees, jacks, tanks, fireball launchers, and some other pretty cool stuff. I had alot of fun with that I was running through the fountains, playing with the kids sparklers, running for my life as some fuses kept burning out but none the less some people on my street were laughing at me so I must had put on a good show. But I got them back as I grabbed a bottle rocket and it shot straight at them across the street. Hey it was an accident maybe I am supernatural lol

I felt pretty sad during and after the party perhaps because I put in more effort for this party then even my birthday BBQ.  But the thing was that people you think are friends did not show, some just did not want to make the effort to come and some just do not take consideration to all the work and expenses that come with a party. All the way between walking to the store to get groceries to cooking. The party just seemed to bum out real quick it came 4pm nobody showed then we had a thunderstorm which did not last long but it created a beautiful rainbow over my house and heat lightening around it. Then I got attacked so bad my ants lol I can barely walk. I spent a lot on fireworks and nobody really came to enjoy the display. So in closing PGS and as far as the other groups I run may not have a chance to go to the next party because either there will be no parties, I will start charging cover charges, or it will be special invitations only. Remember the parties we throw are ways to promote the organization but there also put together so that you have a chance to get out make some friends have some fun even if its your kids playing with mine its the point that if you do not show or make the effort then you should not even be a part of my group since the most important thing is loyalty. I do have planned to throw a haunted October fright party inside my spooky house maybe do up the downstairs a little bit with dim lights and such but like I said I do not know with all the excuses lately it makes me just want to give up and say who cares since that is what others seem to do towards me. It seems like to many people have something personal against me because I own the organization or run various groups and people need to get over it. But if people do not take active participation with various events I will be forced to change our policies and rules which inadvertently will be a loss of privileges for members who can investigate with us freely or show to our gatherings.  

4thofjulychristismirnoff.jpg (48010 bytes)  4thofjuly2004rickwaving.jpg (31837 bytes)  4thofjuly2004rickdrinking.jpg (48957 bytes)  4thofjuly2004rickrhonda.jpg (43415 bytes)

Above The Party Has Just Started a few Smirnoff's and some hugging is a great way to start.

4thofjulyrickcooking.jpg (33418 bytes)  4thofjulyricklighterfluid.jpg (39181 bytes)  4thofjuly2004christirhonda.jpg (22814 bytes)

My cooking skills are paranormal in itself watch and learn lol but the ladies seem to be enjoy my grilling.

4thofjuly2004lightning.jpg (25385 bytes)  4thofjuly2004antwars.jpg (31907 bytes)  4thofjulyfireontree.jpg (52800 bytes)  4thofjuly2004rickantwars.jpg (42019 bytes)

While grilling I was attacked by an anthill of fire ants I have a hundred bites on my feet today but as you can see here I did not let them win. I poisoned them, flooded there ant hill and even started them on fire. Almost burnt my tree down but hey they say in order to win you have to fight fire with fire and these are fire ants!! Christi snapped the lightning photo while I was busy battling.

4th2004fireworks.jpg (38399 bytes)  4thrickgrandfinale.jpg (33171 bytes)  4thofjuly2004jamesjarrod.jpg (25094 bytes)  4thofjuly2004rickbottlerocket.jpg (28620 bytes)  4thofjuly2004ricksparkler.jpg (29851 bytes)  4thofjuly2004rickfountain.jpg (49885 bytes)  4thofjuly2004ricksurrounded.jpg (23697 bytes) 4thofjuly2004rickfountain1.jpg (21838 bytes)4thofjulyricktanks.jpg (35850 bytes) 4thofjulyjamesfountain.jpg (25934 bytes)    4thofjuly2004rickmorningglories.jpg (23153 bytes)  4thofjuly2004maddog.jpg (44665 bytes)  4thofjuly2004fireworks.jpg (32412 bytes)  4thofjuly2004fireworks1.jpg (39381 bytes)  4thofjuly2004fireworks2.jpg (37280 bytes)    

To Finish of the evening we had a nice fireworks display since they were not showing up very well I decided to stand in limelight despite the fact that sparks with flying up my crotch it had to be the best fireworks display I had ever put on with comedy included.

Haunted Halloween Bash 2004

Well as you know our 2004 Halloween party is one of our biggest events every year and we hope to continue our tradition full of fun, food, music, and new friendships formed. As a matter of fact its 9:30am and the party is still going on today as a few of our guest spent the night.

This was a awesome party we had cookies, burgers, hot dogs, candy, variety of beer, wines, shots, cakes, chips etc etc just about everybody contributed who showed. Tammy and Christine brought some Cds so we had music going all night long. We had alot of fun as I cooked in my costume for the evening this time wearing the mask prevented me from getting my eyebrows singed.

As far as those that showed we had Four  members from our paranormal group show three of them are investigators. We had a few personal invites with a total of 8 to 9 people and sorry guys but you missed out all women showed so that tells me either we have a bunch of balless men who either do not like women or a good beer or there full of shit. If that sounds abrasive I do not know what is since someone last night was stalking my house and very few were given the address which I will address in the next email with a photo of the truck which was taken going past my house all night stopping in front then taking off.

Anyways on a positive note people did show and there was a lot of laughs, good times, and tons of food more then usual. I had the entire house outside and inside decorated like a haunted house Christi put up the black lights and cob webs it looked really eerie as we had the party up and downstairs. Even Pam got to see the moon up on my porch sorry Pam that's what you get for shining your spotlight up at me haha.

Now on a negative note and this is always the part that probably hurts me more then you. But first off those that took directions and did NOT show will be banned only because its rude and if I give you my address and you do not show for all I know you could be some nut job so I am sorry but if you chose to get involved in a message board or whatever then at least show some respect. I mean the way I see as I told one rude person if I am buying you food, beer, and showing you a great party then if you say you will show show!

In recent times I have combined all message boards which are sponsored by PGS so that everybody has a chance to meet friends from different places. Its not much to come have a hotdog and hang out those that told me they would make the next party well since you did not you lied and since you lied I must ask you to voluntarily unsubscribe yourself. We do not force others to come to the parties but last night we had about 8 people who just did not show or care period from various list.

I will be honest I spent more time on this party then any of them but I am very thankful that we finally have some people coming out of the woodwork to enjoy good times and great friends. Hell one of my investigators made a new friend with a person I invited even so as you can see these parties are a safe way for others to meet others, mingle and learn about our groups we run here which is quite a few. Of course we also run the parties to advertise our Paranormal Organization as we continue to achieve the highest of honors in the country a never-ending quest.

I am glad those that came had a great time it was a pleasure meeting a few of you out there. As long as I see others happy then I am happy that is what it is all about. I was sort of sad perhaps unrelated to the list but my date for the party did not show and well it just put a damper for me on the entire night. Guess its just my luck eh? But the ladies took care of me and I got some nice massages by the end of the night. I even got to watch 2 women French kiss what more could a guy want at his party lol

We will have many more parties and because we had some shows there will be no door or reservation fees for the next party as I will keep my word. If anybody wants to help plan the next gathering or party please get in touch with me. But all in all it was an odd evening I got so many funny pictures of everybody partying and yes there are a few of me including being sat on by 3 women haha please do not ask:) But this was one of our better parties and for those that keep giving me the excuses and who just hide behind that screen honestly its your loss.  Even my kids had a blast so remember this next time you tell me you will try to make the next party or you decide not to care and show.

Anyways I am looking forward to next years Halloween Party and hopefully each year we can make it better then the last:) I am looking at our next party to be around New Years which should be loads of fun. Peace

Hours Before The Party (Decorations)

Halloween2004housenight.jpg (29552 bytes)  halloween2004decorations.jpg (44305 bytes)  halloween2004housedecorated2.jpg (40900 bytes)  halloween2004frenchdoors.jpg (46089 bytes)  Halloween2004housedecor.jpg (46503 bytes)

Now This Is Scary

 halloween2004scream1.jpg (39298 bytes)   halloween2004scream3.jpg (31949 bytes)  halloween2004scream2.jpg (26887 bytes)  halloween2004scream4.jpg (22313 bytes)  halloween2004scream3.jpg (31949 bytes)  halloween2004rickrobe.jpg (41060 bytes)  halloween2004scaryscream.jpg (37404 bytes)

     Okay I Lied This Was A Massage Party Can You Feel The Love lol

halloween2004rickmassage2.jpg (35990 bytes)  halloween2004christinemassage.jpg (26811 bytes)  halloween2004ricksquashed.jpg (24778 bytes)  halloween2004girlsrickslap.jpg (26541 bytes)  halloween2004rickmassage1.jpg (33734 bytes)  halloween2004000001.jpg (43313 bytes)  halloween2004000002.jpg (35248 bytes)

Now Things Are Really Getting Crazy

halloween2004christithumb.jpg (32136 bytes)  halloween2004pamredbull.jpg (47429 bytes)  halloween2004pambottle.jpg (31050 bytes)  halloween2004ectoplasm.jpg (46829 bytes)  halloween2004christiciggarette.jpg (24386 bytes)  halloween2004christinedrink.jpg (31024 bytes)  halloween2004tammydrink.jpg (23632 bytes)    

Just Everybody Having A Great Time!

halloween2004pamchristine.jpg (26026 bytes)  halloween2004tammychristine.jpg (30950 bytes)  halloween2004rickjarrod.jpg (30369 bytes)  halloween2004porchparty.jpg (32654 bytes)  halloween2004christiandamanda.jpg (30042 bytes)

halloween2004tammysterio.jpg (30248 bytes)  halloween2004party1.jpg (36245 bytes)  halloween2004porch1.jpg (34123 bytes)  halloween2004porchparty1.jpg (34584 bytes)  halloween2004rickjarrod1.jpg (25472 bytes)  halloween2004pamhorns.jpg (29583 bytes)

Who is the mystery guest who watched there party from there truck? 

A. Stalker B. Cowardly Member C. A Jealous Woman D. A Disappointed Queer E. All Of The Above

  mysterytruckhalloween2004.jpg (28832 bytes)

New Years Eve 2004 PGS Bash

Well as you know last night we threw our first new year's eve party here in Florida. I had pizza, beer, fireworks etc its always nice when you can throw a party and bring in the new year with your friends and members. This party also marked our fourth one in the year of 2004. I host these parties because it allows other members a safe environment and a chance at meeting others from the group. It also allows others to learn a little more about who we are and what we are about. 

There were some upsides and downsides to last night's party perhaps the thing that disappointed me most is that only one member showed. I do not know what the problem is with some of you people here in Florida but it has to change. I can guarantee you some of you may have went out or who knows stayed in and hid. But instead you could have came on out watched our fireworks display, ate and probably had made a couple new friends which in my opinion is far more then what you had doing nothing. 

But there were some upsides to the party we watched the countdown at midnight, then we blew off a bunch of fireworks and my neighbor also had a nice display we were setting ours off together. I was running through the fountains and doing stunts with the fireworks this time I did not singe my eyebrows lol. We had alot of nice food and alot of fun. Lee brought his sword over turned out I have the same one lol guess them creatures that go bump in the night are not going to mess with us.:) We did have some ghost activity during the party a ghostly man was hiding in the tub no lie!!

Like I said I just wish people showed they care about this group and rather make friends instead of acting like being here does not matter. I am becoming very disappointed in a few who live near me and just do not partake in any events, meetings, parties and that has to stop its 2005 time start anew time to form some new fellowships. I do not believe for 2006 we will be hosting another new years party so if you did not show last night sorry.

Although we do have some parties planned in the future we are looking at a possible ST Patties Day event in the works I still will not have parties if people do not start showing. I know many other paranormal groups who charge for there events and parties we only ask you to be a good sport and show. But we do wish for those that are fans of our organization a safe and Happy New Year and hope you were there in spirit to help celebrate all our achievements in the year 2004. I should have photos from the party up and running soon I took a few photos here and there my son took a few of me also.

newyearseve2004fireworks.jpg (22632 bytes)  newyearseve2004leechristi1.jpg (38036 bytes)  newyears2004fireworks1.jpg (22559 bytes)

  newyears2004fireworks2.jpg (29612 bytes)  newyears2004fireworks3.jpg (30667 bytes)  newyears2004leedrink.jpg (28827 bytes)  newyearseve2004leechristi.jpg (29277 bytes)

newyearseve2004rickchair.jpg (36404 bytes)  newyearseve2004rickfirecracker.jpg (19187 bytes)  newyearseve2004rickfirecracker1.jpg (19448 bytes)  newyearseve2004rickfirecracker2.jpg (26147 bytes)  newyearseve2004ricksparks.jpg (23750 bytes)  newyearseve2004ricksparks1.jpg (27345 bytes)

newyearsricklightingfireworksear.jpg (33436 bytes)