October 2007 Halloween Showdown **Goodbye Florida Event**

Subject: Tonight's Lord Rick Going Away Halloween Party..It Was A Devilish Time.... Date: 10/21/2007
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Tonight’s Lord Rick Going Away Halloween Party..It Was A Devilish Time....

Boy it sure was a devilish time at our last Halloween Party in Florida and of course my going away party as well. I am not really going away just moving away as far as possible from "The Selfish State" far far away. But anyhow starting this week it will be time for me to pack up the house and go. I am also considering canceling all my forums in the near future for those who have spent the so many years abusing the friend I have tried to be.
I did a lot of decorating for the party and on the grounds of where I reside. October has always been one of my favorite months good memories as a child I have some of the only good ones really. So now being a paranormal founder and investigator its been my tradition every single year to throw a party for my friends....and members. Over the years it has been one of our biggest events and over the last two years not so:( Its the only party each year I give out costume prizes...door prizes etc tonight I was giving out 5 prizes Donna was the only one to attend who is also one of our investigators.
We had a lot of food here...Chinese food, a pot of homemade chili with steak in it, pies, milk chocolate brownies, soda, beer, meats and cheeses, salsa and chips, appetizers, and so much more. Donna brought cupcakes and candy. The ghost marshmallows and man I love those things.  Mysteriously earlier my oven turned up on its own burnt the first batch so I had to run out today get more brownies.
I am so stuffed right now I guess that is what happens when nobody hardly shows your stuck with more to saran wrap. More to bag....and then I look at the bright side and say well its less to clean up. Years ago some of my parties I cleaned up were pretty bad one of them over 50 sodas all over the place and beers lol.
I been listening to music just toked up before having to remove my horns and right now yes I got the scars to prove I had them lol. You see I decided today to be the devil since people treat me like one showing resilience to my kindness and hand in friendship. So I felt that is appropriate and of course as usual I was right. You see I try to be a nice guy open my home to strangers some not strangers those people and an example of that I shall give you.
Then not to mention the few that told me Ill see you in an hour then decided not to show or made other plans and could not even stop in to say hello. People are just that rude and inconsiderate they have no idea how much cleaning, decorating.....spending goes into such events then when you waste your time it almost can put tears into your eyes. 
On a good note tonight I was called a joke......amongst many other things guess that when you become a public figure people no longer respect you and if anything you try to do gets shot down because of it. Whether its someone to lazy to get off their computers, people who just do not care of your good intent, lurkers, fakes, or people who just do not like me and why because they do not take the time to get to know me as an individual. But only what they read into on what we call today the online world.
When you think wow the decorating...money spent on the party....and even gluing horns on to show some spirit it still never is good enough because people shun you. For example the ones who made other plans for tonight saying maybe some other time there are no other times what we see is what have to seize as our own. Because one day we are what we are we grow old...we die...the soul then meant to do what its purpose is to do.
I look and think wow so many asked me to come then they never called..or asked for directions...or even walked out all because you were trying to do something nice. I always told others I have nothing to prove just throwing a party and inviting those you barely know tells you a lot about the type of man I am which is very giving and unselfish. But sometimes the noble man is the man who hurts worst then any of them.
I wanted to thank Donna for attending she got the door prizes tonight since nobody else showed. My son made raffle tickets and well when you do not have a lot of money or your poor like I am. So you do things like make raffle tickets and even though you know you could put the money for the next trip to some ghost town for people you think are your fans which pretend to be your fans you start to realize am I really the bad guy here.
The week I had well lets see....that investigator/friend a week ago dissed me costing me money and having to get towed 80 miles home...my pc modem is fried....my pc has crashed...nobody but one person showed to a party I put my heart n soul into, an ex friend wrote me this week begging to have me back as their friend cause they messed up telling me how wrong they were blah blah blah, and having to put pennies in my gas tank to make it to the meet up. So you tell me about how much you know about life and then will compare stories cause none of you could understand how hard it is to cope with to be one of the best paranormal investigators in this state maybe even country and not to have one person from a forum that receives 30 plus articles a day which I send out consistently for local Floridians which never even say a simple thank you by having a beer with me or shaking my hand.
Just as so many of you ladies from my myspace forum and group I care a lot about and some of you act like a simple hug is going to kill you. Just like the people from my romance forums who piss and moan about how lonely they are or how there wife left them or how they want to die cause they are so hurt by the loss of a loved one. Some of you put yourself in your own prisons you have no friends cause you do not leave your computers....some have no lovers cause they hide behind the a mask....just as some never get to see the paranormal cause they live in fear for example or just do not commit to gaining further knowledge of what goes beyond this life.
I try so hard to unite others to help others if anybody can its me good things happen for those that surround me but in my years I never have ever felt so enraged as I have tonight. There is enough to sink Florida and everything in it if it were possible because that is how low some of you have sunk with me tonight. I have seen people just go awol hiding knowing the party was coming up. It saddens me and for the girl that thought standing me up is a payback because right now you hate men because of what your exhusband did I am sorry for that but I am not him I am however Lord Rick there is only ONE of me.
I throw the parties for my friends, members, and investigators that help me with my paranormal group. I get nothing out of them when people do not show it only proves me right how greedy people are in general to not give a care about the good someone is trying to do. For example on my support group its for people who have losses, need advice, or suicidal people. I help some of them people cope but sometimes you can help others but everybody fails the one doing the helping.
I can only hope my move produces a better crowd of people out west then the uncaring people of Florida. Reason being is very simple for over 2,000 years the Indians had villages on these lands and mounds. Over those years man came in slaughtering them...putting them in the swamps...destroying such ancient mounds. Over the years most people down here have trouble coping with those energies many people are dark no no not dark but have evil intent they feed off others who hurt its like haha you bastard I stood you up and I hope it hurt you crap.  But this is part of the problem and some like me perhaps are not affected by it and a few others who perhaps have wisdom within.
I know people will laugh they may think its funny that the party ended so early..or that I sat here eating a bowl of chili...or how I almost went to bed tonight with horns that were glued to me and would not come off. They might find it funny to know how hard I work and how little I ever get in return. They spread there little rumors....judge a book by its cover but little do they know is the one thing that should be passed down and that is respect...honor....heart....love and those are the things most of  you lack of. Some join my forum to lurk take take take some ask to be my friend but truly they can care less....and some just plain out lie and think that this is all a game.
But all in all there will be no party as there was tonight each party I have is different.....and when I say I was horny you will understand take that how you want cause the photos should be up on the site tomorrow or Monday. Its pretty sad that some of you could just let me sit here alone for my going away party not sad for me but sad for you because I am the one friend you could have in your life that would never betray or hurt you. But you hurt me and I am not talking about those that are to far away but talking about the ones who just show no effort whatsoever.
This posting will go on the site...it will go to my blogs...it will go to all my forums cause its more or less lets just say a personal sincere letter from me Lord Rick straight from the heart and soul. Honesty I been told sometimes hurts and I am sure some will read this and they will turn there back on me cause to them a Halloween Party is stupid as opposed its not to the person who worked so hard to put it all together.
This will be the last party and some of the last times some of you will have a shot at meeting with me. I also will not be doing anymore psychic readings in FL so do not ask you didn't show to the party you lost out. Just as amongst other things like great food, tunes, prizes etc. and yes part of tonight was the ladies would get a free reading from me although I say I am not that type of psychic I do have it in my abilities to do some amazing things.
I will have a New Years get together but it will be small meaning investigators only of our paranormal organization forum members will not be invited neither will anybody on my friends list. It will be a private invite only since I will be moving around New Years probably it will be my final goodbyes.
I got done toking one ate a half of thing of brownies just now man I guess I will have to burn it off when I go out to Saint Augustine this Saturday lol. Even though in the photos you will see mainly me I am like 20 people all molded into one so since I run my organization alone.....all these forums...etc etc I am alone therefore all the photos you see of me you can keep in mine that I was my own guest to my own party hosted.
Now I know some of you will not be able comprehend this letter you could not possibly know what I am feeling right now. As it is my pc is working half ass....my car is falling apart this week...nobody has donated from my paranormal groups for the Savannah trip and so many people said so many cruel things I probably should just go and walk away cause the world will never be ready for my kind cause the world is not even ready for itself.
No need to try to understand two more months left its time for me to start changing things over such as forums....forum keywords....deleting people off my list and adding them from out west etc and I will not be negative sit here and show an ounce of anger cause I understand now how most of you are so you cannot get mad when you start to realize that we live in a selfish world a world where people care about themselves and that's it.
I think tonight I am more sad at the fact that their is a cloudy sky tonight and I cannot see one meteor for tonight's Orionid Shower. Then next week I am going to MGM....and getting ready to carve pumpkins and go trick or treating with my children.
I will be talking about a few things during my radio show coming on up well that is more for the paranormal members the radio show that is. As far as friends or other forums go there is no hope guys I know we could have done better then only one attendance come on now.
Saying goodbyes is never easy so if you did not show to say goodbye I understand:) I know how hard it must be on some of you to see that I am leaving Springerville.
I think staying the devil sounds bitter sweet I like it. If you never seen the devil eat pie...toke a bong....etc you are about to. Oh and the magical hair color for me this month is jet black but since my date did not show I guess that ghostly symphony slow dance never happened which is fine that is why they call it ghostly and as far as horny yes I was and got the photos once again to prove it. And that is how you do a Halloween Party!
Aside from all of that I ran around with Christi's bra on my head and pretended to be princess lea from Star Wars of course when you live with a bitch who hates you, friends who don't care, and members who never participate you start to realize that who wouldn't do that and go off there rocker seriously! And so another great Halloween party in the books to be put onto our site at www.paranormalghostsociety.org/
Oh and its okay none of you showed cause I have in the fridge a Andes Mint Chocolate Cream Pie and its all mine Yummmmmmmmmmmmm! Its only 4am so the night is still young as this devil is up to cause a little more havoc before turning in.
There is an old saying by a comedian named Flip Wilson that he use to say. It was "The Devil Made Me Do It" and I thought about it tonight and he is right. I caused some of you to ditch me for tonight's party...not call...not show....not participate and not be my friend right? The devil made you do it right? lol
Lord Rick

PS Listen To Our Radio Show At www.paranormalghostsociety.org/AngelOfThyNightRadio.htm to hear about my recent paranormal experiences this Halloween and about the Party in my own words!


Welcome To My Wonderful Decor Of Horror

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Crafts For The Kids.....& Tons Of Food...Pies...Chips...Chinese....Seafood....Chili....Candy Etc...This was about as exciting as the party became except in the after hours when my guardians and Sam decided to join the party. 

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Every Devil Must Have His Own Gurdians

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Thou Shall Smoke & Thou Shall Embrace Temptation

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Darling Care To Dance With The Devil

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For Those That Did Not Show You Missed Out On Some Pretty Good Tricks lol

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Sneezer Step On Over To The Dark Side

2007sneezertoking.jpg (27460 bytes)

Do You Dare Sell Your Soul To Lord Rick For This Toke

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Meet Sam...... Him and I Did Alot Of Partying Together 

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Have No Fear Floridians I Will Be Collecting My Due To Those Who Failed Me These Last 4 Years 

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    2007rickhandsopen.jpg (25419 bytes)  2007rickstone.jpg (32728 bytes)


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