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Halloween Bash 2008 Sin City

Subject: [ParanormalSinCity] Last Night's Halloween Party....
Date: 11/1/2008 5:57:17 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
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Last night was our first ever Halloween Party on Halloween!  Not only that but it was a Friday night so no excuse for those that did not come on out. The parties are a way for our paranormal investigators, forum members, and lastly friends.
It was a wild Halloween we had all together 17 people throughout the night here at the house I did not photograph everybody because some are doctors and friends of my friends. The most popular thing everybody brought was cases of beer. I carved a pumpkin for the front door step....made the seeds...cooked some brownies for everybody my specialty and we had a great time. Of all things sighted I seen Santa Claus on a Bike looking up at me I kid you not I believe now lol. 

When we left to go trick or treating I had to run back in to check on the brownies then I ran down the entire street to catch up with the kids. Hell I even seen the goddamn good year blimp. In Vegas they have a blimp that flies real low over the houses this one was pretty low last night had a giant tv screen cool as hell man you wont see that anywhere only in Vegas. 
There was tons of kids here and my sons were a an evil Jester, Zombie and Reaper. Its a very nice area so a few of us parents took the kids on out for candy earlier before the party heated up. Trick or treating has changed the area died quick...seen some kids almost adults trick or treating on skate boards and a few single mommies one that was young with bunny ears hehehe mmmm even my friends were checking her out.
My friends and I went out a second time with some of the kids drank our beer walking down the middle of the street then my friend hid it under someone's car hahahaha. It was just a fun time they were making jokes about some of the psycho women I met this week he is like this man is not bringing him to his house he brings them to mine ha.
So anyhow we had pizza and wings I got to see a friend I graduated high school with I had not seen her in 14 years. It was a crazy crowd my friends ex wife, my other friends ex husband, my friend from high school etc just a crazy crowd we had WII playing on the big screen...June came over with her guy and I had a beer drinking contest with him I lost on purpose that way I could get him on video doing this.
It was funny we all toked one and Chris is like I am Irish you do not want to mess with Irish then June is like you dont want to mess with redneck I look at him and said you do not want to mess with god hahahaha. Being a talk show host I have learned to give my friends live performances in entertainment also so last night was a freebie Lord Rick live in person ha.
We had a great time we deserved it been a hard month we put out El Dorado Canyon on our site...had two great radio shows...great meet up lots showed to that and a kick ass party. I did not know a lot but i made some new friends. June and Chris brought a girl for me but it wasn't working out to well she was sitting on the couch pouting the whole night actually she scared me I asked if she wanted something to drink and she snapped at me I was like ummm okay we got mother superior over here. No offense June and Chris I love you both for trying to help an ole ghostbuster out here but she scared me a little.
Anyhow I got to see Chris dance him and I busted eachothers chops for about two hours daring eachother to do things it was good stuff. I got a couple funny videos at the party...some toking photos of course...and some other photos during the party.
After some went home I was pretty buzzing so I passed out It was our first party held in the wild west so you complain. At the end of the night the girls dressed in costumes a witch and Bo Peep pretty good costumes and one of the guys was a dark wizard or something like that.
We had some cool things going on outside to a fog machine.....and I got tricked walked on the bubble wrap didn't know it was hidden and well trust me I did the dance only my kids seen ha. I got left over beer to drink later today....thanks Chris...and later on my friends were like is that the girl you were set up with I was like ummmm no now I have to wait next year to find me a she devil or naughty nurse ha.
Anyhow despite it all great time great party lots of good laughs. I seen Chris bark like a dog and actually go on all fours up the stairs....tackle one of the kids and carry my son attached to the bag of candy. I caught Chris stealing candy to hahaha and well I was outside and one of the kids here looked out seen me put my ass against the door window. He ran then came back I did it again and he says to me "You Are A Retard" The lord got his ass handed to him.
So yeah good party I seen Chris get beat up by a bunch of kids all at once....even told him he looks like Joseph since he told me he is good not bad haha he didnt like the Joseph joke to much but thats how it is you got The good Lord and You got Joseph!. 

Lord Rick

2008halloweenmountains.jpg (64976 bytes)

The View From My Bedroom Balcony Just Before Dusk On Halloween VERY Pretty Huh ladies?

2008halloweenpumpkinrick.jpg (21458 bytes)  2008halloweenrickpumpkin.jpg (13766 bytes)

My Pumpkin...He Gave Me Some Good Seeds

2008halloweenkidscurb.jpg (33102 bytes)  2008halloweenson.jpg (25710 bytes)  2008halloweencandy.jpg (64118 bytes)  2008halloweenzombieroad.jpg (32692 bytes)  2008halloweenkids.jpg (28225 bytes)  2008halloweensonjester.jpg (31072 bytes)  2008halloweensonpumpkinshirt.jpg (28050 bytes)  2008halloweenkidsdoor.jpg (33206 bytes)  

The Boys & Trick Or Treating

2008halloweenchrisbeatup.jpg (32721 bytes)

Chris Getting Beat Down By A Group Of Candy Mobsters

2008halloweenchrisbeer.jpg (29990 bytes)

Chris Says "I Am Irish"

2008halloweenchrisbehindbars.jpg (27488 bytes)

Chris Says I Am NOT Bad My Question Is Why Are You Behind Bars?

2008halloweenricktoke.jpg (25002 bytes)  2008halloweenchristoke.jpg (30208 bytes)  2008halloweenjunetoke.jpg (31526 bytes)  

The Toking Trio lol

2008halloweenjunechris.jpg (39630 bytes)  2008halloweenguyscounter.jpg (38873 bytes)

Everybody Else Is Hiding On The Couch Shame Shame Its Picture Time lol

2008halloweenhighschoolfriends.jpg (29011 bytes)

This is my friend from highschool its been 14 years since I seen her just a great Halloween getting to see her.

2008halloweenjamesbelt.jpg (30198 bytes)

Its not what it looks like hahaha the costume is falling apart damn zombies lol

2008halloweenrickxboxthecat.jpg (46625 bytes)

This here is one of my friends his name is XBox 15lb big baby!

2008halloweenstealing.jpg (31124 bytes)

Stealing Candy From A Baby!

The Italian Stallion VS The Fighting Irish....Shhh little does he know I got him to drink another beer...."Chris Says I Am Not Having Another Beer...Then He Asked June If He Could...June Is Like NO More Beer...seconds Later Chris Guns One Down! Not Bad Chris You Won lol!

Chris Explains to the fans that he seen a monster on the way to the party...Lord Rick at the end of the video shows off his monster!


We Have One More Video coming soon hmmm June...Send it on OVAH lol:)

Happy Halloween 2008....ROFL







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