First PGS Mardi Gras Party & Founders Birthday

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Subject: [ParanormalFlorida] Tonight's Party...
Date: 5/28/2006 4:16:18 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Well the party is over and I am beat. After planning for it for weeks its all finally over. I was not sure if we would be able to have the decorating, food, cake for my birthday etc all done by the time for our party cause I was out of town during the week visiting historical sites, driving 23 hours, and taking my boys up to the zoo in Alabama but once again we pulled off a nice little get together.
As you know we went with the Mardi Gras theme everything gold, purple, green etc we had beads to give out, lots of door prizes, beer, appetizers, food etc. Christi's friend could not make it cause of work so we could not get the live music. We made mask as the party started so I wore one for a little while. It still did not do any good everybody knows who I am any way's. But its always nice to have a party Memorial Day Weekend cause more people usually can make it on out.
I would like to thank Christi and Ariel for planning this themed birthday party the chocolate cake kicked ass. Id like to also thank Patty for finally getting on out to a group event it was great toking up with you, Christine for showing from our pagan group despite she had to work very late, and Rikkie who showed up with her friend to learn more about our paranormal investigations from the site. With all of us together we had about 9 of us.  In light of things I had a pretty good time I even got some beads lol. But I think the nice thing about these parties we host is that it allows others to come out be themselves hang out and have a good time. It was nice meeting some new people.
Now for the pessimistic aspect of this party....some of you been on the paranormal group locally a very long time. Some of you do not post if you do post you brag in your surveys how you would show to our events if they are close enough. I see many to far but then I see so many that are within a reasonable distance hell one person is a mile away.

I feel at times like a very sad soul you do so much for your members updates, daily post, investigations, you pay out a lot for parties etc then find out that nobody hardly shows. I think many of you people within my group are extremely selfish some of the guys here cannot even come out for a beer and some women cannot even come on out bring there kids to play with mine. I do not know what's goes through the minds of people down south but half of you join a local paranormal group to not get involved? What do you think I am the devil? Or is it because some of you are just to lazy to say hello. Despite it was my birthday I am a very stubborn man I never ask for gifts or really anything except that my members stand by me, support me in what I do, and show there gratitude for the hard work I put into this group. If some of you cannot come on over have cake, ice-cream, and wish me a happy birthday then that's fine but do not go asking me for haunted locations, to come out adventuring with us, or for favors cause Ill tell you no.
I am not a rich man believe me when I say this when I throw parties they cost me a lot of money. I cant investigate next weekend cause I am tapped out. I spent a lot of money on a party for 5 people that showed when originally we had plans to have over 20. See the first year I kind of understand we were new in the Florida area but going on 2 years now and its the SOS and that is why I will move this organization in the near future to another state where people can appreciate all the services we offer. I mean this was our first party of 2006 and if you notice I have not thrown many parties in a long time cause people constantly got excuses, lie to me, do not show etc and its strange the ones that do show remain great long term friends to the organization and me.

I cannot tell none of you what to do but its getting really old if you do not like me just leave the group. But I give the shirt off my back for some people and they just do not care about me. I do not want pity I just am saddened that so many other paranormal groups get stories in the paper, tons of shows to there gatherings and me I get screwed EVERY time.
A lot of you do not have admiration for my strength or what I do. I investigated hiking for miles last weekend turned around drove 600 miles to investigate all night then turned around the next day investigating all day morning till night then turned around drove home to get back in time for this party on no sleep to throw the party today for a bunch of no shows.

What we do here is important I am not superman it takes members to listen, to post, to show to events, to investigate and without loyal members or ones that get involved you got nothing. Lately or slowly I am starting to lose faith in my members and in this group I have worked hard at. I ask myself why do I put up with it if I have no parties then honestly I do not make any friends or find others who can get involved with the group but then if I have them I set myself up for a huge disappoint.
Anyhow I did not let anybody ruin it for me I had a good time I do appreciate the ones that showed and the nice time we all had. But as for the ones who did not its really sad that some of you brag and feed me fish tales about how you want to take advantage of what the group has to offer. I leave participation optional here unlike some of my other forums which technically require it. Hell most paranormal sites charge and others hide behind there screen. Then some are not equally even balanced they have all meet ups no adventure or they are all ghost tours and money.

We work hard these parties are always fun but I am done talking to a wall. What we do is for real and some of you been here  a long time especially in central FL and you cannot even show to the group founders birthday party shame shame to each their own means more food for me, beer, and soda. I do not have to treat my members like family but my Italian sides is where I get it from and that is what our group is one giant family. When we do things we do them as a group nobody excluded so next time some of you are to lazy to show or say hello think about what I just said.
There is NOBODY not even the Sci-Fi's Ghostbusters that have excelled in the field of paranormal we are divine look at our work look at our productivity and look at who your leader is. The bullshit is getting old either you want to be a friend to the group and if your able to make it you make it or not but I will not be taken for granted. I put my energy into members who care just as ghost put there energy into me because I believe in them. I will have photos from the party up in a day or two for all my loyal members who are not in the state of Florida. Enough Said!

PGS Founder


This Years First Party Was A Mardi Gras Theme (I Told You The Party Was At The Voodoo Lounge)

mardigrasvoodoolounge.jpg (32473 bytes)  mardigras2006decor.jpg (29181 bytes)

The Party At Its Peak!

mardigrasparty2.jpg (23683 bytes)  mardigrasparty7.jpg (16685 bytes)  mardigrasparty3.jpg (38871 bytes)  mardigrasparty1.jpg (35984 bytes)  mardigrasparty5.jpg (39311 bytes)  mardigrasparty4.jpg (42341 bytes)  mardigrasarielchristi.jpg (36868 bytes)

mardigraschristineparty.jpg (27199 bytes)  mardigraschristinecake.jpg (26724 bytes)  mardigrastable.jpg (32534 bytes)  mardigrasparty8.jpg (30085 bytes)  mardigraspattiballoon.jpg (34412 bytes)  mardigrasarielbeer.jpg (25304 bytes)  mardigrasarielhall.jpg (23198 bytes)

mardigrasparty6.jpg (36201 bytes)

The things people will do to get a door prize exterminating wasp nest and blowing up balloons!

mardigraswaspnest.jpg (20187 bytes)  mardigrasjasonfire.jpg (29553 bytes)

Lets Burn One Together

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What's Mardi Gras Without Earning Some Beads

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    Anybody want cake & Ice-Cream? Yum more for me!

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2006 4th Of July Blowout

Subject: [ParanormalGhostSociety] Tonight's 4th Of July Blowout
Date: 7/5/2006 2:02:42 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Well the party is over and I am home it has been a long day. Its amazing what a little sun, fireworks, and getting stoned does to you all in one night. We arrived at the party the first ones of course and set up at Christine's house which has a ton of room for parties lol and an actual backyard with a lake out back.
We set up the fireworks and the whole back of my truck was filled now keep in mind there was over 2000 pieces so we were blowing them off by the group lol. The weather was beautiful it rained for 10 minutes while cooking on the grill.

Everybody contributed we had burgers, macaroni salad, baked beans, hot dogs, chips, sodas, beer, liqueur, steaks, even greens man. We had a nice show but everybody who was here does not belong to my forums although some of them browse my site etc.

We had dinner then started to blow off the fireworks. I had one explode in my hand its alright though only got a mild burn and it was covered in black soot. My son broke two beer bottles helping me with bottle rockets they just split in half but talk about luck. Jason and I put a few in a Frisbee and we tossed it into the air. 

My littlest he is so cute going around with a flashlight picking up the debris. Speaking of debris we had 4 garbage bags full so yeah lol the street is marked for life. Also Anna Happy Birthday I smoked a fatty alright and dedicated to you today heh got the pictures to prove it with the green hair to lol.

Anyhow we had a nice display we had one giant rocket misfire hit the house spark up on the roof and light up the window but everybody is in one piece from our jack ass display. We put on the battle of York town and the new Yorker displays as it got darker out. Our mortars had some beautiful burst and we had a roman candle war being we had a 100 of those.

We were playing pranks on eachother all night with them sound makers and of course I went and did my yearly dive into the giant fountains. I had another bottle rocket explode near me and it put a hole in my shirt but other then that I am alive and well lol. I then launched one out of the hole of my shirt what can I say I had a lot of toys to play with.

All in all it was a good time I wish more people would come out from myspace and my forums. You tell me to give you advance notice I do nobody shows then I give last minute notice same thing. These events, parties, get together's call them what you want are so important and each event held is one of a kind. So why most of you probably sat at your desk all night think of the friends you missed out on.

I also brought my tape from Sundays investigation of a haunted house for anybody to watch its some really good stuff. Its been quite a strange few weeks 3 parties in just a couple weeks and so many new friends I have made its crazy all at once:)

At the end of the night it was clean up duty it took over an hour and half just to clean up the street and driveway. We had roman candles, bees, fountains, rockets etc all over the place lol. But we smoked out while cleaning up and it went by quick.

I would have to say thanks to Christine for her having the party at her house it worked out well and for all that went in on purchasing the fireworks for the party. It really was a bad ass time now there will be no parties for awhile so if you snoozed you lose. It really cheered me up to have such an awesome party to have fun at because earlier today my yahoo account was deleted and then later that night my other yahoo account was deleted along with my homepage the prodigy of a crazy ex-girlfriend who quote not only left me for somebody on the internet but used me for 7months and still continues to spite me even on independence day when I am hanging with my friends. Anyhow Our next parties will be Halloween and New Years Eve we already got themes picked out for them as well.
PGS Founder

Lets Get This Party Started

july2006woods.jpg (53670 bytes)  july2006rickgrill.jpg (22209 bytes)  july2006gasgrill1.jpg (20977 bytes)  july2006gasgrill.jpg (22274 bytes)  july2006grill.jpg (30668 bytes)  july2006jarrodbottlerocket.jpg (21223 bytes)  july2006christinechristi.jpg (30107 bytes)  july2006jarrodtruck.jpg (28554 bytes)

july2006rickcloseup.jpg (14337 bytes)  july2006rickparty.jpg (25371 bytes)  july2006rickyromancandle.jpg (21409 bytes)  july2006pickupfriends.jpg (29045 bytes)  july2006kylesuperman.jpg (19795 bytes)  july2006jasonfrisbee.jpg (24119 bytes)  july2006rickjarrod.jpg (10562 bytes)

  july2006rickgrass.jpg (25612 bytes)  july2006rickgreenhair.jpg (16707 bytes)

Looks Like Things Are Getting Heated Up!

july2006rickromancandle.jpg (19933 bytes)

Let The Partying Began!

july2006tablefood.jpg (32330 bytes)  july2006party.jpg (22141 bytes)  july2006party1.jpg (23437 bytes)  july2006party2.jpg (16667 bytes)  july2006pickupfireworks.jpg (26809 bytes)

Let the good times Roll High Times Oh Yeah!! ::::Happy Birthday Anna::::

july2006goodtimesroll.jpg (13223 bytes)  july2006timrolling.jpg (20515 bytes) july2006ricktokingoutdoors.jpg (8518 bytes)  july2006ricktokingtruck.jpg (22234 bytes)  july2006ricktokingtruck1.jpg (21080 bytes)  

What A Display It Was!

july2006ricksparking.jpg (28415 bytes)  july2006rickfountain.jpg (19296 bytes)  july2006rickonfire.jpg (17957 bytes)  july2006jasonfountain.jpg (12301 bytes)

For The Grand Finale & WWIII

july2006fireworks.jpg (44692 bytes)  july2006fireworks1.jpg (23781 bytes)  july2006fireworks2.jpg (16092 bytes)  july2006fireworks3.jpg (14239 bytes)  july2006wirefireworks.jpg (15208 bytes)  july2006fountain4.jpg (18619 bytes)

july2006fountains1.jpg (17590 bytes)  july2006fountains2.jpg (21986 bytes)  july2006fountains3.jpg (16789 bytes)  

Boys & Their Toys!

july2006allentoygun.jpg (16948 bytes)

During Last Weeks Birthday Party For Justin We Had An Incident Which Led To.....

july2006allentim.jpg (21960 bytes)

Sorry Tim This Is The PGS 4th Of July Blowout Not The Blue Oyster!

july2006truelovehaha.jpg (23857 bytes)

Its a Dirty Job But Somebody Has Got To Do It!! Come On Guys Only A Few More Garbage Bags Of Debris To Go. 

        july2006jarrodgarbage.jpg (15003 bytes)  july2006justincleanup.jpg (13080 bytes)


House Party Exgf Bash (Sponsored By PGS Organization)

Subject: Last Night's House Party....
Date: 7/30/2006 12:59:17 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
From: LordOfThyNight

I would first off like to take the time to thank my friends who came to this party. I worked very hard at planning this party sending out invites, buying food etc. Right now its nice to see so many friends of Justin's show and I hope he is a little more cheered up then before the party. I know if anything he is hungover right now lol. No more mean green hair now its a dark brown but everybody complimented me on it so thanks guys!
This turned out to be a great party It did not end till 5am but all night long guest kept showing their had to be over 30 people that showed throughout the night I did not even get everybody's photo. Most people brought something. I had brought snacks, tons of sodas, burgers, cookies, sausage, hotdogs, doughnuts etc and believe it or not we had plenty of leftovers. Michele had provided a lot to for the party. There were a few girls at the party lol and lots of available guys to meet to for the ladies. There was a ton of beer, mixed drinks etc oh man thanks Kyle for the Guinness as well as everybody that brought drinks.
The only thing that pisses me off or should I say breaks my heart is that three very good lady friends off of my friends list ditched me. I do not want to bitch and moan but each woman committed to this party. One of them writes me during the party says oh I have another party to go to its a bachelorette one yet she is on myspace all night. The other two just did not show some friends. Those women were supposed to bring 3 or 4 women a piece so when nobody showed we really lacked on females although the ones that showed were all pretty cute but still last night I had to remove 3 women off my friends list cause I cannot tolerate people who are liars. If you cannot be real do not bother. I mean so many of you brag about how you party, want to meet guys, blah blah but I have yet to see most of you come to any of my meet ups or parties. Its just the principal is all that here we have this awesome party with food, music, etc and girls that I am close with do not take the time to show. Some of you may think that I am just some tattooed crazy Italian guy but I am sensitive and it honestly hurt my feelings. As much as I like to have fun and play there is a time to be serious. So if you did not show you missed out but if you said you were going to show dissed me our friendship is over cause one woman stood me up said well how about a little fun next week. You do not get this handsome man unless you can show me your real and honest. Trust is earned with time. We did have strippers for the party to but they could not make it but that's alright they tried to make the effort.

Now that the myspace speech is done since I run a paranormal forum on there lets get to my other paranormal forums. The lack of participation lately is killing me. I sponsor alot of parties per year I do it to promote my paranormal site the more friends I make the more they become fans of what I do plus they tell there friends then in turn I can recruit new investigators for our team. This party may have been off topic but members were invited from the area especially women who belong to our paranormal romance forum. I am disappointed we get no donations, people do not post, hell getting people to come out for a beer is even rough.

As far as the party so many things happened that were funny Tim and I mooned this big guy  he was out cold passed out got up turned the corner seen our asses pressed against the glass window. Then they had this big ass drinking game but I could not play cause of course I was on myspace trying to email last minute females and friends who said they would show and did not. Oh and Kaylan you looked pretty hot at the party yum lol and Kyle it was great seeing you again. Also Allan glad you stopped by the party twice and Tim next party lets just go all out 200 people show minimum lol. But seriously so many good times last night I did not get to do my up close and personal game like I said we had women just not enough for the guys. All and all I will say no more the photos say it all. I will post some photos to myspace others will be posted on the paranormal site since I do use these parties to promote what I do to a point and well who else shows to my meetups lately but my close personal pals.
But this house party was a big success and when I move into my new place I am throwing another party mainly personal friends like Kyle, Allan, Jessica, Jess, Nathaniel, Tim, Justin, Kaylan, Michele, and a few others. The good news is that I had a few people write me after the party that are going to attend this next party. I had a few people who just could not make it I mean it happens.
As far as the party photos they should be up later tonight or tomorrow. I do not even have to tell you anymore about the party the pics speak for themselves:)


The Festivities Are Just Beginning What A Long Eventful Night It Will Be!!

housepartyrick2.jpg (14478 bytes)  housepartygirls.jpg (20803 bytes)  housepartyjess.jpg (15377 bytes)  housepartyguys.jpg (23399 bytes)  houseparty3.jpg (18273 bytes)  housepartyrickbud.jpg (15595 bytes)  housepartytable1.jpg (30157 bytes)  housepartyrick1.jpg (12410 bytes)

housepartyjustingrill.jpg (14052 bytes)  housepartyheath.jpg (17554 bytes)  housepartyallancar.jpg (15155 bytes)  housepartydoor.jpg (25201 bytes)  housepartytable.jpg (27980 bytes)  housepartytable3.jpg (29594 bytes)  housepartykitchen.jpg (29951 bytes)  housepartytable4.jpg (27964 bytes)

housepartyrickbeer.jpg (21970 bytes)  housepartynatejess.jpg (24488 bytes)  housepartyjustinbeer.jpg (16737 bytes) housepartykaylanchair.jpg (24153 bytes)  housepartytim2.jpg (20110 bytes)  housepartykaylanhair.jpg (25729 bytes)  housepartyjustinlawn.jpg (26208 bytes)  housepartyricksmoke.jpg (16264 bytes)

Lets Kick It Up A Notch Baby!

housepartytim.jpg (24323 bytes)  housepartytim1.jpg (24709 bytes)  housepartyjustin.jpg (19851 bytes)  housepartychristichrissy.jpg (20747 bytes)  housepartychair.jpg (20551 bytes)  housemiddlefingers.jpg (19020 bytes)  housepartychair1.jpg (23186 bytes)

Now This Is An Ass lol Beer, Food & Nice Asses what the hell else does a man need I am not telling who's butt this is either lol!

      housepartyass.jpg (29039 bytes)

And You Thought You Had It Rough?

housepartyshakingbooty.jpg (27129 bytes)  housepartydinksleeping.jpg (19781 bytes)  housepartyjustinground.jpg (24088 bytes)  housepartytimdoor.jpg (20047 bytes)  housepartydinktable.jpg (21496 bytes)  housepartymax.jpg (16291 bytes)  housepartyrickfloor.jpg (18797 bytes)  housepartyjamelpassedout.jpg (15604 bytes)

PGS offers more then a mouthful!

housepartykaylandog.jpg (18011 bytes)

Even Tim Was Thrilled By The Size!

housepartydogs.jpg (14851 bytes)

Justin The Inventor Of The Budweiser Forget My Ex-girlfriend Blindfold!

housepartyjustinnoevil.jpg (13527 bytes)     housepartyjustinbeer1.jpg (12279 bytes)

 Make Love Not War!!

  housepartytimmad1.jpg (13479 bytes)  housepartytimfinger.jpg (16879 bytes)  housepartykylecooler.jpg (24146 bytes)  housepartytimchristi.jpg (19471 bytes)  housepartyjustintimlol.jpg (20451 bytes)

housepartytimlucky.jpg (29423 bytes)


PGS House Warming Party & BBQ

house8.jpg (21698 bytes)  house9.jpg (30907 bytes)  house10.jpg (30241 bytes)  house11.jpg (24552 bytes)  house12.jpg (22519 bytes)  house13.jpg (38799 bytes)

house7.jpg (19579 bytes)  house1.jpg (12478 bytes)  house2.jpg (19066 bytes)  house3.jpg (23068 bytes)  house4.jpg (20269 bytes)

house5.jpg (7744 bytes)  house6.jpg (15263 bytes)

Subject: Tonight's House Warming Party...
Date: 8/20/2006 4:35:43 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
From: LordOfThyNight

Rather then a party I should call it a BBQ cause only a few select friends showed and quite a few just did not show at all. I hate to say it guys but I am DONE this is it I do not even know if I am going to post or keep these forums you people are not ready for a real paranormal group.
I mean lets face it nobody hardly donates, all I get are nasty emails, I do all the posting, all the investigating, all the work, spend all the money on equipment, gas, trips, do all the graphics, all the html on the website, all the photography, and the list goes the least someone can do in return is meet me shake my hand and hear what I have to say.
99 PERCENT of you people on here can careless about all we have accomplished in just a few years. Other groups have founders who do not care some make 1000's of people we make what 10 to 20 a month sometimes nothing at all yet we got more content on our site, investigations, parties, groups, and members making us one of the best.
When I say donate it means you donate time to the group, showing to a party, meet up, posting, or showing support. But this week has been terrible not one donation for our catacombs trips everybody said they would go now nobody will go nobody will donate excuses much like I get all the time. People tell me to go buy my own ticket some member support yet they want to go for free without team effort.
But just like that its the same thing I throw a party I spend a lot of money on food and again nobody shows. I cannot yell at people out of state well actually yes I can I ask each member to try and donate it gets ignored, post more it gets ignored, even kind words ehhh doesn't happen so yes this goes to all but something is wrong with your Florida folk.
If after almost 3 years nobody locally has not shown for a meet up or investigation or a party then we got problems cause many of you reside way to close to not being a supportive member. Some of you are lucky to have us nearby yet you pass us up I posted a final party reminder and guess what the group went dead silent.
I mean like I said I am done nobody shows to the parties the people that do are personal, friends, acquaintances and their friends. But it really is upsetting when people act like they are better then you by not showing. Do you know how many come up with last minute excuses or just are a few miles away and are dead silent. This was my house warming party and I thought some of you local people of the group were my friends it meant a lot for others to be here tonight. I went out bought a ton of food, beer, sodas etc.
I just cannot believe some of you we have meet ups and group parties yet nobody can show shake my hand? Nobody can come out for a beer and hot dog? Ya know some of you did not read what this group is about its about being a team Truth Friendship And Adventure many of you do not offer me friendship, truth and surely not adventure or I would have a full team of investigators therefore tomorrow I am going fishing and skipping sends if YOU do not care then Lord Rick does not care!!!!!
The party otherwise was fun Anne, Eric, Matt, Todd, Angel, Christi and Jason were all here. But a lot of people just did not show. Anne brought her kids so we had a small football game Jason got all beat got hit in the back of a head with a football then we wrestled it was an even match but I still am quite a worthy opponent and impossible to knock down lol.
I cooked out BBQ chicken, burgers with Swiss, hot dogs, we had an awesome salad, stuff for the kids etc just all around very nice and we got full use of my backyard party lights and all. Christi got me some grape smiranov's I think I drank the whole six pack and Eric was making lucky leprechauns for everybody lol.
Jason got ripped he was bouncing all over like a pinball and passed out on the couch. He woke up with a shaving cream mustache I guess those couple other last minute stragglers took advantage of Jason sleeping while I was busy partying sorry Jason thanks for taking one for the team!
Not as wild as some of our parties but a nice family orientated BBQ but those that did not show missed out cause everybody has a great time, the food was awesome, and everybody made new friends even might have turned out another investigator for the group since he studies science for a living such as on the universe, spiritual matter, atoms, etc and he can see auras also so yeah cool deal.
But other then that nobody from the groups come on people some of you joined the group or call it a paranormal club so that you could meet other members, share your stories and get involved. None of you care and that is fine if one day you wake up find no group no site you can then argue amongst yourselves. I am starting to find out why other paranormal sites charge, treat there members crappy and don't risk there lives like we do!! Its cause they are sick of the way there members treat them or they have to be this way just to earn respect cause me being generous, realistic, kind etc its not earning me respect its just ruining possible friendships and others will miss out on our adventures like the Catacombs etc.
I try to make this fun but I give up I really do. Parties are important cause its the only way to get people to let loose talk hang out socialize etc without them it makes it very hard to earn trust with you people. A lot of times people show to a party to find out about who we are who I am so that down the road they can get involved with our various projects but this here is just sad cause we work so hard to provide you with a wealth of information on the forums, our site, and even at our parties upon meeting I love to talk about what I do my experiences.
But I am a tired tired man and have hardly any support pretty soon there will be no ancient catacombs trip, no donations to cover the site, no investigators etc we will die because YOU as members let it end of story! When you decide to care about this group and respect me as your founder get in touch Ill be around! I have been a strong leader always been open and always have GIVEN to my members but I give more then I get I give a party I get nobody from here to show I give you an adventure in the catacombs I get no donations and so the list goes on. I get alot of BS that is about it. 
Maybe if your lucky I will do sends if I see a few changes the next day or two means more posting, for those 10 to come forth and keep there word with me, and for the ones who are in Florida to finally introduce themselves. I want no pity or sympathy what I want is members who care its not so hard to understand that we must work as a group!
Its not just members here that do not get active its also personal friends apparently everybody in Florida has been drinking to much sulfur water! On a good note I am enjoy my new house its off in the woods, I live next to a awesome woodsy park with trails, there is fishing just down the road, I can ride my bike to downtown, its real private and the house has alot of space. In a way despite my hardships I am in a much better place which makes it easier for me to stay in Florida for the time being and of course future parties will be held here which should be alot of fun.


pgshousewarmingfootballrick.jpg (30844 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartymattfootball.jpg (38775 bytes)  pgshousewarmingrickgrill1.jpg (24749 bytes)  pgshousewarmingjasonfire.jpg (22477 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartyrickgrill.jpg (23339 bytes)  pgshousewarmingdogs.jpg (31616 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartytoddchristi.jpg (28565 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartyricksterio.jpg (25156 bytes)

pgshousewarmingpartyrickcouch.jpg (21313 bytes)  pgshousewarmingkitchen.jpg (31321 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartyricktodd.jpg (18858 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartytoddchristi1.jpg (25320 bytes)  pgshousewarmingtableparty.jpg (29833 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartymattyard.jpg (35346 bytes)  pgshousewarmingrickgrill.jpg (15396 bytes)

pgshousewarmingpartyangel.jpg (29497 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartymatt.jpg (25920 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartytable.jpg (28208 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartychristi.jpg (20071 bytes)

You Play You Pay!!

PGShousewarmingpartyjason1.jpg (23031 bytes)  PGShousewarmingpartyjason2.jpg (25684 bytes)  PGShousewarmingpartyjason3.jpg (24194 bytes)  PGShousewarmingpartyjason6.jpg (30056 bytes)  PGShousewarmingpartyjason5.jpg (26408 bytes)

May The Force Be With You!

PGShousewarmingpartyjason4.jpg (23583 bytes)

Dream A Little Dream Of Some Crème! 

pgshousewarmingpartyjason7.jpg (23161 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartyjason9.jpg (27518 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartyjason10.jpg (16265 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartyjason11.jpg (25253 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartyjason12.jpg (20854 bytes)

pgshousewarmingpartyjason8.jpg (22966 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartyjason13.jpg (18114 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartyjason14.jpg (24817 bytes)  pgshousewarmingpartyjasoncreamed.jpg (18884 bytes)

pgshousewarmingpartycouch.jpg (29147 bytes)

Help Legalize Greens In The State Of Florida!! Florida law just passed a bill that anybody caught with a pipe, greens of any amount in public or even as much as a joint will face federal charges not a misdemeanor not a felony but charges that are worst then murder itself. In many states under an ounce is legal! Alcohol in this country kills thousands if not millions and greens kills none! So do you know what I have to say about this F&^% Off Bush! For my fellow tokers contact me privately for tips on how to get around the new Florida law and keep on toking!

pgshousewarmingpartytoking.jpg (20101 bytes)


Halloween Masquerade Ball

Subject: [ParanormalFlorida] Saturday's PGS Halloween Horror Bash!!!
Date: 10/23/2006 12:25:34 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Well once a year is our most special party we always try to do something great for our paranormal members and my friends. This year was a little different cause I live in a much more woodsy area so it was perfect for the theme of our party.
I have to say I put ALOT of effort this year. We put 2 cemeteries in, decorated the back yard, front yard, entire inside of the house, lots of food, beer, soda, and some pretty good prizes. I had bbq chicken, spare ribs, burgers, sausage, beer, soda, pie, candy etc lots of food this time. I was giving away a very nice door prize and a two prizes for best costume. I ended up being the only one dressed up so that was a no go and I did not give away door prizes cause I only had Matt, Lysandra, Jason, Christi and Kathy here.

Unfortunately nobody came from none of the paranormal forums, none of the other message boards I run, or any friends from my myspace buddy list. It really is sad that nobody wishes to make an effort here. I mean its Halloween you joined a paranormal group there is no regrets to living life and having some fun.
I am going to say this as nice as possible since apparently people take what I say and they try to turn me into the bad guy. I have seen human behavior get so bad in the last few years hate mails, threats, people posting adult material in our guestbook, lack of participation and even jealousy. It has just gotten so bad and that is not what this group is about I do parties because I want people to be at peace, unite, have fun, and make new friends.
Lately its getting really old this probably is our last Halloween Party in the state of FL. I do want to say something its off topic. Lately a lot of people have called me a fake, fraud, slandering the group etc. I had someone tell me tonight show us the proof. My credentials in this field are amazing. I am in 3 books, done 3 television shows, 3 newspaper articles, over 500 to 1000 hit a day on our site, over 40000 paranormal articles, almost 700 investigation, taken over 50,000 photos done the oldest asylum in the country, captured my first bigfoot track our first few months of opening up, caught over 1000 apparitions on film, held multiple parties for people I do not know.
 I do not know how unselfish more I can people with the thousands of people I help and make nothing at this. I generally pay for the site, equipment for my members to use, and do the freaking driving. I am the one who host meet ups and parties. I spent money on people I do not even know. So if people want to continue to call me fake then you truly are mistaken parties are a way of me showing my members I care and to allow others to cast there doubt by getting a chance to get to know me as a person.

I am tired of dealing with excuses when someone flames me its an excuse to make themselves feel better, when you do not show there is no excuse. It might help you feel better to make up stories and some of you treat this like its such a bad thing to come to a party and hang out. I know a lot of paranormal founders they do not care about there members I know someone you can talk to now she will tell you about the founder of her group. There no founder that bbqs ribs for his members so some of you better start getting a reality check here!!
I get nothing out of this people put me down when I am the one doing nice things for others hmmm? I mean all you people want to put me down not show to parties cause you think your hurting me but in the end your fooling yourselves because I still had a great time with or without you. How can anybody on here slander when they have not even met me as a person that to me is LAME.

I cannot force anybody to show to our parties but that is one of the benefits of being a member is you get to investigate, you get free access to our site, paranormal articles, parties, adventure, and so much more. If some of you would get involved buy a tshirt, mug,  come out to a party, come on an adventure, take time out of your day to get involved. You do not join the YMCA not to participate in there activities again that would be lame.
I personally do not care what anybody thinks nobody is going to make me feel guilty for trying to treat my members good. The people who are not showing to parties, not being good members etc are the ones who have jack to show for it serious. I do not have the need to prove anything to anybody I got the state parapsychologist record in FL look at my achievements.

You can degrade me and say your not cool, your just full of yourself blah blah and that is fine but if I am soooooo bad then why did I offer you to come to my party welcome you in my home eat my food and share a part of me with you? So keep on talking cause in the end I am truly glorious in the fact that my kindness, generosity was far greater then some of you taking a couple hours out of your day to extend a handshake and smile. I have every right to gloat afterall I take passion in my work do you? I have plenty to brag about and I not only do the TALK but I do the WALK. That is the type of man I am.
If you do not want to come to our events then you missed out on a kick ass prize, good food, good music, and a good friend. I do not stand for laziness I got so many people who live within a 15 mile radius of me. I mean really what is the excuse this time.

I heard a lot of excuses like the one of I do not have enough advanced notice and had to work. Well I been advertising for now long now 5 weeks? How about the one where I did not get an invite so I did not show. When I say if  you wish to show to our Party please email me for directions and details that cannot get any more clearer then this. I do not know what is wrong with some of you this does not take a rocket scientist to figure out. I think what this comes down to is who truly cares and who does not! This is why people are trying to burn me cause I care so much that it makes others envy me with jealousy cause they do not understand as to why so they knock what they do not know!
It was a small party I was upset you cannot blame me but we still had fun. Lysandra was the only one that showed from myspace and we hung out before. She could not believe how much I ate lol she actually had to hit me a few times. She was like hey do no you ever stop lol.

I had my fun last night though I have so much to celebrate for. Lets put it this way this week we got an amazing investigation right before Halloween. Then Nov 2nd thru the 7th I will be bringing you guys probably about 15 investigations as I head to the PA mountains.  I am about to ad the catacombs trip from WNY which that in itself is amazing so if you do not want to show and help us celebrate then your the inconsiderate ones.
We had fun Matt was hanging spoons of his nose, Jason jumped out from the bushes he got lucky too cause I was getting ready to swing a nice jaw breaker lol, and the kids pigged out on the candy. It was my friends Kathy first Halloween party in years she lives out in the woods in a place that scares her cause ghost watch her from the woods at night. So her coming perhaps is a way to help her cope with the paranormal events in her life.

Then Matt and Lys were wrestling. I of course hit the bong and grape smiranoff. I took a lot of photos and I was the only one dressed up but it suit me quite well lol. The party lasted about 5 hours it was just nice to talk about my catacombs journey etc. Matt you are awesome he is giving me a ride to the airport on the 2nd. Its nice to see people come out have a little fun I just wish that others I count on like our members are here for me more and they are not.
I think the hardest part of last night was trying to eat BBQ foods with white on lol. But it really saddens me like I said that none of you can come out have a beer, shake my hand, and be a friend to the organization. I advertised to over 10,000 people for this party and nobody shows from the groups come on now!!!  Even a stray cat that's been hanging around came to my party to eat what's up with that man?

I would have had this posted sooner but I took the kids to get a pumpkin today, we rented some games, went out got slurppies and its just been a daddy day all around. Not much else to say but the house kicked ass we do a great job decorating it this year and if you did not come then you truly missed out cause PGS will be leaving the south in the near future. Have a great Halloween and Night!
Our next party is our New Years Eve one this is rare I ever throw a party on this day so lets start anew for 2007 and become friends!
PGS Founder
Lord Rick


Horror In The Making

00halloweendecor1.jpg (31181 bytes)  00halloweendecor2.jpg (31408 bytes)  00halloweengraves.jpg (61689 bytes)  00halloweenwebbing.jpg (35870 bytes)  00halloweendecor3.jpg (40625 bytes)  00halloweendecor4.jpg (39140 bytes)  00halloweenghostgraves.jpg (37186 bytes)  00halloweengraves1.jpg (30476 bytes) 00halloweencreep.jpg (46763 bytes)

Your Badass Of The Paranormal Lord Rick

00halloweenrickprisoner.jpg (34306 bytes)  00halloweenprisonerrick.jpg (27547 bytes)  00halloweenrickprisoner1.jpg (32675 bytes)  00halloweenrickjames.jpg (32163 bytes)  00halloweenrickkids.jpg (37022 bytes)

"Matt" from now on will be our bouncer please show him your ID upon entering the party thank you!
 00halloweenid.jpg (31588 bytes)

Eat It Could Be Your Last Meal welcome to Lord Rick's prison cafeteria lol

00halloweenfoodtablerick.jpg (36643 bytes)  00halloweenrickgrill.jpg (21295 bytes)

00rickgrill.jpg (27050 bytes)  00halloweenjasonrickgrill.jpg (26214 bytes)  00halloweengrillfood.jpg (37744 bytes)  00halloweenrickjasongrill.jpg (32920 bytes)  00halloweencooler.jpg (27276 bytes)  00halloweenfood.jpg (35985 bytes)  00halloweengrillspiderman.jpg (29362 bytes)

The following person in the photographs is not stoned he just takes Halloween serious is all!!
  00jasonhappyhalloween.jpg (19139 bytes)  00halloweencaught.jpg (26815 bytes)

He might not be stoned but I sure the hell am!!

00halloweenrickbong1.jpg (32527 bytes)  00halloweenrickbong2.jpg (41509 bytes)

Let's Party Baby!

00halloweenricklys.jpg (22284 bytes)  00halloweenchristi1.jpg (26859 bytes)  00halloweenchristi.jpg (33930 bytes)  00halloweenjasonbong.jpg (23565 bytes)  00halloweenchristikathy.jpg (28759 bytes)  00halloweenchristilys.jpg (20750 bytes)  00halloweenguysbed.jpg (25830 bytes)

We even had dancing but Lys and Matt I told you it was a masquerade ball!!

00halloweendancing.jpg (36296 bytes)

Now who the hell is the prisoner as you sit there and watch me drink all your beer ha ha ha?

00halloweenjasonglass.jpg (31355 bytes)

A chronological order of spooky events! (Picture Story)

00halloweenmatt5.jpg (21795 bytes)  00halloweenmattlys.jpg (27126 bytes)  00halloweenmatt0.jpg (34608 bytes)  00halloweenmatt7.jpg (32829 bytes)  00halloweenmatt.jpg (26195 bytes)  00halloweenmatt8.jpg (18785 bytes)  00halloweenmatt9.jpg (22830 bytes)  00halloweenmatt2.jpg (35651 bytes)

00halloweenmatt3.jpg (34917 bytes)  00halloweenmattspoon1.jpg (34826 bytes)  00halloweenmattspoon2.jpg (39485 bytes)  00halloweenmattdrunk.jpg (15657 bytes)  00halloweenmatt6.jpg (22646 bytes)  00halloweenmatt10.jpg (26743 bytes)  00halloweenmatt1.jpg (37907 bytes)

I told you I got some pussy at the party and I got freaking proof wooo!

00halloweenrickkitty.jpg (34594 bytes)  00rickkitty.jpg (35648 bytes)

You cannot have a party without at least one super hero as spider boy livens up the party!! 

00halloweenspiderman.jpg (26970 bytes) you thought you had it rough its not easy being Peter Parker!!

00halloweenroughnight.jpg (48417 bytes)

Fear the reaper for he knows who didn't show !!

00reaper.jpg (31458 bytes)

Comment From Lysandra:  Well honey I'm so happy that I got to see you after a long time. Plus I had fun at the party... Any ways I truly am disappointed because I thought you "friends" we're gonna come & I was the only one out of your friends list that lives close to you that showed up. Funny thing I worked all day & still came.... I'm sorry that people have to be such jerks to you & that hurts me more because no one should judge you because of the way you look the situation is that people can be such idiots and they only think about them selves... I know that your different... Plus I do read your posts on this blog... the thing is that since you write so much I have to sit down one whole night & just catch up reading them. I love you hon.. & you know that... I'm glad that your my friend and that I'm always welcome around you... XOXO

And a note to those who don't know Rick before making promises or adding him to you friend's list make sure you read his blogs so you can know him & hang out with him... because he's sweet & so much more...

Comment From Amparo: I am so sorry to hear that member don't appreciate all the hard work you put into thanking them for supporting you. I wish I lived closer. I would love to get to know more about the society and the member. I am new to this group. Believe in ghost and think it is wonderful to actually prove the existence or denied if they really aren't present in an area. I truly hope that with the future your member can get more involved. Hell, you have over 3000 members on here alone. Not to mention you site. You truly should have gotten a bigger turn out. So sorry.

If you ever come to cali. Let me know.


2006 Warren Pennsylvania Team Meet Up Taken At Pizza Hut

Denny, Nikki, Jim, Cher, Jill, Myself & Uninvited Guest

warren2006pizzahutgathering.jpg (42202 bytes)

Subj: [ParanormalBuffalo] Saturday Evening 
Date: 11/6/2006 10:11:46 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

I finally got to meet Rick in person after several years. I went to Warren Saturday night and caught up with him, Denny, Nicki (sp?), Liz, Cher and Jim. We ate dinner at Pizza Hut and talked for a while, then Rick and Jim went off on an expedition and the rest of us went to Jakes Rocks, in the Kinzua Area. I did not get to see anything unusual but we got to compare what we'd heard about the surrounding area. It was great to meet everyone and I look forward to doing it again!

December 31st New Years Eve Party

Subject: Last Night's New Years Eve Party...
Date: 1/1/2007 2:21:40 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

Last night really was not a party but as I look at it its not about how many show its about the company you are with. I had pretty much gave up on trying to get people to show after a few people wrote me from here and I never heard from them again.
But this party was real special in the sense that we have a lot to celebrate for since 2006 was a very hard but successful year for our group. But we are also looking forward to 2007.
We had pizza, subs, mixed drinks, smirnoff's, snacks and Dana brought some wine which between her and I we drank both bottles together lol. Then the boys had a dart war I got hit in the nose and that went on for most of the night.
Andrew our investigator was their and of course Christi our rules enforcer as well as Dana my special friend :)~ this New Years was a lot better then the last couple I have had. Their was a nice fireworks display outside my house oh man they had some nice ones. Actually my whole neighborhood put on a nice display so we spent sometime outdoors watching.
I had some friends that were going to show but they were drinking and could not get over to my house so it was just a small get together. I was pretty baked most of the night you will understand when you see the photos I was stoned and that wine that Dana brought put me on another plane of existence some really good stuff.
I had a nice long kiss at midnight I really don't think I could ask for more then someone to kiss under the fireworks and spend the night with. I did not get any sleep was up the whole night ended up taking an hour snooze. Dana is such a sweetheart we had so much fun it was nice to finally meet someone real to hang out with and connect. 
I go threw the same routine over and over with people so those that did lie and did not show CYA go find another list:) I do not deal with dishonesty amongst members. Those that did not show you missed out we had a lot of great food, all kinds of pizzas, drinks, great music etc just a nice night all around.
All in all cheers to 2007 we had a great year within our organization with 4 out of state trips, couple thousand new members, made the front page of the local newspaper actually met with a few editors in 2006. Lets not forget the ton of great parties we have had where we had one party up to 40 people. We did a lot of great places this past year and this party is just an outlet to a wonderful 2007.
I always wanted to celebrate New Years with a bang and if you think we did really awesome in 2006 with the forts, haunted forest, mounds, haunted houses, plantations, historical sites, factories etc wait till you see what I bring in 2007 to the table only 2 months away from Jersey Devil Adventuring!
I hope everybody had a safe and happy new year!
Lord Rick

Your Host & Founder

2006newyearstreerick.jpg (33576 bytes)

Great Food

2006newyearsfood.jpg (31235 bytes)  2006newyearspizza.jpg (33883 bytes)

Sparklers & Fun

2006newyearsdanasparkler.jpg (25969 bytes)  2006newyearsricksparkler.jpg (9730 bytes)  2006newyearsdinksparkler.jpg (30707 bytes)  2006newyearsjamessparklers.jpg (31837 bytes)  2006newyearsrickgun.jpg (23950 bytes)

Dana Every Founder Needs A Nurse New Years Wishes Do Come True!!:)

2006newyearsdanacuteshot.jpg (23871 bytes)  2006newyearsrickdana.jpg (33938 bytes)  2006newyearsdanachristi.jpg (35973 bytes)  2006newyearsdanalegsmmm.jpg (24772 bytes)  2006newyearsmynursedana.jpg (27824 bytes)  2006newyearsdanarick.jpg (13324 bytes)

High Times With The Paranormal & Ghost Society

2006newyearsrickbong.jpg (18338 bytes)

Just good partying till the countdown!

2006newyearschristi.jpg (13389 bytes)  2006newyearsandrew.jpg (26763 bytes)  2006newyearsdanachristi1.jpg (28614 bytes)  2006newyearsparty.jpg (28850 bytes)


2006newyearsrickdink.jpg (15259 bytes)  

Andrew reaping the reward!

  2006newyearsandrewprize.jpg (27751 bytes)






Contact me at to be added to the guest list future events!