I am a 700lb bear I lurk around haunted Indian trails. wooded cemeteries...and ghost towns. If you are near my cubs I could kill you so please make sure if you are a paranormal investigator you protect yourself from me harming you with proper equipment! 
Even though it takes some talent to be a paranormal investigator its not always the person that's able to see a ghost or UFO sometimes we have to rely on certain equipment or gear which is essential to investigations. On this page i will post some photos of some gear which should give you and idea what myself or some of my members will or are using. We do not use all of it this is more of a guideline for people who want to get into this.
These are not necessary at all times most of the time all a person needs is themselves to find out if a place is haunted. But only certain ghost and Cryptids feel comfortable with certain folks just remember this. Equipment can be a lifesaver at times but safety is a top priority meaning having the proper lighting at times etc...We do not use all of the following equipment but these are just the basics since people always ask me what they need to bring on an adventure. This is just your basics but if you want to get technical you can get into better specs. 
Some of it we use some of it we do not it just depends some of the things we use are not listed here but its there if you need it as a reference for the amateur ghostbusters. 

The key to taking brighter photos is having a good flash light. They sell spot lights and good flashlights from the Ckrane company, hardware stores. I use a 10 million candlelight power spotlight, maglite, led wind up light and a 6 million candlelight power spotlight. If you want to get real technical you can get a surefire.  I use various spotlights not this one but I own a few for our investigations. If your into cryptozoology you will want the spotlight for night expeditions.
Cell sensors are a useful tool since they measure how strong a field I probably would not be into using them much but then again they come in handy for the gausemeter function which measures the frequencies of sound I believe. We have gausemeters for sale on our site and other unique meters check them out at our paranormal store.
An Infrared thermometer is very important if you are interesting in registering the cold spots you come across. Proper measurements allow you to focus on an area for better photography not that i use one of these because after awhile of doing this you tend to go on instinct but its still a useful little hand held gadget to use.
This is a very small microphone and there are many types i am sure but what this does is picks up sounds from all directions and prevents your tape recorder from tainting it with static like sounds. This one you see here hooks to a micro cassette player. It does reduce static so you can get better sound. You do not have to have it it just helps is all. You can use a digital recorder with a built in microphone which can eliminate having use to this microphone. 
A Trifield meter is a lot like a EMF detector only difference is this reads not only electrical waves but microwaves, radio waves and magnetic as well.
Micro-Cassette players are very small yet reliable for recording notes, EVP of spirits and other various things that occur when on a investigation. We would like to find a person in charge of the EVP eventually for this organization. I prefer to use a digital voice recorder they lesson the sound of static.  Use a digital recorder they are much more efficient. 
Camcorders are priceless having live video of a moving orb, flying UFO, bigfoot running threw the woods. The type of video camera you want is one that you can rip movies and pictures right off of it onto your computer. I will be looking for someone who likes to film the most scariest places and actually the footage for our members. The best type we have used is night vision video cameras which are becoming cheaper and more reliable. You can film in pitch black and still get good video.
A Solid knife is very important not only does it provide protection but you can use it for a variety of things whether its to cut wire, vines, through wood, whatever the case may be do not go home without your knife it may not effect a ghost but it will at least provide you with some security. Knives are important in certain situations let me give you an example your out in the Florida Swamps a gator sitting on shore you do not see it grabs your leg and well at that point its you or him. Most survival knifes come with a compass, fishing line, and are versatile in many areas. Always bring one they are more then just a weapon.
Wire Snips and bolt cutters are essential if you get caught on a fence or in barbed wire you will be praying you have these and I do try to bring pliers, wire snips things of that sort for this purpose. Safety again is very important to us. We do not use these but there are times I wish we had them cause one time we were doing a farm house and there was debris all over the property. I ended up getting caught up in a bunch of wiring ripping my clothes. A small pair is all you really need I use tin snips but these can help save you some headaches. They are not meant to be used to cut fences again safety. 
This is definitely a useful item, however, it is rather costly. You can purchase a decent new Spectrum Analyzer for about $3500.00 . The Spectrum Analyzer is very useful when utilized in the studying of signals and frequencies. I will leave this piece of equipment up to the researchers however this is state of the art you get what you pay for. We do not  use it but its an interesting gadget. 
Raiological Equipment for crop circle investigations but more for advanced UFOlogist. 
If you do not feel comfortable using a pistol a Stun g\Gun works good ladies for those female groups on investigation. But you better watch it Natalie from GSI says she knows Martial Arts unfortunately if your in some ghost town out in the mountain and a bear comes charging at you the martial arts wont save you the stun gun will trust me. :) Uh oh better watch it self defense is now a paranormal crime according to Paranormal Interest Radio lol.
Other Important Items
These Items i feel are essential to rather then show a photo i will list them and as to why we and you should use them.
1. Talc Powder- This you put on a floor and leave it upon coming back if you got tracks in it either a ghost has made them or you have someone following you.
2. Compass- Always bring one in case your in the woods we try an bring at least one to register for vortexes in the area.
3. Extra Film- Always carry extra cameras or film ghost can play with your cameras where they stop working the more photos you take the better off you are and this goes for my team.
4. Extra Batteries-Always have back up batteries lights go out lets face it spirits can suck batteries dry i have seen this happen so many times i cannot count brand new batteries dead in minutes in a haunted place. Extra means having light for your journey of course matches and candles work to.
5. Water- Now honestly anything can happen you could fall or be trapped in a room always carry some water do i ever get parched on a exciting adventure and if your thirsty it means you are working hard.
6. Holy Relics-Charms-Herbs- I will cover this in another section of the site however items of protection are important not everything we will deal with are ghost some things are demons and beings but it does not matter how bad or evil it is there is always some symbol that certain evils do not like whether its a pentacle, cross or ankh it will protect you.
7. First Aid Kit - Almost a must for minor cuts, bruises etc. Many times i have had accidents myself i fell and hit my knee in a pit at central terminal and other little accidents. Its important to take care of your wounds if you want to win the war.
Dresscode For Investigations
Its very important that you wear sneakers or hiking shoes most terrain that we cover is rough whether its in the woods or in a old building with lots of debris around. Comfortable feet make the investigation so much easier focus is important.  Always bring a change of socks keep the feet dry it saves discomfort.
Black pants and black shirts is what we us and I stick to this as a white t-shirt sticks out like a soar thumb in a cemetery at night we try to keep very low tone on investigations. You do not want people to see you walking around at night doing this not that your doing anything bad but lets say your investigating a cemetery in a bad section of town...do you really want anybody to know your in there so a group of people can follow you in?
If you are a client these will be the most likely tools we bring or carry with us so do not be alarmed. I want my clients to know what to expect when they call for our assistance. If you are a member or one of my investigators i will require you to at least own 2-3 pieces of this equipment if you cannot afford it then its understandable.
But what is mandatory basically is having a good light, an ability to take pictures, and one other item of your choice from the list if you are starting off with simple investigation. You may think that these items are not necessary but i have used many on a variety of investigations.
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This here is a night vision monocle although not necessary it does wonders on a bigfoot investigation. You can look through it in pitch dark and it will look as if its daylight out there so nobody or nothing can hide from you since having this is as good as having a cats eye site. Once we seen glowing eyes we used it found out it was just a cat nothing paranormal so a must have if its in your budget.
Motion detectors work both with ghost and bigfoot. You set them up and they detect any motion within a given radius. Ghost can set them off or anything that crosses them and if the go off so does the alarm. I recommend buying at least one to use if you plan on focusing on a given area.
Emf detectors come in all shapes and sizes some fit in the palm of your hand some are handheld but they all pretty much serve the same purpose. They read electric and magnetic fields and do not be surprised if our team does use these. The other thing about them is on the downside is that they pick up other forms of electricity such as electrical wires, TVs things of that sort so its a play it by ear situation when using one.
Hygrometers come in handy if you want to measure the humidity in a room. Spirits can cause room temp to chance, moisture level things of that sort. If this reads a little higher then normal then it may mean your orbs are moisture droplets not necessarily it could mean there are orbs in the area as well but its a little something extra which does not hurt to invest in. We will at least be using one of these on some investigations.
Ion Radiological Reader which is used to measure the positive and negative ions in the area if you get a large amount of positive ions chances are you may have a ghost draining electrical currents in the area causing this to give you some kind of reading.
Two way radios are almost a given on investigations we have used these in warren and on a cemetery investigation. If you happen to separate from the team you will use these to keep in touch especially if we want to cover more area then this allows us to do so. Most are good within a mile range and that's all you need when your in a house or cemetery. We usually only use these on bigfoot expeditions so we can cover different areas of the woods and split out team up. More of a safety tool  so you can keep in touch.
Very useful tool and I use mine often as there are times where you need to look into a window, or into the woods, or even the skies. Of course if there is security patrolling they come in handy as well so you do not get caught on sight lol. But seriously I use them on bigfoot investigations...you might see bigfoot across the ride its just a convenient outdoors tool to have. 


Its pretty obvious that if you have no proof not many will believe you especially if you seen a UFO or Sasquatch. The best type of camera to get is a 35mm with a zoom lens I do not use this type since kodak instamatics do the same however any camera is good when coming on a investigation with me. Digitals are great as well since you can extract the photos immediately for viewing. This is only an example but there are better cameras I have seen some 120mm cameras but they are very costly. Get a simple camera and just work hard with it you will produce results. 
Handguns these days are very important to have. Its not about using it as a weapon its about protection some abandoned houses and buildings in the city do not have exactly the nicest people in them there are times when you may deal with something that can hurt you people maybe even something that comes out of a vortex who knows but you got it and its there if you need it. I have been demeaned for posting this but I have to be honest with you we have 3 investigators up in the PA mountains who have carried pistols on our mountain hiking trips. You could come across a rabid bear or animal then for example up in Kinzua there have been strange human mutilations so should you carry a pistol at times? A big yes!  I think that people should always be armed its your right as a citizen in this country we do not carry guns but if your into hardcore remote areas arm yourself legally. Remember their is nothing wrong with guns its the people who abuse them.


The Wet Belt & Bdu Vest is used by many law enforcement officials. The belt simply wraps around your waste and allows you to carry various equipment which could come in handy on paranormal investigations if you carry alot of equipment. There is slots in the vest and belt to carry a variety of things. I normally do not carry one of these i carry backpacks but i would recommend some of my investigators to carry some of there gear this way and  have there hands free. We use both backpacks and wetbelts to carry all our gear. 
Bionic Ear....Enhance your hearing could come in  handy at certain cemeteries and such. Ghost run on a lower frequency.
Gausemeter to learn the specs visit our Paranormal Store
8. Cell Phones - Great to have if you are lost, need to call for help or whatever the case may be. I recommend at least one of my investigators carry one.
9. Trip Wire -Use this to set traps you would be surprised what would walk through it besides people.
10. Notebook - Not mandatory but it does not hurt to take notes after all this is science:)
11. Backpack- Very important to have some way to carry your gear you want to make sure your arms are free so you can take photographs without obstructions.
12. Glow Sticks- Good for marking your trails i do not use them because i am like a human map but some members feel more secure marking there trails.
13. High Pitch Sound Alarms-You can buy these for your key chain push it to scare possibly something off like a possible Sasquatch chasing you or whatever.
14. Flares-Used For Safety if you get lost or perhaps if you are exploring some caverns you may use them to light up an area to make sure you do not fall. I do recommend carrying at least one on you.
15. Bear Mace-Bears can kill or injure you we do carry this on occasions rather then taking as some think a violent approach its legal to buy use it in wooded areas if you are in bear country.
Try and wear a hat It pulls the hair off the lens so your photos do not show false vortexes. 
Perfume and other scents are not  fine I prefer you do not wear any so I can tune in on natural scents in various locations and so that way our judgment is no clouded. 
Please try to follow this it will be very helpful trust me on this speaking from experience:)


Equipment plays a big part in investigations whether its to protect or serve a purpose its necessary to take safety precautions. Some places we go have bad floors, some sections of town are not so nice, some things we deal with are evil some good.
Many things can happen if you are not prepared but by being one step ahead you truly are safer then in your own home.