Below you will find our rules and protocols. There are 3 sections with explanations. The first one covers our rules for clients, second one is the rules for members & those that join our message boards, and finally the third is protocols for investigators to follow. These rules are subject to change at anytime and although we are not a heavily strict organization we must follow guidelines. This is to protect our members and us as well so that in many years to come we can bring you stories, investigations, articles, and other services. Please take a moment to look them over if you have a question feel free to email us and inquire within.  Our organization is composed of 3 types of people clients, members & investigators. Each one has there own benefits but in order for us to thrive we depend solely on all 3. The guidelines are designed to prevent others from getting hurt but it also is our constitution which allows the group to run at a much smoother pace. Thank you for your time and perseverance! 


Client Rules:
Clients are anybody that ask us to investigate for them. They might be a business, sponsor, resident of a house Etc. Clients usually notify us if a place is haunted they will ask us to check it out. Some clients might be a television network doing a taping of us. Clients are responsible to donate, funding and helping the organization in any way possible for our good services. Clients could be someone who wants to hire our team to do a investigation on a particular place or it could be someone who wants us to cleanse there house. We get many different clients but you are the ones responsible for contacting the organization. As a client you benefit from receiving various services it could be an exorcism, cleansing or something as simple as investigating your house to see if its haunted. Clients also have rules this is to protect our investigators as well as myself. Most clients are not members they are those that browse our site and request a service from us. Clients can even be those that purchase equipment from us, books, Etc
1. We have a right to refuse an investigation based on the information you give us and the dangers involved safety is one of our top priorities.
2. If you want us to investigate all information must be thorough and we must be given all the facts.
3. Donations are not mandatory but strongly encouraged with your donation it allows us to buy better digital cameras, EMF detectors, thermal detectors, allows us to pay for gas to get to a location and develop film etc, etc... even 5 dollars means a lot. As a client you must understand we are providing you with a service.
4. If you are the client you must allow us to use the information we gather, photos we take on our domain and share it with the public. If we are investigating your house we will not give out any personal information.
5. If we are investigating your land, house, building etc...  please try and gather as much info as possible historical documentation, who died there if anyone did, the age of the building things of that sort.
6. You agree to not sue us or hold us liable for any damages &  will sign a disclaimer upon we chose to investigate for you. We cannot guarantee you 100 percent we can get rid of a demon, ghost or find the answer but we will try and we are very successful at what we do.
7. To bring you the best possible service there are no limits we investigate ghost, demons, UFO's, buildings, ships, houses, cemeteries, woods, dimensional beings, bigfoot and other Cryptids and anything strange so even if you think your story is outrageous we are a very open-minded organization.
8.  If we agree to investigate for you then you must let us have access to the whole area and allow us our space to do so. There is a lot of test we perform sometimes things of that sort which you might find odd but you must allow us to do our jobs. As well you must allow us access to plugs, power outlets for cameras, things of that sort.
9.  Anything that is within 1-80 miles from the Daytona/Orlando area we will pay out of our pocket to investigate as far as travel expenses go. However if you are out of state or live farther away then that please try and at least cover our travel expenses for gas, bus, rental car etc... We do not make it mandatory however due to the increase in clients, places to investigate, etc anything helps especially if you want the proper services which we offer many.
10. Even though service is free if you are a client it may take us to time to investigate for you therefore most investigations are on a waiting list. Some places we can investigate within the same week of your call or email and some it may take us longer to get to depending on  how far it is, the stipulations, what equipment we need etc....and severity of the situation.
11. After we are done investigating for you expect either a written or verbal report of what we think is happening it may not be what you want to hear but we do give honest opinions and information.
12. We also do return investigations so there is no limit on how many times you want us to investigate or look into something. So if you wish for us to return again to do a follow-up that is very applicable and not a problem.
13. If you want us to stay the night at a place meaning whether its sleeping in a barn, your land, the house you live in we also do that to all we ask is you provide us with some pizza and beer haha but seriously we do ask at least for the pizza and wings it a buffalo thing where I am originally from.
14. If you are caught lying, giving false information, playing pranks for kicks you will be held liable by us. We like to think our clients are good honest folks and we want you to be able to rely on our services and know we are honest good people as well. But be serious we will help you as long as you help us. 
15. We would be willing to do investigations in your country and outside of the USA but the condition is that our travel cost must be covered and met, as well as lodging, and since I will be away you must donate ahead of time to me enough money that I can pay for a nanny or daycare while I am away investigating for YOU seeing I have children at home. Also we will not fly for one I am psychic about planes and see them before they crash and for 2 we do not want to be setup and end up flying on some flying coffin across seas. If you are in Canada we will drive. If you are across seas meaning Europe we would be willing to take a ship it may take 3-7 days longer but if you are serious enough of a client you will respect our wishes. My dream is to investigate some Castles and Ancient places we just do not have the funding so we must depend on you the client. It is not the money we care about its the fact that if you want us to come to you then you have to at least cover the expenses for traveling and back home so that I can come to you.
16. You must not belong to any government agency. We know the government does not like Paranormal Investigators anymore then we like them. We also do not want to have to deal with government agencies telling us what to do, watching us, trying to take our evidence away things of that sort. The only way I will investigate for a government agency or client is if we happen to cross paths and just end up helping one another out in some way. The other way is if you agree to our terms. What are our terms well simple pay us and agree that we can share any findings with the public. I have yet to see a government agent or agency that does not lie. Because we are public we try not to refuse any clients so I am willing to meet halfway.
17. As a client you will be given a form to sign this ensures you understand our position on things. Basically it states you cannot sue us if we investigate for you. Lets say you want a ghost to leave your home we come in and do our job but it does not leave we do not want to be held liable. We want to compromise on both ends help you as long as you help us.
Member Message Board  RULES:
As a member your responsible for the sharing of articles and supporting our organization in many different ways. Remember we are providing a service to our members you get weekly investigate reports, photos, fresh paranormal news etc. As a member of our message board you are invited to come to our get togethers and parties. As a member you also have the option to become a investigator. We ask from our members to help support us. You can support us in many ways although its NOT MANDATORY we ask our members occasionally to donate whether its money, books, tapes, stamps, film, batteries, equipment or just some simple words of encouragement so we know that the work we do is recognized. Remember members can take an active role in this organization. They help keep our domain up and running with there donations, provide us with haunted places, purchase our logo wear and other things so that we can apply that money towards film and equipment. As a member you will be responsible to follow our basic guidelines. Being a member has its benefits you get to come to our BBQs, read interesting articles, learn new things, see some amazing reports & photos from various places we visit WEEKLY. But remember YOU as a member are encouraged to show your support & love you have for this organization. With you keeping our board active and donating it allows us to continue our research into the Paranormal. 
1. No Flaming list members to the whole group. If you have a problem inform the list leader (Rick-lead investigator) or the moderators (Jim, Lisa, Dale, Christy, Echo and Christi). It will be handled properly. ANY flaming of a member to the list will result is permanent and IMMEDIATE BANNING!! In this group we treat each other all kindly but we also want to make it family orientated.
2. If you decide to unsubscribe don't announce it to the whole list its childish and you are free to come and go as you please here.
3. Give at least 48 hours for email to stop after you leave and 48-72 hours for your email settings to take affect in the edit my membership area. Yahoo servers are very slow.
4. Just know I'm not superman so if you request info on a haunting or need me to research things ill do it no problem but like i said be patient because I run many other groups as well as this one.
5. No spamming you can tell everyone about your group i don't mind if its related, or your book your writing, and you can even add a bookmark but don't overdo it either because we don't want to fill mailboxes up with repetition.
6. Speaking of repetition some mails for some reason get sent out in doubles it happens sometimes.
7. You must come to me personal with any problems not the whole list if you got a question ill answer it, if you don't know how to do something just ask me rather then have it turn into a big riot in the group. If you make a fool of yourself and yell at me for something i have no control over it will make you look dumbfounded.
8.  This group generates alot of mail if possible you cant handle it and the email preferences do not work due to yahoos upgrading often then CREATE another yahoo address just for this list. Nobody here will condemn you if you delete any emails from the group. This is a free list, speak your mind group just do not disrespect others that is all we ask.
9.  Most of all-HAVE FUN! we are here to make friends, talk about a variety of subjects, and share data and info. Some things will be shared from my investigations some things will be on Ghost, UFOS, Bigfoot, Demons, things of the PSI, too any other topic that's strange whether its locally happening in FL or any where around the world. Have fun, laugh, joke around but also think of this as a family and as everyone as your brothers and your sisters. A lot of good folks here in this group and of course you can stay as long as you like.
10. There will be no negative post about our investigations or about personal opinions. Some things are meant to be discussed privately. I don't want to hear about fines, and prison, trespassing. There are law list for this we are seekers of the truth and the last thing we need is lectures especially since our government has taken away most of our freedoms as it is. If you whine on the message board you will be banned. I am often the one who has to go out in the rain, snow, climb the sides of ships to bring YOU the story. If you have nothing kind to say do not say anything at all. 
11. You are more then welcome to add any links in the bookmark section of the group or use the photos area. However under one condition: That you put the link you add in the proper category as well as the photos. If they are not I will delete them so make sure you do it right the first time. This helps keep it organized. Putting your link out in the open is not going to give you more attention it just disorganizes everything. Please follow this rule if I see you do this a couple times I will be forced to remove you from the group. Thank you for your cooperation!

12.There is a 30 day probation period which means if you leave before the given time you may not be allowed back here. There are to many people that Spam list, steal member names, lurk Etc and by you joining we ask that you show respect and seriousness for the supernatural. If you leave before the 30 days it will lead to permanent banning.

13. We encourage our members to donate as much as possible. We do NOT REQUIRE IT however keep in mind we are like Boy Scouts. We run fund raisers, go around asking for donations and why? Because the funding comes from our troops you as members our are troops and pack. A donation can be anything stamps, a gift certificate for business cards, books, equipment, batteries, art work for our site, posting interesting articles, money or cash towards our domain. With donations we can afford to keep up our site running and afford to purchase better equipment. We can also afford to develop film weekly and even visit some far away places. We all must do our part in life that is what makes a organization successful. Do not get mad because we ask for a donation we cannot force you but overtime most members see how great of a group we are and they do end up donating something yearly.

14. If you Spam our members, send virus, or commit any illegal activities towards this organization. We will trace your headers, the servers it came from, contact the FBI and Law enforcement. Once this occurs you will be arrested and could face up to a year in prison. PGS presses charges on anybody committing illegal acts against them. If you as a member receive a virus or something suspicious make sure you let me know. I refuse to let other members join this group just to Spam or send out viruses. 
NOW...... Investigation Rules!!!!
Being a part of the team has its rewards there is a spiritual sense about it. You will learn how to work with others and transcend above others. You will not just help this groups cause but by joining out team, following the rules and offering a hand you will becoming a better person. Investigators play a big role in our organization. They help take photos, bring new ideas to the group, protect one another, make out reports and may even be on television various times. You will be the backbone of the organization as you will be the one who is out there seeing the ghost and all things that go bump in the night. Being an investigator means forming friendships. But by joining our team you get to go on our ghost tours free, be on television, get to come to our parties definitely, meet with other authors, help out with conventions, you might even get paid if a big name client gives us a grant.  Investigators will have days where we go for coffee, hang out at the park, and form everlasting friendships.  There are many other benefits but first to enjoy them you must follow and respect our rules.
1. Any ideas or suggestions about future investigations have to be brought up to the list leader or moderator. That way plans can be made ahead of time.
2. All investigations are volunteer efforts. Nobody will be forced to attend. If a large money grant is ever received for an investigation the proceeds will be divided amongst the investigators. Money donated for some investigations are applied towards gas, batteries, equipment, film Etc.
3. All investigations are entered and participated as a group effort. We all go in and we ALL come out. Nobody left behind and nobody enters alone. We have had problems with this in the past and one person got there leg stuck in a rat trap (if there is need to be spit up due to group size the buddy system will be enforced with 2 way radios)
4. If you have a physical/personal problems please let the list leader or moderator know before an activity is to take place to ensure proper safety measures/equipment will be taken.
5. To ensure safety or possible photo chances, ALL things seen MUST be mentioned at the time of sighting. (We'd hate to miss a ghost shot) if you see something you must let me know no matter how odd it may seem. As the leader nothing surprises me lol so tell me what you see I am understanding.
6. If you for ANY reason can't be long for an investigation make it known before entering a site. That way proper measures will be taken to get the person out early. Although again if you go in with me you will come out with me so be prepared to finish off the entire investigation unless there is a medical emergency or some danger to our team.
7. There will be no vandalism of any kind at the investigation sites. Respect the place and the dead. The only time vandalism is allowed is lets say we were trapped inside of a place and needed to bust a hole in a wooden board then yes it becomes necessary. But we do not desicrate history around us we respect the spirits that walk amongst us.
8. If you see something but do not share the data then you are banned. I was sent into a room once with a spirit and the person with me did not tell me till 3 days later about it therefore i missed out on photography of it and of course it could have been dangerous. So if you see something you got to tell me about it. Investigators must make out a report and all photos must be shared with me for review.
9. All reports from our investigations are openly shared and so is the data however alot of places we go are abandoned buildings, boarded up houses, cemeteries after hours so if you work for a law enforcement agency, the government or you are against the fact that we do trespass and to a point disobey some minor laws then do not join. In order for a news crew to get a good story they put there lives at risk in order for us to get a good story we have to be assertive go in these places check them out everything involves risk. But the risk are for a good cause just remember this. Everyday we take risk getting in a car, flying in a plane, walking to the grocery store. But think about it is the truth worth knowing or do you wish to live in a world of lies? Our goal is the truth even though we take risk safety is our priority.
10. Anything we share will be with the group however anything that we see such as a body, evidence of a crime scene, something out of our hands we will report to a law enforcement agency based on our evidence, speculations, and discretion. Only the moderators and myself, and people coming along on a investigation can report things since we are the ones with the evidence and proof. If you are a member and i share a story about finding a pair of shoes in a old building don't get all hysterical and calling missing persons it waste there time and ours to investigate future times unless we have real hardcore evidence. Plus then we end up getting boarded out of a place and you end up possibly filing something out of speculation. Assumptions are costly since in a way we are scientist who gather real proof. However all decisions must be talked about with me privately on this if it were to ever happen. We will protect the members, the group, and each other in the proper way that way if we ever do find a crime seen we don't take the fall for it or be accused.
11. If you end up being a consistent investigator there will be by the end of 2004 a mandatory donation towards this site. Since I am posting your photography as well you must contribute towards the site as a investigator for our organization. Chipping in really is not much to ask for. Your money is my money and my money is your money. We are an organization/business and things must be conducted properly. If I were to be the only one paying for film, travel, our domain I would be homeless keep this in mind please. Members are NOT required to donate but we do encourage our members to do so and get involved.
12. We are an organization that enjoys to laugh and have fun. To much seriousness is never good. We like to throw parties, have get togethers, meetings, discussions, drink a beer even smoke a joint. We are a loose group and if you want to be on my team I make it almost a requirement that you are not some attitude of a person. Seriousness is great but so is learning to be optimistic and have fun. If you try to hard you probably will not succeed and if you do not try at all you will not progress. So we like to have fun, enjoy what we are doing, learn, share, and become friends. This closeness is what makes us succeed as a group. 
13. All investigators will have to sign a waiver of consent which states you cannot sue me or our organization and that you are volunteering to investigate.
14. I am the Owner, The Boss, The Leader!! Some seem to have a problem with this people that never been on investigations or do not even know what a ghost is. If you come on an investigation do not come onto the team ordering myself or my other investigators around. It only slows things down for us. All decisions that are made by me are final. Even though I am fair towards all my investigators I refuse to have someone try and change our rhythm or upset others on my team. Although some say they will not this has happened. We had an investigator who use to tell us when it was time to go home or order us around on where we should go. That attitude will get someone hurt. All my investigations are well thought out even before you come along trying to change that will make things more confusing. I have had investigators tell me what I should or not check out or tell me that there is a change in plans. If we are in Warren and I say hey Sunday we are going to check out this area then that is what we will do. We are not a sloppy organization but rather things are well thought out and planned and because of it we find real ghost, demons and many other paranormal occurrences. I always have the final say and if you give me your trust as a leader then I will show you glory. I will also show you how to survive, how to be a parapsychologist, how to be more spiritual and many other gifts in life. But after 300 investigations and 100s of places you must look up to me and understand I have been in almost every situation so please follow my lead.
15. Being an investigator is free if you want to join our team. You must understand that you are volunteering your time towards our organization. The only time I will ask my investigators for money is to chip in with our domain and for gas on our trips up to these paranormal locations. As a group traveling is alot cheaper. But as an investigator you also get to go on our ghost tours for free and your family members get half off.
16. Always try to bring a back pack carry some herbs, medical supplies, water, extra batteries and essentials. We can talk about this more in detail upon meeting.
17. If you are also a member on the board and you have a question contact me privately. I dont want to hear on the board what you CANNOT do tell me what you CAN do. All investigators are required to be a member of the message board so they can answer questions. Remember as an investigator you will shine like a star and others will look up to you so make sure you support us in anyway you can.
18. Regardless I am in charge and I do have a job to do respect me on this. If I am deep in the woods and I lose contact on the radio or cell phone then chances are I am out of range investigating and taking photos. Does not mean I slipped into a vortex or that I am hurt. We go as groups for a reason to places. Now If I come up missing for 10-20 hours then It is time to worry but we do not want a panic situation. You do not go calling the cops in 2 hours and the delta force on in. As a leader I may be hiding in the bushes watching bigfoot in his habitat and may not be able to contact you every 10 minutes. Remaining ALWAYS calm is one of the key ingredients of a good paranormal investigations.
19. Either you are on the team or not. You will make sacrifices sometimes be out in the cold or rain it comes with being a paranormal investigator deal with it. This is not a chose what you want vacation package. Again either your on the team or not. Some people only chose to come to certain places just to see a place they always wanted to but then when I go to some intensely haunted placed I have no volunteers so either you are going to show for most investigations or none at all. However if you are are out of state then I understand but no excuse for the local investigators that want to be on the team.
20. If you are overly paranoid then I do not want you on the team. I refuse to listen to constant nagging about trespassing, whats legal, rules, this and that. Our organization is designed to get the story we do not have time for games especially since we go out weekly. Any where in this country its illegal to be in a cemetery after dark but how many paranormal organizations go into cemeteries after dark to take photos? So if a 25-150$ trespassing fine scares you then do not go. But you cannot investigate if you are not willing to give a part of yourself to this field. Its illegal to drive 10 miles over the speed limit or throw a cigarette butt on the ground. So I view it as if you are going to get fined it myswell be something you enjoy doing the most. I will NOT tolerate constant whining again we got a job to do and if you try to stop us from doing it we will never be able to get good photos or a evidence.

21. I have no problem with you belonging to other organizations however if you are found doing investigations with other members in my organization without me then you will be banned from the message board and no longer associated with PGS we had a problem once where someone in our message board posted a message trying to get members to do a investigation of somewhere. Either you are on my team or not that's what being a part of our organization is about working together. But if you are caught giving out locations to various places we have investigated we can pursuit a lawsuit on you. We do not want our locations to be tourist attractions we are a organization that preserves history and the ghost that haunt these places.

22. We own the rights to all evidence collected on investigations. We will give you credit to all the material you gather for us but you must submit all Photos, EVP, Film footage to me for review and so I can add it onto our site.

23. If you are going to be late for an investigation or cannot make it I need at least a 48 hours notice. Other team members will not sit here and wait for you to arrive 3 hours late. By being late or not showing could cause us a delay in plans, cause the investigation to be canceled, or loss of clients even members. We have no problem if every once in awhile you cannot attend an investigation but please let me know so I can make the best plans possible for that evening. It also allows me to have time to re-plan, reschedule or find someone else to assist me.

24. If you plan on quitting the team you must submit to me your two weeks notice which will give me time to find a replacement. If you quit without notice  it can cause hardships which means delays, changing plans, and in turn jeopardize our safety. If you do not give us two weeks notice you will be held accountable according to your waiver of consent. If this is something you no longer want to do fine there is positions you can do from home like research, submitting our site for awards, writing tv producers, advertising, finding us sponsors and things of that sort. Not all positions on our team require you to investigate.

22. ANY VIOLATION of these rules will NOT be tolerated and will be a violation of perjury. 
**Actions taken towards the breaking of any rules are as follows depending on the lead investigators decision this can change anytime:**
1. Verbal or email warning.
2. You will sit out on the next investigation.
 3. You will be banned from all future investigations.
5. As a last resort you could be sued for breeching your contract with the organization. Again this is a last option. 
**Depending on severity of violation will be depended on list leader and/or moderator. Immediate removal is sole choice of the list leader or moderator at their discretion. These are the new rules for the list and let it be known they are taken seriously. We are trying to make this group entertaining and educational in the paranormal world. Safety is a big issue. We will not tolerate anyone trying to get somebody hurt. 
So everyone I hope you stay and enjoy this group. There will be chances for day light activities, and a lot for night activities. If anyone has stories (self/real) we love to hear them. If anyone has picture they want to share please send them to the leader as so he can post them on the site for others to enjoy or post it in the proper category. Experience is our greatest teacher . Lets all learn what we can.
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