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With our organization you get nothing but honesty. There is  many scams out there saying listen to our tapes and become Paranormal or UFO certified and they want 150 dollars or more upfront. I am not certified myself  nor will I ever be since I am
self-taught that's what makes this organization special its not about hours of audio tapes and college courses. My view on certification is to actually go out into the field in do it. Consider me more like your mentor and what better then to have the owner certify you himself in person. If you do not want to become certified you can purchase a membership card to carry in your wallet and along with that you get a BEAUTIFUL certificate you can frame. So support us today!! Become a member.
***If you purchase a membership card you will receive a certificate of membership which is to the lower left **Click To Enlarge**  that you can put in a frame and to the right our membership card for your wallet. The card simply states your name, that your a certified member, has our logo, and has my signature of approval on both. The certificate scrolls are subject to change and the card is laminated. Both are very fancy. The certification diploma's and cards are a little different then what is shown below which a photo should be available in the near future*** 
Above is our membership cards and certificates which you will receive both with your purchase. Now certification cards and diplomas are similar just state the wording differently. All certificates are given our Gold Seal of approval whether you purchase a membership with us or you take our local course. These are not the actual sizes just EXAMPLES!
For Local Certification
For Local Investigators On Our Team
1. You must log at least 20 investigations with me personally which turns out to be roughly 80 man hours.
2. You must at least take 3 photos with solid orbs in them and 2 photos with ectoplasm for some this is a challenge.
3. You must own at least 2 piece of equipment whether its a camera and EMF detector, or thermal detector and flashlight and show me you know how to operate them.
4. There is a Haunted House in my area you will be required to go inside alone for at least 15 minutes this is to test your endurance for situations that may require you to handle alone like if I broke an ankle and you had to go off alone and get help etc. I will supervise this of course for safety reasons.
5. You must attend these 3 major investigations they are a requirement so in another wards 3 major investigations and 17 mild investigations.
6. You also must do each of the following below:
A. Write at report-small essay about each of the investigations we go on you only have to write 10 reports out of the 20.
B. You must show good attendance meaning if you are always a no call, no show that shows me you are not responsible enough to handle being a investigator. The spirits may always be there but I will not so you must be on time for the investigations and ready for adventure.
C. You must show heart meaning courage to help one another. When going to the asylum 2 members could not make the 7 foot climb and I helped pull them in. Showing me you care about others and your team shows that you are trustworthy and reliable.
D. You must compile a list of 5 new haunted places to check out this just shows me creativity even if they are not haunted it shows me you are working towards finding spirits and things of that sort since that's what we do.
E. You must provide me with at least one paranormal book you can purchase books at Barnes & Nobles, Borders And Books or any store that sells them. The book you provide generally is not for me but its to better my knowledge so that I can recruit new members with updated information. If you cannot afford one I will let it slide but providing information shows me you are willing to not only do a investigation but also to provide literature and research when need. The book you chose is your choice it can be on bigfoot, aliens, ghost, demons whatever just as long as it helps the organization.
F. There is a haunted cemeterY CALLED OAKWOOD near my house what I will do one night is have you walk from one end to the other by yourself with a requirement of 5 photos taken alone I will review the photos even if nothing is in them I want to test your perception or concentration.
G. I will REQUIRE you to capture you to at least capture 2 types of orbs one is a purple/black orb which are extremely rare I have only captured 2. The other type is a moving orb with a motion trail. Capturing both or separately at 2 different times is fine. The orbs in motion are the easiest to capture I will teach you how to focus and get both.
H. Being a good investigator means being able to capture orbs during the day and ectoplasm. I will REQUIRE at least one daytime orb and ectoplasm shot and yes this is a hard one it took me a year just to get my first daytime ectoplasm shot.
I. You SHOULD purchase a membership card first this is generally explained further below  from me in person if you are on the team. Since this shows you are a supporter of our organization unlike the certification which shows you were trained through us. I will give you 35% Off of the  Membership cards so you will only pay $16.50 instead of the full $27.40  but you must be my apprentice and investigate with us to earn such a discounted benefit for a couple months if not you will have to pay the full $27.40 below for the member card if you are not a fulltime investigator.
J. You must provide me the money for the cost of the lamination, card and processing fee 16.50$ donation if not less it will not be much and of course you can pay me in person rather then online since I am the one certifying you when you have reached these requirements on the team.
If you can accomplish all these things be proud of yourself. Do not do it for me but do this for yourself. I will not pressure you to become certified but what will keep you going in this field is setting different goals each time. Like one week you may want to see a ghost the next week you may want to try a new piece of equipment or get some orb shots. Since I can only certify people who can go on investigations or are local I have another program for the out of state members. Members out of state can get a membership card only unless you building a chapter with us then I will certify you that way.  The best thing you can do is to print this page and check off each goal you accomplish think of this as your training course for our organization.
Out Of State/in state
1. You are a member of this organization meaning you have browsed our site and you are signed up also in the yahoo message board.
2. (Optional) Provide a link or banner on your homepage of our organization to show you are proud of us but again this is optional since some members will not have homepages.
3. You can but are not required to buy at least 1 video or book and provide me with it by sending it to the PO Box which is below. Once again literature helps me out but it also will be used for reference as far as training others. This is optional i do not require it i know some have children and cannot afford it.
4. Although I do not require it I would love to see at least one paranormal photo you have taken not everybody has taken one but its still nice to see other peoples work in this field.
5. I ask that you tell as many people you come across about this organization friends, family, spouses, co workers etc. How we gain popularity is word of mouth more people that join is the more we get the pleasure of sharing the knowledge of the truth.
6. The Only way an out of state member can become certified to start a chapter to learn how to do that go to the chapters page and if your chapter is progressing then you can receive a certification from us this way over time.
7. You will be required to pay a 27.40$ processing fee consider this a donation but generally it covers the cost of the card, lamination, mailing cost and of course having physical proof to show others you are a member. Even though membership is free having a card to show your friends is always a treat. Most members do not have cards but many are interested so I started up this program but by having one it shows you sponsor our organization and cause and lets you be a part of something even if you are to far to attend investigations.
***If you feel more comfortable sending the $27.40 threw the mail please mail your payment by Money Order or Cashiers Check to:***
Paranormal & Ghost Society
Po Box 3008
Deland, FL 32721
Make sure you tell us where you want the card mailed to and the name you are going to use on the card and allow 2-4 weeks! Do not forget to get yourself a frame for your certificate!
Thank You For Sponsoring Us!
Benefits Of Having
A Card
1. It shows you sponsor our cause all nonprofit organizations need fans and sponsors.
2. You physically have my approval meaning my signature approval although I am no Troy Taylor I have conducted many investigations.
3. Being certified locally allows you to flash your card if you move, or you conduct a investigation when you go out of state somewhere it also allows you to show our new investigators your card so they can understand you had to endure the same things they had to.
4. Having a member card or a certification card will  HELP get you OUT of trouble. Meaning this lets say you live out of state and you want to take photos in a cemetery and the cops happen to drive by and see you. You can show them this card and show them you are a member of a valid nonprofit organization.. It shows you belong to an organization and are trying to conduct research rather then someone who goes in a old house, cemetery to vandalize. It does not mean its 100 percent full proof but it helps to have something you can show rather then having no card.
5. By purchasing a card from us you are helping us so that we can fund our domain, cost of film developing, travel expenses etc. Its not alot to ask since many countless times i have gone into dangerous areas and buildings.
6. You can actually show others you are a member of an organization. I always said what good is being in a organization if you cannot boast about it to your friends or show your member card from your wallet.
7. Having a member card lets you be a part of something some of my out of state members do solo investigations carrying our card lets you be a part of something kind of like being a satellite in another area and keeping us posted of whats going on.
8. Receiving a certified card from me means you have accomplished what very few have. You are a full fledged investigator of our organization. You passed the course by working at it and learning a variety of things with me.
9. By becoming certified by me you are saving yourself the hassle of buying 200 dollars in audio tapes, videos and forking out a large amount of money to some organization who is trying to make a buck.
10. Although you are not getting much but a card the card symbolized this organization and how important you are to it.
11. By having a member card you can open up a chapter in your area however you must use our logo and name the only difference is that if you open up a chapter or a website in your area it will be ran by you.

*** The certification card differs a little from the membership/sponsor card***


PGS is in no way responsible for refunds, lost cards, or an illegal misuse.
All cards will have my signature of approval guaranteeing membership or
certification. We are not responsible or liable for any damages. By making
your donation/purchase to cover the cost of processing you have agreed to these terms!!


Note: I will not pressure anyone or enforce the fact you NEED a card its just a
benefit and is something that  I think every member or investigator of mine should have. If I wanted your money out of my investigators  I would have stricter protocols such as providing  300 dollars pieces of equipment , audio tapes, college courses ,or the out of state members its a way for you to contribute as always the site is free to browse and the message board is free to join at anytime without restrictions. We are all in this together and must help one another in anyway we can by donating, purchasing video and books for  each other, training and teachings etc. I ask you to make an alliance with this organization and you will not be  disappointed. We are based on friendship, trust and seek merely the truth. If you want a complete paranormal course like you want to talk in person and have me speak at a convention, party, or your house it's  going to cost you beer, wings and pizza lol.
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