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Welcome to the paranormal bookstore & Thank You For visiting this page. Please Feel Free to Click one of the Amazon Banners below. I am an associate of Amazon.Com and any books you buy or products from them our organization gets a small percentage. Basically the reason why i put this here though is they have great books dealing with the paranormal everything from Sasquatch to UFOS and they also sell wonderful products some that could come in handy on a investigation. Some of the things they sell are binoculars, digital cameras, camcorders, books of every kind.
 I will put some banners up on this page to give you an idea of some of the best seller books out pertaining to the paranormal topic they are updated regularly. Books are very essential to learning about topics such as Ghost, UFOS, Vampyres, The Unexplained etc  there is so many stories, articles and things that i cannot always provide so buy a book and if you feel its to pricey they also sell them used at a cheaper cost. So please feel free to click any of the Amazon banners and purchase a book that suits your interest or click a banner and do a manual search. They are very affordable & Addicting!!
If you are interested in purchasing any of the books below these are some of my favorites. To learn more about any of the books click the book that interest you below!!


Cryptozoology & Unexplained 

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Demonology & Vampyres

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Ghost & Haunting's

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Buffalo & Great Lakes Area Paranormal


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UFOS & Aliens

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Member Books




The following book is written by John Maloney click the book to email him if you wish to contact him that way he can give you his Paypal account if you prefer to pay this way. Now if you wish to mail in your payment by money order or check please send your payments to:

John M. Maloney

6 Chestnut St

Claremont, NH 03743

For every book you purchase $2.00 will be donated to our organization.


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