The video store plays a large part in the paranormal field. Not only are videos interesting but sometimes seeing something makes it easier to believe in rather then imagine it. I suggest buying some of these videos although 100s are out there for starters it would not hurt to get a few. If any of these interest you click them to gather more information about them. The good thing about it is that sometimes purchasing 2 videos at the same time you can earn a discount thru Amazon so keep an eye for special deals. Also if you do not prefer VHS  you can click editions to see if they got it available in DVD. I am not going to force anybody into buying videos however I have seen most of these and all of them i am going to list our astounding once you buy one you will want to add them all into your paranormal collection.
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                                                                                                                                            Abomidable Snowman
Government Conspiracy
UFOS & Aliens
The Unexplained & Doom
Vampyres & Lycanthropes
                                AE's Werewolf Legends
Ghost & Demons
cover                 cover                          cover
             Hauntings             Haunting Tales       Haunted Houses In America
Movie Picks
These are my paranormal movie picks although there is many great movies if you are looking to build a good DVD or VHS collections i recommend any of these. Some are based on true stories while others make you think a long time about them like what if or is it possible!
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