We are an organization based on friendship, adventure and of course the truth. We do anything to get the story climb walls, fences, small holes, ropes, train tracks, buildings, houses, cemeteries, asylums, towers, castles, catacombs, and of course we do it for one thing to bring YOU the story. We visit some of the most foreboding and scariest places. We were founded February 20, 2002 by Lord Rick-AngelOfThyNight of course we been doing this for allot longer. What makes us different from other organizations is that alot of them charge and are very strict with allot of things such as who can join or be part of a investigative team. But freely I allow anybody to join and just about anybody to come along on investigations and participate. Our methods are very new age we got allot on psychic intuitions, metaphysical power, some equipment when needed. Some of the work we do involves some risk others is more like historical research.

We are a organization with an open mind it does not matter how extreme your story is many of us believe in UFOS, Bigfoot, Ghost etc. Even though we are located in along the sierra nevadas covering Las Vegas, Utah, Central California, Nevada and Sacramento however we are not limited to where we do our investigations our investigative group is not just limited to here we will travel. We will go anywhere and do anything just about. The name of our organization was derived from the Paranormal And Ghost Society Of Buffalo but now we will handle affairs nationally and internationally therefore we solely go by The Paranormal & Ghost Society . We are not only here to help those who need information but we are here to provide as much information as we can based on the research we do. We are not based on secrets and we do keep pretty busy researching places, going on trips, adventures and sharing interesting discussions. I someday would love to be on the radio for an hour a week and take questions but our funding is not very high. Most of our funds come from our pockets to travel and for equipment although we have gotten donations and over time would love to be sponsored. The money we make from our ghost walks and tours goes towards film and to better our equipment. 

 I want to make this organization a learning experience but i also want it fun that's why i try to throw meetings together, chat sessions sometimes, parties even where we can all get together and share our experiences and of course enjoy life a little. I want to be able to help my clients with there Haunting's and there curiosities of what they are dealing with. We are crusaders of the truth and will take alot of cases that most paranormal groups will not. Some famous places we been to are The Buffalo Asylum, The Aquarama Bayliner, Central Terminal Station and many more places that are well known and we are one of the only organizations to capture apparitions at those places. We deal with a wide range of paranormal everything from Ghost to Conspiracies. Alot of organizations last a year or two but i promise you we will be around much longer therefore we will be able to provide you with trust, knowledge and the best services and your donations will go to us very easy once you see how upstanding we are. 

We have explored over 800 places and over 900 investigations in just a few years time, over 50,000 messages on our board, 1000s of members worldwide so this just gives you an idea how large we have grown and how tenacious we are in our first year we started out. We have taken some of the best apparition photos in this country with arms, legs, faces and much more in less then a year we have captured over a dozen apparitions on film. So if your house or land is haunted we will find what is lurking there or at least give you some sort of validation. 

We were based in the Daytona Beach Florida area to bring you stories on southern haunts for four years where we did plantations, skunk ape areas, haunted beaches, and ghost towns deep in the Florida swamps. We were successful there and decided due to the lack of participation we would relocate the group out West where allot of undiscovered paranormal hotspots exist. So now we are based in Las Vegas and Sacramento. We will be spending much time in dismal deserts, mines, caves, and woodsy mountains. 

We are growing as a group young yes but we offer allot of knowledge as we seek the truth and even bring you up to date paranormal news. We will help you and we will serve you we also will educate you and do our best. I am more then happy to attend a conference, talk to small groups, give a ghost walk, review your anomaly photos, investigate something for you, perform exorcisms, etc. We are not just a paranormal organization  but we also are an adventure group. No matter what do not forget we are here to listen, help you, provide you with explanations, and assist you in anyway possible we are very family orientated So embrace the Journey!

AngelOfThyNight-Lord Rick

Founder/Investigator/Author/Talk Show Host


Paranormal & Ghost Society

PO Box 6175

Gardnerville, NV 89460-7564


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