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You are probably curious about what kind of services we can provide you as a client. Well to give you an idea of what we do for our clients its simple. We can do ghost tours, Para adventures, exorcisms, Investigate anything strange for you, cleanse a house, lets say you live in some woods and you been abducted or you have have had sightings of something at night out your window what we will do is come to you and investigate the phenomena and definitely do a thorough job. Because we care about our clients its very important that we sit down and have all the facts by phone or through email but we prefer to talk in person depending on the severance of the  situation. 

What makes us different from alot of other groups is we are completely open, patient and understanding about every paranormal topic you can think of so no matter if you think what you experience is outrageous we will hear you out. We are here to better educate you as well as help you with any problems you may have paranormal related. We will not refuse a case unless it breaches our protocols in the handbook section. If you feel you have a ghost in your house we are more then happy to come in hear out your story, spend the night, investigate, get photos of the ghost whatever the case may be free of charge most circumstances. 

We are located in the Daytona Beach, Florida area however we are willing to travel to other States even Countries for an investigation. If you are more then 100 miles from Daytona/Orlando you will be required to cover our travel expenses in most cases we drive so if you can cover our gas and lodging if need to be we will do everything in our power to help you. We do not need fancy hotels we camp, sleep in trucks, etc. I am the owner and I do ALL  investigations along with my investigators to ensure things are done properly. If you are local we will ask for a donation if anything we ask you cover the expense of the gas, film, and development since we are providing you with a service. Remember the paranormal can be dangerous at times demons can cause us sickness, ghost can follow us home, and we work hard at what we do.    

I can cleanse houses, exorcize demons and can actually help you with most questions and provide you with the answers to them. All clients will be responsible to sign a form or should I say waiver of consent. This will be given at the time upon meeting in person if you chose us to investigate for you. If you are out of the country we will travel if we interest you based on what country you are from, how much travel expenses will be, and how much we charge weekly will be discussed further if  you decide to chose us if you hire us for the job. We prefer not to take payments but we are a business and all of us have children or families to take care of  and again we are willing to find the truth, help you, as well as put ourselves at risk to investigate a case. 

We thrive on making others happy and finding the truth and we are successful at it even if we find nothing in a location we will do our best rain, shine, snow, wind we do not let much stop us. If  you are local in the Daytona area or a 100 mile radius we will only ask for a donation it does not matter if its 5 dollars or whatever you chose. If you are out of state and we decide to take the job we will sit down and talk about travel expenses and cost. We are not in this for the money most services we provide are free since we like to think of ourselves as nonprofit but again if you  hire us or ask us to find Sasquatch in some area in the state of Oregon and we travel all the way out there  away from our families, our jobs, etc then we must be reimbursed in some form. Depending on how difficult, dangerous of a job we take we will compile the cost of services for you or a rough estimate. We are much cheaper then most Paranormal Agencies out there since we like to take shortcuts instead of flying we drive so we will save you alot of money in the long run. If you CAN not afford to donate or the cost of services we will not hold it against you. Another wards based on if you are residential, business, or just a an agency who hires organizations like ours to find the answers we will be fair in all situations.  80% of our investigations we do are FREE just that there are a few situations where a client like yourself may require special services like us camping in death valley for 3 days to find the ghost lights, or you need us to spend a week somewhere to monitor activity, or you have the gateway to hell opening up in your town 3000 miles from here. 

So if you are interested further about our cost, services or you want to inquire contact us we are flexible. All emails will be answered accordingly and we are here to provide you with the answers and services. Make sure in your letter or email you input the following. 

1. Who you are 2. What you want us to investigate 3. What the problem is. 4. What you want us to do for you. 5. The dangers or risk  involved 6.Where your located or at least where you want us to investigate. 7. We also have to know if your willing to cover travel expenses or cost if need to be. 8. Any evidence you can provide us like a photo, story, to support your findings. 9. A way to contact you. 10. What you want to pay us or negotiate with.

If we choose to take upon this investigation we will compile a rough estimate and we will  get in contact with a response. If you are in desperate need of our services or immediate attention after our estimate and we  choose to investigate for you will be required to at least pay half for the services and cost up front to validate your authenticity. The other half must be given upon our arrival. There are no refunds so make sure this is what you want. We would rather refuse a payment then have a unsatisfied client. 

If you are a client contact us through email or postal mail.

Paranormal & Ghost Society

PO Box 6175

Gardnerville, NV 89460-7564

Ghost Tours Are TEMPORARILY Out Of Service Due To Our Rellocation!

We are now offering ghost tours and other adventures for people who want a good adrenaline rush or thrill. I have had so many people who said to me Rick I am not interested in investigating rather I would like just a tour. So with enough request I am offering you a chance to go on one of these tours solo or as a group.  Please read about the tour rules and what the current ghost tour we are offering presently. You may want to go on a tour first before becoming a investigator for our organization.

Here is how it works:

 Ghost tours are right now are temporary suspended at the present time. The reason for this is we are still working out details of our next tour where it will take place and the details. Please check back in the future for more information. Rates will most likely stay the same.  The current special tour we are doing is Stetson Ghost Walks the banner for that is on the main page.

For a tour its $11.00 per person for the first 2 hours anything over that time is $5 more per hour so technically for 4 hours of services it will cost you $21. If I travel between 30-85 miles then cost is 18$ per person for the first 2 hours minimum 5 people. Remember there are no refunds unless its within good reason. For example if you want a tour of the Rochester Tunnels or Mac Fadden's Castle this would be considered a out of area tour.

If you are visiting the Orlando, Daytona Beach area or a local Resident these tours are for everybody 18 and up. 

We have the right to refuse service. If you want to see Central Terminal Station we say since its in a high crime rate area tours like this will only be done by a large  group for safety issues. Which means you must at least have 6 people but some tours can be done solo to find out which ones just contact us and will respond ASAP or try and work with you on something.

Some places are off limits for tours due to dangers, private residences things of that sort.

Upon meeting myself or anybody else who assist me in the tours you will be required to sign a Waiver of Consent. This states you cannot sue or hold us liable if anything were to occur such as you get cut on a rusty nail or fined. Even though we act responsible and do things as legal as possible alot of the places we conduct tours at are abandoned and often us Ghostbusters are often rejected but we feel our research is important so we do them regardless. 

If you are disabled, have heart problems, or bad health I do not recommend going on a tour. Some of these places are very haunted, while others are just intimidating. The tour is ALOT of walking we are talking 1-2 miles in a 2 hour period.

PGS does not guarantee you will see a ghost or something of the paranormal. However we do guarantee you a nice tour with alot of history and scary stories based on our experiences.

These tours are for people who do not want to investigate nor join the PGS team rather they just want to visit a haunted place take a few photos for there own personal use. They also are for an introduction to who we are, what we are about, and the methods we use. We do these tours however in hopes to recruit new investigators and if you like what you will see there will be open interviewing afterwards.

If you are caught acting irresponsible, bring DRUGS on a tour, or do not follow the rules you will be asked to leave the tour or I will cut the tour short. This is a new policy and I will stick to it. Because I respect the haunted place I go and nor do I want anybody or myself to get in trouble due to someone else's lack of responsibility. 

Tours are offered Fridays-Sundays-Wednesdays Between the times of  8 pm to 4am so please contact us to schedule a time!

All the money we make off our tours goes towards future investigations, trips, equipment and film development. So in a way your also supporting our organization and at the same time you get a great ghost tour.

For a tour you pay by sending us a Money Order/Cashiers Check to Richard Rowe


Paranormal & Ghost Society

PO Box 6175

Gardnerville, NV 89460-7564


Tell us the date and time you want the tour and how to get in contact with you.

You can also pay us cash upon before the tour starts. If it goes over 2 hours at the end of the tour I will collect the dues.

For a tour the same week you can make a payment through Paypal by clicking the button below. MAKE sure you put how many people are going on this tour, a way to contact you, and which place you want a tour of. 

Click below if you want a tour 50 to 100 miles away from Daytona contact us before purchasing. You must have a minimum of 3 people in your group for us to give you a tour. A place of interest would be for example Mac Fadden's Castle on the hill or the Kinzua Bigfoot adventure.

Why Go On A Tour

1. You get to do something extreme or different for a change.

2. You get to see a part of history remnants of the past.

3. Generally your payment for a tour goes towards equipment or to help better our services rather. 

4. Seeing is believing going on a tour allows you to take your own photos and perhaps you may find you have some talent in this field.

5. You are much more protected going on a tour then going alone to check them out. We have gained alot of experience going to these places. Our team has gone to these places a few times so we know them inside and out such as if there are ghost their, how to get in and out, where we are going, some historical facts, stories, tales things of that sort.

6. You get to ask questions and get answers. Basically when you are on the tour you can ask anything you want I am your guide your there to have an adventure and learn.

7. Its fun/interesting

8. A lot of people generally cannot investigate on our team since it often takes up a lot of time, funding etc so this is a good way for you to go out on a tour. Perhaps you want to see where we got some of our most famous ghost photos well now you get a chance. Most people feel at ease going on tours because they are only into perhaps one aspect of the paranormal unlike my investigators who try and investigate anything strange.

9. A lot of people in the area have always wanted to see a place but they have no interest anywhere else so a tour seems to fit a lot of what others are looking for.