Every organization makes some sort of history as the years go by. I think ours has made alot of accomplishments far greater then other groups out there. On this page you will find some of the historical deeds that we have performed over the years. I am very proud of our organization its nice to see others united towards the same goals and to actually conquer them. What makes us successful is hard work its not about going to college reading books or going to some site and reading some book on ghost hunting. We do things our own way and a creative way and we succeed. So each year I will write down a time line of events that occurred so everybody can see a few things that we have accomplished sort of like our diary.  We were based in the WNY, Buffalo NY area however February 23rd we moved the organization to Florida. Keep track over the months as I add special achievements here done by our organization. 



In General: This was my toddler years. It was a time I had encounters with a black beast which was very tall, broad shouldered and would watch me everytime I went to sleep. I remember seeing an entity go into a closet and disappear and one time waking up at about 3 seeing a creature standing over my bed. This intrigued me as a child and my psychic powers were way beyond most children. I think in my later years I have learned to shut them out because now all that energy I put to use in other ways like dealing with entities, various energies etc.


In general:  I spent roughly 3 years in Las Vegas doing heavy studies on UFOLOGY, OCCULT, DEMONOLOGY AND HAUNTINGS. I performed my first exorcism, investigated a haunted cavern/mine which is the site of a portal, and a haunted house. This was my growing years as a person. I had many dreams which came true about plane crashes even dreamed that planes hit the twin towers. My abilities to help others before we were an organization were always there and as a hobby I dabbled in the paranormal. 


February 22, 2002 - Our organization was formed.

May 2002: PGS Conducted one of our first actual investigations as a team visiting the Central Terminal Railway Station.

June 2002 - We had over 300 loyal members in our organization and our message board reached 67 messages.

July 2002 - December 2002- The message board averaged over 1000-2000 messages per month.

From July to Dec. 2002 - We conducted over 30 investigations at over 20 different places. We did one of our first out of state investigations in the summer.

Summer of 2002 - We went to the Buffalo asylum although others have been there none have lasted no more then a hour inside all the legends you hear about the hidden catacombs there were found by us. We also had one of our first clients where the house was haunted by two entities. Although I have had clients previously back many years ago we were not a large or known group. 

November 2002- We were the first organization to get on the Aquarama ship no man has set foot on that in years but we did.

It just under a year of 2002 - We have taken a UFO picture, a real Bigfoot impression, a couple full apparition photos, and over 500 photos if not more. We have gotten a moving orb on video camera and accomplished many things which surpassed even my greatest expectations. 

September 2002 - Threw our first paranormal party and had a pretty good show it was alot of fun we had burgers, hot dogs, chicken, lots of food and lots of beer haha. 

December 2002: PGS website is almost up and running. Everything we documented in 2002 would be integrated onto our site. 

In General: 2002: Was the year things really became heated it was a period where we were planning out our logos, site design, having meetings about how we would go about our investigations. We did not do alot of investigations just a few ghost walks and adventures so we could work out safety, what cameras work best etc. We through a party or two and I found that very few showed except my closest friends to the group which we still are in contact today with. It was a slow start but we grew. 


January- We ventured for a second time to Macfadden's Castle for the second time but I guess what will make history is that between Pete and Myself we caught so many photos with ectoplasm, orbs, and myself I caught over 15 different apparitions on 2 rolls of film alone that I doubt anybody will be able to beat this record for a long time. One of the most AMAZING photos though taken on this investigation was that of a blonde haired ghost with red lips, a pendant and the other ghost in the photo had a matching pendant. This clearly proves that even in the afterlife 2 lovers can clearly spend eternity together. What an amazing discovery and breakthrough for us.

Feb To June: Things are really starting to pick up I did quite a few investigations and the amount of them were increasing. We added on a couple more message forums this is PGS's growth period. We went from one investigator to having three. We also had a member of the year and they were awarded by us with a special gift. 

June: Our friend and investigator Robert Carr was killed while investigating with us by a drunk driver. Sadly this will always scar me. Robert was a honorable young man and he cared about this group so I decided to keep our site up and running fulltime. 

Summer Months: I give my first major ghost tour to a large group of people they enjoyed the haunted tunnel, house and cemetery. I also got injured and stabbed by a long nail in the foot.

Sept-October: This was a time of many awards from other organizations if you look at awards page. We also did our first television shows one was 13 Most Haunted Places In WNY I got screwed on airtime despite my long taping and we did an interview on the Aquarama ship near Halloween. Also earlier we  had our own radio program it lasted about a month but we got alot of viewers. 

By the End of 2003 we became really hot with the photography ectoplasm photos, apparitions, and orb shots grew in large numbers. It took us awhile to warm up it did not happen overnight. Ex investigators said after seeing our amazing photography that we were fake but we just kept getting better and better. We learned a few very important things this year like about equipment, what an entity is, how to capture them etc and every investigation after we produced results just about. 


Jan-Mar: PGS is packing up the organization getting ready to move to Florida. Unfortunately due to the lack of investigators, gathering shows, and the death of my friend it was time to move on and perhaps work with southern Haunting's. We were very sad to have to do this but to many people up in WNY were taking advantage of our services like using us to find places so they could go in vandalize or steal our material so if we are no longer here then that meant the only mark we could make is history of a great couple years in WNY. During these months we went out with a bang as we did a three day investigation of 

March To July: We are just getting started off in Florida with some historical sites like Stetson College and Deleon Springs. It was very hard making friends nobody showed to any of our parties, nobody would sponsor us

July-October We have a full team investigations increase and are tripled with places like Cassadaga FL. PGS is offered a international television show however the producer could not find a time slot and we were canceled. 

 October PGS establishes ghost tours here and meet ups at the Blue Martini where members can gather to dine with the team and talk about the paranormal At this time we have one of the wildest Halloween Parties ever which has grown in popularity over a few years. 

November-December: PGS develops a new team its a wild couple months averaging 5 investigations per week. 

In General: When we counted on our friends and members most nobody was there for us so we moved the organization. It was a nice year for us as I had 2 seperate teams, did some ghost tours, increased our members and offered alot more paranormal equipment on our site. Our logo wear had increased and by this time we had 1000s of photos. I spent most of the year going to place alone on my bicycle the ones that drove did it for a week and quit. Although despite the lack of editors doing stories and lying to us we still prevailed by the end of 2004 we were one of the only paranormal groups in the state to actually have ectoplasmic entity shots at some places no group had ever done. But also in 2004 some authors tried to steal some of those places to profit off of is sad to say I started to realize the state of Florida to be a hostile one with many abusive cops, paranoid and closeminded people. But I pushed on and we started to draw more Floridians in with interst.  


Jan-May Our team grows into five people we blow out ever other paranormal group in the state with hundreds of apparition photos, dozens of major historical locations, and adventures. 

June: Jason an investigator who use to help us up in NY moves on out to Florida he resigns up on the team. Its just him and I performing investigations throughout the summer. This is a huge factor in our team. Jason I work back into the system and we start to take off more and more as Halloween approaches. 

October: PGS team grows and by this time we are surpassing 500 investigations we even develop a larger team. 

Nov-start to travel further around the state of Florida going to places like near the gulf coast making new discoveries in Florida.

Dec-PGS suffered when I was illegally mistreated by some cops driving to an investigation located and had a pending law suit with my landlord and was put on probation for a crime I did not commit. There was no investigations and this was the longest break we had ever had from no paranormal investigations.

Jan-Dec: PGS has been developed into 8 forums ones like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Myspace and Even AOL. We become one of the largest paranormal groups and message boards in the country. 

In General: Despite 2005 was a busy year for us as we visited plantations, forts, haunted cities, and even ghost towns. It was a year of betrayals like people not showing to meet-ups, parties, my team trying to over throw me it was a very rough year for me. I felt as if I had no friends cause most cared to come over eat, drink, party and run. It was also a year for me when every newspaper, TV station refused to do a story on our group. Over 2005  a few other groups received a total of at least 10 stories during the year total and not one was about us despite our amazing evidence that ghost exist. This really soured me it has forced me to rethink about being based in Florida. I would say I shed alot of tears this year felt at times like nobody cares I did not get really any donations, nobody ever purchased anything t-shirts, mugs etc I also was receiving quite a few threats. PGS still pulls through just badly bruised. PGS has made the decision to relocate in roughly 19 months out west or over seas. I am pleased with all the records broken just sad that so many take advantage of us we are here nobody wants to get involved but like NY we get hundreds of emails now but its to little to late. We do surpass the 500th investigation mark and over 40,000 photos on our site. We also surpass 300,000 hits.


Jan-Feb: I fought my court case and investigations presume. We start to increase to some pretty advanced places like Bok Tower, Ghost Towns etc

March: PGS goes to Las Vegas quite a far trip for such a group. We investigated some old ghost towns and it was a very successful trip which proved to the public we still are one of the best groups in the country.

July: PGS throws some of the largest group parties to date.

August: PGS relocates to Orange City FL

September: PGS makes a return trip back to WNY to investigate some haunted caverns trip was a success. During that month we make the front page of 3 newspapers.  During that time a site called UER.CA flames our message boards, sends porn to our guestbooks, members threaten my family, me, hotlink various photos of ours to there site, and that spans other hate groups. 

October: We make the front page of a 4th Newspaper on a haunted cemetery in Kissimmee. 

November: Our team makes a return trip to the caves in WNY and we also make a return trip back to the Kinzua PA region. Investigating over 20 places.


January: We have a new look new buttons on our main page, a new intro which is flash, partnership with google, satellite radio, new sponsors and format on the mainpage.

February: PGS archives, Para-comedy and paranormal personals becomes a paid feature we offer subscriptions. The subscription is more of a donation to get access to extra features which cuts down on vandalism of public places we visited and allows our members to contribute and get something for it in return. Also during this month our team ventures to the NJ Pine Barrens ISO The Jersey Devil producing 25 investigations. I was very ill from an infection caused by some brush. I had to go to the ER when I got back from my trip. During that month we get offered to do a television show of a haunted historical site.

April: Founder of PGS regains strength from the infection has permanent scar on is face. Gas prices skyrocket all investigations canceled accept for one weekend.

May: Subscription prices go down out of good faith $4.99 a month and $39.99 for the year. We also form alliances with various bands to do our music on our site as we promote one another. Which will bring in triple the traffic. Also the Paranormal & Ghost Society's Hockey and Sports Association is formed which will allow others in our local community to get involved with sports at the park and eventually sign up at various places to compete in various leagues. 

August: PGS is once free again we have done this out of good faith to show others that we would rather have your interest then your funding.

December: PGS Finishes off some of the last investigations in the haunted south as we visited Cedar Key and Savannah GA


February: We do one of our last investigations in FL a small cemetery near my home a place I loved to reflect. 

March-June: PGS relocates and tours the Sacramento area of CA.  We spent 3 months traveling the sierras gathering paranormal hotspots for the future.

June to?: PGS tours Las Vegas and we base our operations here during the summer. 











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