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“Every journey taken always includes the path not taken, the detour through hell, the crossroads of indecision and the long way home.”
Shannon L. Alder

Mountain Well & La Plata Nevada was part of a small silver mining district in 1862 till the early 1870's high up in the Stillwater Mountains.  Just like any boom town it had a couple small ten stamp mills, saloons, hotels, post office and stores. Mountain Well was known for its springs thus many nearby mining towns including the Overland Stage Route and Pony Express often stopped here to haul out the water found here. Mountain Well was more of a ranching community for cattle and livestock which could be raised for the miners of La Plata. However, La Plata was built on a "V" shaped knoll where two canyons meet which had about 80 to a 100 plots for sale. La Plata only grew to a couple hundred residents its hopes of being a large city were dashed when miners moved onto to other local boom towns and the ore taken from the ledges above town was exhausted. But for a few years it did hold a county seat for Churchill County and even coasted a two story stone courthouse which today sits in ruins. Come journey with us as we take on the gorgeous Stillwater Mountains!

Middlegate Station was originally a camping area for James Simpson who was hired by the US Government to survey a route through the frontier and Nevada in 1850. By 1860 a Pony Express station was built at this location which later became a Overland Stage & Freight Station for weary travelers who were journeying to other boom towns in the region. For many years those traveling this stage route which later become the historic Lincoln Highway America's lonlinest road were able to rest their heads and receive a hot meal along the way. Eventually the station became abandoned thus local ranchers began to dismantle the stations walls for its  Zeolite stones. With the invention of the automobile the station sat abandoned for many years till it had gotten a renovation in the 1940's to be used as a bar, cafe and gas station. Abandoned again in 1984 the Stevenson family reopened it where many celebrities have indulged in a cold brew and its famous monster burger!

Stillwater Nevada has been home to man for over 10 thousand years. It was first settled by the Cattail Eaters a tribe of the Paiute Indians who lived off these lush lands and within the salt marsh after Lake Lahontan receded. The abundance of water provided fish, bird life and wild animals such as big horned sheep that the natives could hunt for. The marsh also provided plenty of plant life as well. In 1860 a Pony Express and Overland Stage Station were built here and by 1862 a small town sprang up. The town boasted a hotel, saloon, blacksmith shop, stores, restaurants, courthouse, school, ice house and a hay yard even. Some may believe the town was cursed while for 35 years it retained the county seat it was plagued by grasshoppers, epidemics, massive snow storms and even floods. Many of the pioneers grazed livestock and grew crops for the miners in the Comstock Lode today very little is left today except for old ranches, cemeteries, remnants of the past along with the ghosts that haunt them. Journey with us as we uncover this cursed remote ancient land as we explore this forgotten historic colony.


Daveytown was a small gold mining camp that came to be in 1910 and its name was derived from the Davey Mine which sat under a small bluff below the Slumbering Hills and Jumbo Nevada. In 1938 the family sold this hamlet and it became the Mayday Mine. Nearly 400k in gold was pulled from its mine and glory hole. While it may not have been a well known town it had cabins built for miners using lumber from an old church in Winnemucca, ten stamp mill, saloon, store and a residential area. Originally there was a five stamp mill and later a ten stamp mill was built to process ore in many of the other local mining camps particularly the Alabama Mine. While Daveytown was not very well know it is truly home on the range surrounded by beautiful snow mountains, green meadows and a part of the beautiful Awakening Mining District.

Mining in Jumbo Nevada begin around 1910. By 1935 a town grew at a crest at the top of the Slumbering Hills due to the Jumbo Gold Mine being discovered here. The town also was visited by President Hoover who was intrigued with the mining operation here. While it was not the largest gold mining town it had its booms such as in 1936, 1941, 1947 and was in operation till 1963. The mines here were part of the Awakening Mining District and a massive 30 ton amalgamation mill was built here to process the gold. While this was not a large town it had a dance hall, saloon and quite a few residential cabins with wood stoves to aid the miners in braving the brutal winters here. Over the years Austin had leased the mine to various investors but due to litigation, heavy costs and isolation eventually Jumbo went bust leaving behind remnants and its ghosts.

Paradise Valley grew as a ranching town in the 1860's. When the first pioneers came to this valley they were under attacks constantly which led to the construction of Fort Winfield Scott that held up to 100 US Army Soldiers to help protect the ranchers. This town in its heyday had a post office, stores, grange hall, saloons, three hotels, newspaper, stage coach stop, cemetery, hot springs and a flour mill. While Paradise City aka Scottsdale was not known for its mining some of the biggest gold strikes in Nevada transpired in the Santa Rosa Mountains just a few miles above this lush valley where the Humboldt River flows through. Today Paradise Valley is a semi-ghost town haunted by those who fell during the Indian Snake Wars. Sit back enjoy the ride as we journey to one of Nevada's best kept secrets which include dark cellars & exploring many relics of the past.

National NV was founded by two prospectors via automobile for the National Motor Vehicle Company in 1907. National was one of the richest gold mining towns in Nevada however today so very little of it remains with the exception of a few piles of wood, a stone cabin, tailings and an ore bin chute. In just a few years the National Mine brought in 8 million dollars in gold bullion and by WWI the town had been completely abandoned due to the mines being exhausted. At one time the town had a post office, newspaper, school, mills, assay office, saloons, businesses, dentist, doctors, stage lines, stores and even a two story hotel. We dare you to journey with us in the heart of the Santa Rosa Mountains along three mile creek as we take on the lost city of gold.

Henry Cowell Redwoods & The Roaring Camp
Railroad may just be some of the oldest and best well preserved Pacific Coast Redwoods in the state of California. While the Ohlone made their home for thousands of years here when the lumberers came to the region they nearly wiped out most of these tall red giants. One of the first sawmills on the west coast was built here which later turned into a small pioneer settlement called roaring camp. It is said famous explorer John Fremont once camped inside the hollow base of a tree today called "The Giant" and not to long after a resort even a dance hall was built next to it to promote tourism. One of the most prominent railroads was built in the 1870's at the Fall Creek Woods where passengers could go to and from the city of Santa Cruz riding through the Santa Cruz Mountains and along the scenic San Lorenzo River. Today this redwood park preserves Roaring Camp, the old Big Tree Pacific Railroad and these giants of the past. While their is such beautify and nature this park also holds a dark past one where four teenage boys were brutally murdered.

The Mystery Spot was founded by a George Prather when in 1939 he was surveying a hillside in hopes of building a summer cabin when he became aware of compass irregularities. Upon further investigation George often felt dizzy in a 150' area which he referred to as a mystery spot. When his cabin fell down the hill it came to rest among the redwoods growing on it thus being inspired by the Oregon Vortex Prather opened his Mystery Spot to the public as a tourist attraction. Since then thousands of people have taken advantage of this optical illusion which gives off the appearance that objects and people defy the laws of physics and gravity. Some theorized that maybe this mystery spot is the work of a meteor or alien spaceship.

The Court Of Mysteries was built by Kenneth Kitchen and his brother Raymond. In the 1930's when the land was purchased it was a small goat farm and eventually Kitchen built it to house is collection of eastern mysticism books which eventually transitioned into a Hindi Temple which was mysteriously built in the after hours of nightfall but why? Rumor has it that the entire temple was built to align with the sun, stars and our moon thus when the two pyramid tablets come together found on the mantle as well as within the gate of prophecy this would signify the end of the world is near. Kenneth was a brilliant man who invented his anti submarine emitter in WWII because Santa Cruz was under attack from the Japanese once the Navy had gotten a hold of it since it also caused them interference it was as if Kenneth one day walked away from everything never completing the second story to his temple eventually vanishing where he ended up dying in the Warren Mental Asylum in Pennsylvania. We welcome our viewers to enjoy this little roadside attraction that offers, conspiracy, mystery and history.

Santa Cruz Beach, Boardwalk & Natural Bridges resides on the edge of Monterey Bay which boast one of the worlds deepest trenches in the ocean. But it also is home to a sea monster called Bobo, Bigfoot in the mountains just beyond the city limits, most notorious serial killers, eeriest ghost stories of those who lost their lives here  and some of the strangest UFO sightings in the last fifty years. In the 1600's the Spanish had arrived on these shores and eventually they constructed a Catholic Mission and a old city that surrounded it. Sadly for nearly two centuries many of the Ohlone people were wiped out from disease some were even mistreated. Eventually it would be Mexico that owned many land grants and ranches along the coast prior to Santa Cruz becoming a tourist city when California made it to statehood. Today this pristine beach is a focal point for all things mysterious just do not let its beauty fool you. The boardwalk boast one of the last coastal amusement parks in the country where some have tragically lost their lives. Join us as we take on Monterey Bay in Santa Cruz where the movie the Lost Boys was filmed!

Santa Cruz Evergreen Cemetery was erected after the Arcane Family pioneered there way through Death Valley and needed a place to bury their nine year old infant when they arrived in Santa Cruz. Since then the cemetery has always served as a grounds for the dearly departed pioneers who first braved the sierras when they came to the region via wagon train. Tales of love, loss and ghosts fill this burial ground with rich heritage of Santa Cruz's early past including a story about an escaped slave who became wealthy here, a man that was shot on the way home from dinner who haunts the evergreen woods and one of the first men to cross the sierras. Today the cemetery is a park like setting riddled with lush forest, hills and quite a few crumbling gravesites caused by vandals and earthquakes over the years. We invite our viewers to take a brief walk into the past into this place of history and beauty as we take on one of Santa Cruz's oldest most haunted cemeteries. This was one of the first cemeteries in California that contained both Protestants and non-Catholics. Many of the folks buried here played a role in Santa Cruz's early history.

Santa Cruz Memorial Park Cemetery was erected in 1862 when the Independent Order Of Oddfellows purchased a plat of land below the cities mission to bury the dearly departed whether you were poor or rich everyone had gotten a proper burial here. Today this park like setting serves more then two thousand interments and is rumored to be haunted by The Lady In White. The lady was said to have been killed by her abusive husband others speculate that it is a girl that died at a young age seeking out her family who are not buried in this graveyard. While their are many historical figures found within so are those who died tragically in strange accidents, diphtheria epidemic, powder mill explosion or were victims of simply murder. Rumor has it that at night shadows, ghosts, disembodied voices and even a spirit that chases your car are all some of the strange happenings surrounding this gem along the San Lorenzo River. This large cemetery continues to grow and tell tales of the dearly departed of the pioneers who made Santa Cruz what it is today!

La Exaltacion De La Santa Cruz/Holy Cross Church was established in the 1790's as one of the many Catholic Missions when the Spanish had arrived on the California Coast. The Mission was not only a large farm to raise crops and livestock but it was designed to baptize and convert many of the native tribes into Catholicism. The problem is the Spanish brought with them disease and they did not always treat the natives right thus many of them died which led to the Ohlone and Zayante Tribes encountering extinction of there peaceful lives on the Pacific Coast. Back in the 1700's Padres climbed Mission Hill planting a cross which led to the development of Santa Cruz. While the Mission had been washed away in a flood and was in ruins do to earthquakes in the 1880's it was established as a parish with a gothic church and a replica of the Spanish Mission which can be seen on the groups today of this large theological wonder. Perhaps some of the parishioners and natives still haunt the grounds today as the entire hillside is riddled with graves of the forgotten and the holy cross church was built over one of the counties oldest graveyards.

Angel Island California in the San Francisco Bay was once home to a Miwok Village that prospered till the Spanish arrived. Eventually during the Civil War Camp Reynolds was established and soon to follow a quarantine station for those arriving mainly from China who may have been carrying disease. In the later 1800's Angel Island became the Ellis Island of the west as immigrants came here to be processed before entering the U.S.  During WWI and WII the island became Fort McDowell which was a military recruitment base and discharge station for soldiers who came back from the war. It also was a detainee prison for war criminals in both world wars. When the island served its use everything became abandoned leaving only footprints of its colorful past behind. While the immigration bell at the dock rings no more and most of the buildings are gone today Angel Island is a state park that can be reached only via ferry. Journey with us as we urban explore one of the most haunted dismal islands in the Pacific.

The Western Pacific Railroad Museum was formed after the Union Pacific had absorbed most of the line. However, for nearly a century this railroad was a scenic alternative route from Salt Lake City Utah to Oakland California which was referred to as the Feather River Route. At one time millions of tons of freight and passengers from all over the world utilized this railroad. It was known for its California Zephyr especially from the 1950's, 60's and 70's which was its most successful line. When the line had been absorbed the WPRM was formed to preserve this railroads cars, locomotives, cabooses and rolling stock. Today this museum composed of volunteers resides on 37 acres and contains over 170 pieces of rolling stock which makes it the largest rail museum in North America. It also was the site of one of the last remaining railroad hospitals in the nation now burned down to the ground history and remnants of what once was surround this old rail yard along the current Union Pacific Route where its trains may sit idol but the railroad lives on and the ghost that haunt it! Journey with us as we take on this haunting train graveyard!

Johnstown California is a quaint little gold rush era mining town high up in the Sierra Nevada. Some of the first gold mining transpired in 1849 and by the 1870's a small town had developed named after William Johns who managed the Eureka Plumas Mine which was set to have brought in millions in revenue. The town had a troublesome past dealing with a series of fires but also eventually the mines would be exhausted and winters were harsh here. Their is also a story about the ghost of a little girl who haunts the town restaurant which at one time was a post office and general store.  While today the town is no longer bustling it is well preserved with a cemetery that boast many of the miners and first residents who came to this scenic gem in search of a new life with all the success that comes with it. Journey with us as we explore one the earliest gold rush towns below the sierra buttes. This charming haunted little town today may no longer be bustling but it truly is a prime example of early wild western history.

The Eureka Plumas Mine Camp & Old Jamison City California begin a short time after the discovery of gold in Coloma. It started off as a tent camp as a group of prospectors mined the ledges of Eureka Peak aka Gold Mtn. later building a mill to process the ore. Gold production was around 20 million spanning from the early 1850's all the way up until WWII. Today the site boast remants of this gold rush camp including a blacksmith shop, assay office, old boarding house, mining relics and the monolithic Mohawk Mill which boasted 60 ore crushing stamps. Today most of the town is long gone as this gem resides deep in the Plumas National Forest in the high sierras which offers our viewers nature, history, scenery, mines, mills and many other sites of interest. While the mining has long stopped on Eureka Peak the ghost that haunt this gold rush camp live on! Eureka Plumas Mine Camp had 300 residents and may have been the birth place where skiing was born in the western hemisphere.
Join us as we tour this eerie mine camp which was home to the ancient Maidu for thousands of years as we uncover remnants of the past.

Whispering Pines Cemetery & Old Beckwourth California resides along an old wagon trail which served as an alternative route to cross the sierras as opposed to the rugged snowy Donner Pass. Beckwourth was a trapper, trader, freed slave, hunter, miner, scout, indian chief and of course responsbile for enhancing the Beckwourth Pass for those pioneers who came to the region to make lives for themselves. Not much remains of Old Beckwourth but a few old barns, cabins and this historic cemetery which resides on a hill overlooking the pass. Beckwourth had operated a trading post which James Beckwourth traded goods to pioneers traveling to Marysville to the west or Reno to the east. Beckwourth was a ranching and lumber community which boasted a post office. Today this old historic town is being asborbed by Portola a few miles to the west. Join us as we journey  under some of the areas oldest pines seeking out remnants of the past and explore this once booming town along Grizzly Creek and Feather River which was born in 1862!

The Chollar Mansion was built in 1861 as a mining office to keep an eye out on the Chollar Mine which was the fifth largest producer of silver in the Comstock Lode in Virginia City. Over the years the mine was plagued by a series of accidents which often led to miner deaths. Eventually the Chollar had combined to form the Chollar - Potosi after a four year law suit due to both mines tapping into one another due to their close proximity which became one of the most expensive civil suits of the Lode. Mining continued here all the way up until about 1920 then in 1963 it became a haunted tourist attraction. Not much has changed folks often get touched by unseen forces, witness the ghost of apparitions, hear disembodied voices and other strange phenomena. Just as with the mine the mansion was also a bed and breakfast for many years today though its a residence with rumors of the dearly departed who have taken up permanent residency within. Enter if you dare one of the most historic haunted relics of the Comstock with Lord Rick's 41st birthday bash.

Black Chasm Cavern was first found by a group of miners in the gold rush who lowered themselves into the chasm via rope and candle. When they realized that the chasm had no gold they abandoned it and by the 1860's this became a place of tours. TNT was used to widen the entrance in turn damaging the first room however as of today eighten caverns and five lakes have so far been discovered here in this very unique cave system. Black Chasm is full of blue marble which its previous owner nearly mined it until the federal government saved the cave system due to its Helictites aka Soda Straws. While most caves might have a few Black Chasm has Millions which are seen pouring out from the caves cracks in addition to having one of the only vegeterian spiders in the world that is found here. Today the cave is a national landmark unfortuntely due to its protected status its been years since further explorations been done. We invite you to take a journey within as we take you in the heart of the chasm to the Landmark Room in one of the greatest cave systems in the world!

Jackson Butte is a guardian throughout gold country as this extinct volcano watches over the bustling town of Jackson standing at over 2k. It was very sacred to the Miwok Indians and eventually miners of the gold rush mined its foothills in search placer gold. Many years ago when I was homeless the butte was a local hangout for camping, partying and even making out. Due to the buttes monolithic towering height it is home to a massive radio tower and even an abandoned com's station. Join us as I return to Jackson to take on this geological wonder with cityscapes with a hundred mile view.  This butte is an icon adding to the magic gold country presents and serves as a sentinel to those who knew they were getting close to Amador counties largest bustling cities.

New Chicago California begin as a mining camp early on in the 1850's which eventually grew into a small town. The town boasted a hotel, saloon, grocery store, boarding house and multiple mills which processed the ore from the local Fremont - Gover Mine which went about 2900' deep. About five million in profits was made through gold mining here. Not as large as some nearby towns like Drytown, Jackson, Clinton or Placerville which is why New Chicago today is long gone transitioning from gold mining to cattle ranching. Today most of what remains is to be on local ranches and private property making it hard to uncover this bustling communities once beloved past. Journey with us s we take on turkeys, cattle and hidden history found amongst the tall grass.

St. Stephens Historic Cemetery was the Catholic Parish located in Drytown California. When you first enter this burial ground you will encounter ruins of a church followed by the graves of Catholic settlers who came here in search of gold. Many of these pioneers found here died tragic deaths some were known to have made Drytown was it was today. While this cemetery may not be the most haunted or glorious it will forever be indicted into the towns history as it somewhat remains forgotten. Join us for a beautiful tour of this shady graveyard as we chase history and its ghost. While many relevant sites burned down in Drytown the one thing that was a mainstay is its early graveyards which served the early emigrants of Drytown which started off as a gold mining camp.

Dry Town California also known as Dry Diggins was a gold mining camp established a short time after the gold rush in Coloma. It is the oldest community or rather hamlet in Amador County. The town boasted 26 saloons, hotels, post office, mills, stores, two churches, school, two cemeteries and a few hundred houses at its peak. During its hey day Drytown was plagued by fires and is known for the Rancheria Massacre which men and one woman was slaughtered. This led to the mass execution of over twenty Mexicans who were hung for crimes they did not even commit. Eventually the gold ran out and the fires took most of the town with them. Today only a few historic sites remain and Drytown is known for its quaint little antique shops and pipers ghostly laughs of the past. Journey with us as we take on the town that never really was dry!

Lakes Basin California is home to over fifty glacial bodies of water formed nearly 200k years ago. It was home to the ancient Maidu tribe for thousands of years who used the rocks to depict petroglyphs some of which may reveal a bigfoot or even an ancient alien connection. In the mid 1800's some of the first miners came to this basin in search of gold and silver. While very little placer gold was found in this basin the buttes above it revealed some of the largest gold nuggets in the state of California. Today this basin is pristine, preserved and is like something out of a lost world movie. It is home to a race of bigfoot like creatures who often chase folks out of the area and are territorial. With over 50 glacial lakes this is prime real estate for the mysterious, lost, elusive and undiscovered which all are awaiting us to uncover! Journey with us in the land of lakes!

Summit Valley & Lake Van Norden was home to the Martis tribe thousands of years ago. When the first white Europeans came to this valley they built the first transcontinental railroad and highway which graced the edge of this once thriving lake. Many of the emigrants would cross this valley using the Donner Dutch Flat Emigrant Road sometimes as many as a hundred wagons per day traveled it while later it was used by Sheepherders who operated some of the largest sheeping operations in the country. Today the wagons have halted, sheep no longer graze and the natives no longer hunt on these lands. Slowly nature has come to reclaim all that once use to reside in its meadows such as orchards, farms, hotels, stage stops, post offices, homesteads and even the earthen dam which still till this day is surrounded by a little bit of mystery.

Bowman Lake resides deep in the Tahoe National Forest and resides below Grouse Ridge. For years Grouse Ridge has been prime real estate for the creature known as Sasquatch. At one time a meadow could been seen from miles away where the natives hunted. When the first white Europeans came to the area they established small settlements, mines and lumber camps surrounding what is known as to days Bowman Lake Reservoir. Journey with us as well navigate cliffs above its northern shore, explore majestic waterfalls and open up new doorways to endless possibilities for future projects. Something lurks in the Bowman Lake area it lets out bellowing screams before dusk, dives into the lakes coves and appears to be leaving its footprint for other hikers who dare journey on Grouse Ridge for ten mile haul the same route early emigrants took. Welcome to the gates of paradise and mystery!

Historic Graniteville was one of the earliest placer and hydraulic mining centers during the California gold rush. Before it became Graniteville it was known as Eureka South. It had its up and its downs just as any of the mining towns in the west. It had a post office, fire department, church, school, stores, cemetery, mills, mines, hotels, saloons, stables and even a stage stop. But it also had fires, lawlessness and it was so remote that it was cut off from the rest of the world. While Graniteville nearly became a ghost town a couple smaller booms led to the town surviving which today it is a place for weekend and summer vacation residents. We encourage you to take a journey to 5k deep in the Tahoe National Forest where we visit this quaint little forested community where we tour one of its oldest sites the Graniteville Cemetery! Its a very charming place that holds its secrets dear!

Haskell Peak may just have one of the best views within the Tahoe National Forest aside from the monolithic Sierra Buttes to the west. During ancient times the Maidu and Washoe came here in the summer months. Then the Europeans came to the area forming many mining camps. Edward Haskell use to tell the local folks around Sierra City that the core of it was made of solid gold. The mountain offers sweeping panoramic views of the sierras making it one of the favorited peaks to summit. But do you what Mount Haskell is also known for? It became the spectacle of a Bigfoot Hoax and is referred to as the Bigfoot Kill Zone. The area where supposedly Justin Smeja shot two bigfoot like creatures one being a young juvenile. Come join us as we journey to the summit and explore offbeat locations surrounding the kill zone in search of the King of the high Sierras! An epic journey into nature, scenic beauty, mystery and adventure. Did Smeja really shoot Sasquatch or exploit it for fame?

Lindsey Lakes California resides in the Grouse Ridge basin an area for years known for its pristine views, diverse ecology, streams, rivers and peaks. But it also is home to Americas Rock Ape aka Bigfoot with years of strange sightings, vocalizations as well as large unknown tracks that pop up time to time. Join us as we venture into the heart of this great basin as we explore various lakes, primitive forest, wetlands and even an old homestead. This wilderness area was home to the natives for thousands of years then eventually miners, lumbermen and ranchers came to herd their livestock here because the area was so fruitless. In fact is home to over 47 lakes which reside below its eight mile ridge making it an ideal place for something cryptid to roam and thrive off this long lost land within the Tahoe National Forest.

Utica Lake came to be many years later after its sister reservoir was erected back in the 1860's. Dams and reservoirs were a new trend during the gold rush but these ones were built to provide water to Angels Camp and Murphys. But it also led to saw mills and hydroelectric power. All of which led to the growth of mining camps in the area. For years area has been ridden with tales of UFOs and Bigfoot that roam bear valley area especially the Stanislaus Forest where these gems reside. Journey with us as we encounter ghostly laughs, bigfoot vocalizations, strange tracks and objects of unknown origins in this mountaineous region of the high sierras. Lets us take you to alpine lakes and even on a night adventure. We will leave you breathless!

The Seven Gates of hell reside in the ranching and mining town of Collinsville. They were built back then for the miners and families to be able to move about without the hindrance of trains. Over the years the area has developed quite a reputation for being haunted. Tales of hangings, ghosts, animal mutilations, Satanic rituals, Phantom car wrecks and urban legends have been passed down for decades. Supposedly if you drive through the gates in order then at midnight pass through the seventh a portal to hell opens up and hellhounds drag you to tell. While these make for great campfire stories I fin the rural forest around them to be even creepier. Join us as we uncover this well known urban legend in Southern Illinois. What lurks in the shadows within the dark roads of this woodsy little ranching community?

The McPike Mansion was built in 1869 and even today is still an architectural wonder. But it also is one of the most haunted estates in all of Illinois today sitting in a state of disrepair. The McPike Family was known for its award winning grapes and wine. But also McPike served as the mayor of Alton. The family even had some ties to Abraham Lincoln when he was running for president. The home is said to be haunted by multiple spirits including servants, a little girl and members of the McPike Family. While we were not able to gain access I felt that our viewers would still enjoy seeing one of the most haunted estates in Illinois. What secrets roam its dark halls?
Alton National Historic Cemetery is rumored to be not only Illinois 3rd oldest burial grounds but also the most haunted cemetery in the state. While many famous family plots are found here its best known for its very large Civil War era section and the Lovejoy Monument an abolitionist who was murdered for his political injustice articles. This large cemetery reflects the neighborhood which is full of Victorian era Mansions which many of its original owners are found within its wrought iron fences. This includes the ghost of Lovejoy, Lady In Black and other strange paranormal happenings. Walk with us as we take on one of the most prestigious cemeteries in all of the Midwest! If only its vultured talked what would they say?
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