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The bald mountain summit view from atop of Haskell Peak may just be one of the best in the region offering sweeping panoramic views of the sierras and commanding views of the Tahoe National Forest. Some feel that this peak offers better views then even the nearby Sierra Buttes but I certainly will let our viewers decide. This is probably one of the easiest peaks you can climb definitely one you can take your entire family on if your not afraid of the king of the forest that roams around this peak known as Bigfoot! The hike is only a couple miles one way and you will go from 7k to 8,107k climbing moderately to the summit where you can stand on its bald summit with nothing standing in its way.

The mountain is situated east of Sierra City and it is one of the rocky rolling ridges thta rises above the dense forest in the northern sierra. Its really the second tallest mountain besides the Sierra Buttes which rise to 8591'. While the buttes may be 484' higher climbing Haskell is a much easier journey which is why its more popular. The trail takes you through a dense forest for the first mile then it starts to level off where you get to traverse a flatter area with meadows and views of the peak from afar. Then the last quarter mile you make a steep rocky climb to the very top where you can enjoy volcanic rock formations and commanding views.  

Whether people believe it or not their is plenty of history to the area the first being the Haskell Peak Mine. At the time it was claimed they built the Prospect Tunnel for ten thousand dollars which was 1200' in length. Other prospect tunnels nearby are the Blue Gravel and Eureka Mine Company which also boast lengthy tunnels nearby. The one pattern that seems to consistent with many of the expeditions I do is that Bigfoot seems to be found near these remote mines high up on hard to get to peaks. Wherever there are tunnels, caves, mines etc your going to find a slew of Bigfoot sightings. Perhaps the reason behind it is that these creatures may be taking shelter within these locations to stay out of the elements and perhaps remain elusive in theory.

The area is full of mines but also old mining camps which existed in the Lakes Basin. Then nearby was the town of 
Sierra City where many of the miners built their own camps or filed claims surrounding Haskell Peak. At one time was a town which no longer exist in the area known as Antelope which boasted a mine supposedly its a cultural site but I was not able to find it.  Sierra City was established in 1850 and by 1852 many mines sprang up in the area most of them found within the Sierra Buttes which can be seen from the top of Haskell Peak to the west.  Sierra City was destroyed by avalanche in the winter of 1853 prior to that it had a bakery shop, saloons, gambling houses and a couple other large buildings. When the town was destroyed they built it at a lower elevation and mining claims in the area continued to spring up especially surrounding Haskell Peak.

The peak was named after Edward W. Haskell who was a miner that claimed that the interior was solid gold. While Haskell Peak was one of the biggest gold producers in the region it was not the richest mine in California. A San Francisco Journal known as the Haskell Journey said that this is one of the highest mountains in the country and claimed it had been named after Edward W. Haskell.  But their also is a conflicting report I read about a Thomas Haskell who settled on 160 acres in Long Valley in Lassen County which is just adjacent to the Sierra County border where this peak is located. I read that he was still living there in 1882 and by 1890 the property had been abandoned. Supposedly as the other story goes the mountain was named after his property and him which at the time resided at the base of the mountain. I just attributed that Thomas may have been the son of Edward but I cant say for sure. So its really hard to know how Haskell Peak had gotten its name or which Haskell it was named after but more then likely the prospector who found gold within its mountain.

Prior to the white Europeans settling into the area it was the Maidu and Washoe Indian tribes which called this place home for thousand of years. The tribes were migratory or rather seasonal meaning that in the winter months they lived in the foothills of the sierras while during the summer they hunted, gathered and lived in the high sierras. The snow was not as high in the winter in the foothills and lower valleys. However, it was far to deep in the winter months especially on Haskell Peak. In the Spring when the tribes moved into the higher sierra they would gather roots, berries, hunt and fish into summer. Then in the mid 1800's the tribes begin seeing an influx of miners and pioneers in the area. The Europeans came to the area building mining camps and small towns seeking out the mountains gold.  This spelled an end of an era for the tribes who had been here for thousands of years. Many of them ended up working in the mines while some may have died doing so others died due to the disease the white man had brought. I sometimes wonder if all of this is for nothing considering many of the mines and their respectful mining camps are long gone today.

While some of you may know the history surrounding the Haskell Peak area it was also known as the Bigfoot Killzone Site which sits somewhere between Mount Haskell and Bassetts Station of nearby Sierra City. At the time this made waves in the paranormal and cryptozoological community back in 2010. Some were buying it others like myself simply refused to be sold based on the facts and of course the lack of evidence. You see Justin Smeja a hunter or self admitted poacher in the Haskell Peak area along with a second hunter claimed that they were hunting for bear when they came around a corner noticing a large hair covered figure standing a few hundred feet from the road in a meadow along the side of the road.  He claimed that the figure was standing on two legs with its arms above its head. He noticed that the figure had took around eight to ten steps toward his truck as the arms were swaying. He said that the creature was dirty gray and black in color also very large. The two men decided that this was a bear they shot at it and the dark figure went down. It had gotten up immediately an starting running away on two legs then eventually on all fours then vanished out of view.

They exited the truck hiking across the meadow to check out there kill when they noticed something rustling in the bushes nearby. That is when two smaller figures appear from the brush and were circling around both of the hunters. The smaller figures were black in color totally covered in hair and were running around on two legs then dropping down to all four. Justin Smeja claims that they were chattering back and forth to one another in some unknown language. They were described between what looked like a gorilla and a bear along with having heads almost to big for their bodies. But they also noticed that the faces were much more flatter then a bear would have. One of the smaller figures apparently was getting close to both of the men and climbed up an outcrop above the hunter when one of the hunters panicked and fired at it. The figure fell down and rolled right in front of the other hunter. When they checked it out up close they carried it to a bush then got out of there!

Supposedly Smeja returned to the area weeks later after a snowstorm and he stated he went back to the spot this occurred. He states he went back to get evidence and the only thing left behind was the infamous Bigfoot Steak as he called it. Their was no carcasses or bodies of whatever it is they shot at this site but the steak and some blood. The sample had been sent to Dr. Melba Ketchum to one of the most well renowned forensic DNA labs at Trent University where test results came back as a female black bear and human. The human being Justin Smejas since he probably touched the sample. Its obvious that the flesh that he turned over as evidence came from a female black bear perhaps one he poached but it definitely was NOT from an unknown mammal. Today people still call it the Bigfoot Steak or Sierra Kills sample!

Everything about Smeja's story is very fishy and trust me I know because I been in this field four nearly two decades. When people lie for fame, money or attention it makes it that much harder for me to educate the public about these creatures which remain elusive in the most remote parts of the world. Do I believe that Smeja killed a bigfoot below Haskell Peak? NO! Let me break it down for you: A: No video or Photographic Evidence B. Smeja was arrested for poaching C. The DNA evidence of the bigfoot steak testing positive for a black bear D. The rifle he was using to hunt for bear really is not a good hunting rifle for this type of game E. Why does Justin Smeja during some interview omit certain parts of his story? F. Why would a person shoot something infant sized after seeing it was not a threat? G. Why did Smeja wait over a month to return to the site? H. One moment Smeja does not believe in Bigfoot and is not a cryptozoologist then all of sudden he is on TV stating he is! I. Why did he not collect any hair, skin, fingernails or put the juvenile in his truck which probably would have not weighed much? J. Why did Smeja not just bring the news to the location the next day? K. The DNA of the blood that came back from his boot was goat L. Why isn't the other hunter who was with Smeja at the time coming forward? M. Were they under the influence at the time thus if his mind believed he shot a bigfoot then this would explain why he passed his lie detector test. These my friends are just some things you have to think about and question! I probably could come up with more things but I feel we have made our point!

I am not here to beat the guy up but when I read about this story a few years later I had to do my own exploration of the region to find answers of my own see I feel Smeja exploited this creature drawing thousands of people to this area now. While the kill site is irrelevant to me I did at least try to find it! Smeja gave some coordinates but they were a mile off while another site corrected them which lead me above a hard to get to meadow and a third website gave another set of coordinates which were miles off. Coordinates do no matter to me because if these creatures do exist then they would not remain to long in one area as they can be predatory or gatherers. Based on my own expedition I feel their is a high possibility that these creatures remain elusive in the area since their is plenty of water, food and cover to keep its secrets for years. What I do not believe is that Justin Smeja and his hunting partner killed anything other then a black bear. I am okay with legal hunting but killing just for fun? I think Smeja killed a mother bear and its cub that is what it sounds like to me then decided to put a spin on the story or panic coming up with the whole story!

I seen for years people wanted to see more photos of the area so that is what we have exactly done so others can get a feel for the area to its entirety. People today still want to go to the kill zone but the truth is this happened a long time ago even if it did happen what evidence is going to be left after multiple harsh sierra winters or the Spring rains which wash away anything that could be forensic in nature. While Smeja continues to state that he is just going to have to kill another one shows me this individual has no regard for any type of life bear or Bigfoot. This is an endangered species even if its not known Haskell Peak is in California and the state does have laws to protect them. Their are parts of California that have bigfoot signs protecting them as the state does not deny the existence of such creatures. What happens when some fool thinks he is going to kill one happens instead to kill a hunter or a defenseless animal? Do you know how you study Bigfoot? You do so at a distance! Their is plenty of forensic evidence available hair, stool, tracks and other pieces of evidence that can be brought to light. Id much rather see these creatures live on then to be hunted to extinction given the fact that their numbers are probably so low which is why sightings are so rare. But if you have such a sighting its almost nowadays impossible to believe if their is no video evidence. Regardless in today's society everyone has a camera to say the very least and Smeja did not use his to take any pictures or video.

With that being said Justin Smeja now has book deals, movies and even National Geographic has given in all over hearsay! He continues to speak at Bigfoot Conventions and regardless of what he says he is profiting. No television show brings you on and does not pay you something for your story! Its ashamed that in my field that all someone has to do is tell a good story to collect a fortune or fame. I spend years climbing cliffs, being out in the elements, gathering evidence, backpacking for miles and busting my ass. We never get one interview with any radio shows or on any TV networks! We never get invited to Bigfoot conventions to speak! We never profit! Nobody is famous here and we have more bigfoot casework as well as evidence then nearly any other site out there on the web! SAD!

You may be wondering if I am angry and the answer is yes! Because once someone frauds the existence of bigfoot then networks on television no longer want to cover anything cryptozoological or the public dismisses sites like ours who are doing something real here. You do not become a researcher over night it has taken me years to learn about this creature and its tribal ways. Yet you have someone with a good story who now claims he is a bigfoot researcher when he has so very little evidence or anything to back up such a claim. As a matter in fact I found more bigfoot evidence in my first trek to Haskell Peak then most have on numerous explorations. I stand proud of my work and want to show it off not conceal it from the public or ruin my reputation by lying! So while Smeja continues to profit scientist like myself continue to barely have enough funding to cover the supplies I need to do my research therefore this individual has made my job as a Cryptozoologist all the more difficult! So forgive me if I am angry, frustrated and disheartened! With that being said bigfoot conventions and television networks that are giving this guy what he wants are just as guilty too! Do your research and let the science speak for itself! As a researcher we always allow the evidence to speak and Justin Smeja has NONE!

This is a person obviously who has little respect for the outdoors given the fact he is from the Sacramento Valley area. Yet people continue to groom him all based on hearsay! This is nearly why I am considering retiring from my field and giving it all up. Because how can someone who is a solid researcher like myself win against people who pull the wool over peoples eyes? If the TV networks and those hosting conventions believe it then that must make it true right? We cannot continue to enable folks like this in my field of research it taints everything that we been working hard for. Honestly, will get our fair share of haters over this article but just remember we have evidence, photos, video and we took an active interest in the peak itself which is more then what Smeja has ever done. With that being said you as the reader are entitled to believe in what you want I am not here to change minds but rather make light of the situation. Their are many regions of the sierras that these creatures can be found if people are shooting first asking questions later its going to lead to their demise or fading deeper into the wilderness.

There is a story about how a lawyer and his friends were out in the woods in the area when he whacked a tree branch against a tree to startle them. As most of you know hitting rocks or tree limbs against a tree is like opening up Pandora's box. Why? Well these bigfoot creatures use nature to communicate with their kind perhaps a simple warning system or a way to signal one another. Well moments later the group heard something knock back nearby so the friends got into their vehicle. As they begin to pull away they seen something step onto the road as the headlights hit its face and that is when it had thrown a boulder above its ahead hitting the fender of the vehicle leaving a large dent. The creature begin to vocalize or rather roar as the group of people panicked driving away from it as they passed by it without looking back. The lawyer said he has not been back since which happened let alone the woods.

Its hard to know what it is the lawyer seen with his friends in those dark woods that night but I am guessing it was enough to scare them for life since most of us were raised to not believe in such monsters. This is only one of the many tales people tell throughout the high sierras and believe me I got some eerie tales of my own being that I work often by myself in these mountains sometimes into the night. Not every sighting that is a bigfoot like creature sometimes there are mistaken identities such as bipedal bear and even wolverines! I know that the last time wolverines were sighted on Haskell Peak was in the 1920's but they might be mountain a comeback after all Independence Lake in the area had a sighting a few years ago for its first time in decades! No matter what you believe or do not these creatures have been roaming the more inhospitable regions of our planet for thousands of years long before the Bigfoot Kill Zone and probably longer then even mankind!

 I EXPECT better from the Cryptozoology community for buying into this individuals bullshit! I advise reputable television networks to stop putting idiots like this on the air. I have never in my life been so offended then to realize a poacher who has no remorse and thinks that shooting a bigfoot is the only way to do research gets rewarded. Every year more and more great scientist and researchers like myself are disappearing! Its because bad television has changed the culture in how we do our research. It makes it hard when your a researcher who risks your life then you see such fakery and how society is drawn more to that then truth. People would rather believe in the lies because it sounds more interesting! I do not give a shit what Justin Smeja thinks of us as I see right through you and I call shenanigans.

I think the most disturbing thing about all of this is the fact that this road hunting poacher speaks at conventions as if he has ever done anything for the bigfoot community yet people buy into it which is utter ignorance! People that tend to use the word bigfoot hunter are exactly that rather then say they are a researcher! I want our followers, fan and friends to know that what Smeja did was wrong. Because it gives others in my field a bad name because then others start to believe that cryptozoology is about bagging a monster or a rare unknown animal on the brink of extinction. The study of unknown animals requires sacrifice some of us spend our whole lives to get where we are today only to see someone go from A to Z all over a story yet not presenting any evidence! Then when the television networks realize they made a mistake bringing these ghost hunters, bigfoot hunters and UFO hunters! They end up cutting ties completely by having these kind of shows therefore researchers like me cant share our hard work with the rest of the world! Therefore, we cant save these creatures from being exterminated if the world is blind to them or has no knowledge they exist.

With that being said IF which the chance is very slim IF Justin Smeja killed a Sasquatch like creature then your nothing but a gun toting hillbilly and blinder then a bat. I am a proud gun owner and I been close to quite a few wild animals while out in the field none though I had to shoot or draw my gun just because they looked at me! Shooting at Bigfoot like creatures is a mistake as a matter in fact some can get 12' in height and weight 2000lbs. I would not want to anger the king of the forest let alone shoot his young that in my opinion would be tempting fate! Hell its no wonder why this creature is elusive because we have folks like Smeja going out there trying to hunt the poor thing. Fortunately in this case there were no bigfoot like creatures killed by Smeja because there is no evidence just a good story told around a campfire. However, what we do here at The Paranormal & Ghost Society is real and were not going to fake it to make it were going to continue our research knowing that we can continue to educate people about the strange world we live in. The only good story is one where the evidence holds weight!

Embrace the journey

Copyright By
Lord Rick aka AngelOfThyNight
Author, Producer, Talk Show Host, Researcher & Urban Explorer

Reality TV Bigfoot hunter, Justin Smeja, faces hunting charges in Sierra County

Crime | October 3, 2017

A Citrus Heights man who appeared on the reality TV show “10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty” was arrested over the weekend on accusations he violated state Fish and Wildlife laws in Sierra County, authorities said.

Justin Samuel Smeja, 31, faces felony charges of perjury and filing a false or forged instrument with the state. He faces misdemeanor accusations involving bear tags, as well as unlawful taking and possession of an animal, Nevada County Jail reports state.

“There are some alleged games being played with those tags for hunting deer and bear,” said Capt. Patrick Foy, with the law enforcement division of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Foy declined to give further detail.

Foy said he anticipated the case to be handed over to the Sierra County District Attorney’s Office within days.

Smeja appeared on the television show “10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty,” in which teams competed in their attempts to prove the creature’s existence.

“I’ve shot and killed two of them,” Smeja told a group on the TV show, a claim also made in a National Geographic video.

“I’ve done everything I can do to try to prove that I’m telling the truth,” Smeja later said when away from the group of hunters. “All I can do now is try to go get another one.”

To contact Staff Writer Alan Riquelmy, email or call 530-477-4239.

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