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n  I love a good urban legend just as much as the next person sometimes its fun to even explore one. I am a realist type of paranormal investigator I realize that not everything is explainable while most things are. When I found out I was traveling to Southern Illinois for a week I thought I would hit up a few places that would make an impact on my viewers. One of those places is the Seven Gates Of Hell located on the back roads of Collinsville Illinois which is a very rural, woodsy and secluded area. I will not deny the creep factor here especially at night but I can deny that some of the stories that people tell probably are not entirely true.

The gates or railroad trestles were built in the later 1800's although I am thinking that some of them came after since prior wood was used in trestles but some of them appear older then others. I believe their is a total of seven of them although I found one that had been torn down so who knows if other trestles stood in the area. But from what I read the trestles were built so that the trains could navigate through the mining town nearby. It was much easier to go under a trestle if you were traveling via automobile or on foot then over various railroad tracks. Collinsville is a farming town so I never was even aware mining transpired here till I did more research.

The gates have a reputation for being haunted, sites of hangings, people being killed on the tracks, KKK meetings, satanic rituals and other dark happenings. Most of them are in bad shape as a matter in fact two of them you cant even drive through anymore they have it blocked off. Supposedly it goes off to the quarry which is probably the original mining operation as well. I did not go past it on foot because my time was very limited but I was able to visit the trestles at night and during the day along with fit in two cemeteries near them which may attribute to why ghosts are sighted in the area. Maybe the two go hand in hand in theory but I am not sure which is why I visit these places so I can at least offer some theories and ideas to those who have an interest in a place like this.

An urban legend started many years ago that states if you drive through each gate in order then go through the final gate exactly at midnight a portal from Hell opens up. Once that portal is opened hell hounds will come out dragging you into the abyss. Another legend also states that if you go through the gates in reverse starting with seven and ending at one a tear in the fabric of time and reality will appear allowing you to look into the lake of fire or hell. They sound outlandish none the less because on any given day they are just that railroad trestles. But from what I know this legend has been around for years as a matter in fact my girlfriend who grew up near the gates is the one that brought it to my attention. I mean this is where all the cool kids would go to hang out and two of the trestles you cant even drive through anymore so now its just a place where people go to party. I know that because I seen the burnt logs and recliner but also you cant help but notice all the menacing graffiti in every single trestle tunnel! Its from years of vandals a bit overkill really colors meshing with colors and satanic rants on the tunnel walls.

So in detail I would like to explain to our viewers a little bit about each tunnel and gate. The 1st gate is said to be the least haunted or even eerie of them all. It might be because this gate is not as rural then again it is more out in the open then other gates. You see most of the gates are surrounded by woods or are rural but gate one isn't therefore their are no stories associated with the gate that I heard of.  When you travel down Lebanon Road just outside of the town of Collinsville this is the first tunnel you will come across.

The 2nd gate has stories of the paranormal and KKK activity one of them stories is about a young African American boy who was being chased by KKK members through a wooded area not far from here. I guess from what I read that one of the KKK Members had caught the boy here and hung him from the gate.  The other story states that a young man was hung from this gate by his friend over a girl. Rumor has it that if you drive through the gate close to midnight you can see a body swinging from the tunnel. Honestly, I am not sure how anyone could be hung from here simply because these are concrete tunnels not wood ones with rafters or beams. Then again some of the tunnels on top have guardrails or fencing so I suppose its possible but is it probable is the real question? Generally most of the KKK hangings took place from tree branches.

Also its easy to miss the 2nd Gate because you have to make a left turn or you will skip to Gates 3 and 4. The 2nd gate seems to be very well visited locals love a good urban legend and so do we. But most of the time they are just that because if you do further research while stories tell about a man killed his friend over the love for a girl. Other stories claim the young man hanged his friend and in a moment of regret hanged himself. People have stated they have seen a boy hanging cant say its true or not because I did not witness the same for myself at this location but the 2nd gate definitely has an eerie feeling to it.

As you go through gate two continue driving and you will come across some overpass ruins and the road runs parallel to the railroad tracks. You will make a right to move onto Gate 3 and Gate 4. Both are often referred to as the twin gates and you can park by gate two then explore them both in one bout. These two tunnels have a long history of Satanic Rituals and Animals Sacrifices at least since the 1970's. The area between these two gates is surrounded by woods very thick woods may I add! Its fairly secluded not allot of traffic through here and this is the local hangout for kids looking to come up here to drink. The gates are blocked off by rocks and piles of earth to prevent folks from driving through the tunnels. I have read on numerous sites that people have found animal remains up here all to often. I have also read about others finding Ouija boards and if you walk around you will see satanic writings on the walls.

These two gates seem to be the most isolated I believe the quarry is past both of them if you were to hike on foot might be wrong but since Collinsville was a mining and railroading town this makes perfect sense. You use to be able to drive through both gates probably kids went up to the quarry then when you couldn't anymore they started hanging in the tunnels. I found a fire pit and a recliner in gate 4 the funny thing is a couple days later when I came back during the day the chair had been moved so it seems to be very active despite the amount of isolation that exist back here. Someone even mentioned seeing a dead calf up here in a trash bag. Supposedly if you go past gate four their was an abandoned home called the Death House. But from what I read its been demolished or is long gone now but again just another local hang out place for bored kids in the area. But the home had squatters living in it and also was a place of rituals; but who knows Tammy told me she did not remember any of this growing up out here so legends and stories kind of take shape of their own over the years.

The 5th gate is a bit of a drive to get to from the Twin Gates but it is also the narrowest of all seven gates in the region. Once again another gate with no strange reports but it is foreboding considering how narrow it is. Its so narrow that if someone was speeding through it and you were not paying attention you could have a head on collision. The fun thing about this gate is if you do it at night their is plenty of rural creepy roads to take to get here so it just adds to the experience. I spent a couple hours just driving the rural roads around Collinsville. At any moment you felt like something could just cross the road and jump out in front of you. Gate five is also the longest out of them all perhaps this is my favorite one of them all while their are no strange reports its that foreboding feeling I look forward to when I explore locations like this.

The 6th Gate is often confused with another location known as Acid Bridge nearby. I did not know it at the time but if you watch our night film you will see early on in our expedition I go across a concrete bridge its uber creepy. Well supposedly this is acid bridge although not a gate itself its not far from the gates so you have to drive over it if you plan on seeing them all. I guess the story goes that some kids back in the 1970's were dropping some acid and trying to drive through all the gates. Their are two endings to the story the first says the kids approached gate 6 and wrecked into the front of the gate and their car burst into flames.

The other one says the kids got lost ending up driving off the top of Acid Bridge dying in a fiery wreck. People that drive over Acid Bridge or through Gate 6 have claimed that they see the ghostly reenactment of the crash others claim to have seen a pair of headlights in the distance approaching them from behind then when they decided to wait for the car to pass they watched it go right off the bridge only to vanish into thin air.

I spent sometime at Gate 6 walking on foot and watched a pair of headlights vanish myself so maybe their is something to it. But I did not walk Acid Bridge just drove on it and its really not that high up so I have doubts in the stories being passed around. However, seeing the lights coming towards Gate 6 then vanish that was real and I have no idea if it was a ghost car or not but my experience was very similar to others associated with Tunnel six! People claim to have seen a ghost car or recreation from that fatal night so its possible. Tunnel Six is also known for its electrical poles leading to the gate you can see them if you view our photos below. Their are no signs on the bridge or at this tunnel an accident transpired then again what would you expect both the gates and acid bridge are main from the same very hard concrete.

The 7th Gate is supposedly the gate you drive through at midnight and a portal will open up and hellhounds will take you to hell. This is the only story associated with this gate and their is no evidence that this has ever happened. Maybe what people are seeing are not eyes to hellhounds but cryptids in the area I mean Illinois has its fair share of monster legends which ill discuss further below. But once you go through the final tunnel you enter Troy Illinois and you leave Collinsville.  I drove thru gate seven a few times even walked through it. I did not notice anything out of the ordinary but what I concluded is that the gates are probably more dangerous then they are haunted. Stories can take on their own manifestations sometimes as stories get told over the years. Tammy told me her friends would go out their to drink and while I don't doubt stories of ritualistic cults I do doubt the story that hell opens up or portals under a train trestle. When it comes down to it these are just what they are which are railroad trestles that are as cool to explore as they are creepy given the fact that they are so rural that the quietness can lead to the mind wandering. No less urban legends are fun to chase because sometimes although rare they do come true hence why people like my exist I suppose to debunk them!

Some may not know it others may that I am probably more of a cryptozoologist before I am even a ghost hunter. I am really great at capturing EVP's and apparition photos sure but to prove that creatures exist on this earth that remain elusive is much more challenging therefore its something I take pride in. Southern Illinois has its fair share of cryptids strange just a half hour from Collinsville is the Missouri border which is home to probably more cryptids then anywhere else in the country. While Illinois may not be it still does have its fair share of strange monster tales which include the Enfield Horror, Thunder Birds, Cole Hollow Road Monster, Pepie, Murphysboro Mud Monster, Farmer City Monster and the Stump Pond Serpent. I realize that not all these monsters and cryptids are sighted near the Seven Gates Of Hell but some of them are in the general area.

For example to the east in Enfield Illinois was a very bizarre deformed creature that terrorized the community back in the early 1970's. Come folks described this creature as having small T-Rex like arms, pink eyes, broad chest, gray skin and three legs. In April of 1973 it supposedly attacked a young boy who was playing out in his yard then attempted to get in a nearby home. Supposedly the homeowner shot the monster and it ran. Rick Rainbow an Indiana resident and news director for WWKI Radio managed to record its cries. The one common factor is in all the sightings is they occurred near railroad tracks the same ones that run through Collinsville. By June though the sightings stopped and the creature was never seen again. I kept thinking to myself maybe somebody who did a ritual conjured this thing or maybe it was some alien who knows. But as I was trampling around the night along the tracks I came to realize that even I could possibly encounter this thing although probably not likely the thought was in the back of my head since Enfield is really only up the road from here and this is an area so woodsy anything for years could hide back along these trestles going unnoticed. Maybe these animal carcasses found out here are not from satanic rituals but maybe kills from the Enfield Horror!

Another cryptid found throughout Illinois including this region is the thunderbird. I happened to go to the Piasa Cave just outside of Alton which depicts a giant bird perhaps they are two of the same in a sense. Giant birds are not as cryptid as something such as Bigfoot because big birds are likely to have existed and just merely were wiped out or are today low in numbers. But I remember Tammy telling me one night hearing a giant birds wings flap just before dark and she said you could hear it see its shadow. Her story never changes and again since giant birds are on occasion seen in this region not far from these trestles I thought to myself its possible one could swoop down and snatch me up just walking that lonely road.  A man named Texas John Huffer once filmed a group of these giant birds at Lake Shelbyville in 1977. He estimated the wingspans to be around 12 feet or much larger then the Californian Condor which is the largest bird in North America. In 1948 locals around Alton just north of Collinsville reported seeing a bird bigger then a plane and in 1977 two such birds attacked a group of children in Lawndale Illinois so they do exist but rare. One of the children Marlon Lowe was carried about 35 feet before being dropped when his mother scared the bird away. This region where the gates are located is no stranger to giant bird sightings!

Then to the SW of the Gates is another very famous creature known as the Murphysboro Mud Monsters or Big Muddy. In or around 1973 during that summer several folks had encountered this hairy, smelly bipedal creature along the banks of the Big Muddy River. The creature had matted white fur often dirty and was around seven feet tall. Police officers found several tracks at the scene of the first sighting and heard screeching vocalizations or an inhuman like cry. A young boy along with two of his neighbors also saw the creature the next day as it went through their backyards. But just like other cryptids in the area it was no longer sighted again then again maybe it was as their were similar sightings of a creature in Northern Illinois an Missouri so it could have been the same monster.

The one common denominator is that the few cryptids discussed above were not very far from train tracks or the gates. But the other one is most of them appeared in the early 1970's and all seemed to vanish around the same time or at least moved on to either northern Illinois or nearby states. I am not sure why that is but I did find it strange that here you have the Seven Gates Of Hell right smack dab in the middle of these three cryptids. Other ones listed above in Illinois you can research if you want to know more but the three I discussed seem to have a connection to the Collinsville area. It could be because two of the cryptids may have followed the tracks but the giant thunderbirds in the area been here for hundreds of years and seem to revolve around Native American Lore. Maybe the others do to its hard to say afterall prior to the gates being built Cohokia existed one of the largest most advanced Native American Cities before the white man came to America. So in a sense the area is somewhat mystical, ancient and still today very rural. Cokohia was the largest Pre Columbian settlement north of Mexico around 1200 A.D. so prior to the trains coming through the area the natives hunted and gathered here. Then came the coal miners and ranchers in the early 1800 some of them which are buried in nearby cemeteries on the same road that The Seven Gates Of Hell are located on.

If any ghost sightings have taken place around the Seven Gates Of Hell it could be because the road is home to these cemeteries which are some of the oldest in the area. I wanted to delve into the history locally then rather just chase a few creepy trestles. The Gilead Cemetery was home to the Gilead School in 1824 and Jessie Renfro was the first teacher. But it was the first school in the Jarvis Township. The structure was about 20' x 30' with clapboard siding, plastered inside and seats were split logs with pegs for legs. It was used for church on Sundays when school was not in session. At some point around this time interments occurred but its not the only cemetery in the area. As a matter in fact their are at least eight cemeteries near the Seven Gates of Hell but Harris Family Cemetery and Gilead seem to be the two I found just exploring. But again there are plenty more in the area many of the people buried here were ranches and miners who came to settle the area early on in Illinois when the first white man settled the Midwest. But I again I did not want this edition on our site to just be about train trestles we wanted to also show our viewers that their is history to the area to go with the strange!

Below is more information on Colinsville from Wikipedia its an interesting little area of Illinois often one that gets overlooked. My time was limited or id love to work with this area more believe me. But for our first exploration in Illinois it certainly was a fun project. I have a feeling that this area has quite a few secrets that is if they have not been destroyed by locals or in the event of tornados which also do time to time sweep through the area. At night this place is much more creepy then during the day! So your mind sort of wanders and bare in mind its not the safest places to be because going through single lane tunnels can be dangerous. People speed through here not sure if they are scared or they just have somewhere to be. But as far as I can tell this place has forty years of strange history and stories. But it has at least a thousand years of native history so its an old area so of course their is going to be a few ghost stories to go with them rural dirt roads. I did not get dragged to hell by any hell hounds or really witness anything strange unless you count some of the locals who probably are sick of all the kids hanging out in the tunnels drinking at night!

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Lord Rick aka AngelOfThyNight

Collinsville History and Culture

Collinsville is the self-proclaimed "Horseradish Capital of the World", and sponsors an annual Horseradish Festival.[12] The area is said[who?] to produce 85% of the world's horseradish, of such high quality that Germany and China (key users of the herb) import it for gourmet use. The Horseradish Festival is held annually during the first weekend in June at Woodland Park located off Route 159 in Collinsville. It has activities for all ages, including a 5K run, live music, a beauty pageant, and root-grinding demonstrations.[12] One of the most popular events is the Root Derby, sponsored by American Family Insurance, for which participants make a derby car from a horseradish root and race the "vehicles" during the festival.

Known for its large ethnic Italian population, descendants of late 19th and early 20th-century immigrants, Collinsville hosts an annual Italian Fest in the fall. The Italian Fest has been held annually since 1983 and is located in uptown Collinsville on Main Street. This two-day festival features live music and vendors selling authentic Italian food such as spedini, spumoni, bagna cauda, cannoli, and Italian Ices. Other activities include a parade, midnight bike ride, 5K Run/Walk, Little Miss & Mister Pageant, Bocce Ball Tournament, and a grape stomp.

Collinsville is the site of the Brooks Catsup Bottle Water Tower, "the world's largest catsup bottle", a 170-foot-tall (52 m) water tower in the shape of a ketchup bottle, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[14] The bottle along with the property was put up for sale for $500,000.00 on July 12, 2014.[15] In order to celebrate this roadside landmark, Collinsville hosts an annual World's Largest Catsup Bottle Festival in July.[16]

The Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site is located within the city limits of Collinsville. The largest Pre-Columbian settlement north of Mexico, it was developed by the Mississippian culture. This large park has been designated as a National Historic Landmark and was one of the first eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites designated within the United States; today there are a total of 23. At its peak about 1200 CE, Cahokia had a population of 20,000-30,000, more than any city in the present-day United States until after 1800. It includes Monks Mound, the largest prehistoric earthwork in the Americas, and more than 70 surviving smaller mounds. Monks Mound is larger at its base than the Great Pyramid of Giza. A museum and visitors' center provide a movie and displays which present the lives of the ancient inhabitants.[17]

During the French colonial era of its Illinois Country, a group of French Catholic monks had a settlement on Monks Mound, after whom it was later named. They cultivated agriculture on the terraces of the mound. They traded with bands of the historic Illini, who had migrated into the area after the peak of the Mississippian culture.

Collinsville was originally settled by the Cook family and by a group of German-American settlers who arrived by Conestoga wagon in 1812 from Pennsylvania. They founded Holy Cross Lutheran Church. They also had a hardware store, though they were mainly farmers. Within five or six years, a number of other settlers arrived and began to organize the legal work required to form a town on the site. These original settlers are all buried in the Cook Cemetery or the Old Lutheran Cemetery. Other early settlers are buried in the Old German Cemetery near Sugarloaf Road near Maryville, Illinois.

During World War I, a Collinsville mob, composed mostly of local coal miners, lynched a German immigrant, the only such wartime murder in the country. On April 5, 1918, the mob numbering up to 300 men took Robert Prager from his home and paraded him through the streets barefoot and wrapped in an American flag, forcing him to sing patriotic songs. Collinsville police interceded and took Prager into protective custody. The mob was later mistakenly allowed to search city hall, and two men found Prager hiding in the basement. They took Prager outside and the mob marched him to the outskirts of town, along the St. Louis Road, where they lynched him.[18] His final request was to be buried in the American flag. Eleven men stood trial for the murder, but all were acquitted on June 1, 1918.[19]

Collinsville High School, whose teams are stylized as the Kahoks (named for a fictional Native American tribe), has won several Illinois State Championships, in 1961, 1965 (basketball), 1980 (baseball), 1981, 1986, 1991, 1992 (soccer), and 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 (Dance Team).

The Fairmount Park Racetrack for horse racing is located in Collinsville. The racetrack is owned by the corporation Ogden-Fairmount Incorporated. This is one of five race tracks in Illinois, and the only one located outside Chicago. Fairmont Park Racetrack features a one-mile oval dirt track and opened in 1925. The racetrack originally hosted both Thoroughbred flat racing and Standardbred harness racing. The racetrack has hosted popular races, including the Fairmont Derby in the 1920s and the St. Louis Derby in 2006, along with other weekly live races. Three restaurants are located at the track for visitors to enjoy: the Top of the Turf, the Black Stallion Room, and the 1st Turn Café.[20] Admission for live racing is $1.50 per person on Tuesdays and $2.50 per person on Fridays and Saturdays.[21]

Several historical buildings survive in Collinsville. Built in 1885, the City Hall is still used today. It was built on property originally owned by the Collins family. The building features Italianate architecture with window crowns. A short, half-block walk from City Hall is the State Bank of Collinsville at the corner of Center and Main streets. Designed in 1916 by architect Robert G. Kirsch, this structure features limestone exterior and marble interior walls. Although no longer operated as a bank, the building still impresses visitors. To the west on Main Street, the Collinsville Public Library is a colonial-style brick building with an inviting circular stone walkway; the first section was completed in 1937. Additional wings were added in 1967 and 1980.

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