The Amherst/Williamsville Synagogue was built in the 1980s so it is fairly new compared to most synagogues in the Western NY region. I honestly can say that even though I have researched this place a little  I have more questions then answers. Its a very modern looking Synagogue all brick, big windows, spiral stair cases, a porch in the back with picnic benches. The front of it looks very  nice but the back is like a whole different world. As there is high weeds, crooked trees, a hill, a path, electrical towers, and a very abandoned field with lots of brush. Many people have wrote me about this place some have even told me they were chased by a man with an ax but I reckon the spirits are not mean or evil but rather playful and friendly once you are able to connect with them how true some ghost stories are I may never know however you will learn a little bit about the history and some of the legends about this place and hopefully we can convince you that there is some truth to what is said.

Rumor has it that there was a man that would lure children in and kill them bury there bodies on the property. A couple ghost groups that have investigated have ran out of there because the children apparitions seemed to have frightened them. The synagogue is surrounded on both sides by nice homes its a fairly ritzy neighborhood and it seems on the other side of the hill there is a fort that kids built to party at so its very deceiving what lurks in the night back here. 

There is also a little bit of information I was told and read that 3-5 men were killed when constructing the Synagogue. Supposedly a wall fell on them perhaps it was not an accident but rather angry spirits that caused this occurrence. Everybody who has gone there claims this is a scary place rather I did not find it scary but rather I felt like we had made some new friends as we investigated here for our first time. 

Rather then write a whole history on this place I want to focus on a few things or give you a few things to think about as to why it is haunted.. Take this into consideration since most of the land around the Synagogue is empty or should I say  is all fields, hills, trees it was most likely Indian land at one time or another. Most Indian ground is sacred with many different types of spirits. Supposedly there was also a house on the property before the Synagogue was built on top of where it existed and who knows at one time people could have died in that house then it could have been torn down and built on. 

I guess you can say I labeled this place as amazing since I really did not expect to to find much in such a newly built area. But if you visit photos and reports 1 & 2 you will see some of the best photos ever in the paranormal field. In one photo alone I have captured 8 different faces, a ghostly building seems to be an Indian figure, a heavy set woman, something not human, and a priest or Spaniard but its an older ghost with the feather type of hat long brown hair and a cross on him possibly a pendant. Keep in mind in the French and Indian war the soldiers would use the creek nearby to travel perhaps the priest with the feather hat is actually from the French acquisition.  

So the property has a history long before the Synagogue was ever built and even though the some will tell you it is closed down, abandoned property, Ect it is not the place is very alive to me. Whether children were kidnapped and buried on the property or a wall fell on those men the ghost come with the history of this mysterious property. We also have learned not just the woods and field are haunted behind but many ghost are seen in the windows of the Synagogue looking out. 

Another thing that I want to add about this place is that many children haunt the area. To give you an example a boy haunts it, a priest which I think he watches over the children spirits, and many other entities. On our second visit here I was able to see some of the entities with my naked eye such as walking shadows, figures, I have been touched by the entities, have even heard them walking and actually moving the brush aside and they run up to you. This is a place that must be respected as not only are there many ghost there but we also must understand that the energy that surround this place far exceeds most paranormal hot spots in the western NY area. 

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Amherst Synagogue

From Haunted Dawghouse

Nick writes, "During then construction of the Synagogue in the mid 80's , three men died when the north wall collapsed on them. The three men -- John Wilmore, Wallace Sandecki and Thomas Sidrakis -- are said to haunt the now closed down Synagogue. Many teenagers come to visit the old Synagogue. Many say they hear voices and experience weird occurrences."

11.18.02: Steve writes, "I live about two minutes away from the Amherst Synagogue and I have heard a different story then the one that is posted on this site. The story I heard was that a crazy man -- I don't know his name -- killed children a long time ago. When he passed, his house was sold to a family with two young boys and they both died within a year of the time they moved in. The parents of the boys claimed that their sons would speak of an old man that would come in their room at night. After many families moved in and out the land was sold and a Synagogue was built. Some people say that if you hike around the woods behind the Synagogue you can see many burial sites where children will be awoken at midnight. There is one spot where there is a weird rock formation but I don't know if it is anything."

11.18.02: Matt writes, "I have visited this place once and will never go back again. If you want your pants scared right off, this is the perfect place to go. I have been to a few places on this site and this is by far the most active of the dead. The synagogue looks all fine and dandy but if you go on the weekends after midnight you will experience the thrill of your life. This is no joke. It is completely serious."

11.18.02: Joey writes, "I went to this Synagogue and, let me tell you, it's the scariest place I've ever been. I would believe Steve's story ahead of Nick's because me and a couple buddies of mine went back there and we all swear we saw a ghost child come from the ground. We assume that's where a grave was. The grave was back behind the little hill on the side of the synagogue toward the woods. We've visited other "haunted" places in our lives but many were just a joke. Let me tell you, whatever you do, don't go back there or you'll never be the same!"

11.27.02: Mike writes, "Me, my friend Joey, and my sister, Heather, went to check this Synagogue out to see if it was really haunted. We pulled up to this house that was a couple houses down from the building. This kid pulled up and he lived there. We asked him if he knew anything about it but he said he didn't so we decided to explore. We went to the building and there were some dense woods in the back. We had a flashlight, but it wasn't that bright. We started our way back there and we heard some movement in the trees. Next thing we know, a loud howling sound came out of the bushes and we saw a figure of a man, and he was carrying a body. We ran and got in our van and drove as fast as we could. I swear."