Subj: [ParanormalBuffalo] LAST NIGHTS REPORT OF THE SYNAGOGUE....  
Date: 2/2/03 9:25:43 AM Eastern Standard Time 

Last night proved to be a good night for pretty much exploring and adventure. Pete and I first went to Leisure wood the reason for this is because of a Sasquatch sightings so we were hoping to catch a glimpse of the big guy before looking for ghost. We hiked in Leisure wood in the deep snow threw some woods in a way it was eerie just dozens of trailers closed up for the winter so in a way it was like a ghost town. We were looking for some abandoned tracks and did not find them since the area is so big. But we did get to at least check out the area and hike a couple miles. We probably will go back some other time and try some different trails. 

Then we headed over to the synagogue this place had something about it I could not pinpoint. Its fairly new very unusual the way it sits on a hill sort of. Then the hill behind it seems to me where i felt an odd coldness. The area was not large but considering 4 men died when constructing the place and children ghost have been seen I am sure we got some good photos. We hiked up one of the hills behind the Synagogue and walked up a trail there was a sense of quietness twice though I thought i heard something follow us but seen nothing. 

We found a kids fort with a subway sign so perhaps we are not the only ones who go back behind the Synagogue. The area was very mixed in feeling. The bent trees, fields, and rolling hills gave it that sense that something at one time may have occurred back there. When we approached the Synagogue I climbed up the back hill and peaked in one of its windows. I thought I seen a bright light streak across the room inside perhaps car or maybe not. But either way I felt fairly watched as we walked around. We took a good amount of photos and we probably will make a return trip back here when it warms up. So we can just sit down and wait for what lurks to come out. The photos we took on digital were very amazing so there definitely is something ghostly in nature here.

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Original Shots

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Mirrored Shots With Explanations

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