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Date: 11/8/2003 5:54:28 AM Eastern Standard Time ``
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Tonight was a really nice evening almost a full moon out a great night just for us to investigate. I met up with Leeza and her sister and was able to get a couple places done such as a second investigation of the Synagogue and a investigation of the White Chapel Memorial Cemetery. Our night started off having some coffee at Starbucks and we talked a little bit about the places we were visiting then we headed out from there. 

Amherst Synagogue Second Investigation

I was so thrilled to go back here honestly I should be visiting this place more often for the fact that it is more haunted then most places in the Western NY region. I experienced in less then an hour every type of activity I heard things, seen apparitions with my naked eye, was touched, captured apparitions and experienced some cold spots that were unbelievable. The downside to it all was that I went through 6 to 8 batteries in a matter of a few minutes but we started off walking towards the field in the back. Leeza said to me 2 guys were watching us for awhile that made me a little nervous because anybody can hide anywhere on such a woodsy area as this.

The field was very cold in certain areas. At first I did not feel a thing perhaps because we did not capture the interest yet of any ghosts. However after about 10 minutes of standing behind the Synagogue I started to feel as if we were being watched all around me.  After that something touched me or tugged on my backpack very heavily like perhaps a child playing around. It did not bother me but I felt that the activity was picking up and we were being surrounded. Moments later Liz seen something moving near the trees she described it as being all black and the height of a child she said it moved very fast that is when Leeza mentioned that something was moving from all angles and she also mentioned they were men.

I do have to agree it was a very strong presence. We then hiked up the hill and along a very wooded path filled with brush. I could feel something the deeper we went in and sure enough I captured a few children apparitions back on the path. Some of the photos back here I caught are beautiful and I did show them to the group so they could see the type of ghost that haunt this property.  After that it was all paranormal activity from my first apparition. Noises, strange sounds, I thought a few times I seen figures just standing there watching me.

Anyhow we made our way down a trail to a kids hangout with chairs, a drum, a refrigerator no activity was here but still peeing there made me feel so watch I felt like any minute something would tap me on the shoulder and say hey what are you doing. We worked our way back down the path and when we almost were back in the field behind the Synagogue I was walking way ahead of the group and when I went to snap a photo and saw an entity go right threw me yes I did jump because usually most ghost I photograph stay still and let me take there photos but this entity was much different. The entity came straight at me at great speed and when I snapped the photo as I was looking in the lens I seen it with its arms out and I could not only see it but I felt it go right through me this is very rare to experience both. Leeza mentioned she seen it as well with its arms out I am not sure but I studied the photo more tonight and it looks like either children or a man.

Anyhow it took me a few minutes to calm down I wasn't in fear just excited to be able to see with your naked eye a ghost with its arms coming at you is a rare treat believe me. But we made our way back to the field and Synagogue at this point I caught more ectoplasm in the same areas I caught it on my first visit but the ghost were being very timid and shy. I was only getting bits and piece of them as if they were trying to escape the camera. But I walked by myself in the thick brush and yes I told the entity to come at me again and sure enough something very big started walking towards me. I could not see it but all of sudden it was like something you seen in Jurassic Park the weeds that were 6 feet high were spreading apart and something was walking hard on the ground and walking real fast Leeza said he is walking to you. I could hear it see the weeds opening up and then my battery on the camera ran out:( and I missed capturing this entity sighs so I ran back to them quickly put new batteries in and by then whatever was there was gone.

I worked mainly in the field for awhile noticed a black shadow like figure that walked past me quickly. Then moments later I walked up to the Synagogue to take some more photos. I took 6 photos in this one area seen something standing there every time the flash went off. Also Leeza's sister mentioned to me that she seen children playing on the steps, an apparition on the balcony, a figure looking at us in the window, and a lady sitting on the chair inside the Synagogue. So what does this mean folks? It means that the property around the Synagogue is not only haunted but the inside as well. Leeza's sister also seen a little boy telling her he could not go past a certain area this may explain why I only capture apparitions in certain areas there and then right away they fade off.

We ended our investigation and walked around the front. We were talking about some things about the ghost inside and on the property when a shutter about 15 feet away slammed shut hard. I think it was a ghost that caused it because no other shutters slammed and when I ran up there I felt something move past me. Needless to say it was startling.

I must say at this point this place was even more haunted then the first time I was here. Most people spend there lives trying to see one ghost I seen many ghost in a matter of 45 minutes. I cannot wait to share the apparitions I caught on film. Every time I hear or go to this place I learn something new about the entities that haunt the land. I really feel a bond towards the ghost here maybe cause most of the ghost are children or maybe because every time I go they are good to me as far as the photo that I take of them. If I had more time I would set up cameras there and work with it more so I am planning a return visit there before I move out of the area. I did capture something else tonight weird on film 2 sets of large eyes looking at me through a tree and trust me it is no animal it something very large with very big eyes. So yes a visit to this place was perfect as this was Leeza's first investigation with our group. Then we headed off to our next destination.

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Date: 11/8/2003 10:23:18 PM Eastern Standard Time 

Amherst Synagogue

Rick said to me prior to going here that he wanted to see what feelings I get from this place.  Well, it took about 1 minute for them to start happening.  This synagogue is amazing.  You had the feeling that 20 sets of eyes are watching you from all different directions.  At first I was I did not know where I should start then and a man made himself know to me.  I knew that Rick could feel all this too by his movements and the look on his face.  Some of the other eyes were being very shy and some being very playful.  A young boy made himself know and 2 men were walking and watching nearby.  Here they come.  There was so much activity happening. Rick started running after one.  We went on top of a hill and I starting a seeing a small red orb play and a couple faint green’s.  We walked on the top of the hill and it started getting very cold, then warm, then VERY cold.  You could see the apparition and Rick took the picture.  I boy, a playful boy.  After walking around a little more, I saw Rick flash and an apparition jumped in front of him.  We walked back down and after looking closer at the building you realize that they are also in there, playing and watching us.  A lady watching out of an upper window, another lady walking past the back windows, etc... Overall, this place is so active that I am actually looking forward to returning. There are so many different types that they surround you with curiosity.  It confirmed that not only am I not crazy, but neither is Rick.  A tip to all who investigate with Rick – do NOT wear loafers. haha