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I had just purchased my truck and was excited to take it on out on its first camping trip. Even better I also purchased a voyager so now I could load some of my gear on it and have more room in my truck for my dogs. Camping for me is always a chore its because I invest a ton of time making sure to procure the proper equipment, food and supplies. I don't just throw my tent in the back of my truck and go these expeditions require a bit of planning.
Something came up with Tammy's work so we had gotten a bit delayed and got a much later start then I wanted to. Its very slow to get up to Utica Lake because you have to get through Ebbetts Pass which is steep, narrow and slow going. So I was starting to worry a bit because it takes time to set up camp and if your setting up after dark you wont be able to see where or what you are doing especially if you want something on the lake that provides you with good views.
So we arrived at camp just before sundown July 24th 2016 & believe me it was not easy to find a spot to camp up here while the shoreline is primitive and very open their are many off limit signs everywhere. Places you use to be able to camp on Utica you cant anymore because they have built a few campgrounds. I never been much of a campground kind of guy so I find a nice little cove on the lake where we could set up camp. It would be a little ways from my truck we had to park carry our stuff in but with Tammy and Jarrod along with me on it we had camp set up in no time.
Tammy was changing in the tent when she said she caught a peeper watching her. Somebody had a tent a few hundred feet down a hill at that same cove. We had no idea anyone was camping here they did not even have a vehicle. But it pissed me off and made me all the more leery about our campsite because its not always bigfoot you have to watch for but unruly humans who do creepy things. This guy I guess was just standing there staring into our tent and I did not see it because I went off to explore for a little awhile to learn about the area surrounding camp.
I was exciting to try my new night vision cam so I was waiting for it to get dark out. I did a little fishing while cooking marinated glazed chicken breast with a flavorful veggy mix. Our first evening here did not involve much other then camping, eating good and relaxing. I had gotten some good photos of the lake before the sun went down. The sunsets up here are quite beautiful and I at least got to enjoy it before nightfall.
Our first night was very strange while my family went to bed I could not sleep so I stayed up to maintain the fire alone. My first night would be spent trying to figure out how to use my new night vision cam it took me a bit because any sort of light causes the cam to automatically go from IR mode to regular mode. But its hard not to have light out here because its so dark and well I did not want to fall on some rocks. The cove we were in was very rocky although to our right was a part of the reservoir that was low so it was quite muddy and I thought id take a walk somewhere off towards there to check for tracks.
Prior to get it getting really late I seen two UFOs in the sky not even sure what the objects were. But they were not planes and they shot off really fast. The sky in the sierras is very visible allowing you to see everything which is why I like to UFO watch in this area because it never is a disappointment.
Besides the UFOs I did hear a ghostly girl laugh near our campsite despite that there was no children camping near us. Actually nobody was camping near us but the peeper. I have a feeling and maybe I am wrong that this guy was following me around at night. Because a few times I heard a branch break so I thought to myself maybe its no an animal but rather him creeping around maybe hoping it was Tammy or something who knows.
But the ghostly girl laugh struck me as odd but there was other things to like a huge branch broke nearby like something was up in the trees. I had a few rocks thrown at me and there was even a gunshot at about 2am not sure why someone would be shooting guns at that time. Then again nothing surprises me anymore over my years of traveling to these secluded places.
The UFOs I seen one was strobing then it blinked out while the other one shot off to space along with another object next to it. So all within the same night I heard a ghost, witnessed UFOs and had rocks being thrown at me which probably was Bigfoot. As a matter in fact at about 8pm just after the sun went own I heard two sets of vocalizations of unknown origin. So I could not question the validity of what I was witnessing other then to call it what it was which is paranormal.
I spent sometime hiking around the dry lake bed area went a little bit in the woods with my night cam. I thought that the peeper might be out there somewhere also but its hard to say. But if you want to talk about scary try being alone in the wilderness at night filming and you know another human is hiding perhaps even watching you. I had that impression but who knows!
I put out the fire and went to bed but felt my first night here was full of oddities. I mean I was up here alone afterall its fall very few campers up in the sierras because by this time of year its cold real cold. Sometimes it even snows so you wont get as many campers. All that seemed to be out here was a few people and where I camped it was rather desolate minus the person who had their tent set up right on the shoreline who was peeping at Tammy.
I woke up the next day earlier we packed a few things then we had drove to the Mud Lake area where we would spend the day visiting a variety of lakes. This would be our hiking and track seeking day. Driving to mud lake is a bit tricky because this is a primitive little lake easy to miss. You cant see it from the dirt road you have to physically park on the road then primitive hike down to it through woods, down a hill and over rocks.
When I had gotten to the lake it was more of a meadow there was a few areas that had some stagnant water but this lake is drying up. Their are other mud lakes in the sierras and generally in the spring they fill up a little and by fall they usually are dry. But they make good areas to find tracks and I did find a rather large impression off by itself. The grass is so thick here that its hard to leave any sort of tracks but parts of the earth are soft so I thought it was a very reasonable place to search. I did not see any human tracks my guess is people have no interest breaking there backs to climb down to this barely nonexistent lake.
Eventually we hiked back up the rugged terrain about a half mile to the truck then went up the dirt road then grabbed our packs and left the truck under some tree cover. Unfortunately the GPS was not working right we missed the trail completely and ended up on the back side of Elephant Rock on a glacial cliff where we had a food and drink break. Its amazing how close a lake can seem on your GPS yet its so far away due to cliffs and other obstacles in the way. Even though we were lined up with the top of Elephant Rock we could not see the lake below it.
We would have to retrace our steps and realized the trail crossed the road but its not labeled but once we had gotten on the trail there was a sign pointing to Summit Lake. So we just switched it around went to Summit Lake first since at the time we could not locate Elephant Rock Lake. Summit Lake is kind of small its surrounded by thick woods all around and it has very little views but the summit which you can see when you hike further around the lake. The one thing I found on the ground near Summit Lake was a missing persons poster of someone who camped just down the road from here. The poster was nearly two months old which means that they probably were still one of the missing. I hate seeing that it makes me sad to think someone went camping up here only to end up missing saddens me. But I see it all the time a camper goes hiking gets lost ends up being killed by a mountain lion or never found again so this is a really no joke area and you should be very prepared at all times.
We had a nice break at Summit Lake did some rock skipping, ate some lunch, I burned one, jumped off a few rocks and played with my son. I was just happy after a few hours of exploring to come across this lake because I was losing hope. I can primitive hike to most locations but for some reason the GPS was all over the place so once we found the trail from the road it was less then a half of mile hike. We seen a huge group of hunters wearing orange and carrying guns. Seems like hunting up here is rather popular which makes you all the more cautious when hiking and you have to be because people are not always safe.
We ended up hiking out on the trail to Elephant Rock Lake which seemed to be more remote did not see any people or hunters there. But its a much smaller lake overshadowed by a giant rock that looks almost like an elephant its pretty cool. Elephant Rock Lake is kind of small but their are Lilly-pads found all over the place its pretty nice. Its quite woodsy around the lake too and their is a nice peak off in the distance with good views. Personally this was my favorite trek on my trip up to Utica Lake. Earlier I was on the back side of Elephant Rock up above so I covered a good four or five miles of hiking in the area before coming to rest at this lake.
It was almost sundown so it was time to get back to the truck then drive back to camp. I did a little fishing all the fish I was catching though were small perhaps to small for eating. But when I camp like to get some fishing in the paranormal work is only in between trying to enjoy these places. I made some marinated steaks with cheddar potatoes and Shiskabobs. I had chicken and steak bobs with onions, mushrooms and peppers. Ill admit they were pretty damn good and for dessert smores lol.
I heard vocalizations again similar to the night before around the same time. They had some whooping to them perhaps sounded like it came from something very large as it bellowed throughout the forest. I am not sure it was bigfoot like creatures but hearing them was enough to raise the hairs on your back. I noticed before dark the guy camping below us the peeper had some weird light and was flashing it towards the sky. Maybe this dude was trying to signal UFOs or aliens or something who knows. But the night before there was strange objects in the sky which is enough to draw in curiosity from some.
I had a nice fire going then when it started to die and get super dark I busted out the night vision cam. I grabbed my pack and went for a night hike. This time much further and longer then the night before. I did not come across anything to strange it was overly quiet, crisp and the only thing that really got to me was I thought I heard chitter chatter but it did not sound like a language I recognized. It sounded like something talking back and forth in some unknown language. Bigfoot? Possibly! I heard a creeking sound to probably just the wind causing a tree to sway or maybe something was up in the trees whispering as I was walking around. But my second night here was not as active as the first but at least I got the night vision working so I was able to take people on this night trek with me which should go great with our documentary.
The next day I had gotten on up this was suppose to be a fun day although we did hike along the Union at least a good portion of it. The Union is Uticas sister lake I mean I only drove around the corner and all that separates the two is a narrow piece of land. I hiked along the shore where my son and I found a tree swing which was pretty fun to play on. The shoreline is a bit jagged lots of little coves and inlets. But the Union is more scenic you can see more hills, peaks, rock formations etc while the Utica is a bit more enclosed by the Stanislaus National Forest.
We came across a wall probably the original dam that was a couple hundred feet. I threw the dogs off the wall into the water just a tradition I enjoy doing plus it cools them down so they are not scratching the entire hike. They did not seem to mind they just shake off and keep on going. Most of the shoreline to this reservoir is rocky so finding tracks here is next to none unless you go off into the woods. Although on the back side of the dam we found a very marshy area where the water from the river flows into it and we found very little only deer tracks.
Eventually we had brunch up on a small peninsula that extended out over the water. This was a nice spot for pics but also a way to end the trek before heading back. I was excited to get back to camp to play board games, fish and do some other stuff. Back at camp I wanted to take a look at some tracks I found while filming at night. They could be human but one of them looked like it had claws or stepped over the human track. Things look very different during the day as opposed to at night that is for sure.
It was kind of creepy because it was a Sunday nobody was up here no vehicles, campers, people or even noises. The peeper had left I guess thank goodness and we planned on staying nearly the entire day up here. I would cook beer n brats with some green beans for lunch along with fresh olives and purple cherry tomatoes from my garden all fresh.
My son and I played football we also shot bb guns at cans. I had bought this crossfire crossbow which shoots nearly 400' a second got off one shot which btw put the arrow so deep in the ground I could barely pull the thing out but the bow string had broke grrrrrr. It had something to do with my arrow which caused it I was so mad not that it cant be re stringed its just the fact that I was excited to hit some targets. This bow has it all scope, red or green dot site and allot of power. Its not a joke when it fires the arrows are so powerful and fast that I could see them going entirely through any game I were to hunt.
But we still had gotten in plenty of fun time shooting BB guns, playing games, football and other fun activities. It was a very mellow trip while I did my research on and off I wanted this to be more about family the nice thing is I get to share such an adventure with all of you so you will get a little of everything. By the time I left our camp site the sun was almost down I would not be going through Ebbetts Pass to go home till it was dark but a trip well worth spent time on and I milked this place for all it had to offer plus some.
I cant say that what I heard was bigfoot or a ghosts or the objects I seen in the skies were aliens but I can say that if they were all those things then the Utica Lake area is full of oddities just waiting to be explored further.
PGS Founder

Tammy took this photo of an object that is slightly distorted moving fast over Elephant Peak. She did not see the object nor did I but it did show up on camera hence the enhancements so you can draw your own conclusions. Its faint and really I have no idea what it may be therefore it is a UFO or UAP.

I found this missing persons sign laying on the ground up near Summit Lake not far from where we camped.   She was camping at a nearby campground and came up missing. If the person in the photo was not found then when I seen this poster it would have been around 59 days and that is a long time to be missing in the high sierras. However, it is a vast mountain range with wilderness, steep cliffs, caves, lava tubes, dangerous fast moving rivers, bears, mountain lions, UFOs, Bigfoot and then of course backwoods people who commit foul play. I see this often and I always wonder did this invididual get lost? hit their head? off off a ledge? taken by a tribe of hungry sasquatch? Maybe it sounds silly but being in this part of the sierras is no joke. I have seen large bear up in this area, rattle snakes and had bigfoot throw rocks at us. So if you hike alone or you lack outdoors knowledge when hitting up the trails it could lead to you become one of the missing!
Found these old tracks up at Mud Lake and trust me the region has quite a few mud lakes but this one is closer to the reservoir. Most of the lake was dried up each year as lakes began to vanish they leave behind tall grass or some wetlands. While their might be ground water or soft earth the water left behind is only evident under the brush as heavier creatures, humans and animals leave behind tracks like the one captured in the photos in front of you. What left this is hard to say the brush cushions it a little so rather its just a decent sized impression. Id say around 14" since its sunken in a little by about 7" wide. What really stands out is how wide the track is nearly twice the width of my foot and I take a size 12 in mens.  Chances are the track longer then my length measurement because you have to account for their being less away on the heels and toes while more weight is being applied to the bottom of the foot as something crossed this swampy lake. Their was a few areas I seen some still water but it was shallow and each year as the lake begins to dry out more and more impressions will start to show up which is why we chose the location for our research.

More then likely this is human then again cant say for sure because there are two different types of tracks captured in the photo. The one to the right seems to be human its not very wide and you can somewhat make out five toes perhaps a bit of an arch. The human track came later as if it walked over or on top of the track to the left. So at an angle they look like wings with two separate sets of foot tracks touching near its heels. However, the track touching the heel of the human track is wider, arch is not as dominant and the toes seem pudgier. But also the toes appear to have what look like claw marks as if something had not trimmed its toenails in ages. This area use to be underwater habits are changing therefore now animals including Bigfoot have no choice but to cross mudflats and receding shorelines just to obtain a drink of water thus leaving behind tracks. We as humans do not go out looking for tracks unless your a researcher like me so somebody probably just ran through the track and never even noticed it. Then again nature can do strange things such as wind, rain, flowing mud and the elements. So I will leave it up to you the viewer to decide!

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