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 The Paranormal & Ghost Society is offering a cash reward and a special gift leading to the arrest of the suspect(s) who broke into a Chevy Blazer Suv on July 2nd 2011. The victims Richard Rowe and Tammy were robbed while hiking/fishing on the Electra Run Road near the power plant along the Mokelumne River recreational area. The time the incident took place was 7pm approximately in the parking area on Electra Rd. Just a few miles outside the town of Jackson California off of US-49 in Amador County. The suspect(s) broke into a red chevy blazer 4 door SUV just shortly after the victims went for a hike down along the river only to return to find the following items were stolen from the locked vehicle. In order to recieve the award suspects must be apprehended or the information given must be credible.

Personal Items Stolen:

*Canon Camera
*Bell Howell Night-Vision Cam
*Sony Digital Voice Recorder
*Credit Cards
*Drivers License (Richard Rowe)
*Children's Insurance Cards
*Keys & Electronic Keychain
*Leather Purse & Leather Hip Pack
*Head Lamp
*5 Flashlights  including two maglites one silver one black.
*Red Crank Light
*Two Cell Phone Chargers
*Kodak Camera
*Tammy's Guardian Angel pin from her Grandmother
*$40 Dollars
*Lortab and other medications
*EMF Detector
*Black Gloves
*Black LED Light
*Social Security Cards
*Two Dozen Rechargeable Batteries AA and AAA
*Two 4 Gig SD Memory Cards
*40 Plus Hours Of Paranormal Evidence (EVP's) From Various Locations
*Paranormal & Ghost Society Business Cards (Lord Rick)
*Ibuterol Inhaler
*Video Footage from Alpine Cemetery
*Aleve for pain
*Car Insurance Cards
*Gift Card

Suspects In The Area Sighted:

*An overweight blonde female with shoulder length hair sunbathing topless then loitering around the vehicles at various times.
*Four young teens to earlier 20s boys dressed as gangsters hats tipped to the side loitering the area prior to dark driving two vehicles one white one blue two doors. The teens fled the area once observed by Richard slowly drove by them all very probably suspects.
*Pickup truck spray painted blue and gray with large wheels.
*Two middle aged gentlemen fishing near the power plant who were watching us from the thick.
*Middle aged intoxicated/drugged couple late 40s to early 50s blondish gray hair stumbling along the road following the river.
*Group of young teens who were seen loitering in front of the power plant one of them slick black hair about 5'8 white male.

The suspects broke into the vehicle with a Jimmy as one of the doors had some rubber sealing pulled away then they proceeded to remove the wallet from the vehicles councel, cell chargers from the central compartment and removing the purse/equipment from the backseat. The suspects then re-locked the vehicle down and fled between 7pm and 8pm. Any information leading to the arrest or information  to the involvement of this crime can be reported to GodOfThyNight@aol.com or you can contact us via mail at:

Paranormal & Ghost Society
P.O. Box 6175
Gardnerville, NV 89460

The victims will not press charges if most of the items are returned and you can do so anonymously by mailing them to the above P.O. Box. All tips will be kept anonymous this includes any customers who may have been sold this stolen merchandise surrounding the Jackson area.  If you have seen any suspicious activity such as anyone snooping around any vehicles or you are aware that this individual is responsible for multiple thefts please notify us immediately to prevent any future criminal acts which could happen to even YOU!

You can
donate to our paypal and society by clicking the donate button as we have lost all our gear due to these cowardly thieves and any help is appreciated. If you have any old cameras, gear, flashlights, headlamps, memory cards etc you can contribute they can also be sent to our Po Box so that we can continue our field research. We are very sorry to our fans that this has taken place and feel that the thieves are possible drug addicts due to the fact that most of Jackson Californias drug use is very high. Drugs such as ecstasy, crack, and crystal meth seem to be very common up in that region.  If the operations are shut down then so is the crimes committed towards the local community.

Citizens patrols/police and the Amador County Sherriffs Dept. need to be aware that drug deals and operations are done at some of these following locations. These types of individuals often area seen loitering at these locations need to be removed off the streets by law enforcement as this will be the ONLY way to prevent others from becoming victims touring the Jackson California area:

*Electra Run Road along the Mokelumne River
*Moore Mine Ruins Corner of I-49 and Fuller Lane
*The abandoned house on Main St. in Jackson between Kennedy St. and Rose Lane. roughly the 800-900 Block

Jackson has a very high homeless rate and drug use within the town are out of control. At one time I use to reside in Jackson during that time I seen three street fights, nude woman drunk was running on main street flashing everyone, robbed twice and my cars windows were all smashed out with a cinder block in front of the local grocer. Four years later upon returning to promote tourism in Jackson Ca and do some paranormal investigations our team including myself had our belongings robbed out of our truck causing us a very dismal 4th of July and many hardships such as our health insurance cards being taken so we cannot seek doctors care.  Not to mention having to cancel all our cards order new IDs and suffer also from identity theft. The individuals stole over 40 hours of footage and paranormal evidence The Paranormal & Ghost Society collect which is of no use to the suspects. Please donate to help our cause as this could happen to you or anyone.

 We want to inconvenience the individuals who stole from our society and hope that based on the amount of tips received we can piece a case together. If your vehicle was illegally violated or you had anything stolen out on Electra Rd near the Jackson California Power Plant PLEASE contact us so that true justice can come swiftly without mercy to these cowardly thieves who pray on those hiking, fishing and swimming with their families in the area. Below is a map of where this incident took place we thank all of you who have joined our cause against such cowardly criminal acts. If any of the items are found we ask you either mail them to our society or you can turn them into the Amador County Sheriffs Dept or Jackson Ca Police and let them know that you believe these items belong to us and provide them with our email address and information.

In theory we feel that there was a minimun of two individuals involved either late teens to early twenties one who watched us hike around while the other one stole. We want to talk to the individual who was a witness to this incident or knows anything factual about this information. The reward given will be cash and worth more then what was stolen as some of our gear is useless or rather used from recent paranormal adventures. If you are a parent who is aware your child is involved with this I will not press charges as long as we are compensated as this criminal act was cowardly, unethical and we surely didnt deserve to have our vehicle broken into for 40 dollars.  The guardian angel can be put into an envelope and mailed to our society as it was a sentimental gift with no worth other then heartfelt value from Tammys grandmother and we would like our recorder back as it has many recordings that belong to our fans not me but our viewers who are members of our organization.

We want to let criminals know who are involved with robbing our belonings from the Red Chevy Blazer at the Electra area that our entire team is legally armed. I want to let you know that if you were caught you would have been apprehended. I want to let you know that you stole not only from my children but thousands of our members who belong to this site.  You chose the wrong society and guy to rob you will be found and brought to justice.  Someone will eventually talk and your stealing days will come to an abrupt end and that is a promise!!!! I was informed that other good folks hiking and touring the area have been robbed that this is not the first incient.  

We want to hear your stories and anything else you might have as we look forward to working with other Jackson residents to put a stop to the criminal activity committed down Electra Rd.  If you are interested in performing a citizens arrest with my team and I please contact me for details.  We are hardworking good people we surely didnt deserve to go for an innocent hike only to come back and have our things stolen and imagine this could be YOU.  Any thoughts, evidence or information can be emailed to us at AngelOfThyNight@paranormalghostsociety.org

Incidents like these are usually drug related so if the dealer is selling to goons who have technically lost their sanity or self control there actions are going to hold YOU responsible. If  you wish to turn over the parties involved anonymously we can all get on with our LIVES end of story theft of this kind needs some sort of justice! Its one thing to party a little and live it up its all good till someone gets hurt and we took the brute end of someone else's clepto hands.  Further below is an editorial, commentary, maps, charts and other information which goes with this case please look it over and hopefully these tips can also prevent this from happening to anyone else.

Robbery/Theft Area Maps

2010 Crime Index Last Year Ago

Plan On Visiting Jackson Safety TIPS

*Lock Your Car Doors At All Times get a club for your steering column car theft and robberies are very high in Jackson Ca.
*Do not travel anywhere in the area or park if you have out of state plates
*Alarm your vehicle and if you have to bring your dog even if that means leaving him to guard your vehicle.
*Never travel alone in the city or on the outskirts without having another companionn or friend
*Always be armed pepper spray, pocket knife or get a concealed weapons permit to carry at all times.
*Do not get involved with the local drama some residents in the town are drug addicts, drunks or swindlers this may be due to the fact that the Ca econmy has gone sour so some have gone mad.
*At night do not walk the streets their are illegal brothels being ran near downtown and some of the homeless have been caught stealing in previous years.
*Always have a cell phone on you at all times and a camera. Crime is very random and both may come in handy.
*Stay away from Electra Road many of the local kids go back here not to hike but to do drugs and steal its a fact.
*If you hike out around town check your vehicle every half hour trust me if you do not chances are someone will try to break in even if its for a buck.
*Some people will try to talk to you asking for money, rides or even to use your cell say NO walk away.
*Do not leave your child unattended at Electra Rd. Jackson Ca has its share of sex offenders as well.
Stay away from Fuller Ln, Main St, Broadway and Electra Rd all areas of higher crime.
*Rape is on a high in Jackson do not drink at the pubs do not go alone with any men. Years ago when I resided in Jackson Ca a hispanic male with long side burns very overweight drugged one of the women in the bar then raped her in the hotel room next to ours. When we went after the suspect he fled the seen laughing how women in Jackson are easy bump and goes. Ladies again do not go back on Electra Rd by yourselves and stay out of the local pubs keep yourself safe.

The People Speak Out:

Click Here: The Peoples Opinion

News Article:
By Joy Vittorio

Two Paranormal Researchers Victims Of Theft

On July 2nd 2011 two paranormal investigators from Carson City Nevada received more then they bargained for when they realized that they had been robbed on Electra Run Road just outside of Jackson California.
Quoted from its founder Richard Rowe "Its not the paranormal you have to be scared of it's the people who are often found in areas like these for the wrong reasons" and Tammy "This is a huge disappointment for all paranormal researchers who are fooled by Jackson's beauty" came to this area to do a little fishing, hiking and field research for their latest project. 
Richard Rowe and his fiance Tammy were visiting the area to promote Jackson's rich history when they decided to hike along the Mokelumne River.  Upon returning to their vehicle the victims realized that their red Chevy Blazer had been a victim of criminal activity.
Richard Rowe founder of The Paranormal & Ghost Society quoted that many of the locals who visit Electra Road do so to drink and cause criminal mischief.  The lack of law enforcement near the Electra Powerhouse may be a definitive cause for many of the crimes which occur in the area.
During an interview Mr. Rowe stated that until the crime rate drops in the Jackson area his society is completely done promoting tourism, history and paranormal activity.  The Paranormal & Ghost Society puts safety as a number one priority and feels that the Electra Run Rd. area is dangerous area to families who might enjoy the outdoors.  He stated that "It is very sad and disheartening to be a victim of theft and crime so many times visiting Jackson" last incident that took place Mr. Rowe's car windows were smashed by vandals while at a super market in 2008. Over the years he has learned to let go and revisit the area ironically being robbed upon his return to the area. 
Currently the case is being investigated and a cash reward will be offered for any information that leads to the arrest of the parties involved. There was evident signs of forced entry as the thieves stole the items relocking the vehicles doors after the incident.

 Tammy PGS's lead investigator stated that it is going to take months to bounce back from this ordeal as many personal belongings were stolen including her purse, EMF detector, three cameras, nightvision cam, batteries, 40 hours of paranormal recordings lost forever, credit cards, children's health insurance cards, leather wallet, guardian angel pin, cell charges, flashlights, medication, cash and other equipment.  Some items are more sentimental and not worth a single red cent while others are worth hundreds of dollars to the victims.
It is factual statistics that Jackson California has higher crime rates then some of the largest cities in the region which vary from assault, grand theft auto all the way to burglaries which are at a high.  It is so hard to believe such a majestic historical town could suffer from so much criminal activity even along the serene Mokelumne River.  Some areas are better off closed to the public to prevent drug trafficking and criminal mischief from taking place if the local sheriff's department cannot patrol the area.
If anyone has any information in relation to the theft that occurred at 7pm on 4th of July weekend please contact the sheriffs department in Amador County at (209) 223-1235 or by contacting The Paranormal & Ghost Society at AngelOfThyNight@paranormalghostsociety.org all donations can be sent to Paranormal & Ghost Society, PO Box 6175, Gardnerville Nevada 89460

Another News article from the Ledger Dispatch is also in the works state tuned.

Commentary From the Founder Lord Rick

"Jackson CA The Illusion Of Disbelief Gone Wrong"

 The sole purpose of this page is to catch the perpetrator who without a conscious bone in there body decided to rob our society and. It is not just my girlfriend or me they robbed they robbed you. On my recorder I kept my last 30 investigations on and when they stole that they stole all my EVP's to places like Berlin, American Flats, Donner Lake etc etc its sad and when you truly think about it sickening. The equipment we own and use comes out of our pockets I am a parent who has the money to replace all that was stolen or taken from you on someone else's expense.  We may not catch the person involved at all but we want them to know that if you are not caught either way there will be a consequences. Although most thieves will not admit it they steal

I lived in Jackson Ca back in 2008 during my time spent in that town I had someone almost hit my son and I while walking to get ice cream, group of guys gave my child the middle finger, been solicited by at least three different women, Best Western Hotel screwed me, met a bearded woman, saw a guy try to rape a girl, had a friend relapse going crazy downtown main street, was robbed twice, my car was broken into, my car windows were smashed in by a cinder block and this time around someone stole all my gear while doing some innocent bird watching and fishing. In just a short time I have come to the conclusion that crime in Jackson is higher then just about anywhere I been in all my years of visiting sites across the country. Theft and Robbery in Jackson are at an all time high and its out of control. These are people that cannot be allowed into society the next person they will steal from will be a single mom or how about an elderly couple on a fixed income taking a river stroll. Do you see where I am going with this?

When I spent my time in Jackson Ca in three months time I seen three street fights, hookers trying to sell me sex and constantly ran into druggies try to sell me some shit. Life is sad in California that is why I left and moved to NV. Their are no family services available such as food stamps, health insurance, TANF and other programs readily available anymore. Why? The state is broke much like most of the country but it still does not justify a thief's actions as if a thief needed money I would have given it. But see this suspect stole my wallet a wallet that had no money in it just my kids health cards and my drivers license which is useless.  Who does that? I mean most thieves steal money these thieves steal a wallet with a bunch of worthless cards what is there to gain.  A few cameras a cheap cell phone charger which probably doesn't even fit there phones. This behavior is not brilliance it is stupidity and even though we may never see any of the things taken the world will know.

You have to understand that like the rangers of the law we are the rangers of the paranormal. We religiously travel to all these paranormal destinations and haunted hotspots some locations are dangerous and some are just beautiful. We work to hard to be robbed nobody deserves spending all this money to travel in gas then to go for a hike and come back to find out someone robbed you.  In my many years of field research not once was I ever robbed not even in a major city or abandoned building. It is sad that we no longer live in a sane society for example look at the Casey Marie Anthony trial. Look at what occurred in New Orleans when Katrina hit the men who went around raping storm victims. How about the genocide that occurs across the globe meanwhile this country spends billions of our tax dollars in Iraq when we could invest this money in fighting disease or strengthening our nation.

Not all folks in Jackson Ca are bad however some of them are not genuine people. Most of the friends I made within that town had mental disabilities, homeless or they had a background of drugs or something of another. I lived next door to a lady who was drunk while her sons were abusing the homeless people living in the shelter.  Someone on probation I met told me he use to steal cars in Jackson driving down dirt roads with them just for fun. This is the type of location Jackson is and sadly its out of control. When I lived there I one night I went for a brew sat in the bar then smoked a cigar outside. I noticed some drunk woman streaking and then she ran up to me trying to throw herself onto me. This was not a fun drunk woman this was a woman with no teeth.....stringy hair......red bumps around her lips and she couldn't even talk straight.

Tammy and I are good people we run an honest paranormal group that allows anyone to get involved with. We hike, camp, fish, spelunk, travel, party, explore, adventure and meet allot of new friends. Nobody deserves to have their things stolen, hard work nor their belongings or sentimental things. If they are willing to steal from people they are willing to take your children and maybe even hurt you to since only a sane person would respect another persons property. I will not lie when I tell you that at that moment I was robbed I merely lost it. I grabbed my weapon and was getting ready to hunt the suspects down as I felt they may have still been close to the area. Some days I merely just a man other days I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. Being a paranormal investigator has its ups and downs this is a down but in the end we are the guys who always do the right thing regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Sadly the issues in Jackson Ca cannot always be absolved through law enforcement some people are just lost. The things that were stolen are worth very little as they were all used things that our investigators rely on. The fact is that if someone needed money I think id been more then happy to help out but just going into someone's vehicle for a few bucks then taking what you want is stupid and its bad karma. I wouldn't want to steal someone's EVP's from haunted locations where some places were cursed so life has a way of redeeming itself I wish them luck.

What strikes me odd about Jackson is that many of the people are very kind while some of them think they are cool repping this little country town with there loud speakers and talking with there slang. Some with the hats tipped to the side thinking they are cool because they drive around doing there drugs with no jobs or life. It is a sad situation and what is even more sad is in 2008 I was walking when three young children were firing air rifle bullets at me. Where were the parents? These children were trying to shoot at animals then when I walked past it was me.

Many of the homeless sleep in the alleys where is aid for them? One homeless person told me he buys hookers with his money from side jobs because Jackson offers no future for him. All in all I have come to the realization that it is pointless to fish, camp, hike or tour the sites here. Every time we do we are victims of someone else's crime. Sadly these people eventually get caught or they are so drugged they do not remember what they are even doing. Eventually when someone steals from them maybe only then will they realize their ways but by then they will never be able to repay the man they stole from. They cannot take away the tears from my girlfriend who had her guardian angel pin in her purse stolen from her grandmother.  It is a cowardly act I would have rather had someone fist fight me for my belongings then to just take what they felt like at least that is how it is in the city you fight for your turf man to man. We no longer live in a society with honorable people we live in a society full of thugs who hurt the innocent.

Due to this incident we will be forced to take our guard dog on every exploration. Due to this incident I have had to install security into my truck and have a security system installed in my home with camera feeds. My dog can no longer be in his crate he must be out at all times ready to perform his duty. My buddy from the air force has rented my 4th room and watches my kids when I am out of town because there are to many weirdos in the world who are into self preservation. Due to this incident I can never put down my gun in the woods because in nature we are the law we have to serve and protect when we are victims of crime. I have considered going through training for law enforcement as a US Ranger as in theory if patrols were taking place in an area regularly in an area such as the Electra Run area criminal activities such as theft would definitely decrease.  Because of this incident we are out hundreds of dollars we have to reorder all our things such as our license or our health cards.  We have to go without food on the 4th of July no money to celebrate our independence of being an American.  I will be forever vigilante and we probably now never will promote Jackson which is good for its tourism which in turn offers more jobs for the locals. More tourism means more jobs more businesses opening up but when you get burned your done with it all no matter how beautiful the place is.

We drove home in shock imagine having a great day hiking and researching to have it end being robbed. It was a long drive home one filled with emptiness and sadness. I was not as concerned about losing some money or cameras it was the fact that the things taken did not belong to this person and unfortunately they have no idea what they have or how to use most of it.  Maybe it came more of a shock to me that during my stay in Jackson I gave to the homeless food, rides, blankets etc. The homeless people on the streets became my friends as I tried to understand there situation. It is ashamed that someone can help the good people of Jackson while the next day someone more then likely with a drug habit decides to rob a complete stranger. What if they robbed a cop? What if they robbed a criminal and then got caught with the things they stole? What if I caught them what would occur from that? Someone would then get hurt and for what over a few cameras and an empty wallet with old credit cards.

What makes cities bad? It isn't the city that is bad its the people that do bad things in that city. Jackson a small city of 3000 residents it was at one time an old mining community that met a tragedy. These tragedies within the town continue even years after its dark history. We cannot blame that on anyone but the people who ruin it for everyone else. In 2008 a man pulled on over next to me holding his hand. It looked as if someone chopped his fingers off and he asked me where he could go for safety. I gave him directions to an abandoned house told him if he needs to crash there it would be safe. This man claimed that he just came back from the Jackson Rancheria a fairly newer casino built north of town. The casino has drawn in many locals some spend there entire pay checks here while others cannot control there greedy gambling habits. Its a fact that some of these people would steal from you, I or even there own mother this is what greed does to man. In the end karma is a bitch and then its end game.

We are very lucky to have property insurance on our vehicle in simple terms many of our things that were used will be able to replace new due to these thieves. Meanwhile what they have are items that are only worth 10 dollars if that at a pawn shop. Greed for the price of  bad karma is it really worth it? As a paranormal investigator I will always have to remain vigilante of those who betray there brothers and sisters even with we are on the same side.

I am asking other paranormal groups and our members to donate towards our cause.  The gear we use is so that our group can investigate more efficiently and safely. Those that donate some kind of gear or money towards our loss will receive seasons 1 through 4 of AngelOfThyNight Radio free I would give seasons 4 through 8 but we have not edited those comedy episodes yet. I will also warn anyone who wants to hike or fish on Electra Road be safe bring your dogs, carry a gun and make sure you have a cell equipped at all times. Never go out there alone and report any suspicious activity even if this suspect never gets caught in reality it wont be their last incident causing mischief in this area as this is a local hangout.  I am very disheartened that someone would also steal one of my cursed items I pity them as I said earlier bad karma is a bitch.
I have learned allot about my journeys to Jackson most of the towns folk are very prejudice towards anyone visiting from outside the town. The purpose of this page is nothing more then to tell my story. Paranormal Researchers shouldn't have to explore in fear of being robbed. Paranormal Investigators rarely get paid. All the cost we incur ourselves between our site, free services, cost of equipment, traveling etc a disaster such as this takes months to recover from all the way from having to revisit every location and do all new EVP sessions to replacing all our gear such as our flashlights, cameras, rechargeable batteries, emf detector, digital recorder etc the tools we use to investigate Ghost, Bigfoot, UFOs etc
I will return to Electra road I have high friends in high places and they will go up there regularly to justice will be served on a cold plate whether local law enforcement finds them or my friends do first. I will call out to the local Jackson community to band together with me so that your community is safe and that this kind of thing can be prevented from ever happening again.
Everything we do we earn we can never have back that paranormal evidence that was stolen that we spent hours collecting. What about the emotional and mental impact it has on my investigators and me. Knowing that our things are not even safe outside in the woods of a small town because the local townsfolk might rob you. Tammy is so devastated she does not want to ever return to Jackson while some of my friends are so upset they want to kill the thief who did this.
But more or less killing does not solve anything I would never steal from a priest or an innocent child would you? I would never steal from a paranormal investigator who works with things darker then evil itself. But this person did and for what to get a quick high? Make a quick buck? Look cool in front of there friends? Please spare me we live in a nation that is not free we pay for others sins and in the end we are all the same inside now aren't we?
This is the way the world works their are hate sites about me made by a bunch of haters I do not know. A guy hikes with his girl out in the woods to promote Jackson California's beauty and gets robbed. Imagine if both parties committing such acts new the real me would they steal my work? Steal my things? The answer is probably! Back in FL if my friends had a trespasser or someone stealing they would shot them right in the ass. In the end however the one thing you cannot change is people or places and we were at the wrong place at the wrong time dealing with a person who probably was a thief long before they ever laid eyes on my truck.

My mistake was the illusion of disbelief gone wrong. You want to believe that nobody will ransack your truck while you are harmlessly enjoying nature. You want to disbelieve that there are bad souls in our world. You want to disbelieve that this could happen to you. However in the end that illusion of disbelief is just that and it went wrong so wrong that our only sin committed while at Electra Road is that we were there having a great time enjoying all that Jackson offers; only to have been violated for doing our jobs.

We do not want to accuse anyone nor are we saying that it was a Jackson resident that did this. However all my experiences around Jackson have been poor particularly when it comes to some of the local residents. The police officers in Jackson are good cops I know I have talked with them numerous times and many of the business owners are very knowledgeable friendly people. But I have also witnessed to numerous crimes and have been a victim of those crimes as well so we want the public to understand what we have to endure so that we can provide the public with a free service like The Paranormal & Ghost Society.

We no longer live in a society where you can leave your doors open or even a place to park your vehicle at. It is up to the people to take back what is theres when someone steals from us they steal from you also because thieves do not discriminate upon skin color, hair color or if your poor or rich.  I ask that if anyone has any information to please email me privately I am a very reasonable man to talk to do what is right turn yourself in or at least send everything back to us no questions asked I think that is fair. I think actually this is more then fair considering most would pursue pressing charges however it is never to late to do the right thing so our society is giving you this option as tips are coming in so if the items are returned ill drop the charges its that simple no questions asked!

The Jackson area is rather a small community many of the folks in the area are willing to do the right thing as without those ethics there would not be no peace in society. Even though stealing is illegal stealing from another for greed goes against everything we believe in since in America we work for what is earned nothing is handed to us. Our tools we use for our research gone our safety gear gone our wallets gone everything gone because someone lacked the ethics and standards of humanity and a conscious.  As the founder this brings great sadness to know that such dishonor could be committed to our society who strives to help others and accept those for whom they are.  If you really want me to put it into perspect you wouldnt enjoy working for your employer only to have him take your pay check you would be furious and on July 2nd we lost our equipment we work with, paranormal evidence and funding that goes towards the operation of our society. 
Lord Rick
Founder PGS

Click this banner above to see more information about the Electra Run Road area along the Mokelumne River

These Photos were taken prior to the robbery on the river our vehicle was only parked a couple hundred feet away from this location did you see us at this location July 2nd of 2011 and if you did what other vehicles or persons were loitering in the area? This is a well known fishing hole just below the power plant.


Powerplant and parking area where robbery took place.



I shot this video hiking back to my truck on July 2nd 2011 heading away from the Mokelumne River. When I arrived back to my truck shutting my camera down I realized that someone broke into my truck stealing everything which includes are paranormal gear, credit cards, cameras, cell phone chargers, Id's, paranormal equipment, flashlights, money and even a pin that was given to my girlfriend from her grandmother. This is the location the robbery took place in front of this powerplant. There is an open area where many of the locals park. In this video you can see my spirits are up and I have a big sense of humor the one below was taken just minutes after we left this area. 

This video is not meant to be pretty as we just left the Electra Road region where we were robbed. I was waiting for a detective to arrive so I did this film at the Jackson civic center.


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If you have any questions you can email us at AngelOfThyNight@aol.com or if you prefer to donate using via postal mail contact us for our Po Box. If you wish  to donate using paypal you can can do so at  Their are no refunds so we ask that if you are a member of our society or you are gifting The Paranormal & Ghost Society that this is something you are serious about and want to do even if its a one red cent.  Once we recieve donations we apply them immediately towards the website cost, equipment and our budget immediately.  AngelOfThyNight and The Paranormal & Ghost Society is a volunteer service composed of our staff who continues to bring our viewers this free site and its services voluntarily. It is important for our viewers to play some involvement with our funding so that we can continue to do so for many more years to come.



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