Welcome to our hall of heroes in order to be indicted into our hall you must take the oath at the bottom of this page. You must also be a true paranormal adventurer
and explorer.  The League Of Extraordinary Paranormal Investigators is an elite group of talented individuals who uphold the highest morale standards and talents
in the paranormal community. Further below on this page is the declaration of oath please fill it out and submit it to me. Once you are approved you will then be
required to submit any banners, photos, bios and information you wish to share with the public. Each hero will then have there own webpage through our society
which in turn allows you to share your talents, abilities, deeds, paranormal group etc with the world. Each hero can share anything they desire or whatever cause
is they fully support. Each hero is an ally of The Paranormal & Ghost Society just as we are yours. For those visiting and viewing the League Of Extraordinary
Paranormal Investigators please feel free to click on a hero's photo below to learn more about them. Together we are united and forever we are strong!


Lord Rick aka AngelOfThyNight

Want to be on our wall of heroes?
Fill out the form below to apply!
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please make sure you read it!

Chose your answers wisely and thorougly all answers MUST be accurate, honest and meet our requirements for your indictment into our league.
Why are you are filling our our form feel free to enjoy the music being played on this page so feel free to take your time!

What's your name?
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Email Address:
Tell us about some of your abilities and talents:
What are some of your inner qualities?
What are you interest and hobbies?
What is the name of your organization and website?
Are you willing to die for your cause? Yes

Do you agree to defend The Paranormal & Ghost Society as we agree to defend YOU? Yes

Do you agree to report drunk drivers? Yes

Do you agree to protect the innocent and bring justice to those who who cause harm? Yes

Do you agree to join one of our forums or boards? Yes

Do you agree to protect and conserve every paranormal location you explore? Yes

Do you agree to uphold the highest of integrity as a true paranormal adventurer and help others when it is necessary? Yes

Do you agree to protect and to serve even if this means self sacrifice? Yes

Tell us why we should chose you for our hall of heroes?
What does being a hero mean to you and do you consider yourself as one?
Share with us an inspirational event or story in your life?
Being indicted in the Hall Of Paranormal Heroes is an oath of honor do you agree to agree to uphold it?
I understand that if I do not uphold my oath that I can be removed from the hall of heroes without warning?
As a requirement of my indictment I am solely responsible for submitting the criteria necessary for my page to AngelOfThyNight aka Lord Rick which may include a Bio, Banners, Photos etc. Yes

Favorite Quotes or Motto's?
What are some of the beliefs you stand strong against?
What are you driven by in life? What are your dreams and lifelong goals?
Tell us about your costume if you do not have one tell us what it would look like?
What are the most important things to you in life?
The oath will be posted publicly on your page is this okay? Yes

Tell us why you are interested in being indicted into our hall of paranormal heroes?
As a hero you are required to post our hall of heroes badge on your site is this an issue for you? Yes

On occasion we may email you or involve you in some of our functions is this okay?
Check all the boxes which apply to you you must chose a minimum of four? Truth

Out of good faith do you promise to uphold friendship amongst each and everyone of our heroes indicted within our society? Yes

When you are called upon or you call upon us do you agree to do your best? Yes

Do you believe in the unknown? Yes

Do you agree to become our ally to uphold friendship as well as respect for your brothers and your sisters? Yes

Do you promise to stand strong for freedom, justice and equality? Yes

Do you agree to NEVER abuse your power?
As a hero you are required to protect animals and children do you agree? You also agree to help those who are in need of your services! Yes

Tell us a bit about your paranormal methods and beliefs?
What are your fears and weaknesses?
What makes you angry and what makes you happy?
Which type of super hero are YOU? The Anti-Socialite
The Conflicted
The Anti-Hero
The Mutated
The Reformed

Do you have a facebook, blog or homepage? What is the link?
Tell us how you fight the good fight?
Tell us how you received your hero name and what it stands for?
Who is your nemesis or villains? Why?
What do you hope to achieve by being a part of our league?
Would you die to save the life of another or sacrifice yourself to save others? Yes

No matter the consequence do you PROMISE to use your heart and do what is right?
Do you promise to uphold the highest integrity, ethics, dedication and commitment in the paranormal community? Yes

Who is your hero or inspiration?
Repeat the OATH back to us stating your name: I solemnly swear, (Your Name) Promise To Uphold My Oath & Dedication As A Member In The League Of Extraordinary Paranormal Investigators In The Beginning and Till The Very End
Any other comments or questions for us?

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Let me take the time to thank you for applying to be indicted onto our Hall Of Heroes. There are many rewards for being involved with this program the biggest one is friendship
another one is that for years to come others will be able to see you for the hero you are in our paranormal community. Some paranormal investigators get a bad rep and more then often
the good ones are never glanced upon.  We are here to share with our viewers some of the most upstanding souls that love the paranormal and touch the lives of others.  There is no cost we do
not want your money we do however want your friendship and for you to be part of our paranormal family.

*To become a member of The League Of Extraordinary Paranormal Investigators you MUST first fill out the form above then submit it this is our first step.

*The second step would be  either to waittill you are  approved by our staff and during that time you can submit to us the following to AngelOfThyNight@aol.com the following
articles of information so that we can add it to your page.

*Bio *Causes *Your Promotional Info *Photos *Contact Info *Inspirational Stories *Heroic or Good Deeds *Paranormal Group Information *Your Business Info *Youtube Video
*The third step is you must place the banner below on your web site linking it back to
this is a requirement!  
As of now we have three to chose from we reccommend using a banner you like best!


Once we have both the questionnaire and the information you provided us with we will then add it to our site. When others view the Hall Of Heroes they will be able to click your photo or
name to view your page through us. We are giving our heroes free advertising through our site not just advertising but we are forming a strong friendship and becoming allies. These bonds can be
beneficial in working together in the future on cases, television shows and other projects.

Only 42 spots are available and it is a on a first come first serve basis. When a new hero applies we will remove the blank photo with the question mark and in place put there photo on our
heroic wall.

Being on this wall goes beyond just you advertising through our society this is an OATH you take. All oaths are kept on file and shared publicly so please do not use your home address or
phone numbers unless you chose to. We are paranormal investigators and explorers thus most of us are out in the night and sometimes we see some pretty bad things. Your oath you have
chosen is to be a hero no matter the cost this could include getting a drunk driver off the street, preventing vandalism of a paranormal location or just doing a super deed.

For example.....a few years ago I was on an investigation when I stopped at a gas station to get a snack in between paranormal locations. There was a drunk driver that pulled into
the parking lot that was stumbling around which then proceeded to get gas and be on his merry way. I apprehended the suspect with the PD to get the individual off the roads. If I did not get
this individual off the roads he would have killed or took an innocent life guaranteed!!! I acted and that is what a real hero does never turn and walk away. Once you take the oath you are
giving me your word that you will make a difference not for me or for you but for others that is what being in our league is about.

The League Of Extraordinary Paranormal Investigators is not based on super powers its about being a Super Individual helping others and setting a good example in the paranormal community
as we have done for so many years. The oath you take goes far beyond just listing yourself on our site. You have a duty and this duty might be stopping vandals in a cemetery or it may be
saving a life in a crisis. You are obligated to assist your brothers and sisters who are named on this wall just as much as our society. We are obligated to offer you the same and be an upstanding
member of the paranormal community whether the world is ending or disaster is upon us. The world is in peril and there are those who need you no good deed should ever go unnoticed.

We are here to touch lives but to unite for a common cause which is to make our world a better place all the way from the amazing paranormal work we perform to helping others who need a hero.
Applying and being added to our wall of heroes shows the world that you are more then just a paranormal investigator.  It allows others a chance to get to know the real you and voice your who
you are and what you stand for.

How did this all start? Well it started years ago when one of my friends was killed on an investigation by a drunk driver. For so long I hated the person responsible I wanted to make a
difference. I took blame for something I didn't have anything to do with other then walking to a cemetery to search for some ghost. We cannot change the past only what we can do in our future
even if that means helping out MADD or radioing in a drunk driver. Even if that means kicking some ass and taking names in the name of justice.  Even though the law sometimes does not favor
a hero we must do what we must do in the name of the innocent lives that are in need.

Over the years I have done allot of paranormal investigations I have seen some bad things. I was robbed while on a paranormal investigation July 2nd of 2011. I have been involved with many
swift acts of justice in my years and will continue to make a difference in the lives of others. This includes donating food to children, helping out in the community and providing a
public service to the people.  These are things some never get to see at the wall of heroes you get to see these paranormal investigators in another light.

Sadly these are deeds that more then often so many fail to notice but here on the wall we can show others that the world does have heroes like you and I in it. If I told you I was just a
paranormal ghost chaser that would be a lie. I am so much more then that our work goes beyond chasing a few spirits and we want to be able to share that with the paranormal community. During
my journey as a founder I have met some SUPER wonderful souls and now we will be able to share some of those souls with the world.

Welcome To The League Of Extraordinary Paranormal Investigators if you feel that you are a paranormal hero we would love to add you to our wall of heroes!

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