Often when you are in books...do news articles...run forums with 1000s of members you develop not so nice fans think of it as splashing rather. Sometimes others splash me they go online create websites which are not entirely true hoping that it will deter my goals. Libeling...and Splashing towards many paranormal groups happens from people who are skeptics sometimes it hurts some of those groups sometimes it draws in good advertising.

 So let me give the public the facts of what is the true so when you hear it on someone's site you will know a little more in depth of what not to believe and what to believe about your founder Lord Rick. If you read it somewhere else chances are its not true if its not covered here ask me and Ill post the answer here but this should cover all those little myths you hear in the paranormal community going around about me.

~Lord Rick~


1. I do not smoke crack I would never touch it either. I do support however herbal remedies and spiritually enlightening things such as 420 or magic mushrooms. I do not have a drug habit and certainly must stay in good health so that I can operate the site and my research which goes on at constant.


2.I was NOT responsible for Robert Carr's death nor were we stoned, drinking or careless. A lady who was drinking heavily was as she veered off road almost hitting our entire team striking Rob this is documented in the courts so those making sites about it be careful how and what you state about how I was responsible.
3. Yes we Photoshop our images that is true but what I MEAN by this is that we resize our scanned photos so they are not to large. We also add our watermark in them. We do NOT alter our ghost images except for highlighting the phenomena. If something gets covered up its because its to vulgar for our younger fans to see or because we want to protect to the place so others do not vandalize nor get hurt enough said.


4. I do not smoke cigarettes the ectoplasmic shots are NOT cigg smoke. I hate ciggs ask anybody who knows me if I am around them I could have an asthma attack. 5. I have quite a few media recognitions...books...tv shows...news articles if I did not do a good job I WOULD NOT be recognized its that simple. I am recognized for my hard work at this not as much as some but I have done everything when it comes to the media. Lord Ricks Media Attention.

6. I am not rich and we do not make money doing this. Making money means profiting but between our t-shirt sales...donations...and equipment we are lucky if we pull in 150$ a year. We expend more then we make between our site dues, travel cost, replacing equipment, maintaining our vehicle for trips and safety of our investigators. Not to mention the hours I am online working on our forums. I am poor drive 15 year old cars that has to say enough.


7. I am NOT a redneck I was born in NY lived out west then came back up to NY then to FL. I do not mud....I DO NOT live in a trailer park I DO NOT have an accent nor do I DRINK beer for breakfast. I do not classify me is anything other then me itself. I do not own confederate flags or a beat up pick up truck either. 8. I do work I am a fulltime father...and run this organization and a soon to be author. I also am working with other producers to get on the air globally. I am not on disability but I am disabled and suffer from a back disorder but I do not whine about it I push on living to make my goals possible and achieve what others cannot.

9. My personal life is just that sure you can dig up information but I am not a felon...nor have I been to the Looney bin nor am I on psyche medication never have been. I did not try to commit suicide that website of mine is 9 years old before I ever started my society. It was created because I was trying to hide from someone who broke my heart many years ago. You see I took this girl in and well her parents did not like so they lied about her age well I got in trouble I won in court taking only a minor violation/35 dollar fine  and after that did not want her to bother me anymore or her psycho brothers who raped her so I had to write that piece to remain anonymous  but again its nobodies business but thats just the fact. Since people like to share my personal life on the net there is your answer. 


10. We do not do pseudo science we are not just a ghost group we cover everything from UFOs, Monsters, Demons, Bigfoot, Metaphysics and even some urban exploring. I take people to all sorts of places paranormal or not.


11. I am not all about me if that were the case I would not host parties with food and door prizes. I am just brutally honest which has generally pissed off those who do not  like my opinions on issues dealing with the paranormal.


12. I have done over 700 investigations not because I am bragging but because its true. Its also true that we have and boast over 50,000 photos on our site maybe even more. What is unique is most are taken by me then I put them up for our fans to see.

13.It is true we own very little equipment that is because it gets broke, ruined, wet or we do not get the donations we should. Some sites make a thousand a month so they can replenish equipment we do not so when it breaks it lessens what I am able to do for our members.


14. We do not carry guns and if I did it would be legal with a permit. I will be carrying a mossburg out west that is in case of any mountain lion or bear attacks it is my right as an American citizen to bare arms to protect my team.



15. We do not vandalize if you see my name spray painted at a location I can almost tell you who is doing it such as Lord Rick Sucks blah blah its stupid. We are not even based in NY and that's where its happening.

  16. I am a paranormal investigator not a saint I am allowed to have a sex life, drink a beer, date girls outside my work, have private profiles or names. I am allowed this just as others are to. Founders have lives too.


17. I do not gather private information on those that browse the site. I can careless who you are unless we are personal friends. I do not collect IPs however if you spam me, threaten me, stalk me etc it is my right to research you for my own well being and protection.  

18. We are a business so if you think your harassing me your not your harasses a business which then makes your violations illegal. Everything I do almost is professional sure we have fun but we also have a store to run...clients to work with...editors to meet with etc.


19. I do not virus anybody or send spyware through my site. If you get one  its because we were attacked. It has happened and its up to you as members to keep your virus and spyware scanners in check and set the right web settings.


20. Just because we post photos does not make them real ghost or orbs were a theory group we put it out and allow others to draw their own conclusion. If I know for sure its a ghost I will say that it is so for all those saying how I think everything is a ghost think about it first we just gather evidence and share it nothing more.


21. I am a great father part of the work I DO is for my sons so that someday when I get on national tv I can afford to buy them the toys they want. Part of being a founder means being responsible not a day does not go by I do not play with my sons even after a night of investigating the paranormal.


22. I help thousands of people not just teaching them but its people who have lost sons...daughters. who suffer from being scared at night in there houses. My work does not just reach one state it reaches the world so others know there is more to this life then just living and dying.



23. I do not hide on the net so many of our viewers are lucky to see photos of me at my parties...events...and investigations. Do you know how many founders hide and their usually the ones who are not doing things legally.

24. YES it is true I do not like the government nor cops most do not really. Cops are human therefore they sin just like you or me one cop might let a pretty girl off for her looks while the next guy gets thrown into the slammer. Our government was built on alot of lies their formed with people like us also and certain laws are made from bureaucrats some follow them because they do not understand that these are other peoples opinions put into book. Innocent people go to jail all the time. I been caught on base by our government they let me go perhaps my research interest them they could have shot me from the helicopter they didn't. But then I had bad experiences where cops tried to arrest me for no reason like once walking home from my car being towed. Again bad experiences and happenings to friends. I am for the people. 

25. I am not in a cult nor am I religious.  I do not have followers or chant under the moon. I love science although I do believe that supremacy is important to become the best I can be. Some do not have to believe in man gods...divinity....power of the spirit etc but I do and if believing in myself offends the public it does not matter what makes again is believing in me that does however constitute a cult.


26. Most people do not like me because they do not know me aside from what I do here I go fishing, spend time with my kids, hike, camp, cook, watch movies, chill to music etc does that make me bad no what makes me bad to others is my forward strong blunt attitude and well my grandmother use to say if you cant take the honesty get out of the kitchen. If you do not like this site or me why you really here think about it. I run the site for those who adore us and respect me. 


27. All these talks bout how I threatened some minor on a group that is true I did because I figured if he was old enough to run his small...old enough to trespass...old enough to use the language he did then he is old enough to be treated as an adult. Just as if a child that is 10 in Florida comments a lude act that kid is going to jail. If you act older then what you are then expect me to treat you as an adult plain and simple. I have no shame in saying that the little shit needed an ass whooping does that make me bad no some punks need a wake up call when there young before they get older and become rapist or murderers. 


28. I am not gay tired of the emails of people calling me it. I have children and I love women period. All kinds of women because that is what I am into these people going around calling me gay because why I raise my own children is becoming pitiful on their parts. I am a pretty masculine guy I play football...meet women pretty frequently...and live a pretty normal life actually aside from my odd journeys.



29. We are not a copy and paste site photos are ours..write ups are ours...if I SHARE something I give credit where its due like an article on our forums.

30. I do not disrespect other groups without good cause or reason. If some group post my kids photos up or my photo they draw penises on I have every right to be hostile cause like I said JUST CAUSE. Also I have no problem with urban explorers I am friends with 3 other urban exploring group owners there all great guys with wives/gfs and work hard at what they do just like me. 


31. Chances are all these places up in WNY being exploited on websites or you read about from other groups were already investigated by our team first. Most of the time I do Original investigations meaning places nobody has done then some group goes there for a thrill. 


32. I do not trust easy what do you expect I been screwed over to many times when people steal from you....authors lie to get locations....people threaten....harass....not keep there end of things etc its going to make me a cautious individual. I am a founder that believes in building trust if you seem shady I wont talk to you that's just how it is and that's my choice as much as yours.


33. I am not a good speller or at grammar maybe its cause I type so fast or have my kids playing or am working on many projects at once. I am a science and history major I also studied law but most of what I do is self taught I focus on important things such as survival...first aid...things that are important during a paranormal expedition not grammar so if that makes me a bad founder then I am bad. 


34. You may have heard I censor others and do not allow them to voice their own opinion that is not true. We run a no censorship board where you can swear or say what you want. However some of our boards are moderated and the main focus of those boards is to discuss/debate the paranormal not to debate Lord Rick...not to flame me....or demean me since I am the one hosting it I have the right to zap it out that is because its disrespectful and its my right.
35. I will gladly work with other groups and promote other ones as well. But its only applicable and fair that if we exchange links we do it equally. Just as if you come along with me for the investigation follow my guidelines respect me I am not an amateur I do alot of expeditions in woods...mountains...swamps etc I take that experience I have and I use it along side with others. 


36. There are imposters pretending to be me its not me just because you see my profile does not mean its me. People going around saying how I am airing their personal information sorry got news for you its not me. Its very easy for me to ban someone and chances are I have other means to of handling situations. I do not go onto other groups using fake alias I use this aliases which are on this site and in my forums so if you need someone with my photo on a forum it is not me end of story.  37. Do I bitch you bet I do any founder who does not bitch does not have passion in his work. Its only natural to feel rage when people act dumbfounded to what you do or miss the big picture. Its only natural to feel enraged when you got steaks on the grill and hundreds of dollars of fireworks and those members do not show. That to me is not wrong a good founder is one who is not bias and can speak his mind. 

38.You may have read my blogs maybe a piece of them those blogs were taken from my myspace they are not meant for anybody to see but personal friends. But on occasion we get people who take those blogs twist the words using there little fake names to retrieve them. Again this goes back to as the founder I am entitled to have a life outside of what I do this is not a presidential election this is not the press chasing me down but some sure act like it. 


39.It is true I do not like Taps ghosthunters I do not hate them they work hard just as any group. Problem I have is A. I wrote scifi and probably they stole my idea for the show I told them put me on and Ill give you some good productions. Then when you see that you do places and some group like them goes to a few places you already been and there making money while your equipment is broke and your struggling to keep this site running their is nothing left but anger why lie. 



40. I have no respect for Authors like Winfield or Belanger its simple these guys make money off people like us. Groups like mine we go out their in the middle of the night getting ghost photos then you get authors like these who want information for there book and they get rich us ghosthunters were the ones expending to make them rich. If your an author write bout your own places not mine and if you want to write about mine put me in your book its simple that way others at least know we did the investigation your writing about. 


41. I am an author I just don't have the book out yet I will eave it at that. I know when to be professional but I am not doing this to impress I am not going to style my hair a certain way because someone does not like me for me to bad the only thing that matters is the work I produce not my hair color or  whether I wear jeans lol. 




42. I am in my 30s I am not an old man as people go around saying. I can outdo people half my age believe me when I say this I am in very good shape. 


43. I have been in some pretty dangerous situations I came close a few times to death on investigations not from ghost from people and human error. 
44. The funds I do get are not a waste some proceeds go to MADD...some go to equipment for my investigators even if its safety gear for a cave....some goes towards travel cost so that way I can get there to post these cool photos etc I do not go out and treat myself to a steak dinner film...equipment...traveling...a website etc all cost money thats a reality all them rumors you hear about me going out buying crack is not true I have 3 boys to feed and alot of people think its cool to never donate because they know Ill pay for everything and that attitude is the wrong one to have. 


45. I treat my investigators very good all these rumors you here about how I kicked this person off blah blah has good reason behind it. If some JOE lies and doesn't show....or steals.....or whatever the case is there gone. You cant yell at a guy for doing his job.  46. Ill connect with girls in my group hell celebs hook up with celebs....tennis players hook up with football players...and ghostbusters hook up with ghostbusters its called common interest. 

47. Sites like encyclopedia drammatica are false all it takes me is to prove one thing is wrong and well even someone who dislikes me knows what you are reading does not make it true. You cannot make assessments...judge...or theorize much if you have not met a person or spent time with them enough to know the truth. Those that write sadistic humor about me well your jealous I got kids...a big group...alot of success floating around and it just urks you because you cant figure out how some tattooed freak who tokes up has it and well once again that goes into its my personal life good hearts find good things in there life. Do not make it a personal issue with me  some do then all these myths about me are created due to one persons jealous issues.


48. I am motivated so what my group gets shut done I got others Ill create others its fun and allows me to clean house. Your only doing me a favor if you want to write myspace going on about how I am wrong for this and that go ahead one day someone is going to say or do the wrong thing and its going to lead to my society placing a lawsuit on you its not worth being sued for months of harassment especially when its all documented because you don't like me or the groups I run.  49. I do this because I enjoy it its nice to get out for a hike its nice to see ghost and its nice to share adventure with other friends. I plan on doing this for years people who clash need to learn to get along its that simple cause its obvious I am not going anywhere peace or no peace I am always focused on my work not what others say or do. 

50.I am not a terrorist and should not be labeled as one shame on those that do. I live a very lonely life believe it or not most founders...celebrities...authors...etc are lonely because the only time they usually interact with others is for their work but other then that its very hard making friends when you are directing something like this site. People only bother you when they want information or they want to snoop into your life. They can careless that some bacterial infection almost killed you on an investigation or that you rolled and almost fell off a cliff...or a month before a drunk driver almost ran you off the road when leaving an investigation. People want it all for free and they think I am not going to notice this.


51. I will succeed people who tell me Ill never get a TV show blah blah blah your wrong our group has been around for years it grows constantly and I am in the works of alot of good projects and things happening. My succession is my business and my failure is my own mistakes to learn by in my work nobody else's.



52. I do most of my investigations...all the site etc myself I work hard does not mean I can design the perfect site or the most sophisticated. I keep it simple I have kids and projects to do therefore finding time to get advanced is not plausible in my life that does not make me dumb or a lousy founder. For me the paranormal is an everybody job.

53. I am not scared of people or their threats know this as a parapsychologist its my job to decide what is paranormal and what is not. I get hundreds of emails from lunatics some people are sincere they actually have genuine truth to this phenomena others have nothing better to do then harass me about what kind of equipment we use, where we been to, wanting favors to locations, story telling because they are lonely etc. I think some people play a mean game in person then you meet them and they are totally passive. 


54. I do not do no little one hour jaunts in the woods we sometimes spend hours if not even days on our investigations like our NJ Pine Barrens Trip that lasted a few days in the woods and we hiked quite alot of miles per day. Anybody telling you otherwise is lying investigations require alot of work especially remote places that you have to hike into.  55. Whenever I do an out of state trip I ask money for those who want on board not because I cannot afford my own way its because it gets applied for with good cause its a donation not a charge not a fee. Its like cub scouts you raise money so you can do extra trips or chipping in for a school bus to take you on a field trip same concept. People who pay are people who are serious those that pay chances are are going to reserve there spot and show those that do not will not its just common knowledge. 

56. Yes I have designed the site to be child family animated gifs...lots of color...simple browsing etc I did this on purpose some people are old timers with little computer experience others that I talk with are much younger and learning about the paranormal. I did this on purpose it was not because I am dumb or childish its because I made the choice to do it this way. I design my own site, run my forums, do customer service, represent my organization, this site, our groups, the graphics, rules enforcer etc.


57. Yes it is true if someone crosses me your going to get served justice whether its through the courts or me handling it myself. One thing I do not let others do is walk all over me I am way to old to have that and any founder who runs a group should feel the same way. Guys like me work so hard at what we do making nothing doing it and then you get some moron who tries to go on television to make money off what you do and if you violate us we violate you which brings me back to the golden rule and eye for an eye practice for hundreds of years. 



58. Yes it is true I am a psychic I am a different type though I sense out spirits....some people I can give readings to...and I do have quite a few other abilities. Don't ask just know that its taken me a long time to work at who I am life is a growing experience and its important to know yourself before you know others. I watch as people laugh at me then it happens and there like ummm I don't prove nothing to anybody cause honestly the site is here for one thing for others to smile...laugh...and learn. 




59. I believe in getting to know others for what is inside anybody that trash talks me does not know me for what is inside I just brushed off on them the wrong way because they did not like what I had to say. I will tell you how it is if I was dishonest this page would never exist but I am not afraid to tell others how it is. I am not obsessed with my members but I find some men's obsessions with me are there own self destruction. I come online for only two reasons knowledge and to find me some friends that's it. If you hear on the web they know me chances are they do not they only know what is read that's not knowing a person. 

60. All these rumors you hear about how myspace password was stolen by this group...and how they were responsible for bring down my forum etc is all A LIE....the only attacks people have done is send hate mail....flame our forums...and stalk me. But those going around saying how they are responsible NOT TRUE again that goes back to people trying to brag to make themselves feel good. The only attack that seems too occur comes from the same 3 people for the last past year all of them hide behind the net how strange. Who do you believe the ones you know nothing about or the guy who has his site up for viewing for years? It does NOT take a rocket scientist to figure out this.



61. Life is about learning as time goes on... the site gets better..my work gets better etc I  am only one guy we all make mistakes then you live then you learn from them...sue me if I made a historical error sheesh. The fact is that I am a very busy guy and shit happens. End of Story! These sites that try to point out mistakes are done from people who have to much time on there hands and that is why they write bout me its not even worth reading something by a person whose Obsession is me and me alone. Think about it if I wrote about the same person all the time talking them gathering their personal information would you bother reading it? Probably not because its stupid.


62. I am not a NAZI although a part of me is German get your facts straight. These racial slurs towards me are just ignorant. 

63.The name Lord Rick has nothing to do with god.....or even religious. A lord is more like a caretaker of his domain that domain is my society this site which I own. Lords for the most part are generally loyal noble men with power know your definitions before you assume. 



64. Our site grows year to year last year we had around a million hits sure not all of them are genuine but we have charts from various counters. We continue to grow in hits over the years with many repeat visitors including members I have known for years. I am constantly making sure people know about our site and for those in disbelief sorry lol. 


65. I am very intelligent people going around thinking otherwise think again. I fix cars, raise 3 sons, cook, have medical experience, photography skills, spelunking, rock climbing, canoeing, urban exploration, parapsychology, cryptozoology, survival training and the list goes on. I can type a 100 words a minute on a good day and have many other skills. All these rumors about me being drunk...cracked up etc is nothing but just that a rumor. I read daily....and if its broke I can fix it most of the time. I have high computer knowledge with graphics, webpages, forum, php and many more. People who undermine my intelligence across the web are just setting themselves up for failsure I play to win and succeed otherwise I do not play at all. 


More coming in the future!