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The Allegheny Forest consumes 4 counties reaching into NY and PA States. It is in the top 5 for bigfoot sightings in the country. The area once was Indian territory rich with streams, a lake, dense forest, and of course large rock formations. The Kinzua dam and reservoir area have a large history of strange things occurring such as vortexes, Sasquatch, strange fog, UFO sightings, spirits of angry and sad Indians, a possible lake monster which has been seen by the locals including a group of boy scouts, and  a prehistoric creature that could rip you to pieces since there have been some mysterious deaths up in those mountains. 

 Since Warren PA Serves an outlet to this area the town is connected the history of this area. They call the forest surrounding the area Chief Cornplanters Forest and his cave is also in the region near Rim Rock. This is an area that is the site of numerous Indian mounds, villages, Spaniard Conquest, saw mills, ghost towns, and even bloody battles. I have done quite a bit of research and its amazing all the ancient sites surrounding Kinzua Dam.

Not much is known about the land accept that today its visited by 1000s of tourist each year who hike the trails, take pictures of the mountains from its high scenic views and camp. Some people such is our group get brave and go off trail hiking in search of the strange. Some known areas are Jakes Rocks, Rim Rock, Dew Drop, Devil's Elbow, Kinzua Dam, and of course the upper reservoir area which is a mile across which will be all areas you will see on these investigations. The rock formations in the area are larger then two story houses. 

I can tell you right now the area is full of burial grounds many native American villages engulfed the area. Alot of the locals have their own stories to share. I love to hear what others have to say and often people share their stories with me. I have great respect for this land and the native American people. Because I respect it the land is good to me and we always get some nice ghost photos around here. 

Kinzua an Indian word means many big fishes and yes some of the fish get the size of men up here especially near the dam. When the men go down to inspect cracks in the dam they are literally in shark cages. Some say the name means fish on big spear. Very easily you can get lost in these woods and anybody can pitch a tent anywhere they want. Their is one trail that goes for 100s of miles in the forest. The land was once given to the Indians by George Washington it had such beauty to it he decided to leave it alone and let them keep it. 

Eventually as time passed we took the land back and George Washington's promise to the native American people was broke we took that land back and the town of Warren was formed in 1795 along with the building of Kinzua dam in the 1960s. The dam was built on Indian burial grounds and villages therefore many bodies were washed up some were moved to another location therefore desecrating the sacred grounds. The Indian chief cursed the land and ever since then this area is very eerie whether you are camping, hiking, sailing on the lake they even say the dam is cursed and yes there are cracks in it. If the dam were to break it would wipe out Warren and probably the waters would reach Pittsburgh south of it. I mean any area of Kinzua you go to at night your going to feel spooked most people carry arms while hiking here. 

The whole area is strange at night screams can be heard of something unknown and many large foot prints can be found which are believed to be the legendary Sasquatch himself. Finding prints here is no easy task you must be willing to climb rocks, steep hill sides, go through muddy creeks and be out in the late hours of the night. Proof of this is quite possible since years ago when the dam was being built many 9 foot tall skeletons were found in a cavern. Also along with the skeletons in the cavern found many large tables and chairs were found which is a whole separate investigation since I was to expose this area. The Smithsonian denies this and sealed the cavern WHY? That is the question. As far as caverns and catacombs go their are rumors that underneath the forest are tunnels some say they are government others say they are natural hidden caves. I have studied some areas here that had bottomless pits so not only do you have a giant forested area but you have a hidden underworld which waits to be discovered. You can learn more about the giants den here at bend.htm

Their have been other unusual things up there as well such as black unmarked helicopters, strange structures in the woods, planes coming up missing on radar, bad weather occurring in a 100 foot area, animal mutilations which we found some, legendary Native American creatures spotted such as the Thunderbird, High Hat, Bigfoot, and a couple unexplained human mutilations. Many people who go up here or even live here have seen UFOS, strange balls of lights in the woods, glowing in the sky, unusual winds, found Sasquatch prints, feelings of being watched Ect. There is even one area where instead of a crop circle being formed there is a stone circle like something landed on the rocks as the stone is all melted like a 30-50' disc landed here.  I have seen photos of a burnt giant stone circle from this area. We have learned from our last two investigations that the area is more haunted then anything else by many native American spirits. As day or night I was able to capture many different apparitions while out hiking. 

Jim one of our investigators who lives there took a photo of a deer and got a civil war soldier standing near it in broad daylight. So you never know what you might find you do not even have to be hiking on a trail. You can park near the overlooks and sometimes see balls of light coming out of the water. Devil's Elbow is known to have been the site of a lake monster with a horn on its head the divers do not want to swim here its so deep and hard to see. At one time along the old wagon trail that ran along devils elbow terrible deaths would occur. Some wagons would roll down the hill right into the water. 

There is one area up by Rim Rock its not even on a trail that is called The Circle its an Indian burial ground and has been picked to pieces from observation on my last visit in 2006. This is an area with alot of Bigfoot stool specimens found as well. I know for a fact of at least 8 separate bigfoot sightings in this area that I heard about.  We still have other members in Warren who do fill me in often about there share of strange tracks, sightings, Bigfoot screams and UFO sightings. So the activity up here is fairly consistent. 

Also the big cats are making a return here as panthers have been seen and it seems that they are trying to repopulate these woods with meat eating deer and other animals that do not belong here. They say the big cats do not exist in this area yet you see giant cat prints while hiking. So the whole area has a variety of occurrences and mystery. I do not even think in a lifetime someone could explore it all. The deeper you go into the woods the more strange things you will see. Something is going on in these woods is it the curse that the chief did? Or is it just such a large area that anything and anyone can hide in it with such vastness comes such mystery? 

You can learn a more in depth history by visiting our historical Warren Page which is in Gateway 2/Portal 14 area. Someday We will uncover the truth actually let me rephrase it we have uncovered many secrets and truths but more are always ready to be found! Also further below on this page is a more in depth history to the area quite interesting. 

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Since every time I visit the Kinzua area I take many photos of our surroundings the photos are starting to add up from our excursions. What I have done is divided up the photos by years. So if your interested in seeing prologue photos from 2002 to 2006 you just click the buttons below. The prologue photos are very important for this area since they give a person a perspective on the area as to why we search for Indian ghost, UFOS, Sasquatch Ect. Many of the photos are scenic while some of the photos are of our team while out investigate climbing rock formations, hiking in the woods, having our pizza parties Ect. Enjoy!! This is a special area and it deserves alot of respect!


Little Bit Of Information On The Forest 

The Allegheny National Forest: One of 15 in the Eastern United States.  The Forest came to be in 1923, after President Calvin Coolidge signed a proclamation to purchase available private lands for National Forest purposes.  Located in the northwestern Pennsylvania counties of Elk, McKean, Forest and WARREN the Allegheny Forest consists of, over a half-million acres. It is the only National Forest in Pennsylvania. The Allegheny National Forest sits in the rugged plateau country of northwestern Pennsylvania. Many creeks and streams cut deeply into the plateau, creating a rolling and sometimes steep topography with a 1,300 foot range of elevation.  The mountains formed a natural barrier to communication and transportation during the colonial period and the early years of nationhood, but roads and railroads now cross the range.

A Brief History of the Construction, and of the Seneca Nation

Some history, taken from various internet sources.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers completed the Kinzua Dam in 1965. With it, the town of Kinzua and most of Cornplanter's Grant fell beneath thr rising water, which claimed over 10,000 acres of the Seneca nation's reservation both in Pennsylvania and in New York.

Cornplanter's descendants and the Allegany Seneca, along with a congressman, John P Saylor, fought to stop the dam from being built, citing the Canandaigua Treaty of 1794. Signed by both George Washington's representative and Cornplanter, the treaty guaranteed that the United States would never take the Seneca's land.

"Now the United States acknowledges all the land within the aforementioned boundaries, to be the property of the Seneca Nation, and the United States will never claim the same, nor disturb the Seneca Nation. "

Still, the U.S. government took the land of the Seneca and completed the construction of the dam. Around 230 of Chief Cornplanter's descendants lost their homeland in 1964 when the lake filled. They lost their ancestral home of over 175 years, along with their houses, hunting and fishing grounds, church and school.

Chief Cornplanter

Gaiänt'wakê (c. 1750–1836), generally known as Cornplanter, was a Seneca chief. He was the son of a Seneca mother and a Dutch father and also carried the name John O'Bail (sometimes spelled Abeel after his fur trader father). He was born at Canawagus (now in the Town of Caledonia) on the Genesee River in present-day New York State around 1740.[1]

During the American Revolution, he wanted to remain neutral, but after the Sullivan Expedition destroyed over 40 villages of the Seneca people he was accused by Mohawk chief Joseph Brant of cowardice and was persuaded to join the British side. Because of the status of Seneca as War Cheifs amoung the Haudenosaunee, most of the Iroquois Confederacy followed suit. He was second in command to Brant at the Battle of Wyoming Valley in 1778 (which came to be known as the Wyoming Valley Massacre, because of the scalping of women and children[citation needed]. He also participated in a campaign in the Cherry Valley in 1780, which later was called the Cherry Valley Massacre for the same reason[citation needed]. During this campaign, his men burned his father's house and nearly killed his father. Cornplanter recognized him, and offered apology, inviting him to return with the Senecas or to go back to his white family. His father chose the latter.

The victories of the Iroquois prompted the Continental Congress to commission John Sullivan to invade their territory to neutralize the threat. After a brief battle and decisive defeat of the Iroquois and accompanying British troops at Newtown, Sullivan methodically destroyed Iroquois homes and farms in the summer and fall of 1779 throughout what is now upstate New York.[2]

After the great defeat of the Iroquis during the Sullivan Expedition and the loss of the entire war by the British, Cornplanter decided to work for peace and became a negotiator in disputes between the new Americans and the natives. He was one of the signers of the Treaty of Fort Stanwix (1784).[1]

He studied the ways of the white men and decided that Native Americans had to settle down, plant crops and live peacefully, hence his name, Cornplanter[citation needed].

During the Indian wars in Ohio and Indiana right after the Revolution, Cornplanter was able to keep the Senecas neutral and tried to negotiate with the Shawnees on behalf of the US. In gratitude for his assistance, Cornplanter was given a grant of land by Pennsylvania along the western bank of the Allegheny River to him and his heirs "forever".[1]

He died of old age on his grant in 1836. In 1965, the new Kinzua Dam at Warren, Pennsylvania permanently flooded this land grant. His grave on the grant was moved to higher ground.[1]

Moving his grave, going against his heirs' grant "forever", figures in the song, "As Long As The Grass Shall Grow", by Johnny Cash.

Cornplanter was half brother to Handsome Lake and uncle to Governor Blacksnake.

Cornplanter State Forest in Forest County, Pennsylvania is named for him.

The Boy Scout Council headquartered in Warren, Pennsylvania is named in his honor.

A More In Depth History

Dam Construction and a Broken Treaty Although the dam’s construction had been proposed as early as 1908, it wasn’t until the early 1960s that the Corps received authorization from Congress to build the dam and reservoir. In 1965 the Corps of Engineers completed Kinzu.

Prior to its being built, the Seneca Nation sought an injunction to prevent construction citing the Canandaigua Treaty of 1794 between the United States and the Iroquois, which guaranteed Seneca rights to the land. The treaty, signed by both George Washington's representative and Chief Cornplanter, guaranteed that the United States would never take the Seneca's land. This treaty states:

Now the United States acknowledges all the land within the aforementioned boundaries, to be the property of the Seneca Nation, and the United States will never claim the same, nor disturb the Seneca Nation.

The United States confiscated the Seneca's land by right of eminent domain. Although the descendants of Cornplanter lost their suit in federal court, Congress compensated the Seneca Nation with $15 million for direct and indirect damages and to fund a rehabilitation program.

With the dam completed, the rising water inundated all the habitable land of Cornplanter's Grant, the last tribal lands in Pennsylvania, along with about 10,000 acres of the Seneca's Allegany Reservation in New York. It also destroyed the Seneca’s spiritual center, the Cold Spring Longhouse, and forced the relocation of 130 Native American families. Numerous family grave sites and cemeteries were also relocated.

Numerous cemeteries were relocated during the construction of Kinzua Dam and Allegheny Reservoir in the early 1960s by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh District.

Remains in Kinzua Cemetery, which contained approximately 1,336 graves, and Morrison Run Cemetery, which contained approximately 62 graves (another record said 89), were relocated to Willow Dale Cemetery in Bradford, Pennsylvania. According to Pittsburgh District records, 1467 remains were removed from both cemeteries. "Re-interment of 40 of the remains was made in alternative cemeteries." (Those alternative cemeteries were not identified.)

Other cemeteries which were relocated were Riverview, Corydon and Cornplanter. The Cornplanter Cemetery and the Cornplanter Monument were relocated to the Riverview-Corydon Cemetery.

Three smaller cemeteries were identified in district records as: Greenwood (451 graves); Stryker (21); and Moore (13). The three cemeteries were located in Cattaraugus County, New York. Almost all of the remains (483) were re-interred in a new addition to the existing Steamburg Cemetery, Cattaraugus County, New York. The other remains were interred in "certain other alternative cemeteries" which were not named in the Corps’ Pittsburgh District records.

In addition, to the previously named cemeteries, the following family and community cemeteries located in the Seneca Nation on the Allegany Indian Reservation in Cattaraugus County, New York were relocated. Most of the re-internment sites were either at the Hillside Haven Cemetery (1757 graves) or Memorial Heights in Red House, New York (1294). The following are the cemeteries listed in district records that were located on Seneca Nation lands: Alfred Jones Cemetery, Blacksnake Cemetery, Christobel Pierce Cemetery, Clark Residence Cemetery, Cooper Family Cemetery, Crouse-Patterson Cemetery, Halftown Cemetery, Henry Redeye Cemetery, Jacob Logan Cemetery, Jerome Snow Cemetery, Jimerson Family Cemetery, Old Town Cemetery, Onoville Cemetery, Oscar Nephew Cemetery, Phillip Fatty Cemetery, Quaker Bridge Community Cemetery, Red House Cemetery, Shongo Cemetery, Watt Cemetery

I would like to thank Pittsburgh District Corps of Engineers’ retiree George Plesko for making available his records and maps on the Kinzua cemetery re-interments. -Liane Freedman

As Long As the Grass Shall Grow --Johnny Cash Listen here.

As long as the moon shall rise
As long as the rivers flow
As long as the sun will shine
As long as the grass shall grow

The Seneca are an Indian Tribe of the Iroquois Nation
Down on the New York-Pennsylvania line you will find their reservation,
After the US Revolution, Cornplanter was the Chief
He told the tribe these men could be trusted. That was his true belief
He went down to Independence Hall and a treaty was signed.
That promised peace to the US and Indian rights combined.
George Washington gave his signature The Government gave its hand
they said for now and every more that this was Indian Land

As long as the moon shall rise
As long as the rivers flow
As long as the sun will shine
As long as the grass shall grow

On the Seneca Reservation there is much sadness now
Washington's treaty has been broken and there ain't no hope no how.
Across the Allegheny River they are puttin up a Dam
That will flood the Indian Country, a proud day for Uncle Sam.
It has broken an ancient treaty with a politician's grin
It will flood the Indian's grave yards.. "Cornplanter can you swim?"
The Earth is Mother to the Seneca, they have trampled sacred ground
Changing the mint green earth to black mud flats hobble down.

As long as the moon shall rise
As long as the rivers flow
As long as the sun will shine
As long as the grass shall grow

The Iroquois Indians used to rule from Canada way south
But no one fears the Indians now and smiles from a liars mouth
The Seneca's hired an expert, to find another site
But the wonderful Corp of Engineers said that they had no right
Although he showed them another way, they laughed in his face
And said Kinzua Dam is here to Stay!
Congress turned the Indians down, brushed away their plea
So the Seneca has renamed the Dam, they call it LAKE PERFIDY!

As long as the moon shall rise
As long as the rivers flow
As long as the sun will shine
As long as the grass shall grow

Washington, Adams and Kennedy now hear their pledges ring
The treaty's safe we will keep our word. But what is that I hear gurgling?
It's the back waters from Lake Perfidy. It's rising all the time,
over the homes and fields over the promise find,
No boats will sail over Lake Perfidy, and the winter it will fill
In the Summer it will be a swamp, and all the fish it will kill
But the Government of the USA has corrected George's Vow
The father of our country must be wrong, What's an Indian any how?!

As long as the moon shall rise
As long as the rivers flow
As long as the sun will shine
As long as the grass shall grow
Did it make cents/sense?"

Emails From Fans & Members

Subj: Kinzua lake monster 
Date: 3/17/2007 12:03:19 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

hello.  i am from warren, pa and have grown up here all my life (i am 28).  i do a lot of camping in the hearts content and kinzua/brown run area.  anyway i have been reading your documentary on the kinzua area on the website and i took much interest in some of the things i have read/seen/heard on this website - especially the Johnny Cash song.  but one thing that caught my attention was in the starting paragraph about a "possible lake monster"-  my friend and i have seen that monster from the first jake's rocks outlook.  it was about 7 years ago, maybe the summer of 2000.  to me it looked like a loch ness monster type creature.  i did not see the head but i think it was the middle body area.  it was in the water between the actual concrete dam and the bouys that people can not boat/swim beyond.  (area to the left of shale beach if you are standing at shale beach).  mind you the cars from the jake's rocks overlook look like matchbox cars.  this thing was huge.  it happened very sudden but it felt like it was in slowmotion.  we both stood there speechless.  our friends still to this day do not believe us.  my friend and i have named it the serpent, believing we were the only people who have ever seen this thing.  we still talk about it today and just laugh because nobody believes us, knowing what we saw, but maybe it's not a joking matter.  there was something in that lake that day and i am not sure what it was, but we saw something rather strange that day.  thank you for your time.


Subj: re:ur web site on the kinzua 
Date: 1/24/2007 12:56:46 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Dear Angel,
I have stumbled onto your site this morning. I must say the song is beautiful. I live in warren. I read about the "creatures" in the forests. I know that panthers do exist here. i hit the back end of one with my van in "05". people say it was a bear or a deer. this beautiful animal was long and black. it had a tail that of a house cat. it`s leap was graceful. i didn`t see it until it was right in front of me. you see it was late at night and it was very dark. if it wasn`t for the head lighhts then this animal would have been one with the night.  as far as the indians go....dont try to understand something of this magnitude. they dont want you to understand. they just want what is rightfully theirs....their land.  if you call to them they will show you...they will let you feel. i have called to them many of times. they feel pain and sorrow because of the white people and what they have done. all the spirits want is their land back. they will not stop until this is achieved. they are the reason for the "creatures" in the forests. they are keeping the animals here. DO NOT fear when you venture into our forests...become one with it and everything that is in it. learn what it has to offer...if you ask, you will receive help. they want you to see.
remember to call to them and do not be afraid.                                    sincerely,
                                                                                                 the decendant of the
                                                                                                  cherokee people



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