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This special section of the Sierra Nevada Triangle is a gallery of some of the strange tracks and other key pieces of evidence collected on various expeditions. We also log our evidence with video footage so make sure you check out the Bigfoot Media/Video sections to see footage of some of the evidence. This is not all of the evidence that was collected in the triangle during some of my expeditions but it is some of the most credible tracks your going to find biggest being 22". We have also found mutilations, bones, hidden caves and other oddities in the triangle. It is extremely vast however one must always wonder ot pluasibly say that Bigfoot might be related to many of the sights which occurr here. We also had a sighting almost right directly in the central region of the triangle it was moving so fast we could not film it however we do have film of when we were attacked by rocks. I believe based on all my research that these creatures flourish in the higher sierras places where man does not go places where we have gone. One of our most remarkable experiences we had was when one of these creatures chased us in the Desoluation Wilderness after all evening I making calls it took down a large mammal then starting running towards us. Mainly allot of what we collect in the triangle are strange tracks and impressions particularly the ones that are abnormal in size or shape. The reason why so many planes crash in the triangle and are never found is because its one of the last unexplorered frontiers. There are hundreds of peaks, canyons, rivers, streams, lakes and miles of lush wilderness. This creature does leave tracks behind and we have come close to it many times more then any other location in the United States. Below are some photos from various locations you can form your own conclusions but we must never dismiss anything even something as slight as a couple toe impressions in the mud.
Lord Rick

This impression was found up on Silver Mountain in seclusion. Their are toe impressions and it was made by a flatfooted creature. The tracks measurements are 15x7.5x4 inches! Since the track was found on a downhill incline we have to assume that whatever put its foot down here may have put all its weight into balancing itself thus leaving this impression. Strangely this was the only track found in this hidden area that took allot of effort to hike up to. You can see videos of the track on our media/video page!

This is a hard impression to see but we found it in a hollowed out tree and noticed that their was an area on the ground that was pushed down in the shape of a footprint. I measured it and we came up with about 15" we have to consider the fact that Bigfoot probably lives out in the woods but he also seeks shelter from it. That shelter could be dens, caves, tree tops or even hollowed out trees such as this.

I found this large track in the forest the only one of its kind and as you can see whatever made it was extremely large. The footprint is twice the width of my foot and about 15 to 16 inches in length.

Not as large of of a track but something made it in the snow. Maybe a human slipped on the icy surface causing the curvature in the footprint not sure though.

I found these toe impressions in the woods at the base of Jobs Peak. The problem is that they been trampled on by a deer and perhaps a dog. However two and half toe impressions are still visible. Their is no animal with toes such as this so we like to think that maybe they were part of a Sasquatch print that was ruined with recent traffic.

I found this track at about 10k in a very remote area. We also took video footage of it and although its hard to see what you have here is a mild impression at a very steep angle. It was very fresh as we could see slide marks left behind between where the toes slid slightly. We could see these slide marks with half inch gravel walls outlining the toes although its not a huge track something barefoot was climbing towards the peak where we were heading.

These tracks appear to be traversing from the bush onto the soft decomposed granite. Their were only two tracks with nearly a 5' to 6' stride. I thought they were strange as the brush is about 4' in height and it looks as if something mowed their way right through it creating the tracks. Video footage of them is further below on this page!

This track was found just before sundown near Meiss Lake. Its a little distorted this is because the earth is so soft here that mud is just pouring in from differnt angles. It would be easy to ignore except the fact that their are visitble toes that are attached to this deep impression and the fact that its very stranger we found just only one.

This impression was found along Silver Creek! Can we say its Bigfoot? Possibly but again their is no reassurance. I found a set of tracks that appeared to be following the creek they were barefoot. The toes are very far apart and much larger then an average human. This was a much better impression so I photographed it. My theory is that whatever it is follows the creek then lumbers back up to Silver Mountain which is such a harsh terrain that even hikers have difficulty with the area.  This is not the type of area you want to walk around barefoot in.

This track was found along a deer path underneath a tree on a high up ledge that we had to climb up onto. Whatever made it must had stood still here awaiting its prey as their were signs that deer used the narrow path to traverse the mountain. Although the track is a bit disfigured it was obvious that whatever made it left an impression of over 16". Below is the tree where numerous branches were found broken particularly at around the 7' height.

We discovered this track in some decomposed granite which is so soft its similar to sand thus it leaves some great impressions. The impressions you are viewing is that of a barefoot we found it in the middle of the forest and it measured about 16" in length. You can clearly see the impression of the toes, heal and wide width of the foot itself. The track is hard to see thus I traced what it looked like notice that only four toes are visible. It is not uncommon for Bigfoot prints to have four toes and some primates. This was an amazing find by Jarrod and I while track finding in the forest of Jobs peak!

These tracks measure about 16" in length found near where we discovered tracks in expedition three! What is reasonabily surprising is that the depth and length seems to be similar to other tracks we found in other regions of Jobs Peak. This might mean that the same creature is consistently creating them and can travel quite the distance. I did multiple comparisons such so that you can get different angles of the tracks. For example the photo to the upper left shows the stride, upper right shows the length, lower left my foot compared to the track and lower right Jarrod taking measurements. Its a large track and heavy enough to kick out the pine needles to form this impression.
These tracks measure 20" in length so whatever made them was MONSTEROUS! I have used a variety of comparisons to show you different aspects. The photo to the left is a measurement of its length then the photo above to the right shows the strides. Further below is a size comparison of the track as to my foot. My shoe size is a 13 whatever made these would have to be a giant. For further photos of these monster tracks and video see further below!
Two things stand out in the series of photographs below A. Depth of the tracks B. Size of them compared to daves boots!  You can clearly see whatever made these was very large based on the obvious. Dave stands nearly 6'4 and his boot is around a size 14 yet the impressions make him seem small compared to whatever made these. I cannot disclose the area we found these but we can tell you that it was in a heavily secluded woodsy area within the Jobs peak region.
These tracks not only have toe impressions but they are on a steep edge of Jobs peak along a deer trail. Dave pointed out that at about 8' above us were some broken branches as if something stood still behind the tree leaving the tracks and perhaps hunting for any game that traversed this small path. The tracks were about 16" a fairly common size found in this region based on our research. We are very certain that Bigfoot was here!

A very thick heel impression although collapsed again we found this track in seclusion. We know something big walks admist the Jobs peak forest. It appears what whatever is making such tracks leaves very deep impressions although the decomposed granite is soft it takes a quite considerable amount of weight to leave such an impression even like this heel impression you see.

This is the first track we discovered in the area right in the middle of Devil's Ladder hiking down to Red Lake. You can clearly see toe indentations and it is a very massive track. After seeing the track I speculated that whatever this was had came down from the main ridge of the Sierras crossing Devils Ladder and heading down the slope to the lake bed where we would find other significant tracks.
Two more photographs of older tracks give or take around the same size in length and width.  These tracks however started off near a giant mass of brush then seemed to head on off up the slope leading to Devils Ladder. My speculation would be is that whatever is making such tracks comes down to the lake and heads back up into the high sierras when it does what it needs to do.


These tracks are not very massive at all however the one to the left is fairly deep as water fills the inside of the track with about a measurement of 13". The image to the right is another track which is rather unique because it contains toe nail scraps and its been here for awhile. Prior to our visit up here most of the area was off limits due to snow however in the summer it does briefly vanish and certain areas become rather muddy.
The photograph to the left reveals how wide the track with the toenail scrapes is which is an estimate of about 6" wide definitely a much wider foot then your average sized adult human. The track to the right is a close up of a track I found in some brush not to the far away from the other tracks you see on this page. However in the photograph to the right you have clear signs of actual toe impressions that are dug fairly deep into the earth. These giant toe impressions match up in similarity to the tracks we discovered on Devils Ladder above. Whatever this is has very large toes which is the obvious but it also has some mass. The track in the photograph to the right however is much older then the newer track formed to the right.
These are depths of two of the tracks found at the track site which vary from 2.5" all the way to as deep as 3.5" which means whatever made them had a significant weight and size. Although the ground is softer at this site its a more secluded area of Red Lake and that is why our team decided to hike here.  The tracks are very unusual we found here as they carry toenail scrapes, depth, width, considerable length and toe impressions. What is even more unusual is a couple of the tracks emerge out of the brush then they head off into the forest going up a slope behind where these were found.
More tracks found at Red Lake in an area that is overshadowed by Devils Ladder and Red Lake. The track to the left is around a foot large however the track in the right hand photo is clearly about 14" in length. Not all Bigfoot grow to have massive feet some of them particularly the adolescents carry a much smaller foot with a fairly large width. These tracks derive fromt he lake while the other one emerges from some brush near the lake shore.

I found these three large toe impressions in the woods. With infared and other techniques we were able to emhance the image so you could see the impressions much better. The three toe impresssions were made by something with a very wide and large foot. Each toe impression is twice the width and length of my big toe if persay I could describe them. We do think that a Bigfoot like creature left these behinds. Since most of the earth is very rock and hard the toe impressioned were formed in the sandier part. Where the heel would be nothing was left behind as there is less sand and much larger pieces of granite.

A different view of the Meiss Lake impression this time you can see the toes a little better. It definitely is a massive impressiion whatever made it. It had no arch either it was just a very large foot foot that happened to step down right into this muddy patch along the lake shore.

Its so hard to say what formed this track considering its massive size it could just be a humans where the snow melted causing its massive size. At the time I did not think about measuring it but I did notice that their were gentle impressions at the tip of it where it looked like some toes touched down. You can see the dirty is pushed upward as to where the toes would strike down.

I found this impression on a bank of snow notice how it fans out where the toes are suppose to be. Its also nearly 15" in length and their is a bit of an impression where the big toe touched down.

Here we have toe impressions left on a sheet of ice. Its very apparent that the toes span a width of about 7" and you can see the dirty snow between each toe impression caused by the spacing between them. Since this was found on a slight hill it appears that whatever made the impression put all its weight on the front part of the foot perhaps to gain better traction. As for me it was very difficult to traverse the snow at times we would encounter slippery ice.

I found these toe impressions in some soft mud along a seasonal creek. I mean in actuality these are some very large toes and the reason why the other three toes did not appear is because the ground is only muddy and moist where the toes pressed down. Their are not to many animals that have toes this big in the sierras so I could say that their is an 75 percent chance that a Sasquatch made these toe impressions.

It is very evident that we are looking at a possible large hand print in the soft earth. It also may be an impression of a bare foot however the heel is not distinct. More then likely it is that of a hand that is clinched common with primates.

Another closeup of the impression you can clearly see the thumb impression to the left. It is quite possible that a Sasquatch may have been traveling on all fours through the canyon.

This shows the width of a very large track I found deeper in the Carson Iceberg Wilderness.  The track is very weathered as some of the dirt has crumbled inside. However it is very definitive and shows that whatever made it had an extremely wide foot.

The same track only this shows the length which is about 14" so it is a fairly large and wide impression. The top of the photo shows a thick wall of earth signifying that whatever made this had a very thick heel and ankle as it put down most of its weight on the back of the foot.

These tracks may not look like much but they were found on a ledge overlooking the entire Seven Mile Canyon as if something appeared out of thin air leaving these impressions. They only are impressions that run no more then 8' then all of sudden disappear. This is a very secluded part of the mountain full of thick under brush and trees. Whatever made them obviously had a much larger foot then me.

Rascal and I found this track at the top of a mountain peak their are absolutely no trails and the climb is very tedious. Their is allot of foliage, high grass and downed trees however at the top we found this impression. It measures about 17" from toes to heel however a piece of wood was in the way kind of obstructing the track but you get the general idea its very massive and deep.

This large impression was found deep in the Bear River Woods. The woods are vast hard to traverse filled with rock formations, heavy brush and many large trees.  Whatever made the track had a much wider foot then my own and probably a couple inches longer. May not have been a full grown sasquatch or a bear could have made this I cannot say with this track for usure. But it is nonetless a track which proves something lives in these woods!

This beauty we found on one of the mountains up at Bear Reservoir I will not say where. But I will say you can see the entire outline of a massive footprint and it is huge. Even though their were a few rocks within the print whatever made it was extremely heavy to have compressed a track such as this.

You can clearly make out toe impressions found within this track. If you even look more carefully you can see the outline of the entire foot as the track is sunken in deeper then the ground around it. We found this at another remote location actually Jarrod pointed it out and we thought it was quite odd considering their is thorn brush everywhere around where the track was found.
The stool you are viewing ABOVE most likely is that of a mountain lion. Generally Mountain Lion stool is just a bit larger then your average sized house cat its also full of hair since they are generally meat eaters. These two piles ABOVE were not very large so we were fairly sure that it did not come from a Sasquatch. But it also reminded us that their are predators in the region so we have to tread carefully. The stool BELOW is more then like that of a Sasquatch at least we theorize. When you factor in the amount of the stool and calculate its size whatever made this had to have a very large anus as one of the pieces is the size in circumference as my sons fist. Bigfoot stool looks very similar to a human but generally their is a higher amount of it and its larger. It also does not contain hair as I think being the intelligent creature it is that it would only eat the parts of its prey that would benefit it such as the liver and internal organs unlike a mountain lion that eats its entire prey. We found this at a remote location moments later after photographing and video taping it I seen a large 8' tall creature walk between two trees. It had light shaggy brown fur and it was all muscle. I would theorize that we were very close to its domain and that it may have gotten a bit serious when it seen us taking a sample of its stool.

This is not a track of any sorts although it could have been at one time. The earth here is very solid so whatever made the impression had allot of weight behind it cuasing a part of the ground to sink in. This could be a heel or the side of a foot where something could have stepped downward exhiliterating enough force to cause such a large wide impression.

Another odd impression not necessarily a track but it is deep and very wide. Anything could have made this however where it was found it was the only one of its kind. It might have been made by Bigfoot then overtime distorted by snow and rain as sand began to fill it on in.

I found this hand print on an area where the dirt is a little bit softer and less rock a mile from Thunder Peak. It is possible that it was made by a Bigfoot like creature since sometimes they run on all fours to gain more territory. Its just an oddity to see as most hikers do not walk on their hands lets face it. You can see my sons track above it as he nearly stepped on it during our hike.

A closeup of the track we found deep in the Eldorado Forest. Its rather old and weathered but you can clearly see where the heel and toes touched down.

Although this track does not have length it does have width is the whole reasoning behind the documentation of it. You can clearly see toes especially a large big toe which is twice the size of my own. Whatever made it had to be seriously large considering the track is 8x14.

While this track probably is human it was the only one of it kind in this area which I thought was a bit strange.

This is a hard to see track but anyhow you can see in the photo there is an impression. Whatever this is had very long claw like toenails. I also found toe impressions in the snow which adds to the strangeness of it. The track was found only a few feet from the lake shore. 

This is a very old track we discovered however one thing is noticeable about it is its very large size. Their are even some toe impressions to the left within the print although they are hardly visible as dirt is starting to consume the track. The heel to the right is not as deep this could be because whatever made it put more weight on its toes as it was found on a slope. I am not saying this is a Bigfoot track but it is quite possible since during our expedition we heard some strange noises and movement a few hundred feet from here.

I found an 8' area that the brush had been flattened and used for bedding. A bear could have came through here or the other alternative may be that Bigfoot took rest here while he made his way down to the lakes shore.

This large track I believe came from a Sasquatch. It is a bit disfigured due to the muddy earth. Not only was most of the weight put on the back heel.  Towards the top of the photo you can see where their are mild impressions where toes could have possibly pressed down.

We discovered this track in the middle of the woods on some wetlands. I have no idea if it is a Bigfoot track but something did make the impression. This was the only one we found in the area which is extremely overgrown and shows signs that no humans have been back in this area of Yosemite. The track had some mild toe impressions which means something had walked through here barefoot we know that much about it.

I found this impression in the woods its very hard telling what made it however it had four ridges which may have been where the toes touched won.
I know these tracks are not very large but they are strange. I found two tracks in the hardened snow which was almost turned to ice along Dardnelles shoreline. Its very offbeat to get to this location as only a 100' area of shoreline is sandy while the rest of the lake is surrounded by large granite rocks. Both tracks have toe impressions but something made this with a much smaller foot. I came to a speculation that maybe these tracks were made by something ghostly maybe that of a ghostly child. Whatever made the prints made very shallow impressions but both had divots for toes. Its possible that this was made by a very very young Sasquatch or they are ghostly in nature. To get to this area you had to cut through this type of brush which grows very thick  making it very difficult to get back to this spot. You can also see video further below to put it more into perspective for you!
This massive track was discovered deep in foliage of Highland Canyon the gateway into the Iceberg Wilderness. It is about 18" if I were to extend the measuring tape from heal to the toes but I did not want to contaminate the impression. It is obvious that something large came through here and it was heavy enough to sink itself fairly deep in the earth brushing the pine needles, rocks and twigs. This had to be a monster that came through here and it was in a very primitive area of the canyon.


These stool samples were found along an old wagon road in the Blue Lakes area. Now it is very possible this is mountain lion scat however if it is then this is one big kitty. More or less the stool resembled that of a human except that this has allot of hair in it. What this means is that this is a meat eater stranger then that though I found nuts in the stool. So whatever this predator is it also dines as a vegeterian as well making this stool scream that its omnivorous. If its not a mountain lion then what created these large piles of stool only within 150' of eachother.  Also each pile of stool upon examination appeared to have bone shards within it as well.  Nobody can say for sure what Bigfoot diet is but I can assure you that they would not be picky eaters in order to maintain survival.

I found this track about 100' offshore from Blue Lake within the forest. It is very old however something did leave an impression. The ground is softer in this area but not soft enough for me to leave an impression at the 1" depth that this track has. The track is also much wider then my size 11.5's and what is even more substantial is that there are actual toe impressions. The pinky toe is the most evident and the track is estimated to be at about 15" in length. I thought at first maybe this was a bear track but there was no indication of claws or pads so in theory I do believe this to be real Sasquatch print. Keep in mind that the area was recently opened and allot of areas were not accessible unless you were to hike on in. Recently this area was thawing out so there isn't very many people back where we discovered the track. The pine cone within the track was pushed down into the mud however the pine needles from the tree above masked this track. Most folks would have walked past it never thinking twice about it. However we are very thorough in our work which we hope can further our research into this hominid species of North America.

This is a very strange partial track I found in the avalanche zone. The avalanche zone is at the south end of the lake where a sheet of ice and snow covers a wet meadow. The meadow has two to three seasonal creeks which flow through the meadow off the waterfalls that trickle down the mountain. If you check out videos section you can see these waterfalls in our 5th video we filmed at this location. However due to the fact that the snow from the avalanche is melting it has created a very wet marshland on the backside of Crater Lake. That is where this track was found in that marshland in a very hard to get area. The only way to get to this part of the lake is to rock climb and its pretty treacherous. However despite this factor a track was found hidden in this wet meadow revealing toe impressions. Strangely whatever at what time created this track impression only put weight onto its toes and not the rest of the foot. Its toes were also very well spaced apart. I have done some studies from other researchers who claim that some Bigfoot only have 4 toes maybe there is true to this factor. On all sides of this track are creeks and snow so it definitely is very alerting.  It would make sense though behind the track is a massive canyon leading up to peaks that are well over 9000'.

This impression is about 16" in length as you can see it is rather wide and much longer then even my foot. I found the track near the broken limb near the edge of the forest along the Flume Trail. I found a similar track up at Martlett Lake which I recorded on video but did not photograph. I did not see any tread from any boots or shoes thus this is what raised my suspicions with this impression. Whatever came through here from the woods had a large foot and left a fairly deep impression considering the ground here is quite solid. The broken limb just validated the fact that whatever made it probably also left this track!

I believe the face peering back at me is Bigfoot. I actually took some video footage then clipped this image from it which reveals a fairly large face staring back at me. It could just be a fluke caused by the leaves and brush however we still as a paranormal organization have to document our finds openly with theory, speculation and honesty. What I can tell you is that I smelled an intense odor higher up on Mount Raymond. I also heard something big moving around. I had an experience with a tree snapping from right to left then something ran on off. Later I would be followed off the mountain and that is where we found a broken tree limb that was not broke earlier near where we parked the truck. Whether this is an image of Bigfoot or not we can agree that there was something in the woods on our first expedition we know that much!

This massive track was found ount in the meadow of Union Valley. The area is rather muddy which makes it a great area to seek out tracks. This also goes with the fact that snakes and other creatures roam this plain.  The track does have a heel and some toe impressions. Whatever it was had a wide foot and some weight to it as well which makes it a plausible Sasquatch print.

These toe impressions were found at about 9k in the Mokelumne Wilderness. I do think this is a partial Bigfoot track as tthe toes seem to be going down at an angle. What really stood out for me was not the fact that their were multiple toes but the bigtoe which is the most dominant in the impression. We believe this would be a full impression of their was not rock under the soil as to where the toes are found it is a much softer earth.

A large palm print found in the forest in some decomposed granite! Was Bigfoot here?

We found this perfectly shaped hole in the ground not sure if a dog dug it or maybe an animal buried its nuts here.

Bad photo I know the sun was beaming down making it hard to photograph this track. Nonetheless this track was found near a rock overhang up on the mountain side of the Kit Carson Camp. The climb to the top is almost hands and knees its so steep. However this print was found near the overhang. It is about 6" wide by about 14" to 15" long! My dog kept whining and staring at night in this direction maybe something is living or watching from this area other campers its hard to say. But there are no trails not even remotely close to where I found the track. Notice the pine needles are pushed aside this is because this track was made in soft sand at an angle as if something stepped down slipped a little pushing the pine needles aside!


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