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Burnside Lake Monster Expedition September 2014

This is a clip of Rascal's Big journey as we set off to our destination. Rascal every year does a couple Bigfoot journeys with our group it is great having him to search for tracks and for personal protection. He is a great rock climber and pathfinder. Our journey would start down a road then take us to the NW edge along the lake then ascend up to the overlooks. Rascal is an American Bulldog Pit mix he is a member of our team and on camp outs we generally take him on a few adventures.

This probably is the second best place to get views of Hawkins Peak and Burnside Lake. I would rather be hiking back here in this dense part of the forest then get to half way up Hawkins and have no shade to rest under. On the dome we had lunch and this is where I had gotten some of our beautiful team shots of the very peak that overshadows the entire area. From this angle you can get an idea of why the possibility of Bigfoot thriving here with the woods being as dense as they are and how this is a very vast expanse. Getting back here is not so easy generally humans are not found in some of the areas we hike at. To see places like this you have to be willing to leave the pavement even the trail. The views from on top are stellar overlooking the lake kind of puts things into perspective for our viewers.

Adventuring off the dome made me realize we were in an area where volcanic vents were common. Throughout the woods were slabs of rocks as long as 75' in length with many scattered granite boulders brought here by the last ice age. The bowl like basin is very remote between the upper ridge and shoreline. The dome sits about half way up to the ridge where a canyon awaits on the other side. Really when your coming down off the dome the rest of the descent is full of places that are not often seen by man its real Lord Of The Flies type of stuff. Technically a tribe could live back here living off the land, battling, hunting etc and who would know it? Between the dome you virtually can go to the South or West vanishing without a trace. Phase two however of this expedition would involve working our way off the dome and scouring the southern shoreline through the brush to the marshland for tracks of the strange kind.

Phase two of the volcanic dome would involve our team traversing the woods below it till we could reach an area of marshland along Burnside Lakes southern shore. The grass is very tall the earth is very soft here the water is like muck its rather still not good for swimming. So your not going to find allot of people at this part of the lake. Jarrod found a rather unique track it has an extremely wide toe span then continues to take two to three more 5' to 6' strides then all of sudden just vanishes. They never turn back like a human would do nor did they reach the lake water. Maybe these are the tracks of a wild man human or non human the whole premises of this project on day two was to find tracks which we found on expedition one warranting a second journey in the region.

Hiking below Hawkins Peak has a dense forest, hills and various canyons. We are below the peak just exploring the woods I take a break to recap on a few things especially Bigfoot. You can see from the video alone that this area truly is limitless in regards to adventure and making your own path. What better to talk about Bigfoot then near an area you found a track at just 11 months earlier. Its nearly impossible to see the peak because its a very steep ascension through the forest and the top of these foothills. There are no paths here its strictly primitive exploration and it would have its rewards.

This is our journey to a vista point above Burnside Lake. This is one very large and interesting rock formation to climb but on top its nice and flat the views are stellar. As a matter of fact it was right behind our camp which was the eastern side of the lake or basin itself. Sometimes its just really nice to bring our viewers something as simple of a view like this. If you pay very close attention within the three days of expedition two I bring you three very relevant locations and perhaps Bigfoot himself uses such vista overlooks to keep an eye on anybody camping or that comes up the old mining road. It took us a short time from camp to reach here but the break was nice and Rascal made it to the top without much effort.

There is no forest in the country like The Humboldt Toiyabe National forest. Back in 2008 a group of people laughed at the fact that I theorized Bigfoot exist in parts of this forest which are found both in NV and CA. This is such a unique forest in so many aspects the beautiful rock formations and large alpines are exciting here. This is an ancient forest and was for thousands of years to the Washoe people its full of hidden gems. If you pay very close attention in the video besides the camp site we found you can see the foliage is very thick. Some of the plant life that grows here can cut you to shreds the plant life found in this forest is much more intrusive. Back in this region of the forest are a few older mines from the 1800's it also has wolves and from my years of research some really good bigfoot evidence can be found back in here. Not to far from here I found an amazing track in the snow one can see why something cryptid would be found here! Afterall there is thousands of places for something to hide and it could be within a few feet of you

This area I call the primitive zone its higher up the side of Hawkins Peak but gives off some great views of Red Peak which in my opinion is a really great area we have worked with making major Bigfoot discoveries. When you look at this clip what it tells you is how everything is connected I mean look off at the cliffs when I zoom in. Compared to locations like that I this film shows the might Carson Pass from afar which has some monstrous peaks. But your look at over seven miles away and can clearly see this is a vast expanse. There is plenty of places that are so remote or offbeat its limitless as to where we can go at this point of our investigation. Here is a taste of this beautiful unique forest bordering the nearby is the ElDorado National Forest which is known for its high amount of Sasquatch sightings and evidence. Part of being a good explorer is to go one step further then the next man therefore it increases are chances of finding something strange.

At one time their were mining districts near Burnside Lake very little remains but they had camps and each mine was in its own district.The area you see in this video is near those mines not sure what is down some of the old mining roads but many are overgrown or forgotten while some will take you near the top of Hawkins Peak. Imagine the history back here miners had the pleasure of the scenic views while roughing it in the wilderness a harsh one if that. The deeper I had gone to where the mining camps were life was flourishing nature had consumed everything. I had found a butterfly, multiple flowers still alive and the foliage was more healthy. The premises of this clip however is to show you the various food sources to sustain a Bigfoot like creature  Where the mines once were berries grow and deer run free.

We hope that this video inspires others to journey with the people they love our paranormal group is all about family. You can see this is a very serene peaceful road that I traversed with my son Jarrod and Rascal our dog who helps search for Bigfoot with us. We were heading back to camp as this was our final day of expedition two and it felt good just to see the road after trekking through a dense area of forest below Hawkins Peak. This is really what life is about some of you might get the message I am trying to portray in this video others may not. But this is LIFE! When the pavement ends the adventure begins. The forest found along the road is very dense at anytime anything could run out. I guess what I am trying to say is that simplicity is truly being at peace but also about who you have on your side. This video is special to me because at the time I filmed it I was being a dad and a paranormal investigator.

This is a bit of a parody video as a paranormal investigator I try to at times lighten the mood and we have our fair share of bloopers. Prior to firing up the cam Jarrod and I heard something descending down to the road through the forest. Its very hard to remain elusive along this road due to the fallen trees, dried up wood and heavy foliage. All I could think to myself is how something was following us in the woods and the moment we get to the road whatever it was ran right to the edge of the woods as if to tell us to keep out maybe even try to scare us. No less what else can you do but laugh or instead of getting mad get even. But in all do honesty I felt like something was messing around with us my attitude was that if your going to follow us along the road you should just come out. There is also bonus footage of me showing others how to make the crucifix. Nobody says that you cannot have a good time outdoors and use anything around you as a resource waste nothing. Aside from all the sarcasm and laughter honestly ever since I examined the area we found many piles of stool at something had been staying hot on our trail at one time as the situation only intensified. Once we were able to make it onto this road we felt safe like we one who knows what would have happened if we did not make it out of the Sierra Jungle!





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