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Bear River Reservoir Expedition 1





Rascal is an American Bulldog mix a true gladiator dog that we adopted as a rescue. It has taken him over a year to mature enough to be able to be on board with me to hike long distances in search of Sasquatch. Day two of our first expedition him and I would hike up to a sister ridge across from camp or peak rather. His keen sense of smell would allow me to track down anything strange or unusual.

Rascal seems to be on the trail of something after he found a few very worn tracks in the woods. For the most part I let him lead the way which he seems to be taking me the safest way possible. Generally if I stop he will turn around and look at me to make sure I am coming. He is doing quite well for his first expedition in the wilderness.

Prior to this clip we heard loud banging noises in the forest. Its a very steep mountain we are climbing and allot of downed trees due to a fire years ago. I try in return to bang on the trees in hopes of getting some results. For those of you who are not aware Bigfoot communicates with others of its kind by banging on rocks and trees.

We are across from Cole Creek only this time on an opposite ridge so I call them the twin ridges. This ridge is give or take the same elevation and a couple miles below it is my camp. The forest here is not as dense due to a fire that struck the area however it still is very primitive and a place where humans do not tread.

Rascal appears to be leading me towards the very top of the ridge notice he is smelling the ground as he carves out the safest path for me to hike up. We still continue to find large impressions all they are distorted from the elements something at one time had to make them where will it lead us? Find out next!

Prior to dark Rascal and I would make our descent off the ridge and mountain. The forest back in this region is not burnt thus its more dense. We found a series of deep impressions on the way down they were not worth measuring or filming but they were large enough to know something came through here at one time or another.
Highland Lakes & The Carson-Iceberg Wilderness!




They call this the Iceberg Wilderness because it stays snow capped nearly all year with the exception of 2012 due to a mild winter. This is a vast region often adventurers like it as it contains many hidden lakes, streams, unique rock formations and peaks that can tower as high as 12k. This section of this wilderness is the Highland Canyon although their are many other primitive canyons. My goal would be to try to get up to Spicer which is about an 8 mile Jaunt with my trusty companion Rascal.

Once you get down into Highland Canyon you tend to get a bit lost as rock formations, dry creek beds and foliage often consumes most of the region. We have made are descent down into the valley at times following Highland Creek which is the main water source flowing through here.

A storm is coming which is not uncommon in this area as the clouds come in from over the Pacific Ocean and San Fransisco. Then they cool down when they reach these tall peaks dropping precipitation. In the winter alone 25' of snow is very likely here. My goal would be to keep heading down the canyon to keep clear of the dark clouds coming on in.

Normally this is Highland Creek but what is left is only a few pools of water and a very wide creek bed of rocks. Although we were hiking on the trail it seemed to end at the dry creek bed thus making our hike through the canyon a bit more challenging. The trails within the canyon are not marked and its easy to lose them. Once you lose it your stuck having to rough it through creek beds, foliage and do some rock climbing.

Although the creek flows mildly their is very little water available in certain sections of it. For example in some of the smaller pools the trout are trapped till the area gets some heavy rains.  This also makes it more difficult for the cattle that roam the canyon in having to find a water source. Rascal is drinking whatever he can find!

The journey is becoming more primitive as Rascal and I cross various creeks and streams. We come across heavy foliage and I even seen a rare fox but its hard to say it was a very large dog like creature. Their are allot of smaller falls, large rocks and other obstacles which make the journey a bit more difficult.

Now you see him now you don't! Things took a really bad turn here we were within a mile of the Spicer Reservoir when Rascal seen a herd of cattle. He chased them up Highland Creek then came all the way back around in front of me where I shot this clip. At this point he was gone long gone as I could hear the cattle bells dissipating off in the distance.

Mount Raymond









Raymond Lake resides at over 9k behind Mt. Raymond. We would set off on the morning of day two along Summit Lake eventually reaching the Pacific Crest Trail. We had miles of hiking ahead of us as we would have to go completely around the summit to get to this hidden lake.

Entering the Mokelumne Wilderness begins on the east side of Mt. Raymond although their are other ways to hike into it the adventure started here. This area encompasses over 100,000 acres and is known for its granite landscape. We would began our ascension to the top of Mt. Raymond and its lake.

The trail at times behind Mt. Raymond is very steep and narrow. The rewards of hiking on it is some gorgeous scenic overlooks of the Mokelumne Wilderness and NV High Desert in the distance. We would not stay on this trail very long but we did follow it a couple miles to enjoy the view on the journey.

The PCT begins in Mexico and ends in Canada passing through six of North Americas Eco systems. This section of the trail happens to pass through the backside of Mt. Raymond as we move in closer to the lake. This trail boast some of the most beautiful scenic country side on the west coast you can possibly see. We hope you enjoy it as well!

When we reached the end of the trail it ended at Raymond Lake a pristine Jewel. Honestly the aqua water, Mt Raymond's spires and beautiful foliage gives you that lost world sort of feeling. I waited over a year to visit this lake one of the highest elevated lakes in all of the sierras. We came here to check for tracks but also to enjoy a bit of nature.

Let me tell you a story about the serpent and the American Bulldog lol! Actually I will just let you watch this video. Around camp we found frogs and our last day on expedition two this snake which is harmless. Nonetheless Rascal seemed to have made a new friend that resulted in him nearly pissing himself!

Summit Rock is a few hundred feet overshadowing Summit Lake. We would make our journey around the lake as we journeyed to the rock. From afar it does not look like much of anything till you approach it realizing that three hundred year old trees grow from its crevices and that their are cliffs nearly on all sides so we would plan our route as we made our way towards it.

Finding a way to the top of Summit Rock is a bit tricky especially when the final climb to the top is nearly straight up. We had some problems trying to get Rascal up here it took three of us to work together as one wrong misstep could mean going over a cliff since this rock is larger and higher then a mansion. Its definitely worth the climb allot of fun and the rewards would allow us a panoramic view of the Mt. Raymond region.

Our grand finale to expedition two in the Mt. Raymond region is this great video showing the entire region. This includes some of the lakes which surrounds Summit Rock, Mt. Raymond, view of the Eldorado forest and Mokelumne Wilderness. By viewing this video you can sort of put the regions size into perspective with 360 degree views of the valley floor below. We will return for an expedition three as within these trees below are many hidden jewels!

Forestdale Divide





The Forestdale Divide was formed by once active volcanoes today most of the area is encompassed by the Eldorado Forest. It is full of lakes, pools, offbeat trails and even the PCT. We had meant to hike to Hell Hole lake but overshot it ending up hiking around the divide region.

The divide is truly nestled in seclusion as it resides between the Carson Pass, Blue Lakes, Hope Valley and Mt. Raymond region. We are in the middle of nowhere their are no trails we are just surrounded by large rocks, forest and dry creek beds which normally are active in the Spring. Although it is nice to hit the trails its also great to truly explore places nobody has ever journeyed in before.

The divide is full of many hidden ponds and lakes. Some of them are only accessible on foot such as this shallow pool of water which is full of turtles. Although the most well known are the Lost Lakes found in the divide anywhere along it other ones can be found.

Although we have found Bigfoot evidence in other regions surrounding the divide I thought I would make an attempt to find some tracks. I did find some downed brush but a bear could have done it. The sun glistens off the pools and between that with the volcanic rocks it is a world in itself. We cannot wait to return to further our research surrounding the divide. Let me make a correction this is called "The Pools" our GPS was off sorry!





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