Read The Chat Further Down This Page Then Read The Letter SENT Out In White Below!!

Below is the chat log that was occurring in the chat room while I was doing the show. Notice the unprofessionalism....when they called in on the show there questions were professional yet their demeanor in the chatroom was that of a 10 year old child. I am not going to pick everybody apart but I will pick one person that apparently likes being the center of attention of course back in the day they called women like that whores or wenches. Sorry Brie Ill be looking forward to your law suit lol. 

You want to scrutinize me in a chatroom without me being in there to defend it? NOW ITS MY TURN TO DO IT TO run the are you joking haha why don't you tell these people the reason why you formed is because when I moved out of Buffalo you formed.  As a matter in fact I know WNY paranormal I have met its founder he is a nice guy and we did form before them so once again you are wrong that information can be obtained freely on the internet.

Secondly you get all these cases yet you have crap on that copy cat site of yours. You see the real reason you formed was because originally you learned that I had a paranormal group in WNY and that is why you formed your own site. So even though you have great hate for my society and me you exist because of paranormal organizations like mine. So what you do not ask for donations you do not travel you are just that BUFFALO lol. As a founder you should be making friends with other groups to do link exchanges not be such a bitch. Paranormal is not just about ghost look it up!!! I get over 1000 a year in buffalo that email me and everyone that does is going to know that you are a bitch lol. 

As far as the host your comment about my deceased friend that is wrong on so many levels I am trying to educate people for safety and you make a crack like that. Then posting photos of me kissing my exgf and such come on now you run a radio show post one of me at a haunted location you freaking moron. You people are ass kisses you disappoint me not the other way around your all a bunch of pussies afraid to go into a cemetery without permission....afraid to go into the woods.

As far as Natalie goes one of the host I don't give a shit how much martial arts you know two years ago 7 people were eaten by mountain lions of 500 lbs in CA your martial arts will not save you without the proper gear stun gun, pepper spray, mace, gun etc doesn't matter.

You people are worried about me going out alone yet at the same time your making wise cracks why because your balless to go out and get the truth. Hey uncle Sam let me get permission to see your UFOs you people are what you are a bunch of small time amateurs you do not see the bigger picture the universe...alien entities...etc you go into peoples houses to spend time with granny good homes get your head out of your asses.

Being on your show was a goddamn best thing you could ever have because of your idiocracies I now will create my own live show and well whets that going to do you lol it takes away from  you doesn't it!!! You don't have guest on to scrutinize them you hear their stories....I don't give a shit if you get permission or you don't toke up this is my society we don't give a shit about your methods lol. Next of all my members were not given a chance to ask me anything it was all people who despise me and when I answered the questions I was hung up on lol.  

The sad thing is I WAS THE BETTER PERSON out of this all and we could have had fun doing future shows now and then but after this chat shit...and the disrespect forget it you people bore me serious. Your questions are all weak asking me about orbs nothing about ectoplasm....all about personal things my hair color...what i smoke....blah blah its all the same. 

I put up some advertising for your group and show this morning then I changed my mind after many of my members told me how they could not get patched through...and how I was set up then I look at the chatroom it does not take a genius to figure out that you people are not serious about the paranormal but rather your more into the person that I am. 

Human beings like yourself are spoiled in everyway you do not understand the meaning of true freedom...exploration...or taking a few risk. You act all goody goody but I bet one of you in this chat room is a pedophile...i bet one of them is a whore might give a free tshirt if anybody can guess who lol...and I bet one of them is pocketing money you people are not perfect therefore you don't put me under a microscope without me having a turn. 

 Look at your chat  is that something to be proud of show would never allow such things we could entertain the public but we would not make fun of a guest you people are pathetic and trust me paybacks are a bitch:) my members will never listen to your show knowing you censor certain people from it nobody will want to be a guest when people read this chat because you will do the same shit to them. I took time out to be a guest to be a part of something and some of you act like kids will see who has the last laugh  I do what I do for obtainable goals set out by our group and that is why Ill succeed. Get real real paranormal investigators can careless about how they look or dress there the ones out there sleeping in the woods filming bigfoot....going into Guyana looking for the giant anaconda....entering an asylum before its demolished. The only reason why most of you talk about professionalism is so one day you can make money at this but a man that does not want to make money is a man who does not care what others think about his appearance or methods.

Brie quit the games your a whore flirting....going on about how cute you are and how I am a mental case. Lady I been taking people on expeditions for years safe ones for that fact its me who takes the risk. You run such a great group then why are you flirting with your colleagues do  you like being called names. Maybe I did lie in the show I am perhaps a better psychic then you think and girl you are far from innocent cute my ass be careful who you demean if you don't like it done to you publicly don't do it to  me publicly I am a great dad...a great founder. a hell of an investigator not just grannies house and ill be the one to find the truth before you actually can lose enough weight to wipe that ass of yours. Have a great day I am wiping my hands clean of this show and its tools. Its funny how you people can judge what a paranormal investigator should be yet none of you have shit on your sites hell uer has more content and they don't even do paranormal investigations hahaha this is to funny. Judging a man who spent 4 days in the pine barrens in -5 below and yet you call yourselves investigators the only thing from this chat that it seems your investigating is one another's taints. 

People want an honest man not one who pretends to be all goody goody with hidden agendas to many of you talk about morals and values yet you talk down to me which is obvious that most of you are not as pure as you say or genuine. This is The Paranormal & Ghost Society so anotherwards have a lovely day and fuck off from the founder himself:) I bet you didn't expect that one did you!! More surprises in store for you to don't worry not through yet My motto is respect me I respect you dish it out and you get the same it works for most accept the few exceptional clowns such as Brie...Buffalo Paranormal  Society lol to funny!

PS IT WAS NOT A HAUNTED LAGOON..... I HAD TO ROW TO A HAUNTED ISLAND:) some clowns are blind by their noses up one another's ass now aren't they yet I am the idiot its all below!! Man thanks been fun can someone put me on a real radio show please with real paranormal investigators hahaha not whore pararadio with Brie or someone making jokes about an innocent friend killed by a drunk driver walking legally down the street. Yet I am suppose to play all goody letting you get away with abusing the deceased fuck you! We are not better then anybody we are just more family orientated and openminded try it before you assume! I have a medic cause I CARE about my investigators not because I am careless!!!!!

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From: Mike Stickley <>
To: <>
Subject: Problems with a post you did on your site
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 18:13:18 -0600

You have no legal rights to be posting Matts chat logs on your didnt ask for permission and you need to take them off...I find it bullshit that your doing this..bashing other groups in the paranormal..that is unprofessional.

Lord Rick's Reply:

 I have every right since by law it was obtained as public information not only that but since I was a guest on the show I have a right to have a copy of the show. The chat room coincides with the radio show itself therefore I am not in violation of posting a copy of this. It is not libeling because the chat is 100 percent real these are your words below or your groups. The only reason why you do not want me posting it is because your afraid that people will see how unprofessional you are towards its guest. Your host accused me of killing my friend that was out of line. Not only that but my members or fans were censored. It does not feel to good to be talked about behind your back does it? Do you like it now? 

I am not here for professionalism asshole I am here to simply state the truth and the truth is  your group brought me on the show to scrutinize and discredit me as a very hardworking man in the field.  I was a very nice civil guy about it but you people just had to overstep your boundaries you couldn't just treat me with respect. Quite frankly there is no personal email addresses posted...there is no contact information just a chat session so why it offends you who knows maybe because you do not want to see how rude you were towards another founder. Do you think inviting me on as a guest of your show your doing me favors? lol PLEASE I got my own show man!!! You aren't doing me any favors I did you a favor by being your guest! 

I mean I am nuts right? an idiot right? If I am those things then that is what you are going to get from me lol. I love other groups I respect other hardworking investigators and their work intrigues me YOU HOWEVER DO NOT INTRIGUE ME not after I seen the shit passed around in your chat something MATT should have controlled but no Matt allowed his host to conduct this behavior. As I said in my last email to you do not make this a personal issue you guys fucked up not me the whole show was a set up I knew it and I still was a guest because I am strong and passionate about my work. I just wanted to see how far some of you ass clowns would take this and it seems you took it far enough!

 Ewww you might sue me lol oh wait wasn't that discussed in the chat below how not to enter my site cause I might sue hahaha funny how the tables are turned!! I am the Lord of my domain the only mistake you ever made was inviting me into yours. I would have gladly advertised for you done banner exchanges been a guest again but the chat tells how impure your hearts are and all of you involved in bashing me are in the wrong field. Oh wait how am I in legal violation didn't one of you team tell me that the internet privacy act declaration was never signed? Therefore I guess that means I do not have to remove the chat session below lol. Yeah I know I am the asshole NOT!!!

 During the show the host and members of that show were posting photos of my exgf and I about that hate site that was posted? I have every right to state my opinion afterall isn't that what brie did haha. Words of advice I did not enter your world I was invited into it take that how you want to! I do not think I was rude at all on that show answered all questions was very nice then after the show I go look at the chat seen the host laughing at our organization....posting libeling remarks....and personal pictures. Go ahead bash me tell the public how bad I am but just remember I have every single right to defend my integrity and the work I do. Do you think I am going to just let this little chat session go hmmm not on my dead body you could stab me, take me to court, bad mouth me forever and guess what its still staying up. You people made it personal not me! You cannot accept our group for what it is you want to change who we are and that is not going to happen. The only reason why you talk professionalism is so that others do not catch on that your not the real deal. You see from my experience if you act a certain way dress a certain way people it will mask your incompetence's of a paranormal investigator:) unlike me I just am who I am and people know what to expect.  Its much like the devil in a blue dress theory! You might look great but that means shit when your in the middle of the woods being chased by something that does not belong of this world.


12/5/2007 1:12:16 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,   writes:
Just a quick note to make a few things clear.  Any correspondence from individuals other than Matt (me) or Natalie, are not fIn a message dated rom members of our group.  Please consider them to be individuals acting independently.  In the same that our radio program chooses not to censor those who act within the language and racial harrassment rules, we certainly will not ask you to censor yourself here.  We are truly attempting to create a place where nobody is censored of their opinions.  This includes yours Angel.  Good luck with your new show, welcome to nowlive, and I will look forward to hearing your podcasts in the future.
Thanks for the good luck wishes I don't plan on getting to high tech with it just way to get a few podcast out there to be listened to. I am not so much concerned with censorship as I am respect and behavior of others who are perhaps personal friends or acquaintances etc guess it all comes down to principal towards one fellow man to another. Have a goodnight and goodluck with your show as well.

I do not want to add for just my members basically publicly in response to Matt's email to our group here two after the show. Is that if your going to laugh at your guest....and let personal friends to your group laugh at your guest then they should not be given any air time on your show if you are aware of that behavior. If you want repeat guest to your show or higher ratings that is just my opinion. One of your guest you have on is a repeat visitor laughing at the person you are interviewing not very ethical man. With a 500 dollar sound program which we use we can enhance the sound enough to see that behind you talking are snide remarks, laughing, etc maybe they were not muted right away but their are things that are heard in the background of the show which in my opinion is rude. I am not going to get all haywire over it but if you claim to be such a professional then a professional would not bring on a guest to solely laugh at them that is what has turned some of my viewers to your show permanently away. I am not a form of entertainment we are both in the same field people in the same field should be friends but the only time I am friends with others is when they give me honest respect no laughing at me just for there own kicks. Its not funny what we do its serious and a good laugh is fine but at this point what it all boils down to is principals and manors. The only ones in that chat room are your friends and I know that if you were a guest on my show I would not let my live crew conduct themselves in that manor to you no matter what your belief system is. That is not censorship that is called the golden rule and these people expect me to not post this page yet I am following the golden rule they shit on me and now I am shitting on them. You treat me as a guest on your show as just that with respect Ill do the laugh at me and allow me to be harassed in your chat room Ill do the same. We are not out to get anybody I wish all people good luck with there projects but karma is a bitch and it will get those who were not ethical towards our group in that chat room or while this interview took place its just that simple. I am getting emails pouring in about that interview and there not saying anything bad towards me there shocked at the laughing...twist in words....and behavior in that chatroom. You are responsible for your guest...cohosts...and the ethics of how you wish to run your show just as I will be responsible for mine. Its okay cause its your show just know that if you want someone to learn your methods or support your show then treat them with a little respect.  Your show might be in a great format but it doesn't matter if you cant treat the ones on it with some warmth.  You want to talk about someone do it in front of them not in a chatroom while I was conducting an interview with you. Dated...Dec. 5th 2007 Lord Rick

Chat Log Copied From...

12/2/2007 1:16:35 PM OddEmperor:   Hola!
12/2/2007 1:17:18 PM OddEmperor:   What is this? The dead zone?
12/2/2007 5:04:30 PM ARC-753:   hi
12/2/2007 5:05:05 PM ARC-753:   no not deadzone
12/2/2007 5:06:52 PM C.P.I.T.:   AUDIO TESTING
12/2/2007 5:07:02 PM ARC-753:   ok bro
12/2/2007 5:07:25 PM C.P.I.T.:   you have audio?
12/2/2007 5:10:55 PM ARC-753:   hi kelle
12/2/2007 5:11:32 PM RedCell472:   I am mad loud.. HEHE..
12/2/2007 5:11:54 PM RedCell472:   My audio check bounced.
12/2/2007 5:12:12 PM AndreaEPI:   OMG
12/2/2007 5:12:18 PM AndreaEPI:   I'm blind
12/2/2007 5:12:22 PM RedCell472:   Odd emporer?
12/2/2007 5:12:25 PM AndreaEPI:   Was that seriously just you ARC?
12/2/2007 5:12:26 PM AndreaEPI:   WTF
12/2/2007 5:12:43 PM AndreaEPI:   What a time to come in on
12/2/2007 5:12:46 PM RedCell472:   they are running audio tests..
12/2/2007 5:12:54 PM RedCell472:   2 hours 45 mins.
12/2/2007 5:12:59 PM RedCell472:   9 central
12/2/2007 5:13:11 PM AndreaEPI:   Red, save me
12/2/2007 5:13:42 PM RedCell472:   From?
12/2/2007 5:15:39 PM AndreaEPI:   I think i'm blind
12/2/2007 5:16:25 PM ARC-753:   smartry
12/2/2007 5:17:36 PM AndreaEPI:   OH GOD It's him AGAIN
12/2/2007 5:17:44 PM AndreaEPI:   lol
12/2/2007 5:17:59 PM RedCell472:   Poltergeist clip is crap.
12/2/2007 5:19:18 PM RedCell472:   Haunted mirror is doctored.
12/2/2007 5:20:20 PM RedCell472:   Ghost or demon is crap.
12/2/2007 5:20:45 PM RedCell472:   right now.
12/2/2007 5:21:53 PM RedCell472:   florida is a setup.
12/2/2007 5:23:08 PM RedCell472:   Stop motion photography.
12/2/2007 5:23:27 PM RedCell472:   that is why it is jittery
12/2/2007 5:26:04 PM RedCell472:   wire.. taped latching mech on it..
12/2/2007 5:27:02 PM RedCell472:   all it takes is a little tug.. A real door opening would have bounced when it hit the wall. Fish line is almost invisible on camera.
12/2/2007 5:27:22 PM RedCell472:   that could also be stop motion.
12/2/2007 5:27:52 PM RedCell472:   None of it.
12/2/2007 5:28:14 PM RedCell472:   Too convenient that it could be off camera shenanigans.
12/2/2007 5:28:24 PM RedCell472:   sure.
12/2/2007 5:32:46 PM C.P.I.T.:   jason, you still here?
12/2/2007 5:34:05 PM RedCell472:   Yeah I am still here.
12/2/2007 5:34:15 PM C.P.I.T.:   leave and come back Red_Cell
12/2/2007 5:34:21 PM RedCell472:   The last one is an old vid..
12/2/2007 5:34:27 PM RedCell472:   ok.
12/2/2007 5:35:07 PM RedCell472:   yeah.
12/2/2007 5:35:10 PM C.P.I.T.:   there
12/2/2007 5:35:12 PM RedCell472:   NICE!
12/2/2007 5:35:23 PM RedCell472:   Possibly..
12/2/2007 5:35:32 PM ARC-753:   ill bb red heading to wendys
12/2/2007 5:36:10 PM C.P.I.T.:   tc arc
12/2/2007 5:37:25 PM C.P.I.T.:   i am sure you can get a good view session on it tonight
12/2/2007 5:37:33 PM RedCell472:   the thing is that the girl there is also between the ages of 8 and 13.
12/2/2007 5:39:35 PM RedCell472:   Ofent what appears to be poltergeist activity is actually amplified activity due to the hormonal changes within young girls.
12/2/2007 5:40:38 PM C.P.I.T.:   lmao no
12/2/2007 5:40:44 PM C.P.I.T.:   then we'd all be in trouble lol
12/2/2007 5:41:26 PM C.P.I.T.:   hormonal changes in a young girls, not specifically their period or around their period
12/2/2007 5:41:30 PM RedCell472:   Wel lthe hormonal changes that cause emotional response can fuel an entity the same way that entities can feed off of fear.
12/2/2007 5:42:09 PM C.P.I.T.:   yes
12/2/2007 5:46:00 PM RedCell472:   Possibly..
12/2/2007 5:47:33 PM RedCell472:   ok.
12/2/2007 6:52:27 PM ARC-753:   boo
12/2/2007 7:54:27 PM ARC-753:   hi Joe
12/2/2007 7:54:36 PM GSI-Joe:   Hey ARC
12/2/2007 7:54:43 PM ARC-753:   hey joe whats ur google id
12/2/2007 7:54:46 PM ARC-753:   ill add you
12/2/2007 7:54:48 PM GSI-Joe:   readyfor tonight?
12/2/2007 7:55:00 PM ARC-753:   oh yea
12/2/2007 7:55:16 PM GSI-Joe:   hold on.... gotta think of I have so many now
12/2/2007 7:55:21 PM ARC-753:   mines ARC753
12/2/2007 7:55:27 PM ARC-753:   add me ill accept
12/2/2007 7:55:55 PM GSI-Joe:   I think it's GSI-Joe
12/2/2007 7:55:57 PM GSI-Joe:   OK
12/2/2007 7:56:09 PM AngelOfThyNight:   calling now give me a minute
12/2/2007 7:56:18 PM ARC-753:   hi angel
12/2/2007 7:56:40 PM AngelOfThyNight:   hi
12/2/2007 7:57:06 PM GSI-Joe:   no problem. It will take us a minute to get to you
12/2/2007 7:57:17 PM ARC-753:   we wont bro
12/2/2007 7:57:31 PM Flerndip:   test
12/2/2007 7:57:35 PM C.P.I.T.:   hi flern
12/2/2007 7:57:44 PM Flerndip:   hi CPIT
12/2/2007 7:57:50 PM Flerndip:   did I miss the show?
12/2/2007 7:57:57 PM C.P.I.T.:   just starting
12/2/2007 7:58:06 PM Flerndip:   how long does it run?
12/2/2007 7:58:10 PM C.P.I.T.:   few hours
12/2/2007 7:58:27 PM Flerndip:   good, I have to grab some dinner if Wendy's is still open
12/2/2007 7:58:44 PM Sarah25:   Hello
12/2/2007 7:58:51 PM C.P.I.T.:   welcome sarah
12/2/2007 7:59:20 PM SexyShelly:   WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!
12/2/2007 7:59:24 PM SexyShelly:   LOL
12/2/2007 7:59:30 PM ARC-753:   sarahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
12/2/2007 7:59:37 PM ARC-753:   hi sexy
12/2/2007 7:59:47 PM SexyShelly:   HI ARC
12/2/2007 7:59:53 PM Andy0911:   hi all
12/2/2007 8:00:01 PM ARC-753:   hi andy
12/2/2007 8:00:07 PM GSI-Joe:   Andy!!!
12/2/2007 8:00:08 PM SexyShelly:   HI ANDY
12/2/2007 8:00:19 PM GHIGreg:   woooaaaahhh hoooooo hoooooo
12/2/2007 8:00:22 PM GSI-Joe:   It's andy, It's andy...tra la la la laaaa
12/2/2007 8:00:28 PM Andy0911:   LOL
12/2/2007 8:00:30 PM C.P.I.T.:   hi greg
12/2/2007 8:00:33 PM Sarah25:   thx Veggie
12/2/2007 8:00:45 PM GHIGreg:   Hey hey
12/2/2007 8:00:49 PM SexyShelly:   HI GREG
12/2/2007 8:00:59 PM GHIGreg:   HELLO SEXYSHELLY
12/2/2007 8:01:08 PM ARC-753:   vegan we need more haunted audio on that
12/2/2007 8:01:52 PM SexyShelly:   HELLO SARAH AND KEL
12/2/2007 8:02:17 PM ARC-753:   vegan you got major echo
12/2/2007 8:02:40 PM GSI-Joe:   click on the open audio link button upper right
12/2/2007 8:03:26 PM SexyShelly:   I DONT HEAR ANY ECHO
12/2/2007 8:04:48 PM Flerndip:   Keymaster of Gozer
12/2/2007 8:04:51 PM SexyShelly:   HELLO ANGEL
12/2/2007 8:04:56 PM ARC-753:   flernnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
12/2/2007 8:05:08 PM Flerndip:   back in 5... hoping Wendy's is open
12/2/2007 8:05:24 PM ARC-753:   ok
12/2/2007 8:05:30 PM ARC-753:   call therm
12/2/2007 8:05:31 PM DesertRat:   my wife calls me ..... well no we want to keep this PG lol
12/2/2007 8:05:36 PM SexyShelly:   HB FLERN
12/2/2007 8:05:56 PM gsiDiane:   hard to hear Lord Rick
12/2/2007 8:06:13 PM Flerndip:   the host leaving their mic open is making it impossible to hear the guest. ambient noise is competing for bandwidth with the compression
12/2/2007 8:06:28 PM ARC-753:   i got all audios set for the show matt
12/2/2007 8:07:52 PM ARC-753:   audio sounds alot better now
12/2/2007 8:08:08 PM gsiDiane:   much better
12/2/2007 8:08:15 PM DesertRat:   whatcha eating ARC? lol
12/2/2007 8:08:35 PM ARC-753:   wendys chicken nuggest and a choclate frosty
12/2/2007 8:08:46 PM DesertRat:   oh yummmm
12/2/2007 8:08:51 PM DesertRat:   where's mine?
12/2/2007 8:08:58 PM ARC-753:   at wendys
12/2/2007 8:09:04 PM DesertRat:   hehe
12/2/2007 8:09:17 PM ARC-753:   i didnt feellike cookign
12/2/2007 8:09:29 PM GHIGreg:   one time, nick showed me his mine shaft, and i saw a demonic entity too
12/2/2007 8:09:33 PM DesertRat:   no wendy's chili
12/2/2007 8:09:37 PM GHIGreg:   it was like staring into hell
12/2/2007 8:10:31 PM ARC-753:   oh des wendys chilis so delicious going in
12/2/2007 8:10:41 PM BPSBrie:   hey all
12/2/2007 8:10:48 PM ARC-753:   brieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
12/2/2007 8:10:53 PM BPSBrie:   arcies on the webby cam
12/2/2007 8:11:05 PM BPSBrie:   i so need to get a new one of those
12/2/2007 8:11:08 PM SexyShelly:   OMG MY SON SAW THOSE IN MY HOUSE B4
12/2/2007 8:11:11 PM DesertRat:   lol and a b**ch coming out, I hear ya
12/2/2007 8:11:23 PM ARC-753:   between the headset mic and cam i spent abt 33 fior them
12/2/2007 8:12:04 PM DesertRat:   Ya Kelsey :)
12/2/2007 8:12:05 PM ARC-753:   shes cool kim
12/2/2007 8:12:14 PM ARC-753:   a miniature poltergeist
12/2/2007 8:12:52 PM ARC-753:   man my cam adds 30 yrs
12/2/2007 8:13:04 PM BPSBrie:   hahaha BULL
12/2/2007 8:13:17 PM DesertRat:   my cam adds 40 lbs, and I got too much already
12/2/2007 8:13:28 PM ARC-753:   my cam adds 100 des
12/2/2007 8:13:30 PM BPSBrie:   wow i wish he never let buffal
12/2/2007 8:13:32 PM BPSBrie:   o
12/2/2007 8:13:45 PM BPSBrie:   MATT: ask him what he thought of rolling hills?
12/2/2007 8:14:07 PM BPSBrie:   ARC dont bite ur nails
12/2/2007 8:14:10 PM BPSBrie:   its bad for u
12/2/2007 8:14:10 PM GHIGreg:   what is the guests website address?
12/2/2007 8:14:12 PM ARC-753:   kma
12/2/2007 8:14:21 PM GHIGreg:   WOAH
12/2/2007 8:14:29 PM GHIGreg:   DID HE JUST SAY WORK WITH THEM!?
12/2/2007 8:14:29 PM BPSBrie:   and id just like to say that u look alot like my step dad
12/2/2007 8:14:33 PM GSI-Joe:   yup
12/2/2007 8:15:04 PM BPSBrie:   oh i so need to get my cam next sunday im gunna cam up
12/2/2007 8:15:06 PM ARC-753:   the way i look is tired stressed out wore and dead dog tired and beat
12/2/2007 8:15:36 PM BPSBrie:   gee wiz i wonder why
12/2/2007 8:15:49 PM BPSBrie:   hey
12/2/2007 8:15:53 PM ARC-753:   hi
12/2/2007 8:16:05 PM GHIGreg:   wait wait, did he just say "paranormal adventure" group?
12/2/2007 8:16:11 PM SexyShelly:   hi eor
12/2/2007 8:16:12 PM ARC-753:   yea
12/2/2007 8:16:25 PM GHIGreg:   sounds familliar
12/2/2007 8:16:59 PM DesertRat:   who's the guy talking? (just curious)
12/2/2007 8:17:10 PM C.P.I.T.:   Lord Rick
12/2/2007 8:17:27 PM BPSBrie:   Matt: seriously i want his opinion on rolling hill
12/2/2007 8:17:28 PM BPSBrie:   s
12/2/2007 8:17:29 PM BPSBrie:   a
12/2/2007 8:17:31 PM SexyShelly:   hi kimmie
12/2/2007 8:17:42 PM BPSBrie:   YES
12/2/2007 8:17:47 PM BPSBrie:   thanks joey poo
12/2/2007 8:17:49 PM DesertRat:   send him to grant ranch, te;; "Mr. Attitude" I sent him
12/2/2007 8:17:56 PM GSI-Joe:   np
12/2/2007 8:18:02 PM RedCell472:   W3rd.
12/2/2007 8:18:09 PM RedCell472:   Weird.. did the page chage?
12/2/2007 8:18:13 PM RedCell472:   change?
12/2/2007 8:18:30 PM C.P.I.T.:   hi!
12/2/2007 8:18:34 PM GSI-Joe:   hey
12/2/2007 8:18:35 PM SexyShelly:   hi wndrwmn
12/2/2007 8:18:55 PM C.P.I.T.:   well. i am irish. so i am half way there
12/2/2007 8:18:55 PM SexyShelly:   hi irish
12/2/2007 8:19:07 PM BPSBrie:   what does he think of the buffalo paranormal scene
12/2/2007 8:19:21 PM BPSBrie:   its a asylum in bethany ny
12/2/2007 8:19:27 PM ARC-753:   maybe he will join you brie
12/2/2007 8:19:41 PM BPSBrie:   i can only hope arc
12/2/2007 8:20:19 PM Sarah25:   back
12/2/2007 8:20:35 PM ARC-753:   put that cigarette out
12/2/2007 8:20:43 PM GSI-Joe:   no
12/2/2007 8:20:46 PM ARC-753:   lol
12/2/2007 8:20:48 PM RedCell472:   Ok finally made it.. Opera was giving me issues.
12/2/2007 8:20:48 PM BPSBrie:   smoke away joe
12/2/2007 8:20:52 PM GSI-Joe:   ectoplasm
12/2/2007 8:21:05 PM GHIGreg:   lol
12/2/2007 8:21:11 PM ARC-753:   i was waiting for that
12/2/2007 8:21:12 PM C.P.I.T.:   andy?
12/2/2007 8:21:27 PM ARC-753:   a hooker ghost
12/2/2007 8:21:37 PM SexyShelly:   doesnt always show lol
12/2/2007 8:21:53 PM BPSBrie:   O_O
12/2/2007 8:21:59 PM GHIGreg:   lol
12/2/2007 8:22:03 PM BPSBrie:   YAY jas jas
12/2/2007 8:22:13 PM ARC-753:   red fix ur cam
12/2/2007 8:22:26 PM RedCell472:   it's fine..
12/2/2007 8:22:35 PM Andy0911:   I'm here Matt......listening and crawling under desks trying to fix my power problem
12/2/2007 8:22:36 PM Flerndip:   that's crazy. never investigate alone. first, it's dangerous, and second, an eyewitness can make your evidence 100% more credible
12/2/2007 8:22:43 PM GHIGreg:   this guy has a superhero complex
12/2/2007 8:22:57 PM ARC-753:   nah hes a cheeseburger short of the happy meal
12/2/2007 8:23:00 PM GHIGreg:   and i dont know what universe he lives him
12/2/2007 8:23:05 PM GSI-Joe:   agree flrn
12/2/2007 8:23:14 PM BPSBrie:   i am just thanking God he left buffalo
12/2/2007 8:23:18 PM GHIGreg:   but i think im reading that comic book right now
12/2/2007 8:23:24 PM RedCell472:   bonghit
12/2/2007 8:23:25 PM BPSBrie:   and i dont have to deal with the mess im sure he makes
12/2/2007 8:23:28 PM Andy0911:   we took several power surges over the past couple days........alot of things are messed up here......I'm almost back on line, and I DO have something for the show
12/2/2007 8:23:29 PM Sarah25:   lol
12/2/2007 8:23:41 PM Andy0911:   how soon will you want it????\
12/2/2007 8:23:41 PM GSI-Joe:   good andy
12/2/2007 8:23:43 PM C.P.I.T.:   glad you up and going Andy!
12/2/2007 8:24:16 PM Flerndip:   has the guest had any trouble getting permission to investigate so many places?
12/2/2007 8:24:19 PM RedCell472:   What is wrong with my cam?
12/2/2007 8:24:25 PM BPSBrie:   nothing
12/2/2007 8:24:28 PM ARC-753:   working firne red
12/2/2007 8:24:34 PM BPSBrie:   arc leave him alone
12/2/2007 8:24:35 PM SexyShelly:   u froze redcell
12/2/2007 8:24:36 PM BPSBrie:   u big jerk
12/2/2007 8:24:37 PM BPSBrie:   lol
12/2/2007 8:24:43 PM SexyShelly:   oh no u didnt lol
12/2/2007 8:24:51 PM ARC-753:   hey brie
12/2/2007 8:25:35 PM RedCell472:   dang camera
12/2/2007 8:25:56 PM GHIGreg:   oh my god, the encyclopedia dramatica entry RULES!
12/2/2007 8:26:02 PM BPSBrie:   theres the bo bo
12/2/2007 8:26:24 PM BPSBrie:   *ME* steals arcs dew
12/2/2007 8:26:35 PM ARC-753:   HEY
12/2/2007 8:26:41 PM BPSBrie:   i want it
12/2/2007 8:26:46 PM BPSBrie:   im cute remember that
12/2/2007 8:26:49 PM ARC-753:   WAKEJOB
12/2/2007 8:26:56 PM ARC-753:   WAKJOB he is
12/2/2007 8:27:10 PM GSI-Joe:   lol red
12/2/2007 8:27:10 PM GHIGreg:   AHAHAAHAHAHAHA
12/2/2007 8:27:14 PM RedCell472:   Fans?
12/2/2007 8:27:16 PM GHIGreg:   ALIENS TAKE ME TO SPACE
12/2/2007 8:27:22 PM GHIGreg:   gaaaaahahahahahaha
12/2/2007 8:27:29 PM GHIGreg:   his fans
12/2/2007 8:27:29 PM RedCell472:   On the highway to Mars.
12/2/2007 8:27:30 PM ARC-753:   show that sign again
12/2/2007 8:27:38 PM SexyShelly:   die?
12/2/2007 8:27:38 PM GHIGreg:   this is priceless, thank you, thank you, thank you guys
12/2/2007 8:27:49 PM Flerndip:   if you're injured out there alone, you're screwed. one person along, experienced or not, can save your life dude
12/2/2007 8:27:57 PM GSI-Joe:   We are here for our listeners! :-)
12/2/2007 8:27:57 PM BPSBrie:   guys u have made my life
12/2/2007 8:27:59 PM BPSBrie:   HAHAHAHAHA
12/2/2007 8:28:02 PM BPSBrie:   jason i love u
12/2/2007 8:28:15 PM SexyShelly:   lol
12/2/2007 8:28:19 PM GSI-Joe:   yes wonder?
12/2/2007 8:28:21 PM RedCell472:   Love ya too Brie.
12/2/2007 8:28:31 PM ARC-753:   this guy needs help
12/2/2007 8:28:54 PM BPSBrie:   i so want to call and thank him for leaving wny
12/2/2007 8:28:55 PM ARC-753:   reminds of going to a hardware store and a ball game
12/2/2007 8:28:55 PM RedCell472:   but you can force a handgun on someone.
12/2/2007 8:28:56 PM Flerndip:   lightning? investigating during inclement weather? what can you possibly gather during a thunderstorm?
12/2/2007 8:29:00 PM BPSBrie:   and that hes fuggin nuts
12/2/2007 8:29:05 PM ARC-753:   SCREWBALL
12/2/2007 8:29:13 PM GSI-Joe:   rofl red
12/2/2007 8:29:16 PM BPSBrie:   matty boy would b mad at me
12/2/2007 8:29:28 PM BPSBrie:   JASON
12/2/2007 8:29:32 PM BPSBrie:   but em down
12/2/2007 8:29:34 PM BPSBrie:   sork
12/2/2007 8:29:37 PM BPSBrie:   *dork
12/2/2007 8:29:40 PM ARC-753:   THIS GUY ESCAPED FROM A ASYLUM
12/2/2007 8:30:23 PM RedCell472:   Squad gunner?
12/2/2007 8:30:28 PM GHIGreg:   yeah, that boy is screwed for life
12/2/2007 8:30:37 PM Flerndip:   not taking precautions seems to fly in the face of the "see as much as you can during your short span on this mortal coil" philosophy
12/2/2007 8:30:38 PM C.P.I.T.:   he is here yes
12/2/2007 8:30:45 PM ARC-753:   oh shit
12/2/2007 8:30:50 PM BPSBrie:   LMAO
12/2/2007 8:30:54 PM BPSBrie:   i dont even car
12/2/2007 8:30:55 PM Sarah25:   goodness....hes in Florida..:S lol
12/2/2007 8:30:55 PM BPSBrie:   e
12/2/2007 8:30:57 PM SexyShelly:   hell no , i wouldnnt want to go out investigating with him , if ppl have died lol
12/2/2007 8:30:58 PM C.P.I.T.:   moderat language folks
12/2/2007 8:31:00 PM ARC-753:   des is he related to you
12/2/2007 8:31:02 PM C.P.I.T.:   moderate
12/2/2007 8:31:10 PM SexyShelly:   oops sorry
12/2/2007 8:31:41 PM RedCell472:   Stunt doubles?
12/2/2007 8:31:41 PM C.P.I.T.:   hell is ok :)
12/2/2007 8:31:42 PM Flerndip:   daredevils?!?!?
12/2/2007 8:31:50 PM Flerndip:   wth?
12/2/2007 8:31:54 PM RedCell472:   canon fodder?
12/2/2007 8:32:24 PM SexyShelly:   ok
12/2/2007 8:32:27 PM BPSBrie:   *ME* bangs head on wall
12/2/2007 8:32:31 PM Flerndip:   common sense and proper precaution will save your life first dude
12/2/2007 8:32:52 PM Flerndip:   "throw me the idol and i'll throw you the whip"
12/2/2007 8:32:58 PM GHIGreg:   lol
12/2/2007 8:32:59 PM ARC-753:   Penn State will play Texas A&M in the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio on Dec. 29 at 8 p.m
12/2/2007 8:33:00 PM GHIGreg:   oh my god
12/2/2007 8:33:06 PM GHIGreg:   this guy is whacked
12/2/2007 8:33:11 PM GHIGreg:   *shakes head*
12/2/2007 8:33:43 PM BPSBrie:   he can come to buffalo ill hook him up in BPS
12/2/2007 8:33:50 PM SexyShelly:   r u kidding
12/2/2007 8:34:16 PM Andy0911:   its alive!!.....ALIVE!!!!!!!!!
12/2/2007 8:34:23 PM ARC-753:   lol
12/2/2007 8:34:29 PM BPSBrie:   so arcie poo im gunna get a head set tomorrow
12/2/2007 8:34:31 PM RedCell472:   Other than jeff's pants?
12/2/2007 8:34:41 PM ARC-753:   make sure it has a mic also briester
12/2/2007 8:34:44 PM C.P.I.T.:   lmao Andy
12/2/2007 8:34:50 PM ARC-753:   jeffs pants are his sheep
12/2/2007 8:34:59 PM Flerndip:   Andy, what steps do you take to secure permission to investigate these places?
12/2/2007 8:35:05 PM BPSBrie:   i will im gunna get the gamers mic i use to have
12/2/2007 8:35:11 PM BPSBrie:   perhaps it was wind that he felt
12/2/2007 8:35:18 PM Andy0911:   I get permission from the land owners
12/2/2007 8:35:37 PM BPSBrie:   i get permission
12/2/2007 8:35:47 PM Andy0911:   or building owner......ya know......the usual things
12/2/2007 8:36:17 PM RedCell472:   the c.p.i.t. link didn't work.
12/2/2007 8:36:59 PM BPSBrie:   joe matt and natilie
12/2/2007 8:37:04 PM BPSBrie:   i spelled that wrong
12/2/2007 8:37:04 PM SexyShelly:   lol was that shaggy
12/2/2007 8:37:06 PM BPSBrie:   sorry nat
12/2/2007 8:37:13 PM Flerndip:   Sorry, I was confusing LordRick with Andy. I wanted to know if LordRick bothers to get permission to investigate these places
12/2/2007 8:37:20 PM RedCell472:   And that voice is familiar..
12/2/2007 8:37:33 PM BPSBrie:   its bc its u silly
12/2/2007 8:37:35 PM BPSBrie:   :-P
12/2/2007 8:37:46 PM RedCell472:   How did that happen? heh.
12/2/2007 8:37:52 PM BPSBrie:   i dont know
12/2/2007 8:37:55 PM BPSBrie:   magik
12/2/2007 8:38:18 PM RedCell472:   No ice here.
12/2/2007 8:38:23 PM ARC-753:   yea were getting ice now matt
12/2/2007 8:38:24 PM BPSBrie:   CPIT
12/2/2007 8:38:32 PM GSI-Joe:   Matt and Natalie are CPIT and I am Ghost Scene Investigation
12/2/2007 8:39:12 PM BPSBrie:   yup
12/2/2007 8:39:12 PM RedCell472:   I did 12 days of no power because of ice.
12/2/2007 8:39:13 PM C.P.I.T.:   yup
12/2/2007 8:39:17 PM GSI-Joe:   chicagoland paranormal interest team
12/2/2007 8:39:30 PM BPSBrie:   i did 8 days no power thank u october storm
12/2/2007 8:40:41 PM ARC-753:   the great ice storm no tv radio and no internet in the northeast
12/2/2007 8:40:51 PM BPSBrie:   it stunk
12/2/2007 8:41:14 PM BPSBrie:   these ear buds r killing me
12/2/2007 8:41:30 PM Sarah25:   i love living alone sometimes
12/2/2007 8:41:39 PM C.P.I.T.:   lol
12/2/2007 8:41:40 PM Sarah25:   no need to wear earphones:p
12/2/2007 8:43:01 PM Flerndip:   which cat is ARC?
12/2/2007 8:43:27 PM ARC-753:   im getting abused
12/2/2007 8:43:34 PM ARC-753:   dees punching me
12/2/2007 8:44:16 PM BPSBrie:   ouch
12/2/2007 8:44:53 PM BPSBrie:   yeah im so getting a head set i cant stand these ear buds it sucks!
12/2/2007 8:45:12 PM GSI-Joe:   get over the earbuds!! :-)
12/2/2007 8:45:25 PM ARC-753:   get a mic like mine
12/2/2007 8:45:30 PM BPSBrie:   i will
12/2/2007 8:45:33 PM BPSBrie:   :-P
12/2/2007 8:45:38 PM BPSBrie:   i want one in pink
12/2/2007 8:45:52 PM ARC-753:   they dont have it in pink
12/2/2007 8:45:57 PM BPSBrie:   hahah joe
12/2/2007 8:46:02 PM gsiDiane:   omg no monkey face Joe!
12/2/2007 8:46:03 PM GSI-Joe:   :-)
12/2/2007 8:46:20 PM BPSBrie:   um arc best buy has everything
12/2/2007 8:46:40 PM gsiDiane:   cute kitty Arc
12/2/2007 8:46:51 PM RedCell472:   What was the model?
12/2/2007 8:47:02 PM ARC-753:   thats the calico male
12/2/2007 8:47:08 PM GSI-Joe:   H4
12/2/2007 8:47:19 PM Flerndip:   wow, we're all white and nerdy =)
12/2/2007 8:47:21 PM RedCell472:   Nice unit.
12/2/2007 8:47:44 PM GHIGreg:   ok
12/2/2007 8:47:48 PM ARC-753:   this frostys delicious
12/2/2007 8:47:58 PM RedCell472:   stinking computer.. brb
12/2/2007 8:47:59 PM BPSBrie:   and about 800 cals
12/2/2007 8:48:03 PM BPSBrie:  
12/2/2007 8:48:10 PM ARC-753:   and well worth it
12/2/2007 8:48:14 PM GSI-Joe:   We will be back to you in a minute Angel
12/2/2007 8:48:28 PM ARC-753:   and me i get to be muted yet
12/2/2007 8:48:32 PM RedCell472:   brb
12/2/2007 8:48:33 PM ARC-753:   lol
12/2/2007 8:49:17 PM Flerndip:   is that a unicorn, Red?
12/2/2007 8:49:47 PM ARC-753:   yea brie that cat was the pure calico male
12/2/2007 8:49:57 PM BPSBrie:   i have a brown tabby cat
12/2/2007 8:50:07 PM BPSBrie:   his name is Jack
12/2/2007 8:50:11 PM ARC-753:   kool
12/2/2007 8:50:28 PM RedCell472:   You can leave me muted.. I am sorting issues.
12/2/2007 8:50:29 PM BPSBrie:   its a shame hes a nice guy, or seems like it but hes kindda nuts
12/2/2007 8:50:58 PM Flerndip:   Rick, louder please
12/2/2007 8:51:21 PM gsiDiane:   boogie man
12/2/2007 8:51:22 PM Flerndip:   hypnagogic hallucination
12/2/2007 8:51:31 PM RedCell472:   brb again.
12/2/2007 8:51:34 PM BPSBrie:   mk
12/2/2007 8:52:51 PM BPSBrie:   O_O
12/2/2007 8:52:54 PM GSI-Joe:   Hi Kel
12/2/2007 8:52:54 PM BPSBrie:   devils hole
12/2/2007 8:54:31 PM GSI-Joe:
12/2/2007 8:54:46 PM Flerndip:   kel, the figure at the foot of the bed thing is a very common thing... it is very likely something called hypnagogic hallucination. google it
12/2/2007 8:54:58 PM Flerndip:   it's happened to me several times as well
12/2/2007 8:55:25 PM Flerndip:   usually accompanied by sleep paralysis, and tends to occur while falling asleep or waking up
12/2/2007 8:55:27 PM gsiDiane:   but you have to get past the disclaimer first
12/2/2007 8:55:28 PM Metacafe77:   Im a ghost u cant see me in here
12/2/2007 8:55:52 PM C.P.I.T.:   hi Meta
12/2/2007 8:55:55 PM Metacafe77:   hii
12/2/2007 8:55:57 PM Flerndip:   kel333, what makes you think it was a demon?
12/2/2007 8:56:08 PM SexyShelly:   lol meta
12/2/2007 8:56:16 PM Flerndip:   smoke up Joe =)
12/2/2007 8:56:24 PM Metacafe77:   haha
12/2/2007 8:56:25 PM BPSBrie:   joe ur a chain smoker
12/2/2007 8:56:35 PM Metacafe77:   I made that pic i just uploaded today for a photoshop contest
12/2/2007 8:56:42 PM GSI-Joe:   Never could keep chains lit
12/2/2007 8:56:51 PM ARC-753:   lol joe
12/2/2007 8:56:58 PM Metacafe77:   its ok not my best work ahha
12/2/2007 8:57:00 PM DJ-Iceman:   hello people.
12/2/2007 8:57:03 PM BPSBrie:   great my ear buds just took a shit
12/2/2007 8:57:04 PM C.P.I.T.:   hey Ice
12/2/2007 8:57:06 PM ARC-753:   hey brie the trips gonna kill the smokers
12/2/2007 8:57:08 PM DJ-Iceman:   hey hey
12/2/2007 8:57:09 PM C.P.I.T.:   nice to see you
12/2/2007 8:57:12 PM GHIGreg:   lol
12/2/2007 8:57:13 PM BPSBrie:   im a smoker
12/2/2007 8:57:16 PM GHIGreg:   this guy...jeez
12/2/2007 8:57:18 PM BPSBrie:   u can smoke in my car
12/2/2007 8:57:21 PM ARC-753:   no smoking near dee
12/2/2007 8:57:26 PM DJ-Iceman:   nice to be seen.
12/2/2007 8:57:27 PM DJ-Iceman:   lol
12/2/2007 8:57:29 PM BPSBrie:   she wont b in my car
12/2/2007 8:57:32 PM ARC-753:   im gonna have portable O2 tanks along
12/2/2007 8:57:47 PM ARC-753:   i gotta order them
12/2/2007 8:57:47 PM BPSBrie:   well i promise to not smoke near here
12/2/2007 8:57:52 PM BPSBrie:   or near ur car
12/2/2007 8:58:01 PM Flerndip:   haha
12/2/2007 8:58:03 PM Flerndip:   oh man
12/2/2007 8:58:20 PM GHIGreg:   LOL
12/2/2007 8:58:22 PM Andy0911:   A haunted lagoon????
12/2/2007 8:58:26 PM Flerndip:   canoe? alligators? wtf?
12/2/2007 8:58:28 PM Metacafe77:   there used to be a ghost type thing watching me when I was young like a protecter or somethinmg is was so scary
12/2/2007 8:58:40 PM Metacafe77:   Its hard to explain or believe
12/2/2007 8:58:42 PM Metacafe77:   haha
12/2/2007 8:58:49 PM BPSBrie:   arc: he looks like jack
12/2/2007 8:58:52 PM Flerndip:   stay focused? stay strong? oh man, stay home!
12/2/2007 8:59:05 PM ARC-753:   this one purrs so loud he vibrates
12/2/2007 8:59:23 PM Metacafe77:   I dont smoke weed it makes your mind bleed and will make it hard to suceed
12/2/2007 8:59:27 PM BPSBrie:   SMOKE A DUB
12/2/2007 8:59:38 PM ARC-753:   i never smoked pot and never will
12/2/2007 8:59:39 PM Flerndip:   puff puff pass, dude
12/2/2007 8:59:50 PM Metacafe77:   haha
12/2/2007 8:59:56 PM BPSBrie:   oo pass to me
12/2/2007 9:00:02 PM Metacafe77:   I did acid like 3 times
12/2/2007 9:00:06 PM ARC-753:   i told friends if ur gonna smoke for warned im not to nice
12/2/2007 9:00:15 PM Flerndip:   wb Red
12/2/2007 9:00:32 PM Metacafe77:   I walked home at night and the bushes loked liek they were knoms with knives and sowrds I was so scared
12/2/2007 9:00:34 PM Metacafe77:   haha
12/2/2007 9:00:42 PM BPSBrie:   well i promise to keep it to my car, accully the smokers can ride with me arc
12/2/2007 9:00:46 PM BPSBrie:   purple haze
12/2/2007 9:00:50 PM BPSBrie:   northern lights
12/2/2007 9:00:52 PM BPSBrie:   just a few
12/2/2007 9:00:57 PM ARC-753:   we are gonna have neils daughter as a driver also brie
12/2/2007 9:01:03 PM ARC-753:   shes gonna be with us
12/2/2007 9:01:14 PM BPSBrie:   mk
12/2/2007 9:01:22 PM Metacafe77:   I see dead people
12/2/2007 9:01:24 PM Metacafe77:   haha
12/2/2007 9:01:25 PM ARC-753:   were gathering tons of dirt on him
12/2/2007 9:01:36 PM BPSBrie:   yeah my ex well lets just say he knew his stuff
12/2/2007 9:02:01 PM BPSBrie:   hahaha
12/2/2007 9:02:13 PM BPSBrie:   Fiction: hes sober right now
12/2/2007 9:02:24 PM Flerndip:   what is the point of investigating during a rainstorm?
12/2/2007 9:02:51 PM Andy0911:   I think I just heard him flare up!
12/2/2007 9:02:57 PM Andy0911:   lol....kidding
12/2/2007 9:03:01 PM Flerndip:   lol Red
12/2/2007 9:03:02 PM BPSBrie:   jason less signh more ur face
12/2/2007 9:03:08 PM ARC-753:   he sees ufo's
12/2/2007 9:03:38 PM RedCell472:   With a handgun..
12/2/2007 9:03:47 PM Flerndip:   nevermind the paranormal. any hiker will attest that hiking alone is suicidal
12/2/2007 9:03:54 PM BPSBrie:   O_O
12/2/2007 9:03:58 PM BPSBrie:   Crazzzzzzy
12/2/2007 9:04:33 PM GHIGreg:   LOL
12/2/2007 9:04:36 PM Flerndip:   always safe? alligators? rapids?
12/2/2007 9:04:49 PM GHIGreg:   this guy should meet tim holmes, he wrestles black bears too
12/2/2007 9:04:51 PM GHIGreg:   hand to hand com bat
12/2/2007 9:04:58 PM C.P.I.T.:   lmao
12/2/2007 9:05:13 PM C.P.I.T.:   the bigfoot hunter needs to be on our show
12/2/2007 9:05:14 PM BPSBrie:   lol jas
12/2/2007 9:05:15 PM Flerndip:   Rick *IS* paranormal. just the fact that he's still alive is a miracle
12/2/2007 9:05:34 PM GHIGreg:   thats what this email is about, sending it to you now
12/2/2007 9:05:40 PM C.P.I.T.:   k
12/2/2007 9:05:59 PM gsiDiane:   i just don't know what to say here
12/2/2007 9:06:06 PM GSI-Joe:   lol
12/2/2007 9:06:10 PM C.P.I.T.:   lmfao diane
12/2/2007 9:06:33 PM gsiDiane:   I'm getting a cramp in my neck from shaking my head
12/2/2007 9:06:42 PM BPSBrie:   poor des. lord rick is gunna b on his turf soon
12/2/2007 9:06:42 PM Flerndip:   if he keeps going at it alone, without proper safety precautions, TAPS will soon find themselves investigating Rick's ghost
12/2/2007 9:07:55 PM SexyShelly:   omg
12/2/2007 9:08:05 PM Flerndip:   paranormal investigation is not about thrill-seeking
12/2/2007 9:08:13 PM SexyShelly:   nope
12/2/2007 9:08:16 PM GHIGreg:   no, but paranormal adventuring is
12/2/2007 9:08:18 PM BPSBrie:   josh is litterly on the ground rolling
12/2/2007 9:08:21 PM SexyShelly:   its about finding the truth
12/2/2007 9:08:23 PM Flerndip:   putting your fellow investigators at great risk cannot be justified
12/2/2007 9:08:31 PM RedCell472:   he......
12/2/2007 9:08:49 PM BPSBrie:   his one of the ones that should not have re-proudced
12/2/2007 9:09:02 PM GHIGreg:   hahahaha
12/2/2007 9:09:06 PM GHIGreg:   this guy has kids
12/2/2007 9:09:15 PM BPSBrie:   i feel mad sorry for his kids
12/2/2007 9:09:19 PM GHIGreg:   and hes "risking his life"
12/2/2007 9:09:35 PM Flerndip:   step 1: see bigfoot. step 2: crap yourself. step 3: shout YEAH!
12/2/2007 9:10:32 PM GSI-Joe:   hit stop
12/2/2007 9:10:41 PM GSI-Joe:   it will stop the music
12/2/2007 9:11:02 PM Flerndip:   TAPS is not a television show
12/2/2007 9:11:19 PM Flerndip:   Ghost Hunters is, and it's just a glimpse of what actually takes place during a given investigation
12/2/2007 9:11:22 PM ARC-753:   getting deep
12/2/2007 9:11:23 PM BPSBrie:   ive been to rolling hills does he hate me?
12/2/2007 9:11:33 PM BPSBrie:   and i got damn good evidance too
12/2/2007 9:11:43 PM ARC-753:   i hear jealoust
12/2/2007 9:12:06 PM SexyShelly:   WHATEVER!!
12/2/2007 9:12:17 PM BPSBrie:   hold on guys imma build a bridge
12/2/2007 9:12:24 PM BPSBrie:   bc this river he is crying is getting deep
12/2/2007 9:12:31 PM Flerndip:   because they're too dangerous dude
12/2/2007 9:12:36 PM SexyShelly:   k lol we definately need a bridge now
12/2/2007 9:13:10 PM GHIGreg:   well #1 - if sci-fi is entertainment, then why is he wanting to get a show with them?
12/2/2007 9:13:20 PM SexyShelly:   omg give me a break
12/2/2007 9:13:26 PM BPSBrie:   he needs a life
12/2/2007 9:13:29 PM GHIGreg:   sure, theres a reason its called THE SCIENCE FICTION CHANNEL
12/2/2007 9:13:31 PM BPSBrie:   we wont even take donations
12/2/2007 9:13:33 PM SexyShelly:   definately
12/2/2007 9:13:36 PM BPSBrie:   we dont advertise it
12/2/2007 9:13:44 PM GHIGreg:   but hes bitching, and he wants a show on the same channel?
12/2/2007 9:13:46 PM BPSBrie:   we dont acept them
12/2/2007 9:14:01 PM GHIGreg:   this guy is running in circles
12/2/2007 9:14:39 PM ARC-753:   this guys an open bullseye
12/2/2007 9:14:45 PM SexyShelly:   ghost hunters is awesome
12/2/2007 9:15:02 PM Flerndip:   Rick's going to get someone killed
12/2/2007 9:15:10 PM BPSBrie:   i made josh take my phone so i wont call
12/2/2007 9:15:19 PM GHIGreg:   this really is pretty amazing
12/2/2007 9:15:19 PM BPSBrie:   ITS JASON
12/2/2007 9:15:40 PM Flerndip:   yeah, JH should call
12/2/2007 9:15:51 PM Flerndip:   I'd pay to hear that
12/2/2007 9:16:08 PM RedCell472:   Someone call JH..
12/2/2007 9:16:18 PM Flerndip:   Someome get Vix to call Jason Hawes
12/2/2007 9:16:30 PM BPSBrie:   brent
12/2/2007 9:16:33 PM BPSBrie:   someone get brent
12/2/2007 9:16:43 PM SexyShelly:   omg
12/2/2007 9:16:55 PM C.P.I.T.:   or you could all call and share YOUR views
12/2/2007 9:16:58 PM SexyShelly:   that is some dumb ppl doin that
12/2/2007 9:17:09 PM Flerndip:   there's no such thing as a professional paranormal investigative group
12/2/2007 9:17:15 PM BPSBrie:   josh took my phone i was getting heated
12/2/2007 9:17:20 PM BPSBrie:   sorry matt
12/2/2007 9:17:24 PM BPSBrie:   OH F HIM
12/2/2007 9:17:25 PM Flerndip:   but there are fools who follow no common sense safety precautions and put people at risk
12/2/2007 9:17:28 PM SexyShelly:   but taps dont disrespect like that
12/2/2007 9:17:56 PM BPSBrie:   BULLSHIT
12/2/2007 9:17:58 PM BPSBrie:   BULLSHIT
12/2/2007 9:18:10 PM BPSBrie:   WNY paranormal has been around longer then him
12/2/2007 9:18:10 PM SexyShelly:   GREEN
12/2/2007 9:18:13 PM BPSBrie:   BULL
12/2/2007 9:18:25 PM Flerndip:   Rick, if you established protocols that allow the evidence to speak for itself, you would not be struggling for credibility
12/2/2007 9:18:47 PM ARC-753:   i giot few choice words
12/2/2007 9:18:56 PM GSI-Joe:   call in flrn and say that
12/2/2007 9:18:59 PM BPSBrie:   oh u should hear the words comming outta my mouth
12/2/2007 9:19:04 PM C.P.I.T.:   keep it logical and objective. ask the right questions
12/2/2007 9:19:07 PM C.P.I.T.:   :)
12/2/2007 9:19:15 PM ARC-753:   i am
12/2/2007 9:19:17 PM C.P.I.T.:   don't jump to the defense
12/2/2007 9:19:23 PM BPSBrie:   this is why i had josh take the phone bc id loose it if i called in
12/2/2007 9:19:23 PM ARC-753:   im waiting to say them bro
12/2/2007 9:19:32 PM SexyShelly:   LMAO , WE ALL CAN IMAGINE BPS
12/2/2007 9:19:33 PM C.P.I.T.:   just a sec ARC
12/2/2007 9:19:33 PM BPSBrie:   i am very deffensive of WNY and the groups here
12/2/2007 9:19:39 PM BPSBrie:   bc no one here messes around
12/2/2007 9:19:48 PM SexyShelly:   cause we r all prolly doin it too
12/2/2007 9:20:02 PM BPSBrie:   SCREW HIM
12/2/2007 9:20:04 PM gsiDiane:   yes wndrwmn
12/2/2007 9:20:05 PM C.P.I.T.:   Joe?
12/2/2007 9:20:12 PM C.P.I.T.:   crap
12/2/2007 9:20:14 PM C.P.I.T.:   lost joe
12/2/2007 9:20:20 PM BPSBrie:   i can do rolling hills if i wanna
12/2/2007 9:20:27 PM gsiDiane:   uh oh... we lost Joe
12/2/2007 9:20:32 PM Flerndip:   what are the pictures? bunch of orbs?
12/2/2007 9:20:41 PM BPSBrie:   and just bc he did it first doesent mean im un original
12/2/2007 9:20:43 PM SexyShelly:   im not gonna go to his sight at all
12/2/2007 9:20:52 PM SexyShelly:   oops site
12/2/2007 9:20:58 PM GSI-Joe:   we wil get it WW
12/2/2007 9:21:06 PM Flerndip:   Louder, ARC
12/2/2007 9:21:16 PM Flerndip:   better thanks
12/2/2007 9:21:18 PM C.P.I.T.:   better ARC there you are
12/2/2007 9:21:20 PM C.P.I.T.:   :)
12/2/2007 9:21:28 PM BPSBrie:   Hes not known for shit, hes a joke no one knows him hear
12/2/2007 9:21:36 PM BPSBrie:   and no one would goto him for an investigation
12/2/2007 9:21:45 PM GHIGreg:   shhhh
12/2/2007 9:21:45 PM BPSBrie:   *here
12/2/2007 9:21:47 PM BPSBrie:   sorry
12/2/2007 9:21:51 PM GHIGreg:   gentle
12/2/2007 9:22:06 PM ARC-753:   ok
12/2/2007 9:22:18 PM BPSBrie:   byes hun
12/2/2007 9:22:23 PM Flerndip:   kel, if it's raiing, ask Rick to investigate
12/2/2007 9:22:28 PM ARC-753:   tc kel
12/2/2007 9:22:31 PM gsiDiane:   bye kel
12/2/2007 9:22:32 PM SexyShelly:   take care kel
12/2/2007 9:22:33 PM Flerndip:   maybe he'll pick up some EVPs in the thunderstorm
12/2/2007 9:22:36 PM GSI-Joe:   ok Kell
12/2/2007 9:22:39 PM GSI-Joe:   thanks
12/2/2007 9:22:48 PM Andy0911:   good luck Kel!
12/2/2007 9:23:13 PM SexyShelly:   yeah
12/2/2007 9:23:18 PM Flerndip:   there's no harm in investigating a place that other groups have already hit
12/2/2007 9:23:50 PM SexyShelly:   no to experience it , and have more opinions on a place
12/2/2007 9:24:00 PM Flerndip:   it comes down to 50% luck and 50% method
12/2/2007 9:24:13 PM BPSBrie:   i love nancy
12/2/2007 9:24:38 PM Flerndip:   just because Most Haunted has hit a place is no reason to believe a different methodology might capture something
12/2/2007 9:24:47 PM BPSBrie:   i agree
12/2/2007 9:24:56 PM SexyShelly:   yes
12/2/2007 9:25:21 PM Flerndip:   ask Rick if he brings firearms to an investigation
12/2/2007 9:25:26 PM Flerndip:   lol
12/2/2007 9:25:28 PM BPSBrie:   he does
12/2/2007 9:25:33 PM BPSBrie:   it says on his website
12/2/2007 9:25:33 PM SexyShelly:   omg i hope not
12/2/2007 9:25:36 PM Flerndip:   that's a recipe for disaster
12/2/2007 9:25:37 PM SexyShelly:   lol
12/2/2007 9:25:56 PM SexyShelly:   ghosts r already dead lol
12/2/2007 9:26:00 PM Flerndip:   dangerous and deadly? the smartest thing to do is stay away from them man
12/2/2007 9:26:03 PM BPSBrie:   O_o
12/2/2007 9:26:08 PM BPSBrie:   FACT: rick is a bad one
12/2/2007 9:26:10 PM C.P.I.T.:   be right there caller
12/2/2007 9:26:11 PM C.P.I.T.:   !
12/2/2007 9:26:33 PM Flerndip:   i knew it
12/2/2007 9:26:36 PM SexyShelly:   omg
12/2/2007 9:26:40 PM Flerndip:   trespasser
12/2/2007 9:26:50 PM SexyShelly:   yep
12/2/2007 9:27:05 PM Flerndip:   that's the most dangerous and reckless thing he's yet stated tonight
12/2/2007 9:27:18 PM Flerndip:   that's a recipe for getting your head blown off by a shotgun
12/2/2007 9:27:21 PM SexyShelly:   lol butthurt redneck everything
12/2/2007 9:27:24 PM BPSBrie:   josh says he has never seen so much eye rolling in his life
12/2/2007 9:27:42 PM Flerndip:   Red_Cell, let's see what you have to say
12/2/2007 9:27:44 PM Flerndip:   on the cam
12/2/2007 9:27:49 PM SexyShelly:   lol
12/2/2007 9:28:06 PM BPSBrie:   JOSH SAYS: he is a (beepin) hicky, and needs to get over himself
12/2/2007 9:28:06 PM Flerndip:   trespasser
12/2/2007 9:28:18 PM GHIGreg:   caller is me ;)
12/2/2007 9:28:22 PM C.P.I.T.:   k
12/2/2007 9:28:24 PM DJ-Iceman:   lol @ farmer bob..
12/2/2007 9:28:26 PM BPSBrie:   *hipppy
12/2/2007 9:28:31 PM Flerndip:   farmer Bob is ARMED
12/2/2007 9:28:36 PM DJ-Iceman:   hello kettle, YOUR BLACK~
12/2/2007 9:28:54 PM SexyShelly:   hi iceman
12/2/2007 9:29:03 PM BPSBrie:   BULL
12/2/2007 9:29:05 PM DJ-Iceman:   hello.
12/2/2007 9:29:06 PM BPSBrie:   BULL
12/2/2007 9:29:10 PM Flerndip:   Rick is incredibly irresponsible
12/2/2007 9:29:19 PM CrystalCat:   Hello
12/2/2007 9:29:26 PM Flerndip:   hi CrystalCat
12/2/2007 9:29:26 PM GSI-Joe:   Hi Cat
12/2/2007 9:29:28 PM BPSBrie:   area 51 my ass they have heat sensors and they are allowed to shoot on site
12/2/2007 9:29:31 PM SexyShelly:   oooh lot of static there for a sec
12/2/2007 9:29:50 PM SexyShelly:   hi crystal
12/2/2007 9:30:02 PM gsiDiane:   thrillseeker
12/2/2007 9:30:12 PM SexyShelly:   lol every
12/2/2007 9:30:31 PM SexyShelly:   whoa lol
12/2/2007 9:30:49 PM GSI-Joe:   captain rick?
12/2/2007 9:30:51 PM SexyShelly:   lmao
12/2/2007 9:30:53 PM gsiDiane:   oops
12/2/2007 9:30:54 PM C.P.I.T.:   lmao
12/2/2007 9:30:59 PM BPSBrie:   hahaha
12/2/2007 9:31:00 PM Flerndip:   Cap'n Ron
12/2/2007 9:31:04 PM BPSBrie:   someone call him skipper
12/2/2007 9:31:24 PM SexyShelly:   yes very lol
12/2/2007 9:31:30 PM BPSBrie:   ok ppl whats the #
12/2/2007 9:31:35 PM Flerndip:   but his methodology allows him to prove nothing
12/2/2007 9:31:35 PM ARC-753:   im waiting for someone to unload
12/2/2007 9:31:41 PM RedCell472:   click the call the show box.
12/2/2007 9:31:51 PM SexyShelly:   2016617217
12/2/2007 9:31:54 PM RedCell472:   and pick a number.
12/2/2007 9:31:56 PM BPSBrie:   i dont have it jas
12/2/2007 9:32:01 PM SexyShelly:   oops lol
12/2/2007 9:32:05 PM C.P.I.T.:   click the phone icon to the right brie
12/2/2007 9:32:14 PM Flerndip:   thrill-seeking trespasser
12/2/2007 9:32:15 PM C.P.I.T.:   ye4ah
12/2/2007 9:32:18 PM C.P.I.T.:   thanks redcell
12/2/2007 9:32:20 PM BPSBrie:   whats the show id
12/2/2007 9:32:32 PM SexyShelly:   yes that is what rick sounds like now
12/2/2007 9:32:41 PM CrystalCat:   how is everone
12/2/2007 9:32:44 PM ARC-753:   1-201-661-7217 code 232225
12/2/2007 9:32:45 PM C.P.I.T.:   hi Ca!
12/2/2007 9:32:49 PM C.P.I.T.:   cat!*
12/2/2007 9:33:03 PM BPSBrie:   ok im calling
12/2/2007 9:33:10 PM C.P.I.T.:   coool
12/2/2007 9:33:15 PM Flerndip:   trespassing alone does more to damage the credibility of the field and every group out there than everything else combined
12/2/2007 9:33:25 PM C.P.I.T.:   wb 2 can joe
12/2/2007 9:33:29 PM C.P.I.T.:   cam*
12/2/2007 9:33:49 PM gsiDiane:   i see my baby again!
12/2/2007 9:33:54 PM SexyShelly:   it like him saying he is higher than the law
12/2/2007 9:33:55 PM Flerndip:   lol Joe, send Rick some stills of that cigarette smoke in your webcam to add to his evidence collection
12/2/2007 9:34:06 PM C.P.I.T.:   *grins at diane*
12/2/2007 9:34:15 PM gsiDiane:   lol
12/2/2007 9:34:15 PM BPSBrie:   josh is over here now
12/2/2007 9:34:16 PM CrystalCat:   can anyone see my cat image
12/2/2007 9:34:17 PM BPSBrie:   lol
12/2/2007 9:34:17 PM DJ-Iceman:   Joes got ecto mist on his
12/2/2007 9:34:40 PM ARC-753:   what an ass
12/2/2007 9:34:41 PM CrystalCat:   just asking
12/2/2007 9:34:42 PM ARC-753:   sorry
12/2/2007 9:34:44 PM Flerndip:   wooooooooooo scary
12/2/2007 9:35:05 PM CrystalCat:   Ithink where my mom works is haunted
12/2/2007 9:35:09 PM gsiDiane:   his "team" is too busy getting stoned
12/2/2007 9:35:14 PM Flerndip:   or killed
12/2/2007 9:35:20 PM SexyShelly:   my house is lol
12/2/2007 9:35:26 PM SexyShelly:   haunted
12/2/2007 9:35:37 PM Flerndip:   trespass respectfully??!?
12/2/2007 9:35:57 PM CrystalCat:   i think they should investgated jonestown
12/2/2007 9:36:02 PM BPSBrie:   holla
12/2/2007 9:36:03 PM DJ-Iceman:   lol@sword and a crack
12/2/2007 9:36:08 PM C.P.I.T.:   be right there caller
12/2/2007 9:36:13 PM BPSBrie:   its me matty
12/2/2007 9:36:17 PM CrystalCat:   i like to see the engery there
12/2/2007 9:36:18 PM C.P.I.T.:   i know
12/2/2007 9:36:21 PM BPSBrie:   lol
12/2/2007 9:36:33 PM GSI-Joe:   yes
12/2/2007 9:36:35 PM DJ-Iceman:   yes
12/2/2007 9:36:40 PM Flerndip:   lol
12/2/2007 9:36:43 PM CrystalCat:   Joneston had mass deaths
12/2/2007 9:36:47 PM Flerndip:   bravo, bmillsy
12/2/2007 9:36:49 PM DJ-Iceman:   TRESPASS!!
12/2/2007 9:37:03 PM Flerndip:   what a nut
12/2/2007 9:37:17 PM BPSBrie:   he just walks thru the woods
12/2/2007 9:37:33 PM Flerndip:   he's up for the Darin award any day now
12/2/2007 9:37:42 PM Flerndip:   *Darwin
12/2/2007 9:37:48 PM ARC-753:   nutcase award
12/2/2007 9:38:15 PM Flerndip:   legitimate = within the law
12/2/2007 9:38:16 PM CrystalCat:   can anyone see my image when yo make it bigger
12/2/2007 9:38:25 PM BPSBrie:   joe ur taking my question
12/2/2007 9:38:33 PM C.P.I.T.:   nope Cat
12/2/2007 9:38:34 PM GSI-Joe:   sorry
12/2/2007 9:38:38 PM gsiDiane:   yeah.. people are just sitting around waiting to see where he's investigating so they can go vandalize it
12/2/2007 9:38:40 PM Flerndip:   legitimate = following proper safety precautions and verifiable scientific method
12/2/2007 9:38:48 PM SexyShelly:   i tried but i couldnt get it to load in the player cat
12/2/2007 9:38:56 PM CrystalCat:   CPIT what you think of going to jonestown
12/2/2007 9:39:02 PM Flerndip:   if he didn't care about the ship, what's the harm in asking for permission?
12/2/2007 9:39:10 PM C.P.I.T.:   i am not interested. but to each their own
12/2/2007 9:39:20 PM ARC-753:   WACK JOB
12/2/2007 9:39:24 PM CrystalCat:   k how small should i make it
12/2/2007 9:39:29 PM Flerndip:   did he sneak into the White House too?
12/2/2007 9:39:36 PM CrystalCat:   to push imags
12/2/2007 9:39:37 PM C.P.I.T.:   O_O
12/2/2007 9:39:45 PM Andy0911:   Guess I wo't mention that my place is haunted.....rick may try a little "breaking and entering" while I'm sleeping!
12/2/2007 9:40:13 PM Flerndip:   omg the White House?!?!
12/2/2007 9:40:17 PM gsiDiane:   he doesn't do residential Andy... lol
12/2/2007 9:40:27 PM Andy0911:   whew!!!
12/2/2007 9:40:57 PM ARC-753:   here we go
12/2/2007 9:41:01 PM Flerndip:   anyone who knows this guy personally, and catches wind of his plans to trespass, TURN HIM IN
12/2/2007 9:41:08 PM Flerndip:   do the rest of the field a big favor and TURN HIM IN
12/2/2007 9:41:16 PM Andy0911:   it must not be risky to climb up the side of a ship
12/2/2007 9:41:28 PM C.P.I.T.:   be right there brie
12/2/2007 9:41:55 PM SexyShelly:   omg , rick cant see the boards can he
12/2/2007 9:41:57 PM SexyShelly:   lol
12/2/2007 9:42:06 PM BPSBrie:   ok matt
12/2/2007 9:42:37 PM BPSBrie:   lol
12/2/2007 9:42:50 PM Flerndip:   sorry, I don't mean to be disrespectful, but Rick is a walking talking example of everything an investigative group should NEVER do
12/2/2007 9:43:06 PM SexyShelly:   wtf?
12/2/2007 9:44:01 PM Andy0911:   LMAO!!!!!!!
12/2/2007 9:44:04 PM SexyShelly:   lol everything
12/2/2007 9:44:17 PM Flerndip:   if there was some way to make it dangerous and deadly, he'd do it
12/2/2007 9:44:35 PM SexyShelly:   oh no r u kidding everything
12/2/2007 9:44:57 PM SexyShelly:   he is making himself sound bad really
12/2/2007 9:45:00 PM Flerndip:   I saw a video on youtube about Bachelor's Grove... who did that investigation?
12/2/2007 9:45:34 PM Flerndip:   the creepiest thing about the place is that all the trees look dead
12/2/2007 9:45:44 PM ARC-753:   fix the audio
12/2/2007 9:46:08 PM SexyShelly:   WTF EVER
12/2/2007 9:47:12 PM SexyShelly:   WHOA , IT WILL HAPPEN WITHOUT PERMISSION
12/2/2007 9:48:01 PM SexyShelly:   whoa kimmie what is this pic u posted
12/2/2007 9:48:36 PM C.P.I.T.:   bout another hour
12/2/2007 9:48:37 PM GSI-Joe:   abut another hour
12/2/2007 9:48:38 PM ARC-753:   1AM
12/2/2007 9:48:41 PM C.P.I.T.:   lmao joe
12/2/2007 9:48:44 PM GSI-Joe:   lol
12/2/2007 9:49:21 PM RedCell472:   Something is high..
12/2/2007 9:49:33 PM BPSBrie:   O_o
12/2/2007 9:49:45 PM Flerndip:   three words, Rick. Quality vs. Quantity
12/2/2007 9:49:50 PM Andy0911:   it looks like someone blowing up rick!
12/2/2007 9:50:12 PM Flerndip:   and if you die tomorrow, Rick, it will likely be the direct result of your reckless methodology
12/2/2007 9:50:55 PM SexyShelly:   omg i just went to the video everything
12/2/2007 9:51:06 PM Cubby:   proper precaution = permission lol
12/2/2007 9:51:23 PM Flerndip:   it's one thing to risk his own life, but to risk the lives of his team members is downright criminal and reckless
12/2/2007 9:51:26 PM SexyShelly:   i made it through about , 2 minutes of it lol
12/2/2007 9:51:31 PM BPSBrie:   josh is laughing
12/2/2007 9:51:55 PM Flerndip:   Brie, ask him how he feels about bringing firearms to investigations
12/2/2007 9:52:00 PM BPSBrie:   ok
12/2/2007 9:52:30 PM Flerndip:   Quality vs. Quantity man
12/2/2007 9:52:43 PM GHIGreg:   shee, hes a SUPERHRO!
12/2/2007 9:52:57 PM BPSBrie:   lol
12/2/2007 9:53:00 PM Flerndip:   why isn't he dead yet?
12/2/2007 9:53:14 PM C.P.I.T.:   ? ninjas don't heal
12/2/2007 9:53:18 PM Andy0911:   its tearjerking listening to this
12/2/2007 9:53:21 PM C.P.I.T.:   traditionally
12/2/2007 9:53:27 PM RedCell472:   Viagra emails don't count.
12/2/2007 9:53:31 PM BPSBrie:   lol
12/2/2007 9:53:35 PM SexyShelly:   lol redcell
12/2/2007 9:53:36 PM BPSBrie:   jas i love u
12/2/2007 9:53:40 PM C.P.I.T.:   lmao red
12/2/2007 9:53:41 PM GSI-Joe:   NO
12/2/2007 9:53:55 PM GSI-Joe:   Bmillsy....not at all
12/2/2007 9:54:06 PM Flerndip:   in fact that's the danger
12/2/2007 9:54:24 PM Flerndip:   the danger is that irresponsible people like Rick will make people think all paranormal investigators are as reckless
12/2/2007 9:55:02 PM Flerndip:   maybe it was White House or Lighthouse
12/2/2007 9:55:16 PM Flerndip:   here it comes
12/2/2007 9:55:18 PM SexyShelly:   i like the ghost hunters show , if they dont find the eveidence they need to see , they wont say its haunted,
12/2/2007 9:56:29 PM SexyShelly:   exactly
12/2/2007 9:56:34 PM Andy0911:   like jail cells???
12/2/2007 9:56:38 PM SexyShelly:   lol everything
12/2/2007 9:56:44 PM gsiDiane:   lol Andy
12/2/2007 9:56:47 PM Flerndip:   even public places are maintained by some agency, and permission is ALWAYS required
12/2/2007 9:57:18 PM Andy0911:   my brother is a cop in Aurora......his handcuffs are public property too
12/2/2007 9:57:31 PM ARC-753:   id love to strangle him
12/2/2007 9:57:31 PM BPSBrie:   nervious laugh
12/2/2007 9:57:37 PM gsiDiane:   oh my
12/2/2007 9:57:38 PM SexyShelly:   has he been sued yet or fined for entering these places without permission?
12/2/2007 9:57:59 PM Andy0911:   LOL
12/2/2007 9:58:06 PM Flerndip:   thanks Greg
12/2/2007 9:58:22 PM BPSBrie:   we love u arc
12/2/2007 9:58:23 PM GHIGreg:   No problem, fun stuff
12/2/2007 9:58:44 PM Andy0911:   NICE questions Greg!!!......that was awesome!
12/2/2007 9:58:47 PM Cubby:   OUTLANDER!
12/2/2007 9:58:53 PM C.P.I.T.:   maybe not always a clown guest though....
12/2/2007 9:59:03 PM C.P.I.T.:   ;)
12/2/2007 9:59:04 PM ARC-753:   im sorry
12/2/2007 9:59:14 PM C.P.I.T.:   we can discuss
12/2/2007 9:59:17 PM C.P.I.T.:   :)
12/2/2007 9:59:38 PM GHIGreg:   I couldnt stick on the phone, getting a little heated
12/2/2007 9:59:41 PM ARC-753:   my tempers flared up towards rick
12/2/2007 9:59:51 PM GHIGreg:   best idea to go back to listening
12/2/2007 10:00:30 PM Flerndip:   Rick, you complain about the damage to your own credibility when people vandalize a location... How do you think your trespassing affects the credibility of the entire field and every group involved i
12/2/2007 10:00:57 PM Cubby:   quote from rick lol
12/2/2007 10:00:58 PM GHIGreg:   CONSPIRACY!
12/2/2007 10:01:00 PM Cubby:   "If anybody can give me some anti biotics hell even 8 to 10 of them just enough to help it before I leave for my trip Ill pay you for them or at least return a favor."
12/2/2007 10:01:11 PM BPSBrie:   greg we lovers u
12/2/2007 10:01:18 PM C.P.I.T.:   Cubby?
12/2/2007 10:01:28 PM GHIGreg:   aww, thanks
12/2/2007 10:01:34 PM BPSBrie:   anytime
12/2/2007 10:01:45 PM RedCell472:
12/2/2007 10:01:46 PM Cubby:   just read that quote from a blog
12/2/2007 10:01:57 PM Cubby:
12/2/2007 10:02:05 PM Andy0911:   LMAO!!!....watchin ARC screaming at his computer!!!
12/2/2007 10:02:10 PM Andy0911:   on his webcam
12/2/2007 10:02:38 PM ARC-753:   no im gonna rip Lord rick an ass
12/2/2007 10:02:38 PM Andy0911:   but I can understand why!
12/2/2007 10:03:34 PM Flerndip:   dude, an hour at the local tax assessor's office will tell you everything you need to know about obtaining permission to investigate a location
12/2/2007 10:03:43 PM Cubby:   martyr
12/2/2007 10:03:51 PM BPSBrie:   can i ask my seccond question
12/2/2007 10:03:53 PM BPSBrie:   ?
12/2/2007 10:04:22 PM Allie:   Hi all stopped in to check this out
12/2/2007 10:04:24 PM Cubby:   paranormal karma
12/2/2007 10:04:30 PM Flerndip:   hi Allie
12/2/2007 10:04:44 PM Allie:   whats the topic?
12/2/2007 10:04:53 PM Flerndip:   Rick the crazy trespasser
12/2/2007 10:05:03 PM Andy0911:   Hi Allie!......this is rather indescribable
12/2/2007 10:05:06 PM C.P.I.T.:   hey there allie
12/2/2007 10:05:06 PM Flerndip:   on the radio show happening now
12/2/2007 10:05:10 PM Allie:   what do you guys consider an orb to be?
12/2/2007 10:05:12 PM Flerndip:   orbs as evidence are CRAP
12/2/2007 10:05:16 PM Allie:   (( cpit )))
12/2/2007 10:05:18 PM GSI-Joe:   dust
12/2/2007 10:05:18 PM C.P.I.T.:   dust or moisture or bugs
12/2/2007 10:05:19 PM Andy0911:   I think the topic is common sense versus stupidity
12/2/2007 10:05:34 PM C.P.I.T.:   or natural energy balls having nothing to do with ghosts
12/2/2007 10:05:45 PM Allie:   Orbs are the energy fields that eminate off of spirit
12/2/2007 10:05:48 PM Flerndip:   99% dust and bugs and moisture and lens flares... 1% collections of energy
12/2/2007 10:06:00 PM ARC-753:   this guys an ass
12/2/2007 10:06:02 PM Cubby:   lol
12/2/2007 10:06:05 PM GHIGreg:   "we love orbs, we love them!"
12/2/2007 10:06:07 PM GHIGreg:   mmmm
12/2/2007 10:06:10 PM Andy0911:   who was that?!
12/2/2007 10:06:11 PM GHIGreg:   i love orbs too
12/2/2007 10:06:12 PM Flerndip:   orb with man's face? matrixing
12/2/2007 10:06:13 PM Andy0911:   lmao!
12/2/2007 10:06:13 PM Allie:   Im a Spiritual Medium so I can tell you for sure Ive seen orbs
12/2/2007 10:07:04 PM Flerndip:   LOL ask Rick what he thinks about "rods"
12/2/2007 10:07:09 PM Allie:   so are you guys debunking the paranormal or teaching about it
12/2/2007 10:07:16 PM GHIGreg:   he can investigate my rod
12/2/2007 10:07:17 PM Cubby:   ArachnaphORB
12/2/2007 10:07:25 PM Flerndip:   we're debunking the guest's reckless methods
12/2/2007 10:07:36 PM Andy0911:   LMAO
12/2/2007 10:07:53 PM Flerndip:   ask Rick what he thinks about the phenomenon called "rods"
12/2/2007 10:08:15 PM Flerndip:   "Hello, Willburrrr!"
12/2/2007 10:08:43 PM Flerndip:   you can't rule ANYTHING out? sure, if you don't try
12/2/2007 10:08:52 PM BPSBrie:   josh says : i speculate he is full of shit
12/2/2007 10:08:53 PM BPSBrie:   ;)
12/2/2007 10:08:55 PM C.P.I.T.:   these pics?
12/2/2007 10:08:58 PM Allie:   ok have a good show..... this guy sounds a lil hooey to me
12/2/2007 10:09:14 PM Cubby:   small fry shy of a Happy Meal™
12/2/2007 10:09:34 PM DJ-Iceman:   lol
12/2/2007 10:09:38 PM Flerndip:   you can see his hair under the tin-foil hat?
12/2/2007 10:09:53 PM Andy0911:   Bye Allie
12/2/2007 10:10:00 PM Flerndip:   take care Allie
12/2/2007 10:10:01 PM Andy0911:   thanks for dropping by
12/2/2007 10:10:02 PM RedCell472:   time to identify....
12/2/2007 10:10:07 PM BPSBrie:   bye allie
12/2/2007 10:10:26 PM ARC-753:   hell no kimmie
12/2/2007 10:10:33 PM BPSBrie:   Tuck n Roll will never be nice kimmie ;)
12/2/2007 10:10:35 PM Flerndip:   and I quote: "They're not buying the orb pictures." well duh
12/2/2007 10:10:54 PM Cubby:   consumers = apostles
12/2/2007 10:10:56 PM BPSBrie:   :)
12/2/2007 10:11:07 PM DJ-Iceman:   I love the subliminal messages in this
12/2/2007 10:11:16 PM C.P.I.T.:   lol
12/2/2007 10:11:17 PM Flerndip:   orbs are rubbish, Rick. and you CAN rule out a LOT of potential causes for ANY phenomenon if you TRY
12/2/2007 10:11:22 PM Andy0911:   Joe ECTOOOOO!!!!!!.......LOOK OUT JOE, YOu're being attacked!!!!!
12/2/2007 10:11:22 PM RedCell472:   One toke over the line sweet jesus.....
12/2/2007 10:11:22 PM C.P.I.T.:   lost jjoe again
12/2/2007 10:11:36 PM Flerndip:   LOL Joe
12/2/2007 10:11:40 PM RedCell472:   And this guy has reproduced?
12/2/2007 10:12:13 PM Flerndip:   because the public is going to say "that's dust"
12/2/2007 10:12:29 PM ARC-753:   we need pat for this twirp
12/2/2007 10:12:29 PM Cubby:   it's an illuuuuuuuusion
12/2/2007 10:12:39 PM Flerndip:   Jason Hawes: "I just can't get excited about dust"
12/2/2007 10:13:05 PM Flerndip:   Jason Hawes: "If we put that out there as evidence, we're going to be the laughing-stock of the field"
12/2/2007 10:13:25 PM RedCell472:   People are dropping like flies
12/2/2007 10:13:35 PM Flerndip:   Amen, Joe
12/2/2007 10:13:37 PM Flerndip:   Amen
12/2/2007 10:14:09 PM Flerndip:   good question, bmillsy
12/2/2007 10:14:32 PM Flerndip:   I'm thinking he probably feels everything is paranormal
12/2/2007 10:14:49 PM Flerndip:   "I see a fluffy bunny in the clouds... must be demon lord"
12/2/2007 10:14:56 PM Cubby:   lol
12/2/2007 10:14:57 PM Flerndip:   get it up on the site, quick!
12/2/2007 10:16:35 PM GSI-Joe:   insert music here
12/2/2007 10:16:55 PM GSI-Joe:   everyone enjoying the show?
12/2/2007 10:17:06 PM Flerndip:   definitely, Joe
12/2/2007 10:17:13 PM GSI-Joe:   good
12/2/2007 10:17:20 PM RedCell472:   My brain has gone numb with the doubletalk male bovine excrement.
12/2/2007 10:17:25 PM GSI-Joe:   lol
12/2/2007 10:17:39 PM GSI-Joe:   but, are you enjoying it?
12/2/2007 10:17:42 PM GHIGreg:   me too
12/2/2007 10:17:43 PM Flerndip:   this particular guest has thus far succeeded in proving how much good the TAPS methodology has done for the field in a short time
12/2/2007 10:17:47 PM GHIGreg:   this show is hilarious
12/2/2007 10:17:57 PM BPSBrie:   matt
12/2/2007 10:18:07 PM BPSBrie:   when we come back can i ask my other question
12/2/2007 10:18:09 PM GSI-Joe:   Matt's probably afk
12/2/2007 10:18:09 PM Flerndip:   his foolish and reckless antics have succeeded in polarizing most of the listeners against him
12/2/2007 10:18:16 PM BPSBrie:   ok then joe
12/2/2007 10:18:23 PM BPSBrie:   refer to the question above
12/2/2007 10:18:29 PM GSI-Joe:   brie, sure. I'll make sure we cut to you
12/2/2007 10:18:35 PM BPSBrie:   thank bebe
12/2/2007 10:18:39 PM BPSBrie:   :)
12/2/2007 10:18:46 PM GSI-Joe:   which one Brie?
12/2/2007 10:18:56 PM BPSBrie:   huh
12/2/2007 10:19:01 PM BPSBrie:   whats my question
12/2/2007 10:19:04 PM GSI-Joe:   refer to which question?
12/2/2007 10:19:04 PM Flerndip:   I'm still curious to know when he thinks it's appropriate to bring firearms to an investigation, and what he thinks "rods" are
12/2/2007 10:19:16 PM BPSBrie:   oh i have a question about him not doing residentuals
12/2/2007 10:19:23 PM GSI-Joe:   ok
12/2/2007 10:19:26 PM GHIGreg:   he is a residual
12/2/2007 10:19:36 PM Flerndip:   if he can, ask him to touch his forehead
12/2/2007 10:19:42 PM GSI-Joe:   everything, call in
12/2/2007 10:19:42 PM Flerndip:   maybe it will fix his brain
12/2/2007 10:19:52 PM BPSBrie:   hahaha
12/2/2007 10:19:53 PM DJ-Iceman:   did someone say rezin...
12/2/2007 10:20:04 PM DJ-Iceman:   lol stupid pot head..
12/2/2007 10:20:06 PM BPSBrie:   rezin from a bong
12/2/2007 10:20:13 PM DJ-Iceman:   ya
12/2/2007 10:20:15 PM DJ-Iceman:   lol
12/2/2007 10:20:22 PM Andy0911:   Joe must have a bionic bladder........I know I NEEDED that break!
12/2/2007 10:20:22 PM Flerndip:   LOL Joe, for a second that looked like a big can of Fosters
12/2/2007 10:20:36 PM GSI-Joe:   I have too far to run
12/2/2007 10:20:46 PM GSI-Joe:   but my bladder is paranormal
12/2/2007 10:20:50 PM BPSBrie:   lol
12/2/2007 10:20:50 PM Andy0911:   LOL
12/2/2007 10:21:14 PM GSI-Joe:   coffee
12/2/2007 10:21:15 PM Andy0911:   LMAO
12/2/2007 10:21:31 PM DJ-Iceman:   lol
12/2/2007 10:21:39 PM Flerndip:   he can hire some Blackwater mercenaries in case they need to shoot and kill the property owner
12/2/2007 10:21:44 PM GHIGreg:   danger is his middle name
12/2/2007 10:21:47 PM GHIGreg:   hahahaha
12/2/2007 10:22:48 PM DJ-Iceman:   ask him what his feelings on "ghost boxes" are for capturing
12/2/2007 10:23:36 PM Flerndip:   it's not thrilling when you have permission lol
12/2/2007 10:23:43 PM GSI-Joe:   lol
12/2/2007 10:23:49 PM DJ-Iceman:   theres no DANGER...
12/2/2007 10:23:52 PM Flerndip:   not deadly dangerous enough
12/2/2007 10:24:02 PM Flerndip:   and because he's not in the field to help people
12/2/2007 10:24:25 PM GSI-Joe:   Flrn, I would agree with that 100%
12/2/2007 10:24:38 PM Flerndip:   there's apparently no glory in it
12/2/2007 10:24:56 PM Flerndip:   i wonder if he paints half his face blue before a so-called "investigation"
12/2/2007 10:24:58 PM Andy0911:   is anyone else hearing music??
12/2/2007 10:25:02 PM DJ-Iceman:
12/2/2007 10:25:04 PM Flerndip:   i hear music yes
12/2/2007 10:25:05 PM gsiDiane:   yes
12/2/2007 10:25:07 PM GHIGreg:   please tell me thats him
12/2/2007 10:25:11 PM DJ-Iceman:   haha
12/2/2007 10:25:13 PM GSI-Joe:   all the lonely people
12/2/2007 10:25:18 PM Flerndip:   watch him try to pass it off as an EVP
12/2/2007 10:25:21 PM DJ-Iceman:   its deffinately still there..
12/2/2007 10:25:25 PM DJ-Iceman:   haha
12/2/2007 10:25:30 PM Andy0911:   yeah....i still hear it
12/2/2007 10:25:33 PM Flerndip:   it sounds like music from a Chinese restaurant
12/2/2007 10:25:37 PM DJ-Iceman:   haha
12/2/2007 10:25:44 PM Andy0911:   lol.....yes it does
12/2/2007 10:25:52 PM Andy0911:   gone now......
12/2/2007 10:26:03 PM gsiDiane:   it's the ninja in him
12/2/2007 10:26:05 PM BPSBrie:   wow he just makes me upset
12/2/2007 10:26:05 PM Flerndip:   damn, Brie, I wanted you to ask him what's wrong with him
12/2/2007 10:26:21 PM DJ-Iceman:   confusious say "Lord Rick go to sleep with itchy bum, wake up with stinky finger"
12/2/2007 10:26:22 PM Flerndip:   Zoe: "Sir, I think you have a problem with your brain being missing."
12/2/2007 10:26:55 PM BPSBrie:   JOE I LOVE YOU
12/2/2007 10:26:58 PM Flerndip:   Wash: "Do we care? Are we caring about that?"
12/2/2007 10:27:08 PM Flerndip:   knife gun and bolt cutters?!?!?! oh dear God
12/2/2007 10:27:27 PM DJ-Iceman:   and a sword..dont forget the sword...
12/2/2007 10:27:28 PM Flerndip:   katana??!
12/2/2007 10:27:43 PM gsiDiane:   uh oh... here we go
12/2/2007 10:27:49 PM GSI-Joe:   lol
12/2/2007 10:27:55 PM Andy0911:   yeah, a 9mm is REALLY gonna stop a grizzly!
12/2/2007 10:27:56 PM gsiDiane:   ahhh... mountain lions...
12/2/2007 10:27:58 PM Flerndip:   Rick, I hear Iraq is very haunted, and nobody has investigated it yet...
12/2/2007 10:28:05 PM BPSBrie:   but he doesent have to use his hands
12/2/2007 10:28:07 PM BPSBrie:   he has a gun
12/2/2007 10:28:08 PM Andy0911:   Ricks new name is "lunch"
12/2/2007 10:28:10 PM BPSBrie:   and a knife
12/2/2007 10:28:53 PM Flerndip:   LOL Joe
12/2/2007 10:28:53 PM Andy0911:   will a flying bullet in a picture cause an orb??
12/2/2007 10:28:54 PM BPSBrie:   great lets let people who have no clue about paranormal investigating get spooked and then shoot
12/2/2007 10:29:08 PM BPSBrie:   he just shoots ectoplasm
12/2/2007 10:29:16 PM DJ-Iceman:   lol @ spook n' shoot...
12/2/2007 10:29:20 PM DJ-Iceman:   haha
12/2/2007 10:29:21 PM BPSBrie:   :)
12/2/2007 10:29:30 PM Andy0911:   DIE ECTO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! (as he unloads the clip)
12/2/2007 10:29:34 PM Flerndip:   he likes the unique point-and-kill interface
12/2/2007 10:29:48 PM DJ-Iceman:   whats up with the celtic music now..
12/2/2007 10:29:52 PM Flerndip:   very user-friendly if you're not on the business-end of iut
12/2/2007 10:29:56 PM GHIGreg:   LOL
12/2/2007 10:29:58 PM BPSBrie:   well if he would asked people for proper permission they may inform him of the bums or animals that he may encounter
12/2/2007 10:30:00 PM GHIGreg:   shoot the mother
12/2/2007 10:30:24 PM GHIGreg:   lord rick is a lord douche
12/2/2007 10:30:25 PM Andy0911:   LOL Matt
12/2/2007 10:30:27 PM DJ-Iceman:   hehe
12/2/2007 10:30:31 PM Flerndip:   set phasers to stupid
12/2/2007 10:30:36 PM BPSBrie:   greg
12/2/2007 10:30:44 PM BPSBrie:   i am on the floor in tears from that comment
12/2/2007 10:31:13 PM GHIGreg:   im on the floor in tears from listening to this guy talk
12/2/2007 10:31:17 PM BPSBrie:   joe can i plug bps sites in here
12/2/2007 10:31:24 PM GHIGreg:   but its more from pain
12/2/2007 10:31:24 PM Andy0911:   I permanently have GHI Vs Bigfoot on my Ipod now!......LMAO!
12/2/2007 10:31:31 PM GHIGreg:   lol, good!
12/2/2007 10:31:32 PM GSI-Joe:   sure Brie
12/2/2007 10:31:34 PM C.P.I.T.:   me too!
12/2/2007 10:31:38 PM C.P.I.T.:   lmao
12/2/2007 10:31:40 PM Flerndip:   on the rare occasion that you bother to get the property owner's permission to investigate, do you inform them of the equipment you're bringing in, including the weapons?
12/2/2007 10:31:45 PM BPSBrie:   ok people just so u know their our creditable groups in buffalo
12/2/2007 10:31:46 PM C.P.I.T.:   and canadian adventurwe
12/2/2007 10:32:09 PM BPSBrie: and
12/2/2007 10:32:21 PM GHIGreg:   well, now that the website is done, im going to get back to some videos
12/2/2007 10:32:30 PM Andy0911:   AWESOME!!!
12/2/2007 10:32:50 PM GHIGreg:   theres a lot of stuff ive been sitting on, including the second trip out with tim
12/2/2007 10:33:00 PM GHIGreg:   oh god, and a video he made himself
12/2/2007 10:33:04 PM GHIGreg:   he sent to me
12/2/2007 10:33:08 PM Andy0911:   well get it done man!!!
12/2/2007 10:33:24 PM BPSBrie:   joe
12/2/2007 10:33:30 PM Andy0911:   bigfoot likes beans!!!!!
12/2/2007 10:33:30 PM GHIGreg:   he has the camera on a tripod in his back yard, and he comes running into view screaming with his gun
12/2/2007 10:33:31 PM Flerndip:   me passes out the tin-foil hats
12/2/2007 10:33:40 PM BPSBrie:   ask him how the vortex was clarified
12/2/2007 10:33:42 PM Andy0911:   Bigfoot with GAS!?!?!?!?!?!?!???????????????
12/2/2007 10:33:47 PM GHIGreg:   and he starts doing kung fu
12/2/2007 10:33:55 PM BPSBrie:   WOAH
12/2/2007 10:34:02 PM BPSBrie:   RADIO IS MESSED UP
12/2/2007 10:34:08 PM GHIGreg:   and then goes on a rant for 30 minutes about how hes #1 on the bigfoot terrorist hit list
12/2/2007 10:34:09 PM C.P.I.T.:   ?
12/2/2007 10:34:19 PM C.P.I.T.:   lmao
12/2/2007 10:34:19 PM BPSBrie:   it just keeps re-playing the same sentance
12/2/2007 10:34:22 PM Flerndip:   the only thing that doesn't belong in the woods is Rick
12/2/2007 10:34:27 PM BPSBrie:   like a echo
12/2/2007 10:34:28 PM C.P.I.T.:   close and restart brie
12/2/2007 10:34:31 PM BPSBrie:   ok
12/2/2007 10:34:35 PM GSI-Joe:   refresh or reload your browser
12/2/2007 10:34:44 PM Andy0911:   Those squirrels are crazy!!!!.....shoot to kill
12/2/2007 10:34:48 PM Flerndip:   watch out for the Sleestak, Rick
12/2/2007 10:34:53 PM GHIGreg:   lol
12/2/2007 10:35:00 PM DJ-Iceman:   Who ya gonna call?? LORD RICK~ lol
12/2/2007 10:35:09 PM BPSBrie:   ok im good
12/2/2007 10:35:15 PM GSI-Joe:   good
12/2/2007 10:35:19 PM C.P.I.T.:   cool
12/2/2007 10:35:31 PM Andy0911:   Theres danger in going to the bathroom and going out like Elvis.......sheesh, I don't carry a gun to the bathroom with me!
12/2/2007 10:35:33 PM GHIGreg:   its a videogame
12/2/2007 10:35:37 PM Cpt-Jack:   Hello all
12/2/2007 10:35:38 PM GHIGreg:   comes out next year
12/2/2007 10:35:42 PM BPSBrie:   hahah andy
12/2/2007 10:35:45 PM BPSBrie:   that was awesome
12/2/2007 10:35:49 PM Flerndip:   cop sort of?
12/2/2007 10:36:03 PM GHIGreg:   they were gonna do a movie, but they decided to make a game that will pick up where the last left off
12/2/2007 10:36:05 PM BPSBrie:   shit i can have a gun if i want to
12/2/2007 10:36:06 PM Andy0911:   BODIES!!!!!!!!
12/2/2007 10:36:08 PM Flerndip:   no guns for you
12/2/2007 10:36:11 PM GHIGreg:   all the guys lending their voices
12/2/2007 10:36:21 PM BPSBrie:   and my uncles a cop
12/2/2007 10:36:28 PM BPSBrie:   so does that make me a sort of cop
12/2/2007 10:36:34 PM C.P.I.T.:   yes Brie
12/2/2007 10:36:37 PM GSI-Joe:   yes
12/2/2007 10:36:37 PM BPSBrie:   awesome
12/2/2007 10:36:38 PM C.P.I.T.:   it does
12/2/2007 10:36:40 PM C.P.I.T.:   O_O
12/2/2007 10:36:44 PM BPSBrie:   can i advertise that on my site?
12/2/2007 10:36:49 PM C.P.I.T.:   i would....
12/2/2007 10:36:50 PM GSI-Joe:   go ahead
12/2/2007 10:36:52 PM Andy0911:   lol
12/2/2007 10:36:59 PM BPSBrie:   lamoo
12/2/2007 10:37:02 PM BPSBrie:   HEY
12/2/2007 10:37:09 PM GSI-Joe:   as seen on paranormal interest radio
12/2/2007 10:37:10 PM BPSBrie:   WE DONT SACRIFICE
12/2/2007 10:37:35 PM Flerndip:   he should be in the CUSTODY of law enforcement
12/2/2007 10:37:39 PM BPSBrie:   pagans dont kill babies or sheep or such
12/2/2007 10:37:45 PM Andy0911:   DOH!!!!
12/2/2007 10:37:55 PM BPSBrie:   nervious laugh
12/2/2007 10:38:03 PM GHIGreg:   LOL
12/2/2007 10:38:05 PM BPSBrie:   can we tear him a new one now
12/2/2007 10:38:12 PM Andy0911:   LOL
12/2/2007 10:38:22 PM BPSBrie:   im so tired of the occult getting a bad name
12/2/2007 10:38:23 PM Flerndip:   trustworthy enough to trespass?
12/2/2007 10:38:39 PM BPSBrie:   we dont sneek into caves and sacrifice people or animals etc.
12/2/2007 10:38:46 PM GHIGreg:   you dont?
12/2/2007 10:38:47 PM Andy0911:   GO JOE!
12/2/2007 10:38:49 PM GHIGreg:   count me out then
12/2/2007 10:38:49 PM BPSBrie:   no
12/2/2007 10:38:53 PM BPSBrie:   sorry
12/2/2007 10:39:02 PM gsiDiane:   finally!!!
12/2/2007 10:39:05 PM GHIGreg:   bummer
12/2/2007 10:39:09 PM BPSBrie:   i know
12/2/2007 10:39:10 PM Flerndip:   what's the url to this joker's website?
12/2/2007 10:39:16 PM BPSBrie:   its a common mis-conception
12/2/2007 10:39:25 PM GHIGreg:   lol
12/2/2007 10:39:25 PM BPSBrie:   HAHAHAHA
12/2/2007 10:39:31 PM GHIGreg:   the he-man ghost haters club
12/2/2007 10:39:54 PM C.P.I.T.:   i LOVE he-man
12/2/2007 10:40:02 PM Flerndip:   lol
12/2/2007 10:40:07 PM DJ-Iceman:   he-man ROCK'D
12/2/2007 10:40:10 PM GHIGreg:   thats funny, cause your guest likes she-men
12/2/2007 10:40:21 PM C.P.I.T.:   O_O
12/2/2007 10:40:23 PM BPSBrie:   JOE: ask him to stop dancing around the questions
12/2/2007 10:40:23 PM Flerndip:   he's just making it all up
12/2/2007 10:40:28 PM DJ-Iceman:   love to do an investigation at Castle
12/2/2007 10:40:40 PM BPSBrie:   he is about 12 ft in bullshit
12/2/2007 10:40:43 PM C.P.I.T.:   good idea ice
12/2/2007 10:40:53 PM DJ-Iceman:   :)
12/2/2007 10:40:53 PM Andy0911:   LMAO Greg
12/2/2007 10:40:54 PM C.P.I.T.:   report me baby
12/2/2007 10:40:56 PM GHIGreg:   LOL
12/2/2007 10:41:00 PM BPSBrie:   ill report u matt
12/2/2007 10:41:01 PM GHIGreg:   HELICOPTERS!
12/2/2007 10:41:07 PM GSI-Joe:   black
12/2/2007 10:41:07 PM BPSBrie:   matt whats cpit's site
12/2/2007 10:41:12 PM GSI-Joe:   rofl
12/2/2007 10:41:19 PM BPSBrie:   i have no clue what this guy is talking about
12/2/2007 10:41:21 PM GHIGreg:   does he know scully and mulder?
12/2/2007 10:41:25 PM C.P.I.T.:
12/2/2007 10:41:28 PM BPSBrie:   thanks hun
12/2/2007 10:41:34 PM Flerndip:   K, hit him with the flashy-thing
12/2/2007 10:41:35 PM GHIGreg:   lol
12/2/2007 10:41:42 PM BPSBrie:   greg
12/2/2007 10:41:45 PM GSI-Joe:   why did the sasquatch cross the road?
12/2/2007 10:41:46 PM BPSBrie:   u need to call back in
12/2/2007 10:41:51 PM DJ-Iceman:   what kind of different law enforcement
12/2/2007 10:41:53 PM BPSBrie:   ur too qity to just keep it in here
12/2/2007 10:41:54 PM Flerndip:   because Rick was chasing him with a sword
12/2/2007 10:42:01 PM BPSBrie:   OMG run the voice thing
12/2/2007 10:42:02 PM Flerndip:   do I win a tin-foil hat?
12/2/2007 10:42:05 PM GHIGreg:   i cant, seriously
12/2/2007 10:42:11 PM Andy0911:   this guy is all over the place!.....bigfoot.......ghosts........weed.........DAMN!
12/2/2007 10:42:18 PM DJ-Iceman:   "to get to the other side" DUH!
12/2/2007 10:42:18 PM C.P.I.T.:   lmfao
12/2/2007 10:42:24 PM Flerndip:   don't pick your nose, Joe =)
12/2/2007 10:42:29 PM GHIGreg:   im being ice
12/2/2007 10:42:49 PM C.P.I.T.:   lmao
12/2/2007 10:43:06 PM BPSBrie:   hahahahaha
12/2/2007 10:43:08 PM Flerndip:   roflblackcopter
12/2/2007 10:43:08 PM BPSBrie:   joe
12/2/2007 10:43:15 PM GSI-Joe:   yes?
12/2/2007 10:43:18 PM BPSBrie:   ur funy
12/2/2007 10:43:26 PM BPSBrie:   he keeps nervious laughing
12/2/2007 10:44:16 PM BPSBrie:   the guys in the black choppers can track ur foot prints
12/2/2007 10:44:25 PM DJ-Iceman:   hahaha
12/2/2007 10:44:31 PM BPSBrie:   oh lord hes gunna have the mounties after him
12/2/2007 10:44:37 PM GSI-Joe:   lol
12/2/2007 10:44:43 PM BPSBrie:   lord rick is gunna get taken out by a horse
12/2/2007 10:44:49 PM BPSBrie:   and its legal
12/2/2007 10:45:16 PM GHIGreg:   sorry
12/2/2007 10:45:18 PM Cpt-Jack:   In Texas you can shot someone on your property even if you have a section of land.
12/2/2007 10:45:31 PM DJ-Iceman:   MEDIC!!!
12/2/2007 10:45:36 PM Andy0911:   its the paranormal wild west!!!!!!
12/2/2007 10:45:38 PM GHIGreg:   guys guys
12/2/2007 10:45:41 PM GHIGreg:   LISTEN
12/2/2007 10:45:43 PM Flerndip:   daredevils lol
12/2/2007 10:45:47 PM Andy0911:   on the count of 3......DRAW!!!!
12/2/2007 10:45:48 PM GHIGreg:   this just all comes down to personal choice
12/2/2007 10:45:53 PM GHIGreg:   he wants to be an idiot
12/2/2007 10:46:01 PM BPSBrie:   so let him b a idiot
12/2/2007 10:46:04 PM C.P.I.T.:   lol
12/2/2007 10:46:21 PM BPSBrie:   so get this when u search the buffalo paranormal society, his page is one that comes up
12/2/2007 10:46:25 PM BPSBrie:   due to his key words
12/2/2007 10:46:36 PM C.P.I.T.:   great for you eh?
12/2/2007 10:46:37 PM BPSBrie:   my tushy is gunna sue his ass for it, I OWN THAT NAME
12/2/2007 10:46:51 PM Flerndip:   but he's doing great harm to this entire field of research, considers himself above the law, and puts people in dire risk on a regular basis
12/2/2007 10:46:52 PM C.P.I.T.:   charge him 20 bucks Brie
12/2/2007 10:46:57 PM BPSBrie:   lol
12/2/2007 10:46:59 PM Flerndip:   that just won't stand
12/2/2007 10:46:59 PM GSI-Joe:   you can't sue him. His site says he has a poicy against being sued
12/2/2007 10:47:06 PM BPSBrie:   LMAOO
12/2/2007 10:47:07 PM C.P.I.T.:   true joe
12/2/2007 10:47:09 PM gsiDiane:   lol
12/2/2007 10:47:10 PM GHIGreg:   lol
12/2/2007 10:47:16 PM BPSBrie:   i can sue him for having my name as a search word
12/2/2007 10:47:29 PM Flerndip:   he's been watching too much X-Files
12/2/2007 10:47:30 PM C.P.I.T.:   thsats aga9inst his policy Brie
12/2/2007 10:47:34 PM Cpt-Jack:   Just don't do it in Texas
12/2/2007 10:47:38 PM BPSBrie:   screw his policy
12/2/2007 10:47:40 PM BPSBrie:   lol
12/2/2007 10:47:49 PM BPSBrie:   lord rick is gunna meet my lawyers
12/2/2007 10:47:50 PM GHIGreg:   "doooont stop, beeeeleeeeeeiiiiviiiiiin...."
12/2/2007 10:47:53 PM INDIANAJOE:   Hey
12/2/2007 10:47:54 PM Flerndip:   everything is owned or managed by somebody
12/2/2007 10:48:15 PM BPSBrie:   can someone ask him to take the buffalo off his site
12/2/2007 10:48:26 PM BPSBrie:   hes not in buffalo he has no association with us
12/2/2007 10:48:30 PM Andy0911:   If my pants are haunted, does he feel he has the right to investigate my pants???
12/2/2007 10:48:33 PM BPSBrie:   their is no need for it
12/2/2007 10:48:37 PM Flerndip:   disrespectful? try illegal
12/2/2007 10:48:39 PM INDIANAJOE:   Man I went Ghost hunting for the first time like 3 weeks ago
12/2/2007 10:48:43 PM BPSBrie:   ill investgate ur pants
12/2/2007 10:48:47 PM BPSBrie:   *wink wink*
12/2/2007 10:48:47 PM Andy0911:   LMAO!!!!
12/2/2007 10:48:49 PM C.P.I.T.:   O_O\
12/2/2007 10:48:54 PM GSI-Joe:   ooook
12/2/2007 10:49:04 PM BPSBrie:   dont mind my sword
12/2/2007 10:49:04 PM GSI-Joe:   not sure I want pictures
12/2/2007 10:49:06 PM GHIGreg:   lol
12/2/2007 10:49:16 PM GHIGreg:   was it through a star gate?
12/2/2007 10:49:24 PM Cpt-Jack:   lol
12/2/2007 10:49:34 PM GHIGreg:   hahahahaha
12/2/2007 10:49:37 PM gsiDiane:   pics of hairy orbs
12/2/2007 10:49:43 PM BPSBrie:   ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
12/2/2007 10:49:45 PM INDIANAJOE:   We seen a dark shaddow with like laser eyes in the shadow and then it took off real fast
12/2/2007 10:49:48 PM Andy0911:   ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!
12/2/2007 10:49:49 PM DJ-Iceman:   squirrels or the
12/2/2007 10:49:53 PM Flerndip:   squirrels burned down a house?
12/2/2007 10:49:57 PM GHIGreg:   OH MY GOD!!!!
12/2/2007 10:49:58 PM DJ-Iceman:   holy conspiracy
12/2/2007 10:49:59 PM BPSBrie:   andys two orbs
12/2/2007 10:50:05 PM GHIGreg:   QUOTE OF THE CENTURY!!!
12/2/2007 10:50:14 PM Flerndip:   Daddy drank. Daddy drank for the government."
12/2/2007 10:50:22 PM GSI-Joe:   govt. squirrels
12/2/2007 10:50:26 PM BPSBrie:   im dying
12/2/2007 10:50:28 PM INDIANAJOE:   We also left a tape recorder at this place...and it CLEARLY said COME find us.........Come near
12/2/2007 10:50:34 PM GHIGreg:   oh my god, im actually crying
12/2/2007 10:50:36 PM Andy0911:   OMG!.....I'm lauging so hard right now!
12/2/2007 10:50:36 PM DJ-Iceman:   lol @ squirrels coming out of vortexes
12/2/2007 10:50:58 PM gsiDiane:   lol joe
12/2/2007 10:51:00 PM Flerndip:   sounds like a Country song
12/2/2007 10:51:13 PM INDIANAJOE:   We need Bob Knight to come with us chost
12/2/2007 10:51:14 PM Cpt-Jack:   squirrels do eat power lines
12/2/2007 10:51:19 PM BPSBrie:   oh gods
12/2/2007 10:51:24 PM BPSBrie:   he has medical training
12/2/2007 10:51:33 PM C.P.I.T.:   *hides the band aids
12/2/2007 10:51:46 PM BPSBrie:   really matt u dont want him to take care of u
12/2/2007 10:51:47 PM DJ-Iceman:   GSI = Govt Squirrel Investigators
12/2/2007 10:51:51 PM DJ-Iceman:   lol soory
12/2/2007 10:51:52 PM BPSBrie:   OMFG
12/2/2007 10:51:53 PM Andy0911:   LMAO!!!!
12/2/2007 10:51:54 PM BPSBrie:   ROFL
12/2/2007 10:51:54 PM C.P.I.T.:   lmfao
12/2/2007 10:51:56 PM BPSBrie:   hahaha
12/2/2007 10:51:56 PM gsiDiane:   lol
12/2/2007 10:52:02 PM DJ-Iceman:   lol
12/2/2007 10:52:05 PM INDIANAJOE:   lol
12/2/2007 10:52:06 PM DJ-Iceman:   sorry joe
12/2/2007 10:52:09 PM C.P.I.T.:   Ghost Scene Investigation
12/2/2007 10:52:14 PM C.P.I.T.:
12/2/2007 10:52:18 PM Flerndip:   squirrels burned down the command center! dude, run!
12/2/2007 10:52:22 PM Andy0911:   Joes new nickname is "Squirrel boy"
12/2/2007 10:52:28 PM BPSBrie:   he doesent have investigators
12/2/2007 10:52:29 PM GHIGreg:   holy crap guys, best show ever
12/2/2007 10:52:30 PM BPSBrie:   they all quit
12/2/2007 10:52:35 PM C.P.I.T.:   lmao
12/2/2007 10:52:36 PM BPSBrie:   cuz hes nuts
12/2/2007 10:52:37 PM Andy0911:   kidding joe!
12/2/2007 10:52:37 PM C.P.I.T.:   thanks greg
12/2/2007 10:52:51 PM GSI-Joe:   omfg iceman....govt. squirrel investigation..... omfg
12/2/2007 10:52:52 PM BPSBrie:   bc they are high
12/2/2007 10:52:54 PM GHIGreg:   and hes humble too
12/2/2007 10:53:04 PM Flerndip:   trustworthy trespasser?
12/2/2007 10:53:21 PM BPSBrie:   thank u matty
12/2/2007 10:53:23 PM BPSBrie:   ur the best
12/2/2007 10:53:33 PM BPSBrie:   THEY LEFT U
12/2/2007 10:53:35 PM GHIGreg:   130,000
12/2/2007 10:53:39 PM GHIGreg:   wow
12/2/2007 10:53:46 PM gsiDiane:   huh?
12/2/2007 10:53:51 PM Andy0911:   13,000 gun carrying medics???????
12/2/2007 10:53:55 PM BPSBrie:   HAHAH
12/2/2007 10:53:56 PM DJ-Iceman:   he said "member" lol
12/2/2007 10:53:59 PM Flerndip:   13,000 daredevils? medics? mercenaries? squirrels?
12/2/2007 10:54:03 PM C.P.I.T.:   thats alot huh Andy?
12/2/2007 10:54:10 PM C.P.I.T.:   yes he did Ice
12/2/2007 10:54:10 PM BPSBrie:   i think its squirrels
12/2/2007 10:54:14 PM C.P.I.T.:   very amusing
12/2/2007 10:54:15 PM BPSBrie:   they came from the vortex
12/2/2007 10:54:18 PM BPSBrie:   with guna
12/2/2007 10:54:21 PM BPSBrie:   *guns
12/2/2007 10:54:22 PM DJ-Iceman:   haha
12/2/2007 10:54:24 PM Flerndip:   i'd be more afraid of Rick than any ghost
12/2/2007 10:54:24 PM BPSBrie:   hahaha
12/2/2007 10:54:27 PM GHIGreg:   hahaha
12/2/2007 10:54:29 PM BPSBrie:   they are too drunk and high
12/2/2007 10:54:32 PM GHIGreg:   too drunk to come
12/2/2007 10:54:32 PM Flerndip:   OGM
12/2/2007 10:54:32 PM BPSBrie:   but thats allowed
12/2/2007 10:54:36 PM DJ-Iceman:   OMFG
12/2/2007 10:54:37 PM DJ-Iceman:   lol
12/2/2007 10:54:38 PM Andy0911:   LMAO
12/2/2007 10:54:40 PM GHIGreg:   i can only think of the dead kennedys
12/2/2007 10:54:41 PM Flerndip:   did he really just call someone else irresponsible?
12/2/2007 10:54:50 PM GSI-Joe:   rofl flrn
12/2/2007 10:54:52 PM BPSBrie:   is this in buffalo
12/2/2007 10:55:00 PM Andy0911:   i heard that too flerndip
12/2/2007 10:55:04 PM BPSBrie:   and where in buffalo
12/2/2007 10:55:15 PM GSI-Joe:   i know
12/2/2007 10:55:21 PM BPSBrie:   damn it
12/2/2007 10:55:29 PM BPSBrie:   im having fun with this
12/2/2007 10:55:33 PM GSI-Joe:   this could go on another hour..... but it won't
12/2/2007 10:55:39 PM BPSBrie:   he got away from the question again
12/2/2007 10:55:46 PM GSI-Joe:   always leave them wanting more
12/2/2007 10:55:49 PM GHIGreg:   this guy already has a tv show
12/2/2007 10:55:52 PM GHIGreg:   jerry springer
12/2/2007 10:55:55 PM BPSBrie:   HA
12/2/2007 10:56:11 PM BPSBrie:   really lord rick can join BPS
12/2/2007 10:56:11 PM GHIGreg:   wow, he must hate himself then
12/2/2007 10:56:16 PM GHIGreg:   own worst critic
12/2/2007 10:56:23 PM GHIGreg:   because we're pretty bad
12/2/2007 10:56:28 PM Andy0911:   matt wants to keep going
12/2/2007 10:56:29 PM BPSBrie:   ill hike in the buffalo snow w/o a jacket with him
12/2/2007 10:56:30 PM Andy0911:   lol
12/2/2007 10:56:41 PM C.P.I.T.:   i coud do this for days
12/2/2007 10:56:44 PM C.P.I.T.:   lmao
12/2/2007 10:56:47 PM C.P.I.T.:   could
12/2/2007 10:56:51 PM Andy0911:   i figured!!!.....LMAO!
12/2/2007 10:56:55 PM BPSBrie:   as long as i have my tazer gun and knife along with my devil fire starter squrls
12/2/2007 10:57:06 PM C.P.I.T.:   this is like watching super troopers
12/2/2007 10:57:09 PM BPSBrie:   ill b ok
12/2/2007 10:57:11 PM GHIGreg:   hahaha
12/2/2007 10:57:18 PM Andy0911:   Brie.....if you EVER get that chance......take a video camera!!!!!
12/2/2007 10:57:23 PM BPSBrie:   hahahah
12/2/2007 10:57:30 PM BPSBrie:   just for u andy
12/2/2007 10:57:53 PM Andy0911:   Aw, thanks!
12/2/2007 10:57:59 PM BPSBrie:   strange beasts?
12/2/2007 10:58:06 PM Cpt-Jack:   David slayed a giant
12/2/2007 10:58:11 PM C.P.I.T.:   bryan!
12/2/2007 10:58:15 PM Flerndip:   how long in dragon-years, Rick?
12/2/2007 10:58:20 PM BPSBrie:   hell i killed a giant last week
12/2/2007 10:58:39 PM BPSBrie:   i can vouge it exsist
12/2/2007 10:58:52 PM Andy0911:   Ford still makes the thunderbird????
12/2/2007 10:59:01 PM Cpt-Jack:   lol
12/2/2007 10:59:19 PM Cpt-Jack:   no it's not made by GM
12/2/2007 10:59:26 PM BPSBrie:   haha
12/2/2007 10:59:31 PM BPSBrie:   all his heart and sould
12/2/2007 10:59:32 PM C.P.I.T.:   ford isn't gm.....
12/2/2007 10:59:34 PM BPSBrie:   *soul
12/2/2007 10:59:40 PM DJ-Iceman:
12/2/2007 10:59:45 PM BPSBrie:   to fight the monsters and squirls and bunnies
12/2/2007 11:00:08 PM Andy0911:   I'm gonna have to download the archive of this show to keep as a momento of this occasion!
12/2/2007 11:00:15 PM Flerndip:   that's no ordinary rabbit! it's got huge, sharp... look at the bones!
12/2/2007 11:00:16 PM BPSBrie:   i know me too
12/2/2007 11:00:31 PM Andy0911:   LMAO! FLERN!!!!!!
12/2/2007 11:00:44 PM GHIGreg:   hahahaha
12/2/2007 11:00:49 PM BPSBrie:   half squirl and half giant
12/2/2007 11:00:49 PM GHIGreg:   personal glorification
12/2/2007 11:01:37 PM Andy0911:
12/2/2007 11:01:39 PM Flerndip:   he's as crazy as Richard Garriot
12/2/2007 11:01:44 PM BPSBrie:   i love lord rick for life
12/2/2007 11:01:47 PM BPSBrie:   hes my hero
12/2/2007 11:01:58 PM BPSBrie:   *sings* did u ever know that ur my hero
12/2/2007 11:02:04 PM Andy0911:   viva la lord rick!!!!!!
12/2/2007 11:02:05 PM BPSBrie:   for ever ever?
12/2/2007 11:02:06 PM Flerndip:   good luck, Rick. turn yourself in
12/2/2007 11:02:09 PM BPSBrie:   for ever never!
12/2/2007 11:02:21 PM Andy0911:   it was like watching a fatal car accident
12/2/2007 11:02:29 PM GHIGreg:   bravo guys
12/2/2007 11:02:33 PM GHIGreg:   round of applause
12/2/2007 11:02:39 PM BPSBrie:   we love u guys
12/2/2007 11:02:40 PM Flerndip:   good catch, guys
12/2/2007 11:02:41 PM BPSBrie:   good job
12/2/2007 11:02:43 PM BPSBrie:   and show
12/2/2007 11:02:44 PM DJ-Iceman:   dont wanna watch but you just cant look away
12/2/2007 11:02:45 PM BPSBrie:   im proud
12/2/2007 11:03:13 PM BPSBrie:   JEFF
12/2/2007 11:03:16 PM Flerndip:   sweet, Jeff is on
12/2/2007 11:03:20 PM BPSBrie:   josh and i were rolling
12/2/2007 11:03:46 PM Flerndip:   Jeff, that last caller dissed TAPS
12/2/2007 11:04:07 PM BPSBrie:   pretty much
12/2/2007 11:04:09 PM BPSBrie:   MATT
12/2/2007 11:04:11 PM BPSBrie:   BILLS WON
12/2/2007 11:04:12 PM Flerndip:   and he was a perfect example of EVERYTHING a pararnormal investigative group should NEVER do
12/2/2007 11:04:43 PM BPSBrie:   wall o shame
12/2/2007 11:04:58 PM Flerndip:   he doesn't get permission to investigate, he tresspasses, he brings weapons and firearms on investigations
12/2/2007 11:05:21 PM BPSBrie:   flern dont dis my new love
12/2/2007 11:05:24 PM Flerndip:   he regailed us with tales of bringing investigators along with him in a canoe with allicators
12/2/2007 11:05:25 PM BPSBrie:   ok he has heart
12/2/2007 11:05:31 PM Flerndip:   *alligators
12/2/2007 11:05:41 PM Flerndip:   breaking and entering
12/2/2007 11:05:44 PM Andy0911:   squirrels
12/2/2007 11:05:51 PM BPSBrie:   yes
12/2/2007 11:05:55 PM BPSBrie:   gods yes
12/2/2007 11:05:56 PM BPSBrie:   hahahaha
12/2/2007 11:06:06 PM DJ-Iceman:   lol
12/2/2007 11:06:07 PM Andy0911:   G'nite Everything!!!
12/2/2007 11:06:08 PM Flerndip:   guys can we get a plug in for
12/2/2007 11:06:11 PM DJ-Iceman:   hey thats my line..joe..
12/2/2007 11:06:15 PM DJ-Iceman:   j/k
12/2/2007 11:06:51 PM BPSBrie:   YES
12/2/2007 11:06:52 PM Flerndip:   I've got my VIP ticket
12/2/2007 11:06:57 PM BPSBrie:   and highlight my hair
12/2/2007 11:07:11 PM Flerndip:   the haunted Biltmore Hotel is going to be a blast
12/2/2007 11:07:30 PM Andy0911:   OUCH!....6AM
12/2/2007 11:07:36 PM Andy0911:   good luck with that!!!
12/2/2007 11:07:38 PM BPSBrie:   ill fill in for joe
12/2/2007 11:07:44 PM Flerndip:   gnite Joe, thanks for the great show
12/2/2007 11:07:57 PM GSI-Joe:   thank tou all
12/2/2007 11:08:00 PM BPSBrie:   add this to 18+ and we will take it away rockstar style
12/2/2007 11:08:01 PM TapsFamilyJeff:   TAPSCON!!!!!
12/2/2007 11:08:02 PM GSI-Joe:   *you
12/2/2007 11:08:08 PM BPSBrie:   night joe
12/2/2007 11:08:10 PM BPSBrie:   we love u
12/2/2007 11:08:20 PM GSI-Joe:   awwww... I love you too
12/2/2007 11:08:23 PM Flerndip:   how do we catch/download the rebroadcast? is it podcast?
12/2/2007 11:08:32 PM BPSBrie:   yeah
12/2/2007 11:08:51 PM DJ-Iceman:   ohhhh...
12/2/2007 11:08:54 PM DJ-Iceman:   ty
12/2/2007 11:08:55 PM BPSBrie:   too many beers matt
12/2/2007 11:08:56 PM DJ-Iceman:   :)
12/2/2007 11:09:05 PM DJ-Iceman:   that was me..
12/2/2007 11:09:05 PM GSI-Joe:   Good night!
12/2/2007 11:09:08 PM DJ-Iceman:   thanks..
12/2/2007 11:09:35 PM DJ-Iceman:
12/2/2007 11:09:46 PM Flerndip:   it works without the www
12/2/2007 11:10:27 PM TapsFamilyJeff:   joe left!
12/2/2007 11:11:19 PM Flerndip:   ouch
12/2/2007 11:11:28 PM BPSBrie:   ITS THE SQUIRLS
12/2/2007 11:11:35 PM Flerndip:   dude, run!
12/2/2007 11:11:46 PM GHIGreg:   no, its the government
12/2/2007 11:12:07 PM BPSBrie:   any time dollie
12/2/2007 11:12:11 PM DJ-Iceman:   beep!
12/2/2007 11:12:38 PM DJ-Iceman:   is this producer jeff?
12/2/2007 11:12:39 PM Flerndip:   hell yeah, TAPScon in July, Clearwater Florida, at the haunted Bellvue Biltmore hotel
12/2/2007 11:12:58 PM Flerndip:   VIP ticket holders will be able to investigate most of the grounds all night long
12/2/2007 11:13:21 PM BPSBrie:   hes working on group stuff
12/2/2007 11:13:23 PM GHIGreg:   oooo, for only 200 bucks!
12/2/2007 11:13:25 PM Flerndip:   yes it's friggin' Jeff
12/2/2007 11:13:30 PM BPSBrie:   hes making a training sheet
12/2/2007 11:13:40 PM BPSBrie:   and or the wife made him leave
12/2/2007 11:13:53 PM DJ-Iceman:   haha
12/2/2007 11:14:32 PM BPSBrie:   see how much i love u
12/2/2007 11:14:39 PM DJ-Iceman:   ooh no...
12/2/2007 11:14:41 PM DJ-Iceman:   yes
12/2/2007 11:14:44 PM BPSBrie:   i hung around even tho i have class in the am
12/2/2007 11:14:45 PM TapsFamilyJeff:   moi?
12/2/2007 11:14:45 PM DJ-Iceman:   NHP_Iceman
12/2/2007 11:14:48 PM DJ-Iceman:   yup..
12/2/2007 11:14:49 PM BPSBrie:   i should get a cookie
12/2/2007 11:14:50 PM DJ-Iceman:   :)
12/2/2007 11:14:54 PM DJ-Iceman:   thanks guys
12/2/2007 11:14:55 PM Flerndip:   pie
12/2/2007 11:15:32 PM Flerndip:   how/when/where can we download the archived broadcast from tonight?
12/2/2007 11:15:43 PM GHIGreg:   adios amigos, everyone have a good week
12/2/2007 11:15:43 PM BPSBrie:   um ask matt
12/2/2007 11:15:49 PM Flerndip:   gnite Greg
12/2/2007 11:16:05 PM GHIGreg:   later ooooooon
12/2/2007 11:16:28 PM Flerndip:   Lord Rick definitely needs to spend an hour on TAPS Family Radio and Beyond Reality Radio
12/2/2007 11:16:40 PM TapsFamilyJeff:   oh ye-yah...!
12/2/2007 11:16:45 PM Andy0911:
12/2/2007 11:16:53 PM Flerndip:   thanks guys
12/2/2007 11:16:58 PM Andy0911:   ;)
12/2/2007 11:17:04 PM BPSBrie:   adios kiddies
12/2/2007 11:18:12 PM Andy0911:   WOW!.....I need a shower after that show!!!
12/2/2007 11:18:15 PM Andy0911:   lol
12/2/2007 11:18:18 PM Andy0911:   Nite all!!!!
12/2/2007 11:18:20 PM C.P.I.T.:   lmao
12/2/2007 11:18:22 PM Flerndip:   tc Andy
12/2/2007 11:18:28 PM Flerndip:   I'm looking forward
12/2/2007 11:18:40 PM Flerndip:   to hearing more about your IR camcorder mod
12/2/2007 11:19:08 PM Flerndip:   I've been looking around some sites that discuss how to re-enable that functionality in Sony cameras
12/2/2007 11:19:25 PM Flerndip:   in particular, re-enabling night shot mode in daylight
12/2/2007 11:19:38 PM Andy0911:   I hope mine works......if it does, I'll post ALOT of detail here and in my Myspace blog
12/2/2007 11:19:52 PM Andy0911:
12/2/2007 11:20:19 PM Andy0911:   if you have myspace, then feel free to "freind request me"
12/2/2007 11:21:04 PM Flerndip:   done
12/2/2007 11:21:16 PM Andy0911:   AWESOME!
12/2/2007 11:21:17 PM Flerndip:   gnite all, see you on #ghosthunterschat
12/2/2007 11:21:27 PM Andy0911:   NITE!