Lord Rick

"Looking For Someone Who Will Be My Forever Angel"

Nicknames: LordOfThyNight, Angel, AngelOfThyNight, Bad Santa, Cash, Devil In Disguise
Location: Daytona Beach/Orlando Florida
Status: Polyamorous & Looking
Homepage: www.myspace.com/angelofthynight & www.paranormalghostsociety.org 
Aim: LordOfThyNight
Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, Playing Hockey, Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, Moonlit Walks, Cemeteries, Snuggling, Erotic Photography of Women, Making Love, Hiking, Video Games, Women in Heels and Stockings, Blondes, Asians, Vampires, Ghosts, Paranormal, Carnivals, Italian Food, Chinese Food, Root Beer, Chocolate Milk, Tattoos, Piercing's, Threesomes With Bisexual Girls, Holding Hands, Fishing, Picnics, Horror Movies, New Age, 80's, Gothic, Ambient and Classical Musical, Owls, Whales, Dolphins, Children, Camping, 420, Toking Up, Joints, Grass, Greens, Sex, Erotica, Final Fantasy, Spending Time With My Son, Park. Wine, Candles, Long Conversations, Kissing, Sharks, Swimming, Beach, Stargazing, Astronomy, Haunting's, Magick, Swords, Universe, Divinity, Night, Darkness, Science, Romance, Black Roses, Storms, Infinite Power, Psychokenis, Aliens, UFO's, Red, Black, Seafood, Angels, Historical Sites

Quotes: "Ad infinitum Amor Est Vitae Essentia Esto Perpetua Rosa Rubicundior, Lilio Candidior, Omnibus Formosior, Semper In Te Glorior"

About Me: I am mainly Italian grew up in NY traveled out west for awhile now I live in Florida. I am moving out west again to broaden my horizons. I am 6'2, 200lbs, long hair, gold brown eyes, 16 tattoos, eyebrow pierced. I am generally a very loving, openminded, sensitive and simple guy. I can be found fishing at the river toking up or watching horror movies at home. I am a very loyal and righteous man when it comes to my beliefs. I have children which I devote a lot of my time to them besides being the founder of The Paranormal & Ghost Society. I do not trust easily that is why I work with ghost cause its so much easier to deal with them then the drama that comes with others. I am not an easy person to understand I will never do things according to society. I am not rich but I have a lot to give to others. I have a lot of interest and I love a good laugh. I am not religious rather I focus my beliefs on the universe. I love to give love and get it back. 

What I Seek: I would like to find a sweet, sensitive, caring and openminded Bisexual Lady 16 to 50 I will keep age open because to me a good woman is a good woman. I want someone who will not betray my trust or hurt me it sounds simple but its harder then you think. I love Asian girls and blondes but I prefer to find someone who is special someone to cuddle up to some movies with, one day maybe have a child together, go fishing, explore together, intimate conversations, long moonlit walks and someone to love me. I am not sure I ever been loved in my life. But I want someone who is not afraid to let me make them happy and for them who can do the same by accepting my beliefs, lifestyles and the man that I am. The rest is on my myspace page which I will be redoing soon.

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